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Cheesesteaks, also known as hoagies, are an American contemporary favorite and, thus, there are several chains that offer them in various shapes, sizes and fillings. The Taylor Gourmet restaurant is undoubtedly among the best places in the United States to enjoy these American favorites. Here, the ingredients for each type of cheesesteak have been chosen for their freshness and flavor, as well as for their aesthetic appearance. The result: The cheesesteaks are among the best in the country, both on the plate and palate. The Taylor Gourmet prices are also reasonable so indulging in one too many cheesesteak doesn’t seem like budget- and belly-busting exercise. Below are the latest Taylor Gourmet menu prices.



Colonial (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Colonial (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Smarty Jones (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Smarty Jones (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Devil's Pocket (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Devil's Pocket (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Penn's Landing (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Penn's Landing (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Franklin Squared$7.99
Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto$4.99
Tg Minestrone$3.99
Four Wives$7.99


Cracked Spuds$2.99
Chickpea Salad$2.99
Tossed Greens$2.99
Tg Minestrone (Sides)$3.99


Logan (Salads)$7.99
Franklin Squared (Salads)$7.99
Four Wives (Salads)$7.99


Locust (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Locust (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Race (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Race (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Colonial (Regular Hoagie) (Turkey)$7.99
Colonial (Large Hoagie) (Turkey)$12.99

Chicken Cutlets

Ben Franklin (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Ben Franklin (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Cedar (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Cedar (Large Hoagie)$12.99
South Deux (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
South Deux (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Vine (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Vine (Large Hoagie)$12.99


9Th (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
9Th (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Federal (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Federal (Large Hoagie)$12.99

Roast Beef

Ritner (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Ritner (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Cherry (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Cherry (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Smarty Jones (Regular Hoagie) (Roast Beef)$7.99
Smarty Jones (Large Hoagie) (Roast Beef)$12.99


Cumberland (Regular Hoagie)$7.99
Cumberland (Large Hoagie)$12.99
Devil's Pocket (Regular Hoagie) (Vegetarian)$7.99
Devil's Pocket (Large Hoagie) (Vegetarian)$12.99

Chicken Salad

Penn's Landing (Regular Hoagie) (Chicken Salad)$7.99
Penn's Landing (Large Hoagie) (Chicken Salad)$12.99


Cheesesteak #1$9.99
Cheesesteak #2$10.99


Sp Double Stack$7.99

Plus Ones

Risotto Balls$4.99
Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto (Plus Ones)$4.99

Chips & Cookies

Chips (Plain)$1.09
Chips (Kettle Plain)$1.09
Chips (Kettle Jalapeno)$1.09
Chips (Sour Cream & Onion)$1.09
Cookies (Chocolate Chunk)$1.99
Cookies (Toffee Bar Crunch)$1.99
Cookies (Lemon White Chocolate)$1.99


Bottled Water$2.49
Running Byrd Tea (Woodmont White (Unsweetened))$2.99
Running Byrd Tea (Merrifield Mint (Sweetened))$2.99
Running Byrd Tea (Midcity Chai (Sweetened))$2.99
Spindrift Small-Batch Craft Soda (Sparkling Grapefruit)$2.49
Spindrift Small-Batch Craft Soda (Raspberry)$2.49
San Pellegrino (Orange)$2.49
San Pellegrino (Lemonade)$2.49
San Pellegrino (Blood Orange)$2.49
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.49
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Casey Patten and David Mazza first launched Taylor Charles Steak & Ice with cheesesteaks as the core of their menu. This was located in Washington. D.C. and it was known for its dogged determination to highlight the beauty of cheesesteaks and to bring Philly to Washington. But by December 2013, they closed it in preparation of the opening of Taylor Gourmet that opened in the following year.

What They’re Known For

Then and now, Taylor Gourmet is known for its adventurous flavors and homemade sauces in its hoagies. Such is the heavenly flavors of its hoagies that you will wonder why you ever ate them in other places before! The open secret to its success on the hoagies front: Everything is made from scratch in their kitchen and from premium ingredients – no shortcuts.

Why Eat Here

Taylor Gourmet obviously specializes in gourmet hoagies, probably the best one in the neighborhood because these are prepared according to the traditions of Philadelphia where these originated. The ingredients used are of the highest quality so there’s none of the stale taste and the staid combinations that characterize hoagies from other chains. The management has apparently taken measures to ensure that the standards of quality are maintained in all the Taylor Gourmet branches.

Customers can choose from two types of rolls – the soft roll and the hard roll, both of which have their merits and, thus, fans. The hard roll is considered as the more traditional of the two because it was first used in the original hoagies. With its crusty texture – a few customers will even say that it has a tooth-rattling quality about it – the hard roll makes for interesting bites.

The soft roll, in contrast, has a softer texture and a more absorbent quality than the hard roll. It’s baked to catch every drip of flavor in the cheesesteak as well as to allow diners to bite through to the filling in an easier manner.

Which one is better? Personal preferences rule, usually as influenced by geographic location. For example, people who grew up in the Rockville area tend to favor the soft roll; Patten, a Philadelphia native, prefers the hard rolls because it’s what he grew up on. According to management, nearly 30% of the hoagies ordered are served on soft rolls.  Both types of rolls, nonetheless, are chewy with a robust bite, a peppery flavor, and covered with caramelized onions.

The proof of the cheesesteak is in the filling and the Taylor Gourmet cheesesteaks are definitely worth indulging in. Everything tastes good so making your choice can be overwhelming, particularly with all the available choices.

There’s the Italian, an ode to the meat-loving culture of Italy – salami, prosciutto, and provolone give your tongue an exercise in contrasting flavors while the lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and red onions lessen your guilt about eating so many meats in one go. The Turkey hoagies are a guilt-free indulgence, too – turkey, after all, is considered a healthier alternative to other meats – with their flavorful herb-roasted turkey slices, processed meat like provolone and prosciutto, and a garden of fresh vegetables.

Who says cheesesteaks have to be all about the meat? Taylor Gourmet also offers several vegetarian and vegan hoagies, the healthier alternatives as well as to the meat-laden ones. There’s the Cumberland, a vegan roll with chickpea fritters, banana pepper, cucumber, and fresh herbs with a drizzle of roasted garlic tahini. Try the Devil’s Pocket, a must-have roll with sumac cauliflower and jalapeño with tahini sauce.

Of course, the cheesesteak started with roast beef as the main filling so Taylor Gourmet considers it their noble duty to offer its customers the best roast beef cheesesteaks! The Ritner is a delightful meal on its own with pepper-crusted roast beef, provolone, and vegetables – and it’s arguably the best-selling item.

The restaurant also allows substitutions of the many of the main ingredients on its hoagies. For example, chicken can be substituted for beef, a weird proposition until you actually try the marinated chicken breast.

Taylor Gourmet is a great place for lunch although it’s just as good for brunch and dinner, if you’re a die-hard fan of the hoagie. There are no alcoholic drinks on the menu but there are plenty of beverage options.

To learn more about Taylor Gourmet or to find a location near you, visit their website at taylorgourmet.com.

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Taylor Gourmet FAQ

How much is Taylor Gourmet's Colonial (Regular Hoagie)?

Colonial (Regular Hoagie) – $7.99

How much is a Smarty Jones (Regular Hoagie) at Taylor Gourmet?

Smarty Jones (Regular Hoagie) – $7.99

How much are Franklin Squared at Taylor Gourmet?

Franklin Squared – $7.99

How much does a Taylor Gourmet's Cracked Spuds Cost?

Cracked Spuds – $2.99

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