Tropical Smoothie Prices

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Smoothies are popular in the United States because these are both food and beverage. These can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink, especially during the hot summer months, or as liquid food for people on the go, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Tropical Smoothie prices are similar to other smoothie joints.

Tropical Smoothie Café then has a place in the food and beverage industry, thanks to its wide range of delicious and nutritious smoothies. Here, you will find every smoothie that will fill your tummy, nourish your body, and perhaps even become your comfort food. 

Here are the Tropical Smoothie menu prices.


Popular Items

Tropical Chicken Salad™$7.55

Picked For You

Sunrise Sunset$5.71
Chipotle Chicken Club$6.29
Island Green$6.16
Detox Island Green$6.17
Bahama Mama$5.97


Avocolada Smoothie$6.02


Island Chicken Quesadilla$6.46
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla$6.43
Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla$5.87


Southwest Wrap Meal$7.41

All Day Breakfast

Southwest Wrap$4.18
All American Wrap$4.17
All American Wrap Breakfast$4.13
Southwest Wrap Breakfast$4.16
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread$4.96
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread Breakfast$4.97

Most Popular

Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich$7.81
Chia Banana$6.15
Island Green Smoothie$6.03
Sunrise Sunset Smoothie$5.57


Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wrap$7.71
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.71


Served with chips, whole fruit, or kale and apple slaw.
Baja Chicken Bowl Meal$11.26
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl$7.69
Buffalo Chicken Bowl Meal$11.13
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl$7.70
Thai Chicken Bowl$7.63
Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl Meal$11.15
Hummus Veggie Bowl Meal$11.14
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl Meal$11.13
Thai Chicken Bowl Meal$11.11


3 Cheese Chicken Quesadilla$5.63
3 Cheese Quesadilla$4.77

Seasonal Sandwiches

Smoky Grilled Cheese$6.15
Classic Grilled Cheese$5.19

Signature Wraps and Bowls

Baja Chicken$7.90
Buffalo Chicken$7.81
Supergreen Caesar Chicken$7.90
Caribbean Jerk Chicken$7.88
Thai Chicken$8.01
Hummus Veggie$7.83

Fresh Salad Bowls

Baja Chicken Bowl$7.80
Buffalo Chicken Bowl$7.64
Hummus Veggie Bowl$7.64

Paninis & Quesadillas

Caprese Chicken$7.72


Served with chips, whole fruit or kale & apple slaw.
Cali Chicken Club™$6.14


Turkey Apple Dijon Sandwich$7.93

Toasted Sandwiches

Turkey Bacon Ranch$7.74
Ultimate Club Sandwich$7.93
Tropical Chicken Salad$7.74
Tropical Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.74
Ultimate Club$7.73
Turkey Apple Dijon$7.78
Caprese Chicken Sandwich$7.98
Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich$5.13
Smoky Grilled Cheese Sandwich$6.12
Cuban Sandwich$7.88

Super Food Smoothies (24oz)

Chia Banana Max$6.69

Seasonal Smoothies

Very Berry Cranberry Smoothie$5.09
Cranberry Truffle Smoothie$5.39

Toasted Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.62
Thai Chicken Wrap$7.67
Hummus Veggie Wrap$7.69
Baja Chicken Wrap$7.73


Island Chicken$6.28
Santa Fe Chicken$6.28
Three Cheese Quesadilla$4.54

Kids' Food & Smoothies

All kids' meals come with a side and the smoothies. 12 oz. smoothies are made with turbinado unless otherwise noted or requested.
Kids' Food$4.17
Big Kahuna Kids' Combo$6.46
Bigger Kahuna Kids' Combo$7.73

Toasted Flatbreads

Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread$6.22
Chicken Pesto$6.29
Chipotle Chicken Club Flatbread$6.23
Chicken Pesto Flatbread$6.20
Chicken Bacon Ranch$6.27
Cali Chicken Club$6.40
Cali Chicken Club Flatbread$6.21
Chicken Apple Club$6.31
Chicken Apple Club Flatbread$6.28


Kale and Apple Slaw$1.36
Whole Fruit$1.33

Beverages and Snacks


Classic Smoothies

All smoothies are 24 oz. and made with turbinado unless otherwise noted or requested.
Bahama Mama™$5.73
Beach Bum™$5.74
Kiwi Quencher$5.71
Blimey Limey™$5.40
Sunshine Smoothie$5.56
Beach Bum$5.97
Blueberry Bliss™$5.40
Jetty Punch$5.69
Jetty Punch™$5.39
Kiwi Quencher™$5.45
Paradise Point$5.69
Mango Magic$5.70
Mango Magic™$5.39
Mocha Madness™$5.74
Peanut Butter Cup$5.94
Paradise Point™$5.40
Peaches 'N Silk Smoothie$5.58
Strawberry Limeade Smoothie$5.46
Blimey Limey$5.70
Peaches 'n Silk™$5.32
Blueberry Bliss$5.70
Mocha Madness$5.95
Peanut Butter Cup™$5.74
Peaches and Silk$5.51
Strawberry Limeade™$5.45
Sunrise Sunset™$5.39
Strawberry Limeade$5.57

Indulgent Smoothies

Mocha Madness Smoothie$5.86
Bahama Mama Smoothie$5.82
Beach Bum Smoothie$5.84
Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie$5.86

Classic Smoothies Meals

Smoothie & a Quesadilla$9.16
Smoothie & a Wrap$11.52
Smoothie & a Sandwich$11.29
Smoothie & a Bowl$11.49
Smoothie & a Flatbread$10.12
Smoothie & Breakfast$7.93
Smoothie & a Half Sandwich$8.09

Superfood Smoothies

All smoothies are 24 oz. and made with turbinado unless otherwise noted or requested.
Acai Berry Boost™$5.87
Peanut Paradise$6.17
Orange Ginger Glow Smoothie$5.93
Chia Banana Boost®$5.75
Chia Banana Boost™$5.91
Chia Banana Max™$6.37
Acai Berry Boost$6.16
Detox Island Green™$5.90
Health Nut™$5.87
Island Green®$5.74
Island Green™$5.93
Health Nut$6.17
Lean Machine™$5.86
Pomegranate Plunge$6.16
Lean Machine$6.16
Muscle Blaster™$5.86
Muscle Blaster$6.16
Orange Ginger Glow™$5.83
Orange Ginger Glow$6.17
Peanut Paradise™$5.88
Chia Banana Boost Smoothie$6.08
Pomegranate Plunge™$5.86
Triple Berry Oat$6.17
Chia Banana Max Smoothie$6.56
Triple Berry Oat™$5.87

Supercharged Smoothies

Acai Berry Boost Smoothie$6.04
Health Nut Smoothie$6.10
Lean Machine Smoothie$6.05
Triple Berry Oat Smoothie$6.06
Detox Island Green Smoothie$6.03
Peanut Paradise Smoothie$6.07
Pomegranate Plunge Smoothie$6.07
Muscle Blaster Smoothie$6.06

Sides & Extras

Kale & Apple Slaw$1.36

Low Fat Smoothies

Paradise Point Smoothie$5.57
Blimey Limey Smoothie$5.56
Blueberry Bliss Smoothie$5.57
Kiwi Quencher Smoothie$5.56
Mango Magic Smoothie$5.57
Jetty Punch Smoothie$5.60

Featured Items

Jerk Chicken Quesadilla$6.09
Salted Caramel Smoothie$5.21
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie$5.21

Kid's Menu

Kid's Cheese Quesadilla$4.25
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Tropical Smoothie Café started as a smoothie shop in Florida in 1993. In 1997, the Tropical Smoothie Franchise Development Corporation was founded in Destin, Florida. Soon enough, franchised locations opened.

Currently, the chain consists of more than 650 locations across the United States. 

What They’re Famous For

The Tropical Smoothie chain is known for its wide range of smoothies, most of which are made from organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and milk. The menu also features several bowls, sandwiches, flat breads, wraps, and salads. 

Why Eat Here

Smoothies are creamy, nutritious and delicious beverages made from pureed fruits, vegetables and nuts, among others, as well as dairy products like milk, yogurt, and even ice cream. These can be quite addictive because of their complex flavors from the combination of ingredients, a trait that can also be attributed to Tropical Smoothie smoothies.

Yes, you may have enjoyed homemade smoothies and smoothies made by restaurants. But once you take the first sip of Tropical Smoothie smoothies, you won’t likely take a second look at the others! Your experience will be characterized by the rich, creamy and delectable flavors of the smoothies.

And the choices are aplenty, too! The Classic Smoothies are favorites because of their familiar flavour profiles as well as their attractive appearance and smooth mouth-feel. The Bahama Mama is a refreshing mix of strawberries, pineapple, coconut and white chocolate; the Beach Bum evokes lazy days at the beach with its bananas, strawberries, and chocolate combo; and the Blimey Limey with its lime and orange cutting through the sweetness of the pineapple and strawberries.

Other Classic Smoothies include Blueberry Bliss (blueberries, strawberries and banana); Jetty Punch (strawberries and banana); Kiwi Quencher (kiwi, strawberries and non-fat yogurt); Mango Magic (mango, pineapple and non-fat yogurt); and Mocha Madness (chocolate, coffee, cappuccino and non-fat yogurt).

The Superfood Smoothies are formulated to give your mind and body with an energy boost from the superfood ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to acai berries. These smoothies are recommended for athletes and fitness enthusiasts – or any person who wants an energy boost without the sugar rush that comes from drinking energy drinks, for that matter. These are delicious, too, in contrast with the popular notion that superfoods aren’t typically palatable.

There are plenty to choose from as well so you don’t become bored with the same smoothie every time you come to Tropical Smoothie. There’s the Acai Berry Boost, a smoothie with a nutritious blend of acai berries, blueberries and strawberries, as well as banana and pomegranate; the Avocalada, a refreshing drink made of spinach, kale, avocado and coconut with the tangy taste of lime; and the Chia Banana Boost with chia seeds, roasted banana, almonds, and whole grain oats, as well as your choice in either strawberries or peanut butter. 

The Detox Island Green is arguably the most popular smoothie, thanks to its detoxifying property. Made of spinach, kale and fresh ginger as well as mango, pineapple, and banana, it’s naturally sweet so it’s a drink that you will love to drink. 

Other favorites are the Chia Banana Mix, Health Nut, Pomegranate Plunge, and Lean Machine. Keep in mind that these are smoothies and, thus, shouldn’t be considered as total meal replacements. You must still eat solid food as part of a healthy diet instead of relying solely on smoothies, even when these are nutritious. 

Tropical Smoothie allows its customers to customize their smoothies – or change their flavor profile – by adding other ingredients. The add-ins include almonds, chia seeds, peanut butter, ginger, spinach and kale, and whole grain oats.  While these add-ins typically enhance the original flavor of the smoothies, these should be added with care – the resulting flavor and added calories should be carefully considered. 

There are also several supplements that can be added to the smoothies, said supplements of which can increase the nutritional value of the beverages. These supplements are energizer, fat burner, multivitamins, probiotics, soy protein, and Vitamin B12; most of these don’t affect the overall flavor profile of the smoothies.

Smoothies aren’t the only items on the menu – flatbreads (Cali Chicken Club and Chicken Apple Club); wraps (Baja Chicken Wrap and Buffalo Chicken Wrap); and quesadillas (Island Chicken Quesadilla and Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla) are also available. Be sure to try the bowls, sandwiches and salads, too.

Most of these products are made to order while others are ready to eat. Whatever the preparation process, these are delivered to the customer with a smile, and that’s why we love Tropical Smoothie!

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