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In the realm of coffee connoisseurship, there’s a haven where flavors flourish, and communities gather – Starbucks Australia. Beyond being a mere coffee shop, it’s a journey through the rich tapestry of coffee culture, where tradition meets innovation. Join us as we delve into the allure that defines Starbucks Australia’s esteemed reputation and its unwavering popularity. Below are the latest Starbucks Australia menu prices.


Featured items

Ham and Cheese Croissant$9.74
Chicken and Avocado Panini$11.49
Cinnamon Scroll$6.13


Banana Bread$6.30
Plain Bagel$5.06
Pain Au Chocolate$5.50
Bacon and Cheese Danish$6.28
Butter Croissant$5.78
Spinach and Ricotta Danish$6.30
Almond Croissant$5.78
Pain Au Chocolat$6.00
Coconut Bread$6.30
Blueberry Bagel$5.06
Pumpkin Spice Bagel$5.50

Chocolate & Other Drinks

Starbucks Still Water 600mL$4.05
Starbucks Sparkling Water 600mL$4.05
Classic Hot Chocolate$5.65
Classic Caramel Hot Chocolate$6.55
Classic White Hot Chocolate$5.65
Orange Juice 350mL$4.56
Apple Juice 350mL$4.56

All Day Bites

Chicken and Avocado Wrap$11.32
Sausage Roll$7.11
Plant-Based Brekky Roll$9.00
Chicken and Stuffing Toastie$11.71
Eggs Benedict Panini$11.41
Ham and Cheese Toastie$9.99
Cheese and Tomato Toastie$9.98
Chargrilled Veg and Vegan Feta Panini$11.49
Chicken Caesar Wrap$11.32
Spinach and Ricotta Roll$7.20
Roasted Vegetable Roll$7.11
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brekky Roll$9.00
Chicken Parmigiana Toastie$12.00

Sweet Treats

Brownie Slice$5.30
Orange and Poppyseed Muffin$5.00
Chocolate Jam Filled Donut$5.00
Strawberry Jam Filled Donut$5.00
Blueberry Muffin$5.00
Chocolate Muffin$5.00
Caramel Slice$5.30
Chocolate Iced Donut$4.00
Galaxy Donut$5.00
Electro Donut$4.00
Pumpkin Spice Donut$5.00
CroDonut Chocolate Cookie Crumble$6.00
CroDonut Vanilla$6.00
Cake Pop Strawberry$3.50
Cake Pop Chocolate$3.50
Honeybread Man$3.00

Yoghurts & Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad$11.58
Chicken, Quinoa and Pumpkin Salad$11.58
Grain, Greens and Beans Salad$12.00
Yoghurt and Muesli Pot$7.55


English Breakfast Tea$4.85
Matcha Green Tea Latte$6.88
Black Tea with Grapefruit and Honey$6.43
Chai Latte$6.70
Pure Matcha Latte$8.00
Emperors Cloud and Mist Green Tea$4.85
Earl Grey Tea$4.83
Espresso and Matcha Fusion$7.48
Mint Tea$4.82

Coffee At Home

Pike Place Medium Roast 250g Whole Bean$19.18
VIA Instant Colombia Medium Roast 12 Pack$14.98
VIA Instant Italian Roast 12 Pack$14.98
VIA Instant Pike Place 12 Pack$14.99
Colombia Medium Roast 250g Whole Bean$19.49

Hot Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte$6.70
Flat White$5.73
Long Black / Americano$5.73
Caramel Macchiato$6.88
Caffé Mocha$6.35
White Chocolate Mocha$6.16
Caramel Cloud Macchiato$8.00
Honeycomb Salted Caramel Latte$7.30
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A Legacy of Coffee Craftsmanship

Amidst the diverse coffee landscape, Starbucks Australia stands tall as a testament to coffee craftsmanship. It’s not just a place to grab your daily caffeine fix; it’s a homage to the art of brewing that has evolved over time. The coffee shop serves as a canvas where tradition and innovation seamlessly blend to create an unforgettable coffee experience.

At the heart of Starbucks Australia’s allure lies the skill of its baristas, who transform coffee brewing into an artful performance. The aroma of freshly ground beans, the steam rising from the espresso machine, and the meticulous creation of each cup form an immersive experience that transcends a simple beverage. This coffee symphony forms the very essence of Starbucks Australia’s respected reputation.

Crafting Coffee Excellence: Starbucks Australia’s Respected Reputation

A coffee shop’s reputation is built upon dedication, precision, and passion. Starbucks Australia’s reputation stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to coffee excellence. Every cup that is served is a masterpiece, a result of the meticulous care and creative flair that baristas invest in their craft.

From the perfectly extracted espresso shots to the innovative seasonal beverages, Starbucks Australia’s menu narrates a story of coffee expertise honed over time. The precision in brewing, the presentation that pleases the eye, and the harmonious blend of flavors all come together to create a coffee experience that goes beyond a simple drink. Beyond the coffee enchantment, the coffee shop transforms moments into cherished memories, becoming a hub for social gatherings.

The Enchantment of Timeless Popularity

Starbucks Australia’s popularity is a testament to its ability to resonate with a diverse range of coffee enthusiasts. This allure is rooted in the delicate balance it strikes between honoring coffee traditions and embracing modern coffee trends. The menu pays homage to classic coffee recipes while introducing innovative twists that captivate the palates of contemporary coffee drinkers.

What sets Starbucks Australia’s popularity apart is its universal appeal. It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a meeting place where coffee traditions seamlessly blend with the evolving coffee culture. The consistent delivery of exceptional coffee experiences has solidified its position as a sought-after destination for individuals seeking an exceptional cup of coffee and a welcoming atmosphere.

Harmony of Tradition and Modern Brilliance

Starbucks Australia thrives at the crossroads of tradition and modern brilliance. While deeply rooted in time-honored coffee brewing techniques, it isn’t confined by the past. The menu effortlessly marries classic coffee beverages with innovative creations, resulting in a symphony of flavors that caters to both the purist and the adventurous coffee aficionado.

This harmony extends beyond the menu and envelops the very ambiance of Starbucks Australia. The inviting decor creates an atmosphere that strikes the perfect balance between cozy and contemporary. People from all walks of life gather here to celebrate the art of coffee, bridging the gap between coffee traditions and modern coffee culture.

Embarking on a Coffee Odyssey

In the vast landscape of coffee exploration, Starbucks Australia shines as a beacon of coffee excellence, inviting patrons to embark on a coffee odyssey like no other. Its respected reputation and enduring popularity beckon you to step into a world where coffee passion and exceptional flavors converge.

As you step into the realm of Starbucks Australia, you embark on a journey that transcends ordinary coffee consumption. Each cup tells a story, and every visit transforms into cherished memories. Starbucks Australia invites you to embrace the allure of coffee culture, where tradition and innovation harmonize to create a symphony of taste that resonates with all who partake.

In conclusion, Starbucks Australia stands as a testament to coffee brilliance, weaving a narrative of tradition, innovation, and exquisite flavors. Its respected reputation and unwavering popularity are a tribute to its ability to craft coffee experiences that leave an indelible mark on the hearts and palates of its patrons. As the aroma of coffee harmonizes with the laughter of guests, Starbucks Australia continues to etch its place as a coffee sanctuary, forever celebrated in the vibrant tapestry of exceptional coffee culture.

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Starbucks Australia FAQ

How much is Starbucks Australia's Plain Bagel?

Plain Bagel – $4.50

How much is a Spinach and Ricotta Danish at Starbucks Australia?

Spinach and Ricotta Danish – $6.00

How much are Hot Cross Bun Salted Caramel at Starbucks Australia?

Hot Cross Bun Salted Caramel – $3.50

How much does a Starbucks Australia's Roasted Vegetable Roll Cost?

Roasted Vegetable Roll – $6.00

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