Turtle Bay Uk Menu Prices: How much is Turtle Bay Uk?

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Nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, Turtle Bay has emerged as a captivating culinary haven that seamlessly marries Caribbean flavors with a vibrant and welcoming ambiance. This article embarks on a journey to unveil the allure of Turtle Bay UK, shedding light on the factors that have elevated its reputation and propelled it to the forefront of popular dining destinations. Below are the latest Turtle Bay Uk menu prices.



Bottle - Passion Rum Punch£12.00
Bottle - Zombie£12.00
Bottle - Reggae Rum Punch£12.00
Bottle - Grapefruit Fizz£12.00
Bottle - Koko Kolada£12.00
Bottle - Rum Runner£12.00
Bottle - Tingaling£12.00
Bottle - Bahama Mama£12.00
Bottle - Mai Tai£12.00


Curry Goat£13.73
Brown Chicken£13.39
Trini Curry Chicken£12.31
Caribbean Curry Katsu£13.41
Curry Jackfruit ⭐NEW⭐£13.35
Trini Curry Prawn ⭐NEW⭐£14.44


Red Stripe Bottle 330ml£4.50
Caribbean Craft Lager 500ml£4.90
Jamaican Pale Ale 500ml£4.90


Jackfruit Beach Bowl ⭐NEW⭐£12.37
Coconut Prawn Rice Bowl ⭐NEW⭐£12.50
Jerk Chicken Salad ⭐NEW⭐£12.42


Kingston Fried Chicken + Mac and Cheese£13.41
Spicy Mac and Cheese£13.37
Spicy Mac and Cheese + Jerk Chicken£13.38
Curry Goat Hash£12.02
Jamaican Run Down ⭐NEW⭐£13.45
Spicy Mac and Cheese + Jerk Bacon£13.38
Spicy Mac and Cheese + Jerk Mushrooms£13.38
Kingston Fried Chicken + Spiced Fries£13.48


Hot Chick Burger£10.16
Vegan Motherclucker£12.59
Shack Stack Burger£10.15
Jackfruit Burger ⭐NEW⭐£12.48


Island Brunch Bowl ⭐NEW⭐£8.71


Jerk Chicken Half£13.52
Mo’bay Chicken£12.30
Rum BBQ Ribs£15.50
Jerk Chicken Breast£13.42
Vegan Jerk "Chicken" ⭐NEW⭐£13.42


Ginger Beer£4.00
Grapefruit Crush£3.25
Orange Juice£3.25
Apple Juice£3.25
Pineapple Juice£3.25
Diet Cola£3.25


Big Kingston Grill Down£9.50
Blackwell Breakfast£5.00
Big Vegan Grill Down£7.50
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti - Plain£7.50
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti with Jerk Bacon£7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Poached Eggs£7.50
Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti - Plain£7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Roasted Mushrooms£7.50
Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti with Jerk Bacon£7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Jerk Sausage£7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Smoky Bacon£7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Plain£7.50
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti with Spicy Sausage£7.50


Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti with Spicy Sausage£7.50


Chilli Smashed Avocado£11.00
Festival Salad£11.00
Kingston Caesar£11.00
Island Buddha Bowl - Pulled Jerk Chicken£10.90
Island Buddha Bowls with Quinoa£11.00
Island Buddha Bowl - Smoky Bacon£10.90
Island Buddha Bowls with Rice£11.00
Avo Chilli Smash - Pulled Jerk Chicken£10.90
Avo Chilli Smash - Smoky Bacon£10.90
Festival Salad - Pulled Jerk Chicken£10.90
Festival Salad - Smoky Bacon£10.90


Appleton's Signature Rum 70cl£45.00
Koko Kanu Coconut Rum£45.00
Skyy Vodka£45.00
Greenall's London Dry Gin£45.00


Jerk Pit Wings£6.33
Sweetcorn Fritters£5.94
Mac and Cheese Bites£6.29
Crispy Chilli Squid£6.75
Rum BBQ Wings ⭐NEW⭐£6.37
Salt Fish Fritters£6.33
Garlic Pit Prawns£7.33

Beer and Cider

Caribbean Craft Lager 330ml£4.24
Jamaican Pale Ale 330ml£4.24
Island Pilsner 500ml£4.75
Turtle Bay Cider 500ml£4.75
Caribbean Milk Stout 500ml£4.75
Caribbean Stout 500ml£4.75


Jerk Pit Wings – Jerk Gravy£5.50
Jerk Pit Wings – BBQ Sauce£5.50
Salt Cod Fish Cakes£6.50
Jerk Pit Ribs – BBQ Gravy£5.50
Fish Fritters£6.50
Spicy Beef Jamaican Patties£5.50
Garlic Flatbread£5.50
Jerk Pit Ribs with BBQ Gravy£5.50
Jerk Pit Wings with BBQ Gravy£5.50

West Indian Curry

Our Curry Goat£10.90
Curry Prawn£11.90
Curry Salmon£11.90
5 Alarm Curry Chicken£10.90
Five Alarm Curry Chicken£10.90
Curry Aubergine Chicken£10.90

Soul Food

Fried Chicken£10.90
Browned Chicken Stew£10.90
Brown Chicken Stew£10.90
Coconut Run Down£10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese - Plain£10.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Smoky Bacon£10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Jerk Bacon£10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Pulled Jerk Chicken£10.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Pulled Chicken£10.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Chili Prawns£10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Chilli Prawns£10.90

Jerk It

Original Jerk Chicken - Breast£7.80
Jerk Tofu£7.50
Babybacks With Jerk Gravy£10.00
Babybacks – Jerk Gravy£10.00
Babybacks with BBQ Sauce£10.00
Babybacks – BBQ Sauce£10.00
Original Jerk Chicken - Half£8.00


Mushroom and Halloumi Burger£7.50
Surf Side Burger£7.50
Kernel Vegan Burger£7.50

Vegan and Vegetarian

Curry Aubergine - Vegan£10.90


Spiced Fries£3.47
Sweet Potato Fries£3.48
Coconut Rice and Peas£3.44
Grilled Jerk Halloumi£4.87
Sweet Plantain£3.43
Callaloo Side ⭐NEW⭐£3.77

Side Plates

Halloumi Fries£4.00
Dirty Curry Fries£4.00
Fried Plantain£3.00
Steamed Rice£3.00
Kingston Salad£3.00
Mac ‘N’ Cheese£4.00
Pick-up Slaw£3.00


Our Sticky Ginger Pudding£5.00
Banana Toffee Cheesecake£5.00
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A Tropical Oasis in the Heart of the UK

Turtle Bay UK stands as a testament to the power of gastronomy to transport patrons to far-off lands. The moment one steps through its doors, a sensory voyage begins. The interior, awash with colors reminiscent of the Caribbean sea and adorned with vibrant murals, sets the stage for an immersive experience. It’s as if the bustling streets of the United Kingdom fade away, and the spirit of the Caribbean comes alive.

The Recipe for Turtle Bay’s Sterling Reputation

Central to Turtle Bay UK’s sterling reputation is its unwavering dedication to authenticity. Every dish that graces its menu is a tribute to the diverse and rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean islands. From jerk chicken that tingles the taste buds with its smoky and spicy allure to the creamy coconut curries that transport diners to sandy shores, each bite is a symphony of flavors that evoke the essence of the islands.

However, Turtle Bay’s reputation isn’t built solely on its delectable menu. It’s the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to a holistic experience that truly sets it apart. The ambiance resonates with the rhythm of the Caribbean, creating an atmosphere that’s lively yet laid-back. The warm smiles of the staff, combined with the rhythmic beats of reggae music, contribute to an environment where patrons aren’t just diners – they’re part of a vibrant community.

Riding the Waves of Turtle Bay’s Popularity

Turtle Bay UK’s rise to popularity can be attributed to a carefully orchestrated blend of tradition and innovation. In a digital age where visual storytelling reigns supreme, the establishment has harnessed the power of social media platforms to showcase its culinary offerings and captivating ambiance. Instagram-worthy snapshots of colorful cocktails and tantalizing dishes have turned patrons into brand ambassadors, their posts casting a wider net of curiosity and interest.

Yet, the popularity of Turtle Bay goes beyond the digital realm. The establishment actively engages with its community through themed events and initiatives. From reggae nights that transport guests to the heart of Jamaica to cocktail workshops that offer a taste of the Caribbean’s libations, Turtle Bay UK doesn’t just serve food; it curates experiences. This approach has struck a chord with patrons seeking not just a meal, but a memory.

A Journey to Remember

In sum, Turtle Bay UK is a culinary voyage that beckons explorers to set sail on a journey of flavors and culture. Its reputation, like a well-crafted melody, is composed of authenticity, attention to detail, and a commitment to community. Its popularity, akin to a rising tide, has surged through the realms of both digital engagement and experiential events. As diners step back onto the streets of the United Kingdom after their Turtle Bay experience, they carry with them a taste of the Caribbean, a memory of vibrant colors, and a piece of an enchanting journey that will linger in their hearts and taste buds.

To learn more about Turtle Bay Uk or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://turtlebay.co.uk/.

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Turtle Bay UK FAQ

How much is Turtle Bay Uk's Mo'bay Chicken?

Mo’bay Chicken – £12.00

How much is a Bottle – Grapefruit Fizz at Turtle Bay Uk?

Bottle – Grapefruit Fizz – £12.00

How much are Chicken Buddha Bowl at Turtle Bay Uk?

Chicken Buddha Bowl – £11.30

How much does a Turtle Bay Uk's Vegan Yardbird Cost?

Vegan Yardbird – £8.00

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