Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse?

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In the heart of culinary experiences that transcend ordinary dining, Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse stands as a beacon of exceptional taste and innovation. In this article, we delve into the reputation and soaring popularity of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse—a destination that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity to create an unforgettable dining adventure. Below are the latest Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse menu prices.

Table of Contents

Sushi Rolls and Hand Rolls

Spider Roll$14.38
Rainbow Roll$13.59
Tuna Cucumber Roll$9.70
Tuna Roll$7.12
Blackened Tuna Roll$10.20
Salmon Roll$6.87
Dragon Roll$13.24
Shrimp Avocado Roll$8.70
Cucumber Roll$5.79
Shrimp Cucumber Roll$8.70
Avocado Roll$6.14
Rock'n Shrimp Roll$10.25
Eel Avocado Roll$8.05
Spicy Salmon Roll$7.94
Spicy Scallop Roll$9.60
Salmon Avocado Roll$8.22
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$9.55
Tuna Avocado Roll$8.22
Alaska Roll$8.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$8.39
Philadelphia Roll$7.62
Boston Roll$7.47
Salmon Cucumber Roll$8.46
Yellowtail Scallion Roll$9.23
Sweet Potato Roll$6.55
Eel Cucumber Roll$7.61
Salmon Skin Roll$6.87
Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.13

Sautéed Noodles

Beef Yaki Udon$16.20

Nigiri - Hand Roll

California Hand Roll$7.47
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$8.85
Salmon Skin Hand Roll$8.12

Combination Dinners

Shrimp and Scallop$26.73
Chicken and Scallop$25.73

Childrens Entrée

Filet Mignon$22.79

Sushi and Sashimi a la Carte

Super White Tuna$6.23
Crab Stick$5.78
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp$9.10
Shrimp Cooked$5.18
Smoked Salmon$6.44
Salmon Roe$6.73
Red Clam$6.25
Wasabi Tobiko$5.80
Striped Bass$6.10
Egg Omelet$4.82

Side Order (Hibachi Grill-Dinner)

Hibachi Vegetables$12.38
Sirloin Steak$12.60

Wasabi Signature Rolls

Out of Control$16.73
Lobster Tempura Roll$13.73

Noodles (Stir Fried)

Chicken Yaki Soba$17.45

Connoisseur Delight

Filet Mignon and Lobster$34.73
Filet Mignon and Shrimp$28.16
Filet Mignon and Chicken$26.99
Lobster and Chicken$31.48

Lunch Specials

Lunch Hibachi Filet Mignon$14.95
Lunch Hibachi Chicken$12.45

Appetizers From Kitchen

Age Tofu$5.98

Signature Rolls

Beautiful Life Roll$19.62
Tnt Roll$16.28
Tuna Sandwich Roll$15.95
Mango Delight Roll$17.95
Mr. Lonely Roll$17.95
Yummy Roll$19.62
Dynamite Roll$11.56
Red Dragon Roll$19.62
Battera Roll$17.95
Amazing Roll$17.95
Paradise Roll$18.95
Tuna Love Roll$17.95
Spider-Man Roll$19.62
Out of Control Roll$18.95
Anger Roll$18.95
Pink Lady Roll$15.26
American Dream Roll$15.45
Godzilla Roll$15.21

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
6 Piece Gyoza$9.28
California Roll$6.91
Poke bowl$23.53
Hibachi Chicken Fried Rice$12.28
Hibachi Chicken$19.04

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Baby Octopus$7.35
Sashimi Appetizer$11.62
Sushi Appetizer$11.02



Sushi Bar Appetizer

Tako su$7.73
Tuna Tataki$12.47
Treasure Island$9.45

Imperial Dinner

Wasabi Special$38.48

Sushi & Sashimi

White Tuna$5.50


Tempura Calamari$10.45
Ebi Shumai$7.50
Wasabi Shumai$7.50
Tempura Appetizer$11.45
Beef Tataki$11.25
Tuna Tartare$12.50
Yaki Ika$11.60
Beef Negimaki$12.74
Haru Maki$9.13
Age Dashi Tofu$7.45
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer$10.73
Soft Shell Crab$10.49
Hamachi Jalapeño$13.75
Seared Pepper Tuna$13.25
Wasabi Lamb Chop$15.13
Rock Shrimp Tempura$12.50
Salmon Avocado Salad$13.25

Fusion Entrees

Surf and Turf$33.47
Balsamic Filet Mignon$31.70
Miso Salmon$27.95
Mango Shrimp$29.70
Sesame Crusted Tuna$31.20
Black Sea Bass$32.45

Sushi Bar Appetizers

5 Piece Sushi$11.28
Tuna Pizza$17.20
9 Piece Sashimi$14.28
Tuna Dumpling$15.20
Mango Ceviche$16.20
Fried Soft Shell Crab$16.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno$15.55
Fancy Tartar$17.45
Tuna Martini$16.62
Yellowtail Carpaccio$16.45
Tuna Taco$16.96

Sushi Bar Salad

Squid Salad$6.73
Cucumber Salad$4.00

Appetizer from the Kitchen

Tatsuta Age$5.50
Shrimp Tempura App$8.95


Miso Soup$3.83
Mushroom Soup$4.70
Spicy Seafood Soup$12.95
Seafood Tom Yum soup$14.95


Served with a house salad.
Tempura Udon$16.99
Nabeyaki Udon$18.38
Yaki Udon$13.48

Sushi Bar Entrée

Served with miso soup and house salad.
Unagi Don$20.98

Udon-Noodle (Noodle Soup)

Vegetable Udon$11.23

Hibachi Lunch

Salmon Hibachi Lunch$13.73
Shrimp Hibachi Lunch$14.45

Appetizers From the Sushi Bar

Sex and City$8.23
Yellowtail Jalopeno$8.73

Cooked Rolls

6 pieces.
Smoked Salmon Avocado Roll$5.95


House Salad$2.33
Volcano Salad$13.45
Spicy Tuna Salad$11.91
Avocado Salad$7.99
Tuna or Salmon Avocado Salad$16.95
Green Salad$7.00
Chicken Mango Salad$12.45
Seafood Salad$12.26
Tuna Mango Salad$14.95
Spicy Salmon Salad$11.91
Salmon Skin Salad$9.15
Seaweed Salad$7.90
Spicy Crab Salad$9.59

Donburi Rice

Served with miso soup & house salad.
Unagi Donburi$21.88
Chicken Katsu$15.53
Ton Katsu$16.38
Ebi Meshi Yaki$16.50
Seafood Meshi Yaki$16.50
Chicken Meshi Yaki$15.38

Hibachi Single Item Dinners

Hibachi Vegetable$15.34
Hibachi Filet Mignon$25.96
Hibachi Sirloin Angus Steak$24.45
Hibachi Salmon$22.47
Hibachi Shrimp$21.47
Hibachi Scallop$22.09
Hibachi Chilean Sea Bass$28.95

Sushi Entrees

Served with miso soup & house salad.
Sushi Regular$21.75
Sushi Deluxe$28.65
Sashimi Deluxe$31.04

Sushi Entrées (Sushi-Dinner)

Served with miso soup & house salad.
Sushi and Sashimi Combo$29.92

Basic Rolls

Regular roll or hand roll. A regular roll is cut into 6 pieces normally, a hand roll is made like a cone.
Asparagus Roll$4.06
Futo Maki$5.25
Oshinko Roll$4.44
Crab Stick Roll$4.25
Salmon Tempura Roll$6.00
Spicy Shrimp Roll$6.17

Noodles & Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice$13.45
Steak Fried Rice$14.70
Shrimp Fried Rice$15.20

Teriyaki - Dinner Entrées

Served with miso soup, house salad and steamed rice. Cooked on our open charcoal grill with our house teriyaki sauce.
Filet Mignon Teriyaki$20.00
Steak & Shrimp Teriyaki$18.00
Shrimp & Chicken Teriyaki$16.25

Hibachi Entrees

Hibachi Steak$21.47
Hibachi Scallops$26.23

Hibachi Combination Dinners

Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp Combo$24.46
Hibachi Chicken and Scallop Combo$24.95
Hibachi Angus Steak and Shrimp Combo$26.45
Hibachi Shrimp and Scallop Combo$26.95
Hibachi Angus Steak and Chicken Combo$24.95
Hibachi Angus Steak and Scallop Combo$27.45
Hibachi Angus Steak and Salmon Combo$24.45

Kitchen Appetizers

Delicately battered and deep fried served with tempura dipping sauce.
Vegetable Tempura$11.49
Chicken Tempura$12.54
Shrimp Tempura$12.92
Fried Age Tofu$6.45
Duck Roll$15.95
Fried Calamari$12.87
5 Piece Fried Oysters$12.95
Chilean Sea Bass$20.55
2 Chicken Yakitori$11.28
6 Piece Shrimp Shumai$9.28
Coconut Shrimp$13.40
BBQ Squid$13.95
6 Piece Beef Negimaki$11.95
Rock and Shrimp$15.95
Fried Crab Cake$15.70
Hamachi Kama$14.95
2 Haru Maki$8.95

Hibachi Connoisseur Delight

Filet Mignon and Chicken Hibachi$32.95
Filet Mignon and Shrimp Hibachi$33.95
Filet Mignon and Lobster Hibachi$39.95
Twin Lobster Tail Hibachi$41.95
Lobster and Chicken Hibachi$36.95
Lobster and Shrimp Hibachi$34.95
Lobster and Angus Steak Hibachi$38.95
Land and Sea Hibachi$52.95
Ocean's Treasure Hibachi$42.95

Makimono Rolled Sushi

Vegetable Roll$5.13
Chicken Tempura Roll$7.31
Tokyo Roll$8.10


White Fish$5.00

Hibachi Fried Rice (Fried Rice Only!)

Hibachi Egg and Vegetable Fried Rice$11.28
Hibachi Sirloin Angus Steak Fried Rice$14.95
Hibachi Shrimp Fried Rice$15.62

Sushi or Sashimi

Sushi 2 pcs. Or sashimi 3 pcs. Per order.
Escolar White Tuna$6.88
Alaskan King Crab$11.50
Albacore Tuna$5.50

Sushi Rolls

Alaskan Roll$6.75
Hawaii Roll$8.95

Sushi Specials

Rock 'n Roll$8.60

Hibachi Combo

Served with house salad, hibachi vegetables and fried rice . All the meat prepared with fresh garlic, butter.
Shrimp and Salmon$22.75

Hibachi Side Orders

Side Vegetables$4.35
Side Chicken$6.23
Side Shrimp$6.95
Side Steak$7.48
Side Scallops$9.23
Side Filet Mignon$11.23
Side Lobster$12.98

Sushi Bar Entrees

Sushi Platter A$22.95
Spicy Roll Platter$20.20
Sushi Platter B$27.28
Wasabi Sushi$31.20
Sashimi Dinner$28.70
California Dinner$20.20
Sushi for Two$42.48
Spicy Tuna Dinner$20.20
Sushi Sashimi Platter B$45.70
Tekka Don$22.95
Imperial Sashimi$33.95
Sushi for 2$44.62
Sushi Sashimi Platter a$28.70
Sushi Sashimi Special for 3$83.95


Tangerine Dream Roll$6.88
Crab Roll$6.25
Spicy Crab Roll$7.82
Spicy Tuna$7.25
Eel Roll$7.57
New York Roll$8.00
Veggie Roll$5.13
Yellowtail Roll$6.55

Soup Salad Soda Condiments

Kani Salad$7.63
Seafood Soup$7.80

Special Rolls

Golden Spider Roll$12.23
Wasabi Roll$14.92
Hot Red Dragon Roll$10.23
Boston Bay Roll$8.23
Sunshine Roll$9.73
AK 47$8.23
Summer Roll$9.80
Ichiban Roll$9.05
Angry Roll$9.73
Tiger Roll$11.98
Friends Roll$9.95
Beauty and Beast Roll$10.23
Spicy Girl Roll$10.73
Spiderman Roll$12.45
Tiger Shogun Roll$12.23
Volcano Roll$12.91
Crazy Dragon Roll$10.23
Elyria Roll$10.00

Premium Maki

Fantastic Roll$15.38
Lobster Roll$19.25
Autumn Roll$15.88
Super Crunch Roll$15.58
Angry Dragon$19.25
Snow Roll$16.50
Angel Roll$12.25

Teriyaki Dinner

All meat grilled, topped with our home-made teriyaki sauce. served with miso soup and salad and white rice.
Chicken Teriyaki$17.38
Shrimp Teriyaki$19.40
Steak Teriyaki$19.83
Salmon Teriyaki$19.65
Steak and Shrimp$20.23
Seafood Teriyaki$26.98
Lobster & Filet Mignon Teriyaki$25.25

Special Maki

Please also see our daily specials board for more chef’s creations.
Green Dragon$13.63
Red Dragon$17.57
King Roll$9.98
Tempura Maki$10.88
Mexican Roll$11.36
Montrose Roll$14.13


All dinner entrées are served with our famous flaming shrimp appetizers, fresh tossed salad with our secret wasabi dressing, Japanese soup, Japanese-style vegetables and fried rice.
Filet Mignon & Scallop$27.25
Salmon & Chicken$23.25

Tempura & Katsu

Served with miso soup and house salad.
Salmon Katsu$18.45

Roll & Hand roll (Veg)

Fresh green roll$4.73


Our fine selection of sweets.
Tempura Ice Cream$6.80
Tempura Banana$8.63
Ice Cream$3.65
Chocolate Mousse Cake$8.00
Hot Lava Cake$8.50
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream$6.88
Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake$8.00

Kitchen Entrees

Stir-Fried Noodles$16.28

Lunch Bento Box

Served with miso soup, house salad with ginger dressing, two pcs gyoza, four pcs California roll and steamed rice.
Shrimp Tempura Lunch Bento Box$14.95
Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Bento Box$14.45
Shrimp Teriyaki Lunch Bento Box$15.45
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Bento Box$14.95
Sashimi Lunch Bento Box$16.45

Soft Drinks

Diet Coke$2.25


Canned soda, Japanese Ramune, Red bull, gatorade, etc
Bottle Water$1.00

Bento Dinner Box

Dinner Bento Box$26.95

Hibachi Children's Menu

Kids' Hibachi Vegetable$13.28
Kids' Hibachi Chicken$14.28
Kids' Hibachi Angus Steak$16.28
Kids' Hibachi Shrimp$17.62
Kids' Hibachi Scallop$17.62
Kids' Hibachi Filet Mignon$18.62
Kids' Chicken Tempura and Gyoza$13.95

Side orders

spicy mayo$1.95
Cup of Spicy Mayo$3.92
Cup of Yummy Sauce$4.50
Yum yum sauce$2.63
Teriyaki sauce$2.03
White Rice$4.10
Cup of Ginger Sauce$4.50
Eel sauce$1.95
Ginger sauce$2.63
Cup of Eel Sauce$3.83
Cup of ginger salad dressing$4.50
Brown rice$6.00

Side Order

Fried Rice$5.73
Steamed Rice$2.42
Clear Soup$2.17


Green Tea$2.88
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Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Promos 2024

Aesthetic Ambiance: The Enchanting Atmosphere of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

As you step into Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse, you’re greeted by an ambiance that’s nothing short of captivating. The fusion of contemporary design with classic Japanese elements creates an inviting space that beckons you to experience a culinary journey like no other. Soft lighting casts a warm glow, while meticulously chosen decor elements transport you to a world of tranquility and indulgence.

The immersive atmosphere at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse extends beyond visual aesthetics. The sizzle of ingredients on teppanyaki grills and the enticing aroma of freshly prepared dishes intertwine to create an enchanting sensory experience. Every aspect of the ambiance, from the minimalist interior design to the expertly curated soundscape, is designed to immerse you in a realm of culinary wonder.

Culinary Craftsmanship: The Masterful Offerings of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse is revered for its ability to blend time-honored culinary traditions with modern culinary techniques. The menu at Wasabi is a testament to the mastery of its chefs and their commitment to delivering an extraordinary dining experience. The restaurant’s offerings are a harmonious marriage of classic Japanese flavors and innovative twists, designed to captivate the palate.

Central to the culinary magic at Wasabi is the teppanyaki-style cooking, where skilled chefs transform meal preparation into an art form. The sizzle of meats and the vibrant colors of fresh vegetables create a sensory symphony that prepares you for the culinary delights to come. The sushi selection further showcases the restaurant’s commitment to excellence, with meticulously crafted rolls that celebrate the balance of flavors and textures intrinsic to Japanese cuisine.

From Word of Mouth to Culinary Phenomenon: The Rising Popularity of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

The meteoric rise in popularity of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to providing remarkable dining experiences. The restaurant’s reputation is built on its ability to consistently exceed expectations and create memories that resonate long after the meal is over. Through a combination of extraordinary flavors and attentive service, Wasabi has established itself as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Word of mouth has played a significant role in elevating the reputation of Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse. Diners who have experienced the culinary wonders firsthand have become enthusiastic ambassadors, spreading the word about the exceptional dining adventure that awaits at the restaurant. This organic growth in popularity is a testament to Wasabi’s ability to consistently deliver on its promise of culinary excellence.

Indulge in the Extraordinary: Discover Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of the art of Japanese cuisine, a place where tradition is celebrated through innovation. Its reputation and soaring popularity are a reflection of the remarkable experiences it offers—flavors that transport you to distant lands, presentations that mesmerize, and an ambiance that wraps you in comfort and wonder.

When you dine at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re immersing yourself in a culinary voyage that spans centuries. Each dish is a testament to the chefs’ dedication to their craft, a testament to their ability to harmoniously blend heritage and contemporary culinary techniques.

In closing, Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse is a celebration of culinary creativity, a symphony of tastes that beckon you to explore the marriage of past and present. Its reputation and popularity are well-deserved, as they are a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences. As you savor the delectable creations and bask in the enchanting atmosphere, you become part of a narrative that continues to elevate Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse to its esteemed status—a place where culinary dreams come to life.

To learn more about Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.restaurantwasabi.com/.

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