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In a world of mystery and allure, there’s a brand that has captivated the senses of many – Teaser Australia. With a reputation that resonates with fashion enthusiasts and a popularity that continues to soar, Teaser has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking not only stylish attire but also a touch of edginess, innovation, and a glimpse into the latest trends. Join us as we delve into the aesthetics, values, and allure that define Teaser Australia. Below are the latest Teaser Australia menu prices.


Fruity Teas

Watermelon Sparkling$9.33
Cherry Cheers$9.40

Fresh Fruit Tea

Super Fruitea$10.19
Guava Lime Oolong$9.80
Lemon Bomber$9.21
Lychee Go$9.04
Dragon Smash$9.96
Strawberry Bruce$9.04
Watermelon Teaser$9.04
Orange Obsession$9.04
Floral Grapefruit$9.04
Grateful Grape*$9.04
Pineapple Passion$9.48
Honeydew Teaser$9.44
Orange Obsessed$10.02


Strawberry Dirtea$9.11
Mango Dirtea$9.07
Super Dirtea$9.11
Yummy Milk$9.04

Fresh Fruit Smoothie with Mousse

Citrus Smash$9.04
Mango Sago Go$11.09
Simply Strawberry$9.04
Cherry Christmas$9.40
Grape Quencher*$9.04
Paradise Punch$9.92
Snowy Peach$11.09
Mango Morpha*$9.08
Watermelon Quencher$9.04
Lychee shake$9.04
Magic Mango*$8.40
Matcha Crush$8.98
Pineapple Buzz$9.41
Rock The Melon$9.39

Milk Teas

Pearl Milk Tea$8.63
Super Milk Tea$8.63
Matcha Mad$8.40
Matcha Magic$9.24
Mega Matcha$8.64
The Lot$11.68
Original Milk Tea$8.50
Jasmine Milk Tea$8.75
3 Homies$9.21

Brew Teas with Mousse

Original Oolong$8.11
Flying Phoenix$8.49
Green Jasmine Blend$8.49
Botanic Oolong$8.47
Strong and Creamy$10.34
Rose Fusion Teaser$8.20
Tie Guan Yin Goddess$10.46
Peach Fusion Teaser$8.11


Strawberry Yogurtea$9.00
Mango Yogurtea$8.97
Dragonfruit Yogurtea$9.92
Oat Yogurt$8.40
Black Sticky Rice Yogurt$9.02

Yakultea (new series)

Watermelon Yakultea$8.50
Grapefruit Yakultea$8.50
Mango Yakultea$8.50
Lemon Yakultea$8.50

Fruit Sparkling

Strawberry Sparkling$9.34
Mango Sparkling$9.34
Lemon Sparkling$9.34
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A Fusion of Style and Individuality

Teaser Australia’s allure lies in its ability to offer a fusion of style and individuality that speaks to those who dare to be different. At the heart of its collections are the unique designs, each crafted with care and a focus on capturing the essence of contemporary fashion trends. From bold patterns to unconventional cuts, every piece is a celebration of creativity that reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of style.

What sets Teaser apart is its dedication to delivering a statement of individuality. The brand takes pride in curating collections that cater to various tastes, allowing customers to express themselves through fashion. From classic elegance to avant-garde experimentation, Teaser Australia offers a diverse range of options that cater to both trendsetters and those simply looking to add a touch of flair to their wardrobe.

A Hub of Fashion Exploration and Expression

Teaser Australia’s popularity is not solely built on its designs; it’s propelled by its hub of fashion exploration and expression. The brand takes the art of dressing up and elevates it by offering collections that inspire customers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their unique style. This approach appeals to both those seeking to make a statement and those looking for a place to discover new fashion horizons.

The diversity of the collections is a testament to Teaser’s commitment to serving a wide range of preferences. From casual chic to formal elegance, the brand caters to individual styles, occasions, and the desire for pieces that reflect personal fashion narratives. This ability to blend creativity with an inviting shopping experience has contributed to Teaser Australia’s reputation as a fashion destination that provides not just clothes, but an avenue for self-expression.

A Hub of Positive Vibes and Trendsetting

Teaser Australia’s reputation is closely tied to its ability to create a hub of positive vibes and trendsetting that resonates with fashion enthusiasts. With its online presence and active engagement on social media platforms, the brand caters to a community of followers who appreciate being part of a fashion movement. The welcoming online environment, combined with the diverse collections, makes Teaser a preferred choice for those looking to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Furthermore, Teaser’s commitment to customer satisfaction enhances its popularity. The attentive service, emphasis on quality, and dedication to providing a seamless shopping experience transform each interaction into a stylish journey. This commitment to offering not just clothes, but also an environment that fosters confidence and trendsetting, adds to Teaser Australia’s reputation as a beloved fashion destination.

A Celebration of Innovation and Self-Expression

Teaser Australia’s popularity extends beyond its fashion offerings; it’s a celebration of innovation and self-expression. The brand’s ability to create collections that inspire customers to break free from conventions and embrace their individuality fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The shared experience of exploring fashion that pushes boundaries adds to the brand’s reputation as a place of fashion camaraderie and cherished style moments.

Moreover, Teaser’s involvement in collaborations and partnerships with influencers and fashion icons has reinforced its reputation as an innovative and influential establishment. This commitment to shaping fashion narratives resonates with customers who appreciate businesses that set trends and celebrate creativity.


Teaser Australia is a testament to the idea that fashion can be an exploration of individuality, innovation, and shared style stories. With its commitment to delivering unique designs, dedication to creating a platform for self-expression, and alignment with the values of positive vibes and trendsetting, the brand has earned a reputation that resonates with both fashion enthusiasts and those seeking to embrace their personal style. As Teaser continues to offer collections that inspire, foster confidence, and celebrate the diversity of fashion narratives, it remains a symbol of the power of clothing to create cherished memories and celebrate the art of self-expression in the modern fashion landscape.

To learn more about Teaser Australia or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.tea-ser.com.au/.

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Teaser Australia FAQ

How much is Teaser Australia's Super Fruitea?

Super Fruitea – $9.90

How much is a Honeydew Teaser at Teaser Australia?

Honeydew Teaser – $9.13

How much are Yummy Milk at Teaser Australia?

Yummy Milk – $8.77

How much does a Teaser Australia's Simply Strawberry Cost?

Simply Strawberry – $8.77