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In the realm of gastronomy, where flavors converge and creativity flourishes, there exists a culinary haven that stands apart – Supreme Leader Australia. With a reputation that resonates with both food enthusiasts and those seeking an unforgettable dining experience, Supreme Leader has earned its place as a culinary powerhouse. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the flavors, innovation, and allure that define Supreme Leader Australia. Below are the latest Supreme Leader Australia menu prices.



French Fries$4.95
Sweet Korean Chilli Sauce$2.00
Smokey BBQ Mayo$2.00
Leader Feed$20.95
Solo (600mL)$4.40


Leader Feed (Combos)$20.95
Truce Feed$38.95
Supreme Feed$59.95


Chicken Ribs$8.95
Boneless Chicken Thigh$9.95
Chicken Tenderloins$10.95
Chicken Ribs with our Famous Sauce$10.95
Boneless Chicken Thigh with our Famous Sauce$11.95
Chicken Tenderloins with our Famous Sauce$12.95


The Spicy Leader Burger$14.95
The Smoky Leader Burger$14.95


French Fries (Sides)$4.95
Beer Battered Chips$6.95
Pickled Raddish$2.00

Loaded Options

Loaded Sriracha Mayo Bacon Fries$8.95
Loaded Butterscotch Parmesan Fries$8.95


Pepsi (300mL)$3.95
Pepsi (600mL)$4.40
Pepsi Max (1.25L)$5.30
Pepsi Max (300mL)$3.95
Pepsi Max (600mL)$4.40
Solo (300mL)$3.95
Pepsi (1.25L)$5.30
Solo (600mL) (Drinks)$4.40
Solo (1.25L)$5.30
Iced Tea Peach$4.80
Iced Tea Mango$4.80
Sunkist (600mL)$4.40
Lemonade (600mL)$4.40
Orange Juice$4.20
Cool Ridge Still Water (600mL)$3.95
Cool Ridge Sparkling Water (500mL)$3.95


Sweet Korean Chilli Sauce (Sauce)$2.00
Garlic Soy Sauce$2.00
Smokey Hot Sauce$2.00
Kewpie Mayo$1.00
Smokey BBQ Mayo (Sauce)$2.00
Sriracha Mayo$2.00
BBQ Sauce$1.00
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A Regal Fusion of Flavors

Supreme Leader Australia’s distinctive charm lies in its ability to fuse diverse culinary traditions into a harmonious culinary symphony. Drawing inspiration from around the world, the restaurant creates dishes that are a testament to culinary craftsmanship and creativity. From sumptuous curries to savory pastas and succulent grills, Supreme Leader offers a spectrum of flavors that cater to a wide range of palates.

The restaurant’s culinary artistry is a reflection of its commitment to using the finest ingredients. Each dish is meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on balance, presentation, and taste. This fusion of flavors creates a dining experience that transports patrons on a global culinary journey while remaining firmly rooted in the heart of Australia.

Elevating Tradition with Innovation

Supreme Leader Australia’s popularity is not merely a result of tradition; it’s also driven by innovation. The restaurant pays homage to classic dishes while infusing them with modern twists that appeal to contemporary tastes. This ability to reinvent traditional recipes has attracted a diverse audience, from those seeking comfort in familiar flavors to those with an adventurous palate.

The menu’s diversity is a testament to Supreme Leader’s commitment to inclusivity. From vegetarian options that celebrate the richness of plant-based cuisine to gluten-free choices that cater to dietary restrictions, the restaurant ensures that every guest can enjoy a memorable dining experience. This fusion of tradition and innovation has contributed to Supreme Leader’s reputation as a culinary destination that transcends boundaries.

An Epicurean Adventure in Every Bite

The popularity of Supreme Leader Australia is rooted in its ability to provide an epicurean adventure that tantalizes the senses. The restaurant’s dedication to quality and consistency has garnered a dedicated following among those seeking culinary excellence. Whether it’s a family gathering, a romantic dinner, or a celebration with friends, Supreme Leader offers an atmosphere that elevates dining to an unforgettable experience.

In addition to its culinary prowess, Supreme Leader’s reputation has been amplified through word of mouth and digital engagement. The restaurant’s engaging social media presence showcases its visually appealing dishes and vibrant ambiance, captivating the attention of food enthusiasts and influencers. This online buzz translates into real-world foot traffic as people seek out the restaurant to experience the flavors and ambiance firsthand.

A Reflection of Community and Celebration

Supreme Leader Australia’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a reflection of community and celebration. The restaurant’s welcoming ambiance and attentive service make it a preferred choice for special occasions and gatherings. The restaurant’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for its patrons fosters a sense of connection and loyalty among its clientele.

Moreover, Supreme Leader’s engagement with the local community through charitable initiatives and partnerships has solidified its reputation as a responsible and caring establishment. This commitment to giving back resonates with diners who value ethical practices and social responsibility. Supreme Leader’s popularity is not only driven by the delectable flavors it offers but also by the values it upholds.


Supreme Leader Australia is a testament to the fact that dining can be more than sustenance; it can be an exploration of flavors, cultures, and experiences. With its fusion of flavors, innovative approach, and commitment to community, the restaurant has earned a reputation that resonates with both the discerning palate and the values of its patrons. As Supreme Leader continues to curate culinary majesty that delights, satisfies, and brings people together, it remains a symbol of the transformative power of gastronomy.

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Supreme Leader Australia FAQ

How much is Supreme Leader Australia's French Fries?

French Fries – $4.95

How much is a Supreme Feed at Supreme Leader Australia?

Supreme Feed – $59.95

How much are Boneless Chicken Thigh at Supreme Leader Australia?

Boneless Chicken Thigh – $9.95

How much does a Supreme Leader Australia's The Spicy Leader Burger Cost?

The Spicy Leader Burger – $14.95

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