Teriyaki Madness Prices: How much is Teriyaki Madness?

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Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that lends itself well to creative versions and it shows in the number of teriyaki-inspired restaurants in the United States. Teriyaki Madness, a chain of fast casual restaurants, puts its own twist on the popular dish – or as its founders call it, the Seattle Teriyaki menu. The affordable Teriyaki Madness prices make the delicious food a steal, too. The chain actually welcomes families and friends, even children, to its restaurants for this reason, among others. Below are the latest Teriyaki Madness menu prices.


Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$10.70
Chicken Breast Teriyaki Bowl$11.34
Chicken Potstickers$6.46
Crab Rangoons$6.78
Orange Chicken Bowl$11.47
Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$12.24
Two Protein Bowl- Large Size Only$17.87
Chicken Katsu Bowl$11.45
Steak Teriyaki Bowl$13.94
Side Noodles$4.84

Top Menu Items

Spicy Chicken Bowl$8.28


Crab Rangoon$5.20

Build Your Own Bowl

Beef Teriyaki Bowl$9.02


Veggie Bowl$10.66
Tofu Teriyaki Bowl$10.30
Spicy Tofu Bowl$11.47
Mad Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$13.13
Mad Spicy Orange Chicken Bowl$13.50
Teriyaki Salmon Bowl$16.24
Mad Spicy Steak Bowl$15.19
Mad Spicy Tofu Bowl$12.55
Orange Spicy Chicken Bowl$13.00

Yakisoba Noodles

Chicken Yakisoba$10.72
Chicken Breast Yakisoba$10.35
Tofu Yakisoba$10.51
Teriyaki Beef Yakisoba$11.55
Beef Yakisoba$12.11
Veggie Yakisoba$9.65


Fountain Drink$2.37


Don’t forget the drink! All fountain drinks come ice-infused. And no, we will not put ice in your bottled drink so don't ask.
Kids Fountain Drink$1.63
Large Fountain Drink$4.22
Regular Fountain Drink$3.19
Bottled Water$3.19
Bottled Drink$3.47

A La Carte & Sides

Small Green Salad$1.94
Side Fried Rice$4.85
Small Mac Salad$1.77
Side Stir-Fried Veggies$4.31
Side Calrose White Rice$3.29
Side Calrose Brown Rice$3.51
Side of Mad Sauce$0.96


Sandy's Amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookie$3.51
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Established in 2003, Teriyaki Madness started in Seattle, Washington where Japanese restaurants offering authentic teriyaki dishes were popular. Its founders envisioned a restaurant where people can enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of Seattle teriyaki with its whole grains, fresh vegetables, and quality protein.

What They’re Known For

Every teriyaki dish served at Teriyaki Madness restaurants is made-to-order thus ensuring its freshness with every bite. These are made with all-natural, fresh ingredients, as well as fully customizable with various toppings and fillings. The chain’s teriyaki sauce is one-of-a-kind, too.

Why Eat Here

The Teriyaki Madness menu is often compared with the Pei Wei menu but it’s smaller in number. But the limited number of dishes is part of the reason for Teriyaki Madness’ focus on quality so it’s a minor matter.

The appetizers are few – egg rolls, edamame, crab Rangoon, and chicken pot stickers – but these are made in a way that will whet your appetite. The egg rolls are flavorful chicken and vegetables wrapped in wonton and served with Gyoza sauce while the crab Rangoon consists of great-tasting crab and cream cheese wrapped in wonton with a sweet and sour sauce. The chicken pot stickers are similar to the egg rolls but wrapped in a dumpling.

The bowls come in generous portions so these are complete meals. The Chicken Teriyaki, the chain’s most popular dish, is available in steamed white rice or brown rice, or fried rice, or noodles as well as either steamed or stir-fried vegetables. At its heart is marinated chicken thigh that has been perfectly grilled for a delicious flavor in every bite.

The Spicy Chicken bowl is also similar to the Chicken Teriyaki bowl but its topping include the chain’s house-made spicy sauce.  The Chicken Breast Teriyaki bowl is suitable for diners who prefer white meat for its healthier quality. The Orange Chicken Teriyaki has a sweetish taste, thanks to the sweet orange sauce poured on top of the rice and veggies.  The Chicken Katsu is a refreshing change with its lightly fried chicken breast fillet served with katsu sauce.

Teriyaki Madness isn’t just about the chicken although it’s a popular protein source. There’s also the Beef Teriyaki, a bowl consisting of juicy lean marinated beef that has been quickly cooked in a hot wok. Like with the chicken-based bowls, it comes with a choice of steamed rice, fried rice, or noodles as well as either stir-fried or steamed veggies.

Check out the Tofu Teriyaki, too, with its lightly fried tofu slices, which are then stir-fried with stir-fry sauce in a hot wok. This is also available in your choice of rice, noodles, and vegetables.

What’s a teriyaki restaurant without Yakisoba noodles? Teriyaki Madness offers a build-your-own bowl option wherein you can choose from a wide range of protein source (e.g., chicken, beef or tofu) and veggies, which are then stir-fried in a special sauce.

Teriyaki Madness also has several sides and sauces to choose from so you don’t run out of option for your teriyaki dish. There’s the white and brown rice of the Calrose variety, as well as the stir-fried white Calrose rice mixed with peas, carrots and fresh egg.

The Japanese-style yakisoba noodles are stir-fried with your choice of sweet and savory sauce. The Mac Salad is actually a mix of chicken breast and vegetables with special seasonings while the Green Salad combines carrots, fresh salad greens, and poppy seed vinaigrette.

The sauces at Teriyaki Madness isn’t just for toppings either because these enhance the flavor of the main ingredients. The choices include teriyaki, katsu, gyoza, orange sauce, sweet and sour, and stir-fry sauce.

The food may be the stars of the show but the restaurant’s atmosphere, service and facilities are just as important. The restaurants are laid out in a straightforward fashion with a no-frills décor but its spacious so small and large groups can eat comfortably. There are large booths, too, for people who want a more intimate dining atmosphere.

The food orders are delivered quickly and the crew members are fast on their feet, too, with customer service. The dishes are served in a presentable way instead of being too fast-foody, so to speak. The crew members are also knowledgeable about the menu and patient about explaining it to the diners.

The kids’ bowls are also great for people watching their calories, as well as for people with dietary restrictions. Many of the dishes come in vegetarian and gluten-free options.

To learn more about Teriyaki Madness or to find a location near you, visit their website at teriyakimadness.com.

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Teriyaki Madness FAQ

How much is Teriyaki Madness's Chicken Yakisoba?

Chicken Yakisoba – $10.38

How much is a Small Macaroni Salad at Teriyaki Madness?

Small Macaroni Salad – $1.94

How much are Orange Chicken at Teriyaki Madness?

Orange Chicken – $8.78

How much does a Teriyaki Madness's Junior Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Cost?

Junior Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – $7.97

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