Zambrero Australia Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Zambrero Australia menu prices.

Item Price


Charlies Honest Orange Juice 300ml $5.20
Charlies Honest Apple Juice 300ml $5.20


Cool Ridge Lightly Sparkling Natural 500ml $5.00
Cool Ridge Spring Water 600ml $4.50

Sports Drink

Gatorade Berry Chill 600ml $5.90

Iced Teas

Lipton Iced Tea Lemon 500ml $5.61
Lipton Iced Tea Peach 500ml $5.57

Soft Drinks

Mountain Dew 600ml $5.44
Pepsi 600ml $5.48
Pepsi Max 600ml $5.48
Pepsi Max Vanilla 600ml $5.48
Schweppes Traditional Raspberry 600ml $5.44
Solo Original Lemon 600ml $5.40
Sunkist Orange 600ml $5.48


Perkii Mango Passionfruit 350ml $6.20
Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon 330ml $6.90
Perkii Strawberry Watermelon 350ml $6.20
Remedy Kombucha Peach 330ml $6.90
Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade 330ml $6.90


Shine+ CHARGED Blood Orange 500ml $7.90
Shine+ Blueberry Lemonade 330ml $6.20
Shine+ Peach Passionfruit 330ml $6.20

Picked for you

Side of Corn Chips $2.40


Burrito $15.50
Chikito $12.50


Classic Meal $25.01
Meal For One $25.72
Meal For Two $41.04
Power Meal $28.69
Classic Duo $39.83
Family Meal $62.38
Make It A Meal $9.75

Burritos and Bowls

Bowl $15.63
Small Burrito $12.52


Classic Burrito $15.02


Classic Chikito $11.32
Chikito IQ® $12.52

Nachos and Tacos

Small Nachos $7.51
Soft Taco $6.57
Hard Taco $6.58
Nachos $17.16
Dos Capas $7.21


Classic Bowl $15.02


Burrito IQ $17.83
Bowl IQ $17.83
Power Burrito $20.14
Powerbowl $18.01

Kids Menu

Kids Bowl $6.30
Kids Bowl IQ® $7.50
Kids Nachos $6.30

Corn Chips and Sides

Side of Guacamole $2.50
Side of Basilo Sauce $1.30
Side of Chipotle Sauce $1.30
Corn Chips $2.40
Side of Garlic Sauce $1.30
Side of Red Chilli Sauce $1.30
Side of Secret BBQ Sauce $1.30
Side of Trezigo Sauce $1.30
Side of Verde Sauce $1.30


Blondie $4.90
Brownie $4.90
Almond Muesli Bar $3.80
Cashew Muesli Bar $3.80


Charlies Honest Apple 300ml $5.20
Charlies Honest Orange 300ml $5.20
Cool Ridge Sparkling 500ml $5.00
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 500ml $5.90
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml $5.90
Mountain Dew Energised 600ml $5.60
PERKii Mango P/fruit 350ml $6.20
PERKii S/berry W/melon 350ml $6.20
Remedy Ginger Lemon 330ml $6.90
Remedy Peach 330ml $6.90
Remedy Raspberry Lemonade 330ml $6.90
Schweppes Trad Raspberry 600ml $5.60
Solo Lemon 600ml $5.60
Soft Drinks $5.17
Gatorade Blue Bolt 600ml $5.90
Water Range $4.49
Sports Drinks $5.87
Juices $3.37
Iced Teas $5.25
Probiotics $6.20
Shine+ $5.95
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Zambrero Australia FAQ

How much is Zambrero Australia's Corn Chips?

Corn Chips – $2.40

How much is a Burrito at Zambrero Australia?

Burrito – $15.64

How much are Small Burrito at Zambrero Australia?

Small Burrito – $12.55

How much does a Zambrero Australia's Classic Chikito Cost?

Classic Chikito – $11.32