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In the ever-evolving landscape of fast-casual dining, where choices abound and palates seek wholesome delights, one name shines as a beacon of nourishment – Soul Origin Australia. With a reputation that resonates with health-conscious food enthusiasts and a popularity that continues to rise, Soul Origin has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a nutritious and flavorful dining experience. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the flavors, innovation, and nourishing allure that define Soul Origin Australia. Below are the latest Soul Origin Australia menu prices.


New Protein Shakes

Chocolate Protein Shake$9.50
Vanilla Protein Shake$9.50
Coffee Protein Shake$9.50


Bacon and Egg Roll$9.45
Chorizo and Egg Roll$9.44
Bacon and Egg Wrap$9.44
Chorizo and Egg Wrap$9.44
Spinach, Mushroom, and Egg Wrap$9.48
Ham Benedict$9.74

Premium Drinks

Honest Orange - Cold Press Juice$6.64
Minty Melon - Cold Press Juice$6.64
Cloudy Apple - Cold Press Juice$6.64
Ginger Lemon - Kombucha$6.25
Red Bull$6.21
Raspberry Lemonade - Kombucha$6.24
Wild Berry - Kombucha$6.25

Iced Beverages

Honeycomb Crusher$9.25
Cold Brew - Black$8.57
Cold Brew Tonic$8.50
Cold Brew - White$8.57
Iced Chai$9.43
Iced Crusher Caramel$9.43
Iced White Choc Mocha$9.45
Iced Crusher Chocolate$9.43
Iced Crusher Espresso$9.43
Iced Crusher Strawberry$9.43
Iced Matcha$9.43
Iced Mocha$9.44
Iced Double Choc$9.50
Iced White Choc$9.50
Iced Coffee$9.50

NEW Easter Drinks - Limited Time Only

Spiced Choc Crusher$9.50

New Soups

Soups Bundle Deal - Regular Soup, Bread Roll and Small Coffee or Water$14.00


Chicken Avo Wrap$11.44

Featured items

Crumbed Chicken Pasta$14.87
Breakfast Combo$11.97
Chicken Schnitzel Panini$13.38


Falafel Wrap$11.93
Chicken Schnitzel Wrap$11.93
Grilled Chicken Wrap$12.04
Chicken Avocado Wrap$12.07

Combo Packs

Combo Pack One$37.86
Panini and Drink$17.21
Baguette and Drink$17.23
Banana Bread and Coffee$10.72
Perfect Partner$8.71
Wrap and Drink$16.17
Salad and Drink$18.28


Chicken Pesto Penne$14.95
Chicken Caesar$15.22
Tuscan Veg Pasta$15.15
Chicken Schnitzel$14.96
Beetroot Classic$15.06
Greek Salad$15.42
Bocconcini Salad$15.29
Tonkatsu Plant-Based Schnitzel$15.41
Falafel Salad$15.40
Marinated Beef$15.26
Beef Noodle Salad$14.75


BLT Schnitzel Baguette$13.78
Chicken Schnitzel Baguette$13.76


Banana Bread$5.00


Slim Slice Caramel Macadamia$3.47
Slim Slice Triple Chocolate Brownie$3.47
Nutella Brownie$6.44
Chocolate Protein Ball$3.87
Salted Chop Chip Cookies$3.00
White Chocolate and Pistachio Protein Ball$3.87
Salted Caramel Protein Ball$3.87

Hot Beverages

Double Espresso$4.29
Long Macchiato$4.55


Grilled Chicken Panini$13.77
Chicken Avo Panini$13.37


Cool Ridge Sparkling$4.60
Cool Ridge Sparkling Water$4.89
Cool Ridge Water$4.45
Lipton Iced Tea - Peach$5.09
Pepsi Max$5.16
Lipton Iced Tea - Lemon$5.09
Apple Blackcurrant - Spring Valley Juice$5.39
Orange Mango - Spring Valley Juice$5.39
Apple - Spring Valley Juice$5.39
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A Symphony of Freshness and Quality

At the heart of Soul Origin Australia’s appeal lies its dedication to freshness and quality. The restaurant’s offerings are a reflection of its commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and transforming them into flavorful and nourishing creations. From wholesome salads to nutrient-rich wraps and bowls, each dish on the menu is a testament to the brand’s mission to provide nourishment that revitalizes both body and soul.

The emphasis on freshness extends to every aspect of the culinary experience, from the choice of ingredients to the preparation methods. This commitment to quality has resonated with health-conscious consumers who seek transparency in their food choices. Soul Origin’s reputation as a place where diners can enjoy a meal made from real, whole ingredients has contributed to its popularity among those who prioritize a balanced and nourishing dining option.

Customization: Empowering Personalized Wellness

Soul Origin Australia’s popularity is fueled by its mastery of customization. The “Create Your Own” concept empowers patrons to curate a meal that aligns with their dietary preferences and wellness goals. With a wide array of proteins, fresh produce, and dressings to choose from, Soul Origin offers an interactive dining experience that caters to individual tastes and dietary needs.

This approach resonates with the modern diner who values both convenience and the ability to make informed food choices. Whether someone is following a specific diet, exploring new flavor combinations, or simply seeking a nutrient-rich meal, Soul Origin’s customization options make it a preferred choice for those who seek both variety and control over their dining experience.

A Celebration of Nutritional Wellness

Soul Origin Australia’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a reflection of a cultural shift toward nutritional awareness and well-being. As consumers become more conscious of their dietary choices, the restaurant’s commitment to providing nourishing and balanced options has gained traction. Soul Origin’s menu caters to individuals who seek a meal that not only satisfies their taste buds but also aligns with their wellness goals.

The restaurant’s dedication to offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options further solidifies its reputation as an inclusive haven for those with varying dietary needs. Soul Origin’s approach to nutritional wellness is a key factor in its popularity among those who prioritize a holistic approach to their dining choices.

An Oasis of Wellness in the Urban Landscape

Soul Origin Australia’s reputation is intertwined with its ability to create an oasis of wellness amidst the urban hustle and bustle. With multiple locations across city centers, the restaurant has positioned itself as a haven for office workers, students, and anyone seeking a nourishing and revitalizing meal. The convenience of accessibility, combined with the nutrient-rich menu, makes Soul Origin a preferred choice for those seeking a moment of respite from their fast-paced lives.

Furthermore, the restaurant’s commitment to customer experience adds depth to its popularity. The welcoming ambiance and attentive service create an environment of tranquility that transforms each visit into a mindful experience. This dedication to providing not just nourishment but also a sense of well-being has solidified Soul Origin Australia’s reputation as a beloved wellness destination.


Soul Origin Australia is more than a dining establishment; it’s a haven of nourishment that embodies freshness, customization, and holistic well-being. With its commitment to quality, dedication to customization, and alignment with nutritional wellness, the restaurant has earned a reputation that resonates with both the health-conscious palate and the values of its patrons. As Soul Origin continues to provide a culinary experience that revitalizes, it remains a symbol of the evolving landscape of dining choices that prioritize both taste and holistic wellness.

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Soul Origin Australia FAQ

How much is Soul Origin Australia's Falafel Wrap?

Falafel Wrap – $11.00

How much is a Perfect Partner – Treat and small coffee at Soul Origin Australia?

Perfect Partner – Treat and small coffee – $7.90

How much are Crumbed Chicken Pasta at Soul Origin Australia?

Crumbed Chicken Pasta – $13.23

How much does a Soul Origin Australia's Beetroot Classic Cost?

Beetroot Classic – $12.50

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