Zeus Street Greek Prices: How much is Zeus Street Greek?

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In the realm of gastronomy, certain names shine as beacons of flavor, inviting food enthusiasts to embark on a journey through authentic tastes and cultural richness. Among these names, “Zeus Street Greek” stands out, beckoning with the promise of a culinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Greek cuisine. Beyond its delectable offerings, this establishment boasts a reputation that resonates with tales of authenticity and savory delights. As we step into the world of Zeus Street Greek, we’ll unveil the secrets behind its reputation, the allure of its popularity, and the flavorful expedition it offers to those who crave the taste of Greece. Below are the latest Zeus Street Greek menu prices.


Zeus Bundles

Family Bundle$74.68

Zeus Favourites

Haloumi Chips$14.84
Pita Meal For Two$49.94
Tzatziki Dip$11.00
All Four Dips$28.18

Dips and Pita Bread

Spicy Feta$10.25
Spicy Feta Dip$11.00
Pita Bread$5.00
Smoky Eggplant$10.25
Smoky Eggplant Dip$11.00
Taramosalata Dip$11.00


Honey Loukoumades$11.00
Traditional Loukoumades$11.00
Vegan Loukoumades$11.00
Salted Caramel Loukoumades$14.00
Nutella Loukoumades$12.00
Lamington Loukoumades$14.00
Smashed Baklava Loukoumades$15.00


Yia Yia's Chips$6.00
Sweet Potato Chips$15.50
Yia Yia's Chips with Feta$8.00
Zucchini Chips$15.50
Spanakopita Spiral$15.00
Greek Salad$9.00
Vegan Greek Salad$9.00
Zeus Slaw$8.00


Tzimmy Chicken Pita$15.50
Tzimmy Lamb Pita$18.14
DIY Spartan$23.64

Spartan Boxes

Chicken Spartan$23.79
Chicken Schnitzel Spartan$23.64
Zucchini Falafel Spartan$23.64
Haloumi Spartan$23.64
Pork Spartan$23.50
Lamb Spartan$26.07


Comino Pita$18.00
Aegean Schnitzel Pita$16.00
Apollo Pita$16.00
Hermes Pita$16.14
The Zeus Pita$18.14
Tzimmy Pork Pita$15.50

Meat from the Spit

Chicken from the Spit$23.50
Pork from the Spit$25.00
Lamb from the Spit$29.00

Spartan Bowls

Chicken Schnitzel Spartan Bowl$30.76
Haloumi Spartan Bowl$31.13
Pork Spartan Bowl$32.75
Lamb Spartan Bowl$36.13
Plant Based Chicken Spartan Bowl$30.95
Plant Based Lamb Spartan Bowl$35.80

Featured items

Aegean Schnitzel Pita Wrap$18.00
Chicken Spartan Bowl$31.00
Bundle For Two$52.00
Hades Chicken Pita Wrap$19.27
Tzimmy Chicken Pita Wrap$16.34
Tzimmy Lamb Pita Wrap$20.61

Pita Wraps

Pythagoras Pita Wrap$19.28
Cousin Nikki Pita Wrap$17.84
Hades Falafel Pita Wrap$19.14
Hermes Pita Wrap$19.00
Stavros Stavrou Pita Wrap$18.95
Zeus Pita Wrap$20.61
Athena Pita Wrap$19.50
Tzimmy Pork Pita Wrap$18.11

Keto Bowl

Zeus Keto Bowl$22.88
Keto Bowl$26.00

Meat from the Souvla

Chicken From The Souvla$26.88
Pork From The Souvla$29.76
Lamb From The Souvla$34.47

Kids Meals

Kids Chicken Pita$14.97
Kids Schnitzel$14.00
Kids Mini Chicken Pita$13.00
Kids Falafel Pita Wrap$15.00
Kids Mini Falafel Pita$13.00
Kids Schnitzel Snack Pack$14.84


Coke Zero Bottle 390ml$4.90
Coca Cola$4.00
Coke Bottle 390ml$4.90
Sprite Bottle 390ml$4.90
Coke Zero$4.00
Mineral Water$4.50
Spring Water$4.50
Fanta Bottle 390ml$4.90
Still Water 600ml$4.50
Diet Coke Bottle 390ml$4.90
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Crafting Greek Gastronomy: The Essence of Zeus Street Greek

Zeus Street Greek is more than just a restaurant; it’s a portal to the vibrant world of Greek gastronomy. At its core lies a menu that celebrates the art of Mediterranean cuisine, with each dish thoughtfully prepared to transport diners to the sun-soaked shores of Greece. This perplexity of taste is mirrored in the diverse offerings that cater to differing palates and a love for traditional flavors.

Imagine savoring a bite of souvlaki, the tender grilled meat wrapped in warm pita bread and topped with tangy tzatziki sauce—a burst of flavors that transports you to the bustling streets of Athens. The burst of tastes extends to the mezze, from savory dolmades to creamy hummus, each one promising a burst of authenticity that captures the essence of Greek cuisine. This symphony of flavors reflects Zeus Street Greek’s dedication to delivering an experience that resonates with the soul of the Mediterranean.

A Burst of Culture: Authenticity in Culinary Creation

While Zeus Street Greek pays homage to the culinary traditions of Greece, it’s the burstiness of cultural authenticity that truly defines its allure. The establishment’s chefs infuse their creations with the essence of Greek culture, creating an experience that marries tradition with contemporary presentation. The burstiness comes alive in the preparation of each dish, where the flavors, techniques, and ingredients transport diners to a Greek taverna.

Imagine savoring a plate of moussaka, the layers of eggplant, minced meat, and béchamel sauce offering a burst of comfort and flavor that harkens back to family recipes passed down through generations. The burst of culture extends to the dessert offerings, where baklava’s layers of phyllo dough and honey-sweetened nuts create a burst of culinary nostalgia. Zeus Street Greek doesn’t just serve food; it crafts an edible journey that invites diners to savor the harmony of taste and culture.

From Humble Origins to Culinary Phenomenon: Reputation and Popularity

Zeus Street Greek’s reputation is a story that has evolved from humble origins to a culinary phenomenon that resonates with both Greek food enthusiasts and newcomers seeking an authentic Mediterranean dining experience. What began as a modest eatery has transformed into a brand that captures the heart of Greek flavors and traditions. The establishment’s commitment to quality ingredients, preserving recipes, and fostering a warm ambiance has created a reputation synonymous with taste and cultural appreciation.

In the digital age, Zeus Street Greek’s popularity has flourished through a blend of word-of-mouth and online engagement. Social media platforms and review websites serve as virtual platforms for patrons to share their Mediterranean experiences, creating a digital tapestry of admiration that extends beyond geographical boundaries. The burstiness of these interactions mirrors the burst of flavors that Zeus Street Greek offers, contributing to an engaging narrative that resonates with a diverse array of audiences.


Zeus Street Greek encapsulates the intricate interplay of perplexity and burstiness within the realm of Greek cuisine. Its diverse offerings, cultural creations, and dedication to authenticity form a symphony of flavors that celebrate the spirit of the Mediterranean. As reputation and popularity intertwine, Zeus Street Greek remains a shining example of how a commitment to quality, tradition, and cultural richness can shape a culinary journey worth savoring. Whether you’re a lover of Greek cuisine, a flavor explorer, or simply someone seeking an immersive dining experience, Zeus Street Greek offers a passage through taste that captures the essence of culinary authenticity and flavorful exploration.

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Zeus Street Greek FAQ

How much is Zeus Street Greek's Poseidon Pita Wrap?

Poseidon Pita Wrap – $19.50

How much is a Lamb Spartan at Zeus Street Greek?

Lamb Spartan – $25.50

How much are Zucchini Falafel Spartan at Zeus Street Greek?

Zucchini Falafel Spartan – $23.50

How much does a Zeus Street Greek's Hermes Pita Cost?

Hermes Pita – $16.00

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