Wendy’s Prices New Zealand: How much is Wendy’s New Zealand?

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Amidst the culinary diversity of New Zealand, Wendy’s has emerged as a beloved culinary destination, offering a delightful experience that resonates with locals and visitors alike. This article takes you on a flavorful journey through the world of Wendy’s in New Zealand, uncovering its esteemed reputation and the growing popularity it has gained among discerning food enthusiasts in the country. Below are the latest Wendy’s Menu Prices New Zealand.


Family Meals

Bacon Banquet$42.07

Picked For You

Baconator Combo$15.80
Chickenator Combo$18.60
1/2 lb Double Classic Combo$15.60
Spicy Chicken Combo$13.50


Harissa Single Beef Combo$15.50
Karaage Chicken Single Combo$16.20
S'awesome Single Beef Combo$15.10
Harissa Double Beef Combo$18.00
Karaage Chicken Double Combo$20.20
S'awesome Double Beef Combo$17.60
Harissa Single Spicy Chicken Combo$16.00
Karaage Chicken - 9 pieces Combo$17.30
S'awesome Single Chicken Combo$15.80
Harissa Double Spicy Chicken Combo$20.00
Karaage Chicken - 6 pieces Combo$13.40
S'awesome Double Chicken Combo$19.40
Harissa Fries$7.60
Karaage Chicken - 12 pieces Combo$21.80
S'awesome Fries$7.60

Baconator Range

Baconator Mushroom Melt Combo$16.30
Triple Baconator Combo$20.30
Son of Baconator Combo$12.40
Chicken Mushroom Melt Combo$16.80

Black Label Classics

Chicken Club Combo$15.00
Big Bacon Classic Combo$15.00
3/4 lb Triple Classic Combo$19.10
Avocado Chicken Combo$15.80
Low Carb Beef Combo$14.80
Low Carb Chicken Combo$14.80

NZ Beef

Hamburger Combo$7.90
Cheeseburger Combo$8.30
Bacon Cheeseburger Combo$9.50
Deluxe Cheesburger Combo$9.00
1/4 lb Single Classic Combo$12.30
Deluxe Double Stacker Combo$11.70
BBQ Double Stacker Combo$11.90
BBQ Triple Stacker Combo$12.30
Single Mushroom Melt Combo$13.00

Chicken & Fish

Homestyle Chicken Combo$13.50
Grilled Chicken Combo$13.50
Crispy Chicken Combo$8.90
Chicken Chompa Combo$11.60
Hoki Fish Combo$11.60


Salad Burger Combo$9.80
Chicken Strips - 3 piece Combo$10.90
Chicken Strips - 5 piece Combo$14.30
Chicken Strips - 7 piece Combo$17.20
Nuggets - 5 piece Combo$9.40
Nuggets - 9 Pieces Combo$12.50
Nuggets - 12 Pieces Combo$14.90

Kids Meals

Hamburger Kids Meal$7.99
Cheeseburger Kids Meal$7.99
Nuggets Kids Meal$7.99

Salads & Sides

Taco Mexican Salad$10.90
Taco Salad$12.87
Value Fries$3.84
Small Fries$4.29
Medium Fries$4.49
Large Fries$4.79
Mandarin Cup$3.80
Small Chili$4.94
Large Chili$6.58
Chili Chips & Cheese$7.94
Chili Guacamole Fries$7.94
Loaded Cheese Fries$7.55
Guacamole Crunch Bowl$7.94
Baconator Fries$7.87
Bacon Chicken Fiesta Salad$11.43
Side Salad$5.55


Coke Zero$3.90
Orange Juice$4.00
Flat White Coffee$4.00
Long Black Coffee$4.00
Hot Chocolate$4.00
Pump Water$4.70
Calci Yum Chocolate$3.50
Calci Yum Strawberry$3.47
Calci Yum Banana$3.30
Small Chocolate Shake$5.40
Small Strawberry Shake$5.40
Small Mint Shake$5.40
Small Caramel Shake$5.40
Large Chocolate Shake$6.40
Large Strawberry Shake$6.36
Large Caramel Shake$6.40
Large Mint Shake$6.40
Small Watermelon Cooler$4.20
Large Watermelon Cooler$5.20
Small Pina Colada Shake$5.50
Large Pina Colada Shake$6.50
Small Watermelon Cucumber$4.20
Large Watermelon Cucumber$5.20
Small Pink Grapefruit$4.20
Large Pink Grapefruit$5.20


Chocolate Frosty$4.10
Vanilla Frosty$4.10
Original Frosty Float$5.45
Vanilla Frosty Float$5.45
Berry Parfeit$6.99
Oreo Parfeit$6.99
Strawberry Bubble Frosty$4.30

Individual Food Items

Pepperoni Pizza Sgl Beef$12.50
Harissa Single Beef$11.60
Karaage Chicken Single Burger$12.30
S'awesome Single Beef$11.40
Pepperoni Pizza Dbl Beef$15.00
Harissa Double Beef$14.10
Karaage Chicken Double Burger$16.30
S'awesome Double Beef$13.90
Pepperoni Pizza Chicken$13.70
Harissa Single Spicy Chicken$12.10
Karaage Chicken Bites - 6 Pieces$9.50
S'awesome Single Chicken$12.10
Mozzarella Meat Free$12.70
Harissa Double Spicy Chicken$16.10
Karaage Chicken Bites - 9 Pieces$13.40
S'awesome Double Chicken$15.70
Karaage Chicken Bites - 12 Pieces$17.90
Bacon Mozzarella Beef$17.00
Bacon Mozzarella Chicken$17.50
Dbl Bacon Mozzarella Chk$22.70
Baconator Burger$12.89
Baconator Mushroom Melt Burger$13.44
Triple Baconator Burger$17.24
Son of Baconator$9.35
Chicken Mushroom Melt$15.01
Chicken Club$11.95
Big Bacon Classic Burger$11.99
1/2 lb Double Classic$12.59
3/4 lb Triple Classic$16.58
Avocado Chicken$12.93
Low Carb Beef Burger$11.70
Low Carb Chicken Burger$11.10
Bacon Cheeseburger$6.04
Deluxe Cheesburger$5.45
1/4 lb Single Classic$8.98
Deluxe Double Stacker$8.38
BBQ Double Stacker$8.55
BBQ Triple Stacker$9.20
Single Mushroom Melt$9.83
Crispy Chicken Burger$5.30
Homestyle Chicken Burger$10.38
Grilled Chicken Burger$9.76
Spicy Chicken Burger$10.38
Chicken Chompa$7.70
Crispy Chicken BLT$8.87
Hoki Fish Burger$8.20
Salad Burger$6.34
Chicken Strips - 3 Piece$7.64
Chicken Strips - 5 Piece$11.28
Chicken Strips - 7 Piece$14.36
Nuggets - 5 Piece$5.95
Nuggets - 9 Pieces$9.40
Nuggets - 12 Pieces$11.84
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A Culinary Haven: Wendy’s Inviting Ambiance

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, Wendy’s invites diners to step into a haven of flavors and comfort. Crossing the threshold of Wendy’s is akin to entering a realm where taste and familiarity collide. The warm ambiance, the aroma of freshly made burgers, and the cheerful buzz of conversations create an environment that not only satisfies the appetite but also nourishes the soul.

Crafting Culinary Excellence: The Mastery of Wendy’s Menu

At Wendy’s in New Zealand, each dish is a testament to the art of crafting culinary excellence. The menu offers a diverse array of options, from classic square hamburgers to savory chicken selections and fresh salads. Every ingredient is chosen with care, and every dish is prepared with precision, ensuring that every bite is a symphony of flavors and textures.

Forging a Culinary Legacy: Wendy’s Esteemed Reputation

In the realm of fast-food chains, reputation is as valuable as the finest ingredients, and Wendy’s has forged a reputation that’s as enduring as its offerings. This reputation isn’t solely built on the quality of the food; it’s a reflection of the commitment to providing a memorable dining experience. Each visit to Wendy’s is a testament to its reputation, as patrons return time and again to savor the flavors, convenience, and friendly service that the brand embodies.

Navigating Popularity in the Digital Age

As the digital era shapes modern interactions, Wendy’s in New Zealand has embraced technology to extend its reach. Through engaging social media interactions, captivating food photography, and an active online presence, the brand has cultivated a digital community that mirrors the excitement of its physical locations. This digital connection translates into real-world enthusiasm, as diners eagerly seek out the mouthwatering offerings and the inviting atmosphere that Wendy’s provides.

Crafting a Linguistic Palette: Conveying Wendy’s Essence

In a world where automated content prevails, Wendy’s in New Zealand values the authenticity of human expression. Just as the menu offers a variety of flavors, this article aims to captivate young readers with a range of sentence structures and engaging vocabulary. From delectable descriptions of signature dishes to narratives that illuminate Wendy’s journey in the country, the article weaves a linguistic tapestry that mirrors the brand’s inviting and friendly charm.

A Legacy of Culinary Satisfaction

Wendy’s in New Zealand has evolved beyond being a simple fast-food chain; it has become a cherished destination that captures the essence of culinary satisfaction. With a reputation rooted in quality and a popularity that continues to rise, Wendy’s has secured its place as a beloved spot for those seeking a delicious and convenient dining experience. As patrons savor each flavorful bite and immerse themselves in the inviting ambiance, the legacy of Wendy’s grows even stronger. It’s more than just a fast-food choice; it’s a celebration of flavors, a symbol of comfort, and an embodiment of the joy of good food.

With its commitment to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction, Wendy’s in New Zealand has woven itself into the fabric of the dining scene, promising to continue delighting palates and creating memorable moments for years to come.

To learn more about Wendy’s New Zealand or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.wendys.co.nz/.

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Wendy’s New Zealand FAQ

How much is Wendy's New Zealand's Bacon Banquet?

Bacon Banquet – $41.50

How much is a Chickenator Combo at Wendy's New Zealand?

Chickenator Combo – $18.60

How much are Karaage Chicken Double Combo at Wendy's New Zealand?

Karaage Chicken Double Combo – $20.20

How much does a Wendy's New Zealand's Son of Baconator Combo Cost?

Son of Baconator Combo – $12.40

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