Turtle Bay Uk Menu Prices 

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Turtle Bay Uk menu prices.

Item Price


Jerk Pit Chicken - Half £12.30
Jerk Pit Chicken - Breast £12.30
Baby Back Ribs £13.97


Bottle - Grapefruit Fizz £12.00
Bottle - Tingaling £12.00


Chicken Buddha Bowl £11.54


Kingston Grill Down £10.04
Honey Bunny Yardbird £8.04
Bacon Roti Wrap £8.06
Sausage Roti Wrap £8.06

Soul Food

Fried Chicken £10.90
Kingston Fried Chicken + Spiced Fries £12.30
Mo’bay Chicken £11.50
Kingston Fried Chicken + Mac and Cheese £12.30
Browned Chicken Stew £10.90
Brown Chicken Stew £10.90
Royal Mac and Cheese - Jerk Bacon £12.30
Coconut Run Down £10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese - Plain £10.90
Royal Mac and Cheese - Jerk Chicken £12.30
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Smoky Bacon £10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Jerk Bacon £10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Pulled Jerk Chicken £10.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Pulled Chicken £10.90
Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Chili Prawns £10.90
Mac 'N' Cheese with Chilli Prawns £10.90


Ginger Beer £4.00
Grapefruit Crush £3.25
Orange Juice £3.25
Apple Juice £3.25
Pineapple Juice £3.25
Cola £3.25
Diet Cola £3.25
Lemonade £3.25


Big Kingston Grill Down £9.50
Blackwell Breakfast £5.00
Big Vegan Grill Down £7.50
Curry Goat Hash £10.94
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti - Plain £7.50
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti with Jerk Bacon £7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Poached Eggs £7.50
Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti - Plain £7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Roasted Mushrooms £7.50
Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti with Jerk Bacon £7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Jerk Sausage £7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Smoky Bacon £7.50
Avocado Smash on Grilled Roti - Plain £7.50
Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Roti with Spicy Sausage £7.50


Avocado Smash on Toasted Roti with Spicy Sausage £7.50


Chilli Smashed Avocado £11.00
Festival Salad £11.00
Kingston Caesar £11.00
Island Buddha Bowl - Pulled Jerk Chicken £10.90
Island Buddha Bowls with Quinoa £11.00
Island Buddha Bowl - Smoky Bacon £10.90
Island Buddha Bowls with Rice £11.00
Avo Chilli Smash - Pulled Jerk Chicken £10.90
Avo Chilli Smash - Smoky Bacon £10.90
Festival Salad - Pulled Jerk Chicken £10.90
Festival Salad - Smoky Bacon £10.90


Appleton's Signature Rum 70cl £45.00
Koko Kanu Coconut Rum £45.00
Skyy Vodka £45.00
Greenall's London Dry Gin £45.00

Beer and Cider

Caribbean Craft Lager 330ml £4.24
Jamaican Pale Ale 330ml £4.24
Island Pilsner 500ml £4.75
Turtle Bay Cider 500ml £4.75
Caribbean Milk Stout 500ml £4.75
Caribbean Stout 500ml £4.75


Salt Fish Fritters £6.00
Jerk Pit Wings – Jerk Gravy £5.50
Jerk Pit Wings – BBQ Sauce £5.50
Sweetcorn Fritters £5.50
Jerk Pit Wings £6.00
Crispy Chilli Squid £6.50
Salt Cod Fish Cakes £6.50
Jerk Pit Ribs – BBQ Gravy £5.50
Jerk Pit Ribs £7.00
Fish Fritters £6.50
Spicy Beef Jamaican Patties £5.50
Garlic Flatbread £5.50
Jerk Pit Ribs with BBQ Gravy £5.50
Jerk Pit Wings with BBQ Gravy £5.50


Caribbean Curry Katsu £12.30
Brown Chicken £12.30
Trini Curry Chicken £11.60

West Indian Curry

Our Curry Goat £10.90
Curry Prawn £11.90
Curry Salmon £11.90
5 Alarm Curry Chicken £10.90
Five Alarm Curry Chicken £10.90
Curry Aubergine Chicken £10.90

Jerk It

Original Jerk Chicken - Breast £7.80
Jerk Tofu £7.50
Babybacks With Jerk Gravy £10.00
Babybacks – Jerk Gravy £10.00
Babybacks with BBQ Sauce £10.00
Babybacks – BBQ Sauce £10.00
Original Jerk Chicken - Half £8.00


Hot Chick Burger £9.51
Shack Stack Burger £9.45


Mushroom and Halloumi Burger £7.50
Surf Side Burger £7.50
Kernel Vegan Burger £7.50

Vegan and Vegetarian

Curry Aubergine - Vegan £10.90

Side Plates

Halloumi Fries £4.00
Spiced Fries £3.00
Sweet Potato Fries £3.00
Dirty Curry Fries £4.00
Coconut Rice and Peas £3.00
Fried Plantain £3.00
Steamed Rice £3.00
Kingston Salad £3.00
Mac ‘N’ Cheese £4.00
Pick-up Slaw £3.00
Sweet Plantain £3.00


Our Sticky Ginger Pudding £5.00
Banana Toffee Cheesecake £5.00
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Turtle Bay Uk FAQ

How much is Turtle Bay Uk's Mo'bay Chicken?

Mo’bay Chicken – £12.00

How much is a Bottle – Grapefruit Fizz at Turtle Bay Uk?

Bottle – Grapefruit Fizz – £12.00

How much are Chicken Buddha Bowl at Turtle Bay Uk?

Chicken Buddha Bowl – £11.30

How much does a Turtle Bay Uk's Vegan Yardbird Cost?

Vegan Yardbird – £8.00