Wrap It Up! Uk Menu Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Wrap It Up! Uk menu prices.

Item Price

Meat Wraps

Indian Wrap £7.45
Mexican Meat Wrap £7.45
American Meat Wrap £7.51
Jamaican Wrap £7.45
Portugese Meat Wrap £7.45
Caribbean Meat Wrap £7.45
Turkish Meat Wrap £7.45
Caribbean Chicken Roti Wrap £7.45
Indian Meat Wrap £7.45
Korean Meat Wrap £7.45
Tex Mex Meat Wrap £7.45
Caribbean Lamb Wrap £8.45
Lamb Roti Wrap £7.45

Veg Wraps

Mexican Veg Wrap £5.95
American Veg Wrap £5.95
Caribbean Veg Wrap £5.95
Caribbean Vegan Wrap £5.95
Portugese Vegan Wrap £5.95
Turkish Veg Wrap £5.95
Korean Veg Wrap £5.95
Lebanese Vegan Wrap £5.95
Portugese Veg Wrap £5.95

Meat Rice Box

Jamaican Rice Box £7.45
American Meat Rice Box £7.52
Caribbean Meat Rice Box £7.45
Turkish Meat Rice Box £7.45
Mexican Meat Rice Box £7.45
Portugese Meat Rice Box £7.45
Caribbean Chicken Roti Rice Box £7.45
Indian Rice Box £7.45
Korean Meat Rice Box £7.45
Tex Mex Meat Rice Box £7.45
Caribbean Lamb Rice Box £8.45
Lamb Roti Rice Box £7.45

Veg Rice Box

Mexican Veg Rice Box £5.95
American Veg Rice Box £5.95
Caribbean Vegan Rice Box £5.95
Portugese Vegan Rice Box £5.95
Caribbean Veg Rice Box £5.95
Lebanese Vegan Rice Box £5.95
Turkish Veg Rice Box £5.95
Korean Veg Rice Box £5.95
Portugese Veg Rice Box £5.95

Meat Salad Box

Jamaican Salad Box £7.45
American Meat Salad Box £7.52
Caribbean Meat Salad Box £7.45
Mexican Meat Salad Box £7.45
Turkish Meat Salad Box £7.45
Portugese Meat Salad Box £7.45
Caribbean Chicken Roti Salad Box £7.45
Indian Salad Box £7.45
Korean Meat Salad Box £7.45
Tex Mex Meat Salad Box £7.45
Caribbean Lamb Salad Box £8.45
Lamb Roti Salad £7.45

Veg Salad Box

Mexican Veg Salad Box £5.95
American Veg Salad Box £5.95
Caribbean Vegan Salad Box £5.95
Portugese Vegan Salad Box £5.95
Caribbean Veg Salad Box £5.95
Lebanese Vegan Salad Box £5.95
Turkish Veg Salad Box £5.95
Korean Veg Salad Box £5.95
Portugese Veg Salad Box £5.95

Meat Hot Pot

Grilled Fajita Chicken £2.95
Charred Tandori Chicken £2.50
Braised Beef Brisket £2.95
Peri-Peri Chicken £2.95
Grilled Lamb Kofta £2.50
Tandori Chicken £2.95
Curried Chicken £2.95
Roasted Jerk Chicken £2.50
Mixed Kofta £2.95
Soy and Sesame Chicken £2.50
Southern Fried Fillets £2.95

Vegan Hot Pot

Pulled Peri-Peri Jackfruit £2.45
Coconut Chickpeas £2.00
Baked Falafel £2.45
Roasted Aubergine and Pepper £2.00
Black Beans £2.45
Mac n' Beans £2.00
Wedges £2.45
Lime and Coriander Rice £2.45
Sweet Plantain £2.00
Tumeric and Pea Pilao £2.45
Celeriac and Cabbage Kimchi £2.00
Roast Squash £2.00
Cickpea and Potato £2.45
Pumpkin £2.45
Roasted Peppers & Onions £2.23


Loaded Nachos £4.45
Loaded Wedges £4.45


Roti £1.50
Guacamole £1.00
Houmous £1.00
Sweet and Sharp Salsa £1.00
Red Cabbage Slaw £1.00
Tabbouleh £1.00
White Cabbage Slaw £1.00
Cheddar Cheese £1.00
Pica de Gallo £1.00
Tumeric Pickle £1.00
Kachumber salad £1.00
House Slaw £1.00
Wraps £1.00
Classic Nachos £3.95
Classic Wedges £3.95


Love Raw Hazelnut £2.50
Chocolate Fudge Cake £2.50
Courgette and Lemon Loaf £2.50
PHD Dark Chocolate and Raspberry £2.90
Fulfil Hazelnut £2.70
Kind Peanut Butter £2.00
Eat Real Houmous Tomato and Bazil £1.50
Eat Real Quinoa Sweet Chilli £1.50
Popcorn Sea Salted £1.50
Love Raw Salted Caramel £2.50
Carrot Cake £2.50
Pumpkin Spice Loaf £2.50
PHD Chocolate Peanut Butter £2.90
Fulfil Peanut and Caramel £2.70
Kind Caramel £2.01
Eat Real Lentil Creamy Dill £1.50
Popcorn Sweet Salty £1.50


Garlic and Coconut Raita £0.50
Tahini Sauce £0.50
Sour Cream £0.50
Chilli Jam £0.50
Garlic Mayonnaise £0.50
Tahini £0.50
Sriracha Majo £0.50
Chili Sauce £0.50
Tamarind Sauce £0.50
Garlic Mayo £0.50
BBQ Sauce £0.50
Hot Chili Sauce £0.50
Mango Chutney £0.50
Tinga sauce £0.50
Preinaise £0.50
Horseradish Mayonnaise £0.50


Sparkling Water £1.20
Wrap It Up Sparkling Water £1.20
Still Water £1.20
Wrap It Up Still Water £1.20
Coca Cola £1.20
Coca-Cola Original Taste £1.22
Coce Zero £1.20
Coke Zero £1.22
Diet Coke £1.22
San Pellegrino Orange £1.51
San Pellegrino Blood Orange £1.51
San Pellegrino Pomengrate £1.52
Square Root Lemonade £2.50
Square Root Rhubarb £2.50
Dash Rasberry £2.50
Dash Blackcurrant £2.50
Rejuvination Lemon and Lime £2.50
Rejuvination Cherry and Cranberry £2.50
Vit Hit Berry Boost £2.50
Vit Hit Apple and Erdelflower £2.50
Tenzing Energy Drink £2.50
Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade £2.50
Kombucha Ginger Lemon £2.50
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Wrap It Up! Uk FAQ

How much is Wrap It Up! Uk's Mexican Meat Wrap?

Mexican Meat Wrap – £7.45

How much is a Caribbean Chicken Roti Wrap at Wrap It Up! Uk?

Caribbean Chicken Roti Wrap – £7.45

How much are Mexican Veg Wrap at Wrap It Up! Uk?

Mexican Veg Wrap – £5.95

How much does a Wrap It Up! Uk's Jamaican Rice Box Cost?

Jamaican Rice Box – £7.45