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Japanese cuisine is among the healthiest cuisines in the world because of its emphasis on grilling and steaming for cooking food, as well as for its preference for eating raw fish, vegetables and fruits prepared the natural way. Such a healthy approach to eating is among the reasons for the preference among health-conscious Americans for Japanese dishes, too.

This is also the reason for existence of Tokyo Joe’s, a chain of fast casual restaurants offering Japanese dishes. The chain is also part of the Americanization of ramen, a fusion of two disparate cultures that tastes great on the plate.  The Tokyo Joe’s prices are also reasonable so eating out and enjoying Japanese food nearly every day is possible!

Below are the latest Tokyo Joe’s menu prices.

Item Price

Build Your Own Bowl

Dark Chicken Bowl $7.85
White Chicken Bowl $9.57
Steak Bowl $10.25
Salmon Bowl $12.07
Tofu Bowl $7.95
Combo Bowl $10.87
Veggie Bowl $7.95

Featured Items

Tombo Bowl $14.25
General Joe's Soup $11.50


Potstickers $4.95
Spring Rolls $5.95
Edamame $4.33
Miso Soup $2.66

Build-Your-Own Bowls

Sirloin Steak $12.20
Organic Tofu $9.90

Made-to-Order Sushi

California Roll $5.75
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.75
Yo Roll $5.75
Joe's Roll $5.75
Veggie Tofu Roll $5.75
Arizona Roll $5.95
Crab Cheese Wonton Roll $5.95
Poke Roll $5.95
Texas Roll $5.95
Do Good Roll $5.95

Poke Bowls

Build Your Own Salmon Poke Bowl $13.50
Poke Bowl $13.50
Build Your Own Shrimp Poke Bowl $13.50
Build Your Own Tofu Poke Bowl $13.50
Build Your Own Combo Poke $13.50
Build Your Own Albacore Poke Bowl $13.50


Nikko Salad $10.25
Tataki Salad $12.95

Signature Bowls

Yakitori Bowl $10.85
MoJoe Bowl $10.50
Ramen Bowl $10.78
Mahi Mahi Bowl $11.95
Joe's Pad Thai Bowl $11.95
Resolution Bowl $11.95
Bahn Mi Bowl $11.95
Pad Thai Bowl $11.95

Signature Salads

Joe's Lettuce Wrap $12.95

Kids Bento Box

Mac & Cheese $6.95

Kids Meals

Kids Bento Box $6.95
Mac n' Cheese $6.95


Bottled H2O $2.74

Sides and Retail

Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.20
Sugar Cookie $1.20
Harvest Cookie $1.20

Joe's Meal Plan

PORTION CONTROLLED MEALS FOR ATHLETES AND EVERYDAY PEOPLE looking to take their wellness goals to the next level. MADE TO ORDER with 4 DAYS OF QUALITY SHELF LIFE so you can reheat and serve at your convenience. Order with 2.5-hour prior notice.
Build Your Own White Chicken $11.00
Build Your Own Dark Chicken $9.50
Build Your Own Steak $12.00
Build Your Own Salmon $13.00
Lean and Mean $12.00
My Go-To $11.00
Damn Bro $12.00
Mega Omega $13.00
The Breakfast Club $11.00
1 LB Bulk White Chicken $12.00
1 LB Bulk Steak $21.00
1 LB Bulk Dark Chicken $11.00
Build Your Own Tofu $9.50
Them Gainz $12.95
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Tokyo Joe’s is the realization of its founder’s dream of a restaurant that offers healthy, affordable and delicious food, an alternative to the greasy and fatty foods offered in fast-food joints and the expensive dishes in full-service restaurants. The result: A fast casual restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices, as well as delivers on quick service, quality food, and a welcoming vibe.

The first location opened in 1996. Today, there are several locations in the United States although the chain seems focused on maintaining its regional charm.

What They’re Famous For

Japanese cuisine was chosen because of its healthy preparation methods, as well as for its balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. There was also the focus on keeping the freshness of the ingredients intact, thus, the use of grilling and steaming for cooking food. The fitness industry’s emphasis on keeping food simple yet nutritious and delicious – steamed rice, lightly steamed vegetables, and grilled proteins were the recommended combination – also played a hand in the creation of Tokyo Joe’s.

The chain is also known for its avoidance of MSG, among other non-natural additives and preservatives, as well as for skipping the deep fryer and wok. This means that the dishes don’t have the greasy quality most often associated with most fast-food joints and Chinese restaurants.

Why Eat Here

As soon as you enter a Tokyo Joe’s, your attention will be attracted to the giant red light coverings on the ceiling, the minimalist Zen décor, and the bright interiors. The Japanese-inspired vibe contributes to the enjoyable dining experience because you will tend to focus on the food instead of garish decorations and the like. There’s lively music from the speakers but the sounds are kept low so that diners can still talk to each other instead of shouting at each other during conversations.

Tokyo Joe’s menu offers something for everyone looking for filling and flavorful Japanese dishes. The starters, such as the California roll (crab, avocado and cucumber), spicy tuna roll (seared tuna, cucumber, avocado, and green onion with chili sauce), and Joe’s roll (grilled shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese) will whet your appetite for more. There are also the Yo roll (salmon and ahi tuna with avocado and mango), Arizona roll (crab, cucumber, seared tuna, jalapeno, and shichimi), and poke roll (ahi tuna and cab with lemongrass aioli and unagi sauce) to choose from.  These rolls are available in four and eight pieces.

Diners can also make their own bowls (i.e., build-your-own-bowls option). Start by choosing your protein preference, such as grilled dark or white chicken, grilled sirloin steak, or grilled salmon; selecting your carb option, such as white rice, brown rice, and udon noodles, even sweet potato; and then topping your bowl with veggies like broccoli, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, spinach, and edamame beans.

Take your meal to another level with your choice in sauce, such as the sweet teriyaki sauce, the spicy sweet Spicy Aki, the spicy peanut-based Yakitori, or the spicy with a habanero chili kick of the Red Dragon. Other choices include Green Dragon (Serrano peppers), Yellow Curry (Southeast Asian mildly spicy), Green Curry (lime and coconut flavors), and Oyako (sweet soy flavor). Most of these sauces are gluten-free and suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle.

Extras are also available, such as hard-boiled egg, fresh pineapple, and scrambled egg. Diners may also request for extra protein and avocado for an affordable price.

The Signature Bowls are available in regular and large sizes. These include the Yakitori bowl (white chicken, ramen noodles and vegetables with peanuts garnish), MoJOE bowl (dark chicken with egg, pineapple, and mixed vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce over a bed of white rice), and Mahi-Mahi bowl (wild mahi with tropical salsa, topped with macadamia nuts, and served over brown rice).

Tokyo Joe’s is a favorite place for vegans and vegetarians because of the wide range of veggie-based dishes. There are also gluten-free and dairy-free options suitable for people with gluten allergies (i.e., Celiac disease) and dairy allergies.  Be sure to ask the staff which of the dishes belong to these categories, as well as inform them about your specific dietary needs, if any.

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