The Flying Burrito Brothers Prices New Zealand: How much is The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand?

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The world of dining is a vibrant tapestry of flavors and experiences, with each restaurant offering a unique journey for the taste buds. Among the culinary destinations that have captured the hearts and palates of people, The Flying Burrito Brothers in New Zealand stands out as a beacon of authentic Mexican cuisine. Let’s delve into the reputation and popularity of The Flying Burrito Brothers and discover the delightful experience it offers. Below are the latest The Flying Burrito Brothers Menu Prices New Zealand.


Picked For You

Machos Nachos Beef (GF)$18.00
The Flying Burrito$25.00
De Pollo Chimichanga$25.00
Three Taco’s$22.00
Ancho Chili Pork Enchiladas$24.00


Flautas Pork (GF)$13.00

Bocaditos (Small Bites)

Pepitas (GF)$6.00
Frijoles Negros (GF)$10.00
Tomato Salsa and Chips (GF)$10.00
Chili Con Queso (GF) (Bocaditos (Small Bites))$18.00
Chili Con Queso (GF)$18.00
Jalapenos Rellenos (GF)$13.00
Flautas Chicken (GF)$13.00
Pollo Picante$13.00
Ceviche Pacifico (GF)$14.00
Ceviche Pacifico (GF) (Bocaditos (Small Bites))$14.00
El Calamar$13.00
Machos Nachos Beef (GF) (Bocaditos (Small Bites))$18.00
Quesadilla De Queso$13.00

Taqueria (Mexican Street Tacos)

Two Taco’s$16.00
Two Taco’s (Taqueria (Mexican Street Tacos))$16.00
Three Taco’s (Taqueria (Mexican Street Tacos))$22.00

Tortilla Dishes

The Flying Burrito (Tortilla Dishes)$25.00

Chimichanga Mexicana

De Pollo Chimichanga (Chimichanga Mexicana)$25.00
Chimichanga De Cerdo$25.00
Chimichanga De Cerdo (Chimichanga Mexicana)$25.00
Vegetarian Chimichanga (V)$25.00


Mole Blanco Enchiladas$24.00
Ancho Chili Pork Enchiladas (Enchiladas)$24.00
Frijoles Enchiladas$24.00


Quesadilla De Pollo$24.00
Quesadilla De Hongos$24.00

Ensaladas and Bocadotes (Big Bites)

Taco de Pollo$27.00

Para Acompanar

Corn Chips (GF)$6.00
Black Beans (GF)$3.00
Mexican Rice (GF)$3.00
Flour Tortillas$4.00
Salsa Verde (GF)$4.00
Jalapenos (GF)$4.00
Salsa (GF)$6.00
Sour Cream$3.00
Salad (GF)$5.00

Algo Dulce (Dessert)

Churros (Algo Dulce (Dessert))$12.00


Jarritos Mexican Soda$6.00
Soft Drinks$4.00

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Embarking on a Culinary Adventure: The Menu at The Flying Burrito Brothers

As you step into The Flying Burrito Brothers in New Zealand, you’re greeted with a menu that reads like a culinary map to the heart of Mexico. From classic burritos to mouthwatering tacos and flavorful enchiladas, each dish is a celebration of Mexican flavors and ingredients. What sets The Flying Burrito Brothers apart is its commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that authentically capture the essence of Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant takes pride in crafting its dishes with care, ensuring that each bite bursts with flavors that transport you to the streets of Mexico. Whether it’s the tender marinated meats, the zesty salsas, or the perfectly seasoned beans, every element is thoughtfully prepared to create a symphony of tastes that excite the senses.

A Cult Following: The Popularity of The Flying Burrito Brothers

The popularity of The Flying Burrito Brothers is a testament to its dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience. Beyond the delicious food, the restaurant has cultivated a warm and inviting atmosphere that invites diners to unwind and savor each moment. With its vibrant decor and friendly staff, the restaurant creates an environment where friends and families can gather for a memorable meal.

One of the keys to the restaurant’s popularity is its commitment to customization. Each dish at The Flying Burrito Brothers can be tailored to individual preferences, allowing diners to choose from an array of toppings, fillings, and sauces. This flexibility ensures that every guest can curate a meal that suits their taste perfectly, making it a popular choice for those seeking a personalized dining experience.

A Reputation Built on Authenticity and Excellence

The Flying Burrito Brothers has established a reputation that revolves around two core values: authenticity and excellence. By focusing on using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, the restaurant captures the genuine flavors of Mexican cuisine. Each dish is a homage to the rich culinary heritage of Mexico, meticulously prepared to honor the authenticity of the recipes.

This dedication to authenticity, combined with the warm hospitality and welcoming ambiance, has garnered The Flying Burrito Brothers a reputation as a go-to spot for Mexican food enthusiasts. Diners trust the restaurant to deliver a consistently exceptional dining experience that transports them to the heart of Mexico with every bite.


The Flying Burrito Brothers in New Zealand has carved a distinct niche for itself in the culinary landscape by offering an authentic Mexican dining experience that captures the essence of the cuisine. Its reputation and popularity are a reflection of its commitment to excellence, authenticity, and the art of crafting flavorful dishes. With a menu that celebrates the vibrant flavors of Mexico and an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all, The Flying Burrito Brothers continues to be a beloved destination for those who seek a memorable and delightful dining adventure.

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The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand FAQ

How much is The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand's The Flying Burrito?

The Flying Burrito – $25.00

How much is a Flautas Pork at The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand?

Flautas Pork – $13.00

How much are Chili Con Queso at The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand?

Chili Con Queso – $18.00

How much does a The Flying Burrito Brothers New Zealand's Jalapenos Rellenos Cost?

Jalapenos Rellenos – $13.00

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