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Amid the world of culinary diversity, there’s a unique dining experience that has captured the hearts and taste buds of Australians – Sushi Train. With a reputation that resonates among food enthusiasts and a growing popularity, Sushi Train has carved its place as a beloved destination for those seeking not just sushi, but also an interactive culinary journey. Let’s embark on a voyage to discover the flavors, values, and allure that define Sushi Train Australia. Below are the latest Sushi Train Australia menu prices.




Featured items

Gyoza 8 pcs$13.93
Chicken and Avocado Roll 8pcs$10.21
Tuna Salad and Avocado Roll 8pcs$10.21
Gyoza 8pcs$15.25
Karaage Rice Bowl$19.00
Chicken and Avocado Nigiri 4pcs$11.88
Chicken Karaage 8 pcs$15.00
Aburi Salmon Nigiri 4pcs$13.32

Picked for you

Kakiage Nigiri$9.33

Set Menu

Aburi Set$33.53
Salmon Lover$24.44
Chicken Lover$19.34
Nigiri Set$41.96
Chicken Set$30.34
Mini Roll Set$17.37
Roll Lover$19.51
Hot Dish Set$22.22
Baby Roll Lover$20.59
Mini Chicken Set$19.93
Kids Meal Box$13.29
Prawn Lover$17.01
Veggie Set$16.79
Vege Lover$20.23
Spicy Set$20.29
Best Seller Set$26.28
Salmon Set$31.63
Mini Salmon Set$24.86
Aburi Salmon Set$22.14
Prawn Set$36.86
Mini Prawn Set$22.50
Vege Roll Set$13.21
Vege Nigiri Set$15.29
Deep Fried Prawn Nigiri Set$16.00


Mini Roll Platter$59.76
Special Platter$64.71
Vege Platter Set$57.67
Happy Platter Set$61.51
Chicken Platter$59.09
Mix Platter Set$77.05
Ocean Platter Set$98.91
Mix Platter$65.20
Vege Platter$55.04
Happy Platter$51.69
Ocean Platter$86.44


Salmon Sashimi$24.94
Salmon Sashimi 4 pieces$8.38
Salmon Sashimi 9pcs$23.65
Salmon Sashimi 9 pieces$17.75
Tuna Sashimi 9pcs$24.47
Kingfish Sashimi 9pcs$24.47
Mix Sashimi 9pcs$24.47


Original Udon$14.70
Kakiage Udon$17.04
Ebi Tempura Udon$17.85
Karaage Udon$18.90
Wagyu Udon$16.79
Vege Tempura Udon$18.90
Vegetable Tempura Udon$16.79
Wagyu Beef Udon$18.82
Chicken Karaage Udon$16.46
Chicken Katsu Udon$17.23
Chicken Katsu Curry Udon$18.92
Wagyu Beef Curry Udon$18.92
Vege Tempura Curry Udon$18.17
Karaage Curry Udon$18.92
Ebi Tempura Curry Udon$18.92
Kakiage Curry Udon$18.92
Curry Udon$18.66
Ramen Noodle Soup$15.00


Aburi Salmon Nigiri$11.88
Aburi Salmon Roll$13.75
Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Roll$9.46
Any 5 Sushi$31.64
Salmon Volcano Ship$13.92
Aburi Chicken Cheese Roll$12.14
Chicken and Avocado Nigiri$11.25
Any 3 Sushi$19.64
Tuna Salad and Avocado Roll$8.58
Salmon and Avocado Roll 8pcs$10.61
Salmon Nigiri$10.04
Prawn Stick Roll$10.79
Tuna Nigiri$13.29
Spicy Chicken Roll 8pcs$9.93
Tiger Roll 8pcs$16.24
Crunchy Roll 6pcs$12.49
Ebi Nigiri$12.00
Salmon and Avocado Roll$8.92
Salmon Nigiri 4pcs$11.39
Mini Ebi Tempura Nigiri$10.14
Chicken and Avocado Roll$8.58
Kakiage Nigiri 4pcs$10.49
Ebi Tempura Nigiri 4pcs$10.64
Salmon Roll$9.25
Ebi Fry Roll 8pcs$16.35
Tuna Salad Roll$9.25
Aburi Hotate Nigiri 4pcs$15.32
Avocado Roll$8.71
Salmon Roll 6pcs$5.28
Aburi Wagyu Beef Roll 4pcs$14.16
Cucumber Roll$8.29
Aburi Chicken Cheese Roll 6pcs$13.77
Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado Roll 8pcs$10.46
Salmon Volcano Ship 4pcs$16.68
Avocado Roll 6pcs$5.05
Tuna Salad Ship 4pcs$9.35
Tekka Roll 12pcs$10.79
SAO Roll 6pcs$13.09
Seaweed Salad Ship 4pcs$8.61
Tuna Salad Roll 6pcs$4.98
Tobiko Ship 4pcs$11.39
Mini Teriyaki Chicken Roll 6pcs$5.33
Inari 4pcs$9.63
Aburi Wagyu Beef Nigiri 4pcs$15.10
Chicken Roll$9.93
Crunchy Roll$10.64
Spicy Chicken and Avocado Nigiri 4pcs$14.43
SAO Roll$11.86
Kanikama Salad Ship 4pcs$8.97
Avocado Seafood Ship 4pcs$10.49
Kanikama Nigiri 4pcs$10.89
Chilli Wagyu Beef Roll 8pcs$11.28
Hot Hot Chicken Roll$11.86
Salmon and Avocado Seafood Ship 4pcs$14.92
Sweet Chilli Prawn Roll 8pcs$15.91
Aburi Scallop Nigiri$15.29
Tekka Roll 6pcs$6.31
Carrot and Pumpkin Tempura Nigiri 4pcs$10.91
Aburi Wagyu Beef Roll$12.21
Eel Nigiri$13.14
Salmon Dynamite Roll 8pcs$10.97
Salmon and Ikura Ship 4pcs$17.01
Hot Hot Chicken Roll 6pcs$12.16
Kanikama Nigiri$11.43
Mini Chicken Roll 6pcs$5.32
Seaweed Ship 4pcs$10.13
Teriyaki Chicken Roll 4pcs$11.00
Egg Salad Ship 4pcs$9.10
Ebi Tempura and Avocado Roll$11.43
Hotate Nigiri 4pcs$14.89
Cucumber and Avocado Roll$8.79
Semi Dried Tomato and Avocado Roll$8.79
Asparagus and Avocado Roll$8.79
Kakiage and Avocado Roll$10.14
Dragon Roll 6pcs$14.01
Fish Stick Roll 6pcs$10.14
Bakudan Roll$10.07
Nasu Tempura Nigiri 4pcs$11.03
Karaage Roll$11.86
Spicy Karaage Roll$11.86
Chicken Roll 4pcs$11.00

A La Carte

Miso Soup$4.04
Chicken Karaage$13.54
Gyoza 16pcs$26.80
Chicken Karaage 16 pcs$28.21
Spicy Chicken Karaage$13.54
Steamed Rice$3.83
Vegetable Gyoza 8pcs$14.56
Vegetable Gyoza 16pcs$26.15
Chicken Karaage 8pcs$15.11
Spring Rolls$10.18
Chicken Karaage 16pcs$27.30
Crab Claw$6.67
Calamari 8 pcs$12.71
Spicy Chicken Karaage 8pcs$15.11
Calamari 16 pcs$24.29
Spicy Chicken Karaage 16pcs$27.30
Crispy Calamari Cheese Ball$11.21
Freeze Dried Miso Soup 6set$19.21
Agedashi Tofu$9.17
Seaweed Salad$6.89
Calamari 8pcs$13.81
Calamari 16pcs$24.72
Creamy Croquette 4pcs$11.26
Yokohama Shaomai 8pcs$14.96
Crab Claw 4pcs$14.96
Okonomiyaki 2pcs$11.37
Takoyaki 6pcs$11.38


Any 2 Desserts$12.86
Chocolate Mousse$5.75
Blueberry Chssescake$5.50
Blueberry Cheesecake$6.08
Caramel Custard$5.65

Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl Set$22.25
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl$19.30
Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl Set$22.25
Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl Set$25.23
Unagi Rice Bowl Set$26.27
Salmon and Ikura Rice Bowl Set$29.91
Karaage Curry Rice Bowl$21.37
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Bowl$21.37
Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl$19.02


Sushi Train Bottle Water$3.71
Sushi Train Cold Oolong Tea 500ml$3.66
Sushi Train Water 500ml$3.61
Sushi Train Cold Green Tea$4.24
Sushi Train Cold Green Tea 500ml$3.95
Sushi Trian Cold Green Tea$3.69
Sushi Train Cold Oolong Tea$3.51
Ramune Original$4.87
Strawberry Ramune$4.87
Diet Coke$4.13
Melon Ramune$4.92
Coke 600ml$4.91
Coke No Sugar$4.26
Coke No Sugar 600ml$4.91
Fanta Orange$4.17
Lipton Peach Tea$5.59
Lipton Lemon Tea$5.59
Lipton Mango Tea$5.59
Sushi Cola$5.10
Aloe Original$5.43
Calpico Water$4.93

Extra Sauce

Soy Sauce$0.21
Teriyaki Sauce$0.31
Pickled Ginger$0.27
Tartar Sauce$0.30
Spicy Mayo$0.30
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A Taste of Japan: Exploring Flavors and Creativity

Sushi Train Australia’s allure lies in its ability to offer a tantalizing journey through the flavors of Japan, right at your table. At the core of its concept are the artful plates of sushi that glide by on a conveyor belt, inviting diners to savor a wide range of Japanese delights. From classic nigiri to inventive rolls, every dish is a celebration of flavors that reflects the brand’s commitment to providing an authentic taste of Japan.

What sets Sushi Train apart is its dedication to innovation. The restaurant’s culinary team crafts an array of sushi creations that blend traditional favorites with contemporary twists, appealing to both sushi purists and adventurous eaters. This commitment to providing an evolving menu that showcases creativity and diversity adds to Sushi Train Australia’s appeal.

Interactive Dining: A Unique Experience

Sushi Train Australia’s popularity is not solely built on its menu; it’s driven by its interactive dining experience that captivates guests. The restaurant transforms dining into an engaging spectacle by allowing diners to select their desired dishes directly from the passing train of plates. This approach is not just about food; it’s about creating a sense of participation and excitement.

The diverse selection on the train is a testament to Sushi Train’s commitment to catering to a range of preferences. From classic salmon rolls to vegetarian options, the restaurant ensures there’s something for everyone. This interactive concept appeals to families, friends, and individuals alike, making Sushi Train a preferred choice for those looking to enjoy a unique and engaging dining experience.

A Hub of Culinary Entertainment and Delight

Sushi Train Australia’s reputation is closely tied to its ability to create a hub of culinary entertainment and delight that resonates with diners. With multiple locations across bustling city centers, the establishment caters to those seeking a blend of delicious food and interactive fun. The inviting ambiance, combined with the interactive dining concept, makes Sushi Train a favored spot for those seeking an entertaining meal.

Furthermore, Sushi Train’s dedication to customer satisfaction enhances its popularity. The cheerful atmosphere, attentive service, and dedication to providing an enjoyable dining journey transform each visit into a memorable experience. This commitment to offering not just food, but also an environment that fosters joy and engagement, contributes to Sushi Train Australia’s reputation as a beloved dining destination.

A Fusion of Tradition and Culinary Creativity

Sushi Train Australia’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a fusion of tradition and culinary creativity. The establishment’s ability to transport diners to a world where innovation meets tradition fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The shared experience of partaking in a unique dining concept adds to the restaurant’s reputation as a place of camaraderie and cherished memories.

Moreover, Sushi Train’s engagement with local communities and events has further solidified its reputation as a responsible and engaged establishment. This commitment to enhancing community experiences resonates with diners who appreciate businesses that contribute positively to the local scene.


Sushi Train Australia exemplifies the concept that dining can be an adventure of flavors, interactive engagement, and shared delight. With its commitment to delivering authentic Japanese tastes, dedication to creating an interactive dining ambiance, and alignment with the values of culinary creativity and community engagement, the establishment has earned a reputation that resonates with both food enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable dining experience. As Sushi Train continues to offer flavors that inspire, foster connections, and celebrate the art of interactive dining, it remains a symbol of the power of food to create cherished memories and elevate the experience of sharing in the modern gastronomic landscape.

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Sushi Train Australia FAQ

How much is Sushi Train Australia's Chicken & Avocado Roll 8pcs?

Chicken & Avocado Roll 8pcs – $7.80

How much is a Tuna Salad and Avocado Roll at Sushi Train Australia?

Tuna Salad and Avocado Roll – $7.50

How much are Chicken Set at Sushi Train Australia?

Chicken Set – $27.00

How much does a Sushi Train Australia's Salmon Set Cost?

Salmon Set – $19.00

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