Sushi Tower & Steakhouse(Grand Canyon Dr) Menu Prices: How much is Sushi Tower & Steakhouse(Grand Canyon Dr)?

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In the vibrant tapestry of gastronomy, there exists a culinary haven that beckons enthusiasts of diverse tastes – Sushi Tower & Steakhouse on Grand Canyon Dr. Beyond being a mere eatery, it’s a fusion destination where East meets West, creating an unforgettable journey for the taste buds. As we delve into the essence of Sushi Tower & Steakhouse, we uncover the layers that contribute to its revered reputation and enduring popularity. Below are the latest Sushi Tower & Steakhouse(Grand Canyon Dr) menu prices.



1. Vegetable Tempura$6.00
Sweet & Sour Pork$10.00
Orange Chicken$10.00
Chilly Shrimp$10.00
2. Shrimp Tempura$7.95
3. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$7.95
4. Soft Shell Crab$6.95
5. Butter Yaki Shrimp$10.00
6. Yakitory$5.50
7. Gyoza$5.95
8. Fish Tempura$6.50
9. Asparagus Beef$7.00
10. Asparagus Bacon$7.00


Cucumber Salad$3.50
1. Green Salad$3.00
2. Chicken Salad$8.50
3. Seaweed Salad$4.00
4. Salmon Skin Salad$6.00
5. Sashimi Salad$13.00
6. Spicy Sashimi Salad$13.00
7. Avocado & Shrimp Salad$8.00
8. Tako Poki$15.00
9. Tuna Poki$15.00
10. Tower Seafood Salad$15.00


1. Sesame Glazed Sea Bass$22.50
2. Fresh Green Tea Grilled New York Steak$23.00
3. Shrimp Scampi$17.00
4. Roasted Shiso Salmon$19.00
5. Chicken Teriyaki$13.50
6. Beef Teriyaki$14.95
7. Chicken Katsu$13.50
8. Tonkatsu$13.50
9. Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura$16.50
10. Beef Teriyaki & Tempura$18.50

Kids Menu

Kids NewYork Steak$13.95
Kids Teppan Shrimp$11.50
Kids Teppan Chicken$9.50
Kids Salmon Teriyaki$9.50
Kids Chicken Katsu$9.95
Kids Shrimp$9.50
Kids Beef Teriyaki$9.50
Popcorn Chicken$8.95
Kids Chicken Teriyaki$8.95

Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice$9.50
Combo Fried Rice$9.50
Beef Fried Rice$9.50
Shrimp Fried Rice$9.50
Chicken Fried Rice$7.50
Vegetable Fried Rice$6.00

Teppan Yaki Dinner

1. Tofu Steak (for Vegetarian)$14.95
2. Chicken$16.95
3. Salmon$23.00
4. Sea Bass$29.95
5. Shrimp$19.95
6. Scallop$19.95
7. New York Steak$21.95
8. Fillet Mingon$23.95
9. Lobster$39.95
11. New York Steak & Chicken$26.95

Donburi (Over the Rice)

1. Toridon (Chicken Teriyaki Bowl)$8.00
2. Bulgogi Donburi$9.00
3. Spicy Chicken Donburi$9.00
4. Unagi Bowl$22.00
5. Tendon$8.00

Korean B.B.Q Grill

1. Kalbi (B.B.Q)$17.00
2. Bulgogi$15.00
3. Spicy Chicken$14.00

Noodles - Udon, Soba

1. Jap Chae$10.00
2. Kake Udon$6.00
3. Tempura Udon$10.50
4. Nabeyaki Udon$10.50
5. Yakisoba$8.50
6. Yaki Udon$8.50
7. Spicy Ramen$8.00

Side Order

Miso soup$2.00
Chicken Katsu$8.50
Fresh wasabi$2.00

Sushi ( Nigiri - with rice )

Ocean Trout sushi$6.50
Cajun Albarco sushi$5.50
Amaebi ( Sweet Shrimp sushi )$7.50
Inari sushi ( Fried bean curd )$4.00
Super white tuna ( Ono )$5.50
Bluefin Tuna sushi$12.00
Scallop sushi$5.00
Masago sushi$4.50
Ikura sushi$5.50
Unagi sushi ( Eel )$5.50
Saba sushi ( Mackerel )$5.00
Tako sushi ( Octopus )$5.00
Smoked Salmon sushi$5.00
Albarco sushi$4.50
Garlic Yellowtail sushi$6.50
Toro sushi$15.00
Ocean Trout sushi (Sushi ( Nigiri - with rice ))$6.50
Carb sushi ( Kani )$4.50
Shimp sushi (Ebi)$4.50
Garlic Tuna$6.50
Yellowtail sushi$5.50
Salmon sushi$5.00
Tuna sushi$5.50

Sashimi ( No rice )

Ocean Trout Sashimi$18.00
The Bomb$15.50
Cajun Albarco Sashimi$15.50
Tuna Tataki$13.50
Salmon Tataki$18.00
Bluefin Tuna sashimi$32.00
Tuna Matini Sashimi$18.00
Toro Sashimi$36.00
Scallop Sashimi$19.00
1. Las Vegas sashimi$13.50
Spicy Sashimi$18.00
2. Chicago sashimi$22.00
3. New York sashimi$32.00
4. Tuna sashimi (6pcs)$13.50
5. Salmon sashimi (6pcs)$13.50
6. Yellowtail sashimi (6pcs)$13.50
7. Yellowtail with Jalapeño sashimi$18.00

Basic Roll

Shrimp& Asparagus Roll$7.50
Spicy Shrimp$7.50
Candy Roll$10.00
Cucumber Roll$4.50
Yum Yum Roll$6.50
Vegetable Roll$6.50
Tempura Roll$9.50
Tuna Roll$7.50
Spicy Softshell Crab Roll$9.50
Spicy Crab$6.50
Spicy Scallop Roll$6.50
Spicy Yellowtail$6.50
Spicy Salmon$6.50
Spicy Tuna$6.50
Salmon Skin Roll$7.50
Rainbow Roll$12.50
Negehama Roll$7.50
Hell Roll$8.50
Philadelphia Roll$8.50
Alaska Roll$7.50

Chef's Specail Roll

Screaming Orgasm(not roll)$13.00
Tiger Roll$12.00
Crispy Rice$13.50
Double Salmon$14.00
Alien egg$13.50
Boston Roll$15.00
Baby Roll$8.00
Dale Earnhart$15.00
Dancing eel$13.00
Hot Toddy$12.00
Jasmin Special$15.50
ZZZ Roll$8.50
Zesty Salmon$12.00
Nini Kiki Roll$15.50
Grand Canyon$13.00
Double Yellowtail$14.00
Holy Crab$11.50
Mexican Roll$9.00
Two ball one strike$13.00
Ultimate Yellowtail$13.00
Ultimate Salmon$13.00
Ultimate Tuna$13.00
Tommy Lee$15.50
Stuff Tomatoes$11.00
Monkey Roll$8.50
Lisa Lisa$12.50
Sex on the beach$12.00
Muchi Muchi$13.50
Red Rock$13.00
Poker face$15.00
Rice Rice Baby$8.00
Sting Man$15.00
Rock & Roll$13.00
Kobe Beef Roll$16.95
Japanese Lasagna$8.50
Heart Attack$9.00
Just for the halibut$15.00
Juicy Juicy$13.50
Crazy Horse$8.00
Japanese Burrito$12.50
Jalapeno Shooter$8.50
Jay Roll$16.00
Shrimp Tornado$15.50
Give Me Five$13.50
Mountain Roll$13.00
Angela Special$15.95
Joe Special$14.00
CoCo Special$15.00
GG Special$15.50
Something Wrong #7$15.00
Ultimate Shrimp$15.00
Lady GaGa$15.50
Gangnam Style$15.00
90% Roll$15.00
Monica Roll$15.00


1. Icecream$3.00
2. Tempura Ice Cream$6.50
3. Mochi Icecream$3.50
4. Fried Cheese Cake$6.50
5. Fried Banana$4.95
6. Coconut Ripieno$7.50
7. Dream Bomba$7.50
8. Exotic Bomba$7.50
9. Flute Limoncello$7.50
10. Mango Ripieno$7.50
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An Epic Fusion of Flavors: The Essence of Sushi Tower & Steakhouse

Nestled in the heart of the culinary landscape, Sushi Tower & Steakhouse is not just a restaurant; it’s a symphony of flavors that harmoniously blends the best of two worlds. Here, patrons embark on an expedition that unites the art of sushi-making with the mastery of steak preparation, resulting in an experience that celebrates culinary creativity.

The atmosphere at Sushi Tower & Steakhouse invites guests to embrace an eclectic fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics. The aroma of sizzling steaks and the artistic presentation of sushi plates create an ambiance that resonates with those seeking a diverse culinary adventure. With each dish, Sushi Tower & Steakhouse showcases its dedication to crafting an unforgettable dining experience.

Craftsmanship and Creativity: Sushi Tower & Steakhouse’s Culinary Reputation

The reputation of a restaurant is a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. Sushi Tower & Steakhouse has earned a reputation that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of culinary craft. The culinary artisans at Sushi Tower & Steakhouse blend traditional techniques with modern flair, creating dishes that are both visually stunning and delectably satisfying.

Sushi Tower & Steakhouse’s menu is a testament to its commitment to providing a unique dining experience. From the freshest sushi rolls to the perfectly grilled steaks, each element is meticulously crafted to showcase the essence of culinary craftsmanship. This dedication has established Sushi Tower & Steakhouse as a haven where patrons gather to celebrate the fusion of culinary traditions and inventive flair, crafting memories with every visit.

A Fusion Destination for All Tastes: Sushi Tower & Steakhouse’s Enduring Popularity

The lasting popularity of Sushi Tower & Steakhouse is a testament to its universal appeal. It’s a destination where both sushi enthusiasts and steak aficionados find common ground to indulge their palates. The allure lies not only in the diversity of the menu but in the overall experience, from the moment patrons step through the door to the last bite of dessert.

Sushi Tower & Steakhouse excels at creating an environment that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. It’s a place where friends come together for a celebratory meal, families gather to enjoy a diverse array of dishes, and couples find a setting that perfectly encapsulates a romantic evening. This versatility is the cornerstone of Sushi Tower & Steakhouse’s unwavering popularity.

Merging Tradition with Innovation

Sushi Tower & Steakhouse seamlessly merges culinary traditions with innovative approaches, creating an experience that captivates both the adventurous and the traditional diner. While rooted in the art of sushi and steak preparation, the menu at Sushi Tower & Steakhouse embraces contemporary flavors and presentations. Each dish is a testament to the harmonious marriage of cultural heritage and modern sensibilities.

This equilibrium isn’t confined to the menu alone; it permeates the entire dining experience. Sushi Tower & Steakhouse’s inviting decor, attentive service, and focus on customer satisfaction create an environment that beautifully marries tradition with modernity. People of all backgrounds converge at Sushi Tower & Steakhouse to embark on a culinary journey that fuses the past and the present.

Embracing the Fusion Feast

In the expansive world of culinary exploration, Sushi Tower & Steakhouse stands as a beacon of creativity, where culinary fusion is elevated to an art form. Its celebrated reputation and lasting popularity beckon both those familiar with its offerings and newcomers eager to embark on a gastronomic adventure. With every delectable bite of sushi and every succulent slice of steak, Sushi Tower & Steakhouse invites guests to embrace the fusion feast that defines its essence.

Stepping into Sushi Tower & Steakhouse means immersing oneself in an atmosphere where culinary innovation and tradition coexist in harmony. Each visit is a chance to revel in the symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that come together to create an unforgettable experience. Sushi Tower & Steakhouse encapsulates the essence of culinary exploration, where every bite tells a story of creativity and craftsmanship.

In summary, Sushi Tower & Steakhouse isn’t just a dining establishment; it’s a celebration of the culinary arts, a fusion destination that bridges cultural divides, and an homage to the delight of flavors from around the world. Its reputation as a fusion haven and its enduring popularity are a result of its unwavering commitment to delivering a diverse and exceptional dining experience. As the aroma of diverse dishes fills the air and conversations flow, the journey through the world of Sushi Tower & Steakhouse continues, leaving an indelible mark on the palates and memories of all who have the privilege of dining within its walls.

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