Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Menu Prices: How much is Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar?

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When it comes to culinary experiences that tantalize the taste buds and transport you to a world of flavors, Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar emerges as a prominent destination. This article delves into the reputation and popularity of Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, shedding light on the reasons behind its allure and its status as a favorite among food enthusiasts. Below are the latest Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar menu prices.



#1. Edamame$4.25
#2. Gyoza$4.75
#3. Spring Roll (4 Pieces)$4.95
#4. Agedashi Tofu$4.75
#5. Tempura: Vegetable$4.95
#5. Tempura: Chicken$5.95
#5. Tempura: Shrimp$6.95
#6. Soft Shelled Crab$8.95
#7. Spicy Tuna Kobachi$13.95
#8. Hamachi Carpaccio$10.95
#9. Tuna Tataki$8.95
#10. Sushi Appetizers (5 Pieces)$7.95
#11. Sashimi Appetizer (6 Pieces)$8.95


#1. Garden Salad$2.50
#2. Crab Meat Salad$6.25
#3. Seaweed Salad$4.75
#4. Sashimi Salad$8.95
#5. Grilled Shrimp Salad$8.95

Tempura Bento Box

Served with soup, salad, spring roll, fried gyoza and California roll.
#1. Vegetable Tempura Bento Box$11.95
#2. Chicken Tempura Bento Box$12.95
#3. Shrimp Tempura Bento Box$13.95

From the Sushi Bar Chef Choice

Served with soup & salad.
S 1. Sushi Dinner$17.95
S 2. Sushi Regular$19.95
S 3. Sushi Deluxe$22.95
S 4. Sashimi Dinner$21.95
S 5. Sushi & Amp; Sashimi Combination$26.95
S 6. Lover's Boat$40.95

Sushi a la Carte

Sushi nigiri (1 piece).
#1. IM Crab Stick Sushi$1.75
#2. Spicy Chopped Tuna Sushi$3.25
#3. Tuna Sushi$2.50
#4. Shrimp Sushi$1.95
#5. Salmon Sushi$2.25
#6. Smoked Salmon Sushi$2.25
#7. Scallop Sushi$2.75
#8. Spicy Scallop Sushi$2.75
#9. Octopus Sushi$1.95
#10. Baby Octopus Sushi$1.95
#11. Yellow Tail Sushi$2.25
#12. Surf Clam Sushi$2.25
#13. Squid Sushi$2.75
14. Eel Sushi$2.50
#15. Conch Sushi$2.75
#16. White Fish Sushi$1.75
#17. Egg Sushi$1.50
#18. Flying Fish Egg Sushi$1.75
#19. Jalapeno Conch Sushi$3.95
#20. Inari (Sweet Tofu) Sushi$1.50
#21. Salmon Roe (Ikura) Sushi$2.95

Sushi Roll

Rock N' Roll$6.75
Dynamite Roll$7.25
Chicken Tempura Roll$6.25
California Roll$6.25
Philadelphia Roll$5.75
Eel & Amp; Cucumber Roll$6.75
Double Roll$8.95
Im Crab Stick Roll$5.25
Kamikaze Tuna Roll$7.95
Shrimp Roll$5.75
Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.95
Spider Roll$7.95
Shrimp Asparagus Roll$5.75
Salmon Katsu Roll$6.25
Bay Breeze Roll$7.95
Asparagus Roll$5.00
Avocado Roll$5.00
Cucumber Roll$5.00
Sweet Potato Roll$5.00
Veggie Combo Roll$6.50
Tuna Roll$6.75
Salmon Roll$5.75
Spicy Tuna Roll$7.25
Spicy Salmon Roll$6.25
Yellow Tail Roll$5.75
Rainbow Roll$8.95
Jb Roll$7.25
Cold Roll$7.25
Spicy Conch & Cucumber Roll$7.25
Spicy Shrimp & Cucumber Roll$6.25

Tokyo Specialty Rolls

#1. Red Dragon (8 Pieces)$11.95
#2. Beauty Alaska (8 Pieces)$10.95
#3. X'mas Time (8 Pieces)$9.95
#4. Earth Quake (8 Pieces)$14.95
#5. Mexican Roll (6 Pieces)$7.95
#6. Dino Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#7. Crunch Roll (6 Pieces)$7.95
#8. Texas Ranger (8 Pieces)$12.95
#9. Kamikaze Salmon (8 Pieces)$9.95
#10. Tuna Crunch (8 Pieces)$9.95
#11. Diablo Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#12. Jimmy Smith (8 Pieces)$9.95
#13. Crazy Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#14. Caterpillar Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#15. Dragon Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#16. Annie Roll (6 Pieces)$7.95
#17. Gator Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#19. Dancing Eel (8 Pieces)$9.95
#20. Romantic (8 Pieces)$13.95
#21. Volcano Roll (8 Pieces)$8.95
#22. Triple X (8 Pieces)$9.95
#23. Salmon after Burner (8 Pieces)$8.95
#24. Mermaid Roll (8 Pieces)$10.95
#25. Phoenix Roll (8 Pieces)$9.95
#26. Oishi Roll (8 Pieces)$13.95


Coated in Japanese flour and deep fried with katsu sauce; include: soup, salad, vegetable, steamed or fried rice.
#1. Pork Katsu$16.95
#2. Chicken Katsu$16.95
#3. Salmon Katsu$17.95


Broiled and served with teriyaki sauce; include: soup, salad, vegetable, steamed or fried rice.
#1. Teriyaki Chicken$15.95
#2. Teriyaki Steak$17.95
#3. Teriyaki Salmon$18.95
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A Fusion of Culinary Delights: Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Stepping into Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is akin to embarking on a gastronomic adventure. The ambiance exudes warmth and welcome, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience that promises both visual and taste delights.

The sounds of sizzling on the grill and the rhythmic chopping of ingredients in the kitchen create a symphony of culinary craftsmanship. Each visit to Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar unveils the artistry that goes into crafting delectable dishes and the dedication of the culinary team.

Culinary Artistry on Display: The Menu of Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Central to the appeal of Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is its diverse menu that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese dishes with innovative culinary techniques. The sushi bar is a showcase of skillful rolls, each an artwork of presentation and taste. From the delicate balance of flavors in a California roll to the complex blend of tastes in a dragon roll, the sushi selection is a tribute to the sea’s bounty.

The teppanyaki grill is where chefs showcase their talents, turning raw ingredients into flavorful creations right before your eyes. The sizzle and aroma from the grill add an auditory and olfactory dimension to the dining experience, heightening the anticipation of a sumptuous meal. Every dish is a sensory journey that celebrates Japanese culinary heritage and innovation.

A Hub of Culinary Delights: Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar’s Popularity

The popularity of Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar extends beyond its menu—it’s a place where people come together to celebrate, connect, and indulge in delectable offerings. Families gather to commemorate special occasions, friends reunite for unforgettable evenings, and couples find romance amidst the cozy ambiance.

The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere encourages a sense of community, where conversations flow naturally and laughter fills the air. The communal seating arrangement around the grill fosters interaction, transforming every meal into a shared experience that transcends the confines of a plate. Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is not just a restaurant; it’s a canvas for crafting cherished memories.

A Legacy of Excellence: Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar’s Reputation

In conclusion, Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Its reputation and popularity are the fruits of a commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences that showcase the best aspects of Japanese cuisine.

Each visit to Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar offers the opportunity to embark on a culinary voyage, exploring a symphony of flavors, textures, and culinary techniques that define the essence of Japanese gastronomy. Every dish reflects the skill and dedication of the chefs, who bring the vision of exceptional dining to life.

The legacy of Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar endures as a symbol of culinary excellence, embodying the fusion of time-honored traditions with contemporary dining preferences. With each plate served, it continues to capture the hearts and palates of patrons, solidifying its place as a beloved dining destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

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