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The best doughnuts elicit oohs and aahs, evoke childhood memories of summer spent in the city, and bring families and friends together in happy times, even provide comfort in sad times. There’s also the fact that doughnuts and coffee are the staple meals and snacks of college students, police officers and detectives, and working-class employees, even of the upper class. The bottom line: You may be one of millions of Americans who can’t live without doughnuts.

And there’s no better place to get your doughnuts than at Shipley Donuts! The chain of doughnut shops stands out from its competition because of its emphasis on gourmet doughnuts at reasonable prices.

Below are the latest Shipley Donuts menu prices.

Item Price


Sausage Kolache $2.37
Glazed $3.51
Iced $1.09
Glazed Donut $1.05
Filled $1.11


Sausage $2.36
Sausage & Cheese Kolache $2.03
Plain Sausage Kolache $2.11
Sausage & Cheese $2.22
Ham & Cheese Kolache $2.00
Plain Sausage $2.25
Ham & Cheese $2.22

Cake Do-Nuts

Plain $1.07
Blueberry $1.09
Blueberry Cake $1.22

Filled Donuts

Strawberry Filled $1.19
Lemon Filled $1.19
Raspberry Filled $1.19
Bavarian Filled $1.23
Blueberry Filled $1.19
Apple Filled $1.19
Cherry Filled $1.19
Chocolate Filled $1.19
Chocolate Cream Filled $1.19

Assorted Rolls

Cinnamon Roll $2.01
Bearclaw $1.91
Cinnamon Rolls $1.92
Apple Fritters $1.98
Cinnamon Twist $1.92
Filled Bar $2.01
Bear Claw $1.98
Filled Bars $1.95
Old Fashion Cinnamon Roll $1.99


Coffee $2.26
Hot Chocolate $2.06
Iced Coffee $2.94
Bottled Water $1.84
Juice $1.97
Regular Coffee $1.39
Apple Juice $2.44
Energy Drinks $12.98
Soft Drinks $1.70
Diet Pepsi $1.35
Milk $2.62
Chocolate Milk $1.71
Dr Pepper $1.95


Donut Holes $1.97
Filled Donuts $1.91

Savory Kolaches

Ham $1.97


Butterfly Rolls $2.04
Bear Claws $1.98
Cinnamon Twists $2.08
Iced Nut Roll $2.10


Orange Juice $1.91
Monster Energy Drink $3.59
Diet Coke $1.99
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In the 1930s, Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created his gourmet recipe for doughnuts, which were cut by hand and served warm. He and the rest of his family served the doughnuts at their shop in Houston, Texas. By the 1940s, the doughnuts became so popular that these were sold in various shops and, thus, Shipley Donuts was born.

Currently, the chain of doughnut shops has more than 300 franchised stores in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. The corporate headquarters are in Northside, Houston, Texas.  Lawrence Shipley III heads the chain so it has remained a family-owned business.

What They’re Famous For

Shipley Donuts offers over 60 varieties of doughnuts, breakfast rolls, and kolaches, all of which are made fresh on a daily basis and served hot.

Why Eat Here

Shipley Donuts offers a huge selection – and we mean huge since there are more than 60 varieties to choose from – of doughnuts and pastries. Keep in mind, however, that the availability of these products are dependent on the time of day and the location. Most of the stores, fortunately, allow their customers to buy as many doughnuts as they can for future consumption.

The best thing about stocking up: Your wallet will not be as dented as you expected! Most of the doughnuts, such as the plain glazed and the cake doughnuts, retail for just $0.75 each; the premium doughnuts cost more but since you’re getting more toppings and/or fillings, it’s worth it.  Even the coffee gives great bang for your buck with its affordable price, as is the case for the kolaches.

In most, if not all, Shipley Donuts shops, the doughnut trays were on display on both the shelves and the open kitchen. You will then have a full view of the delectable goodies, not to mention that it can be fascinating to watch the doughnuts being made by hand and to watch the ready-to-eat doughnuts on the trays. You can also get your doughnuts via the drive-through window.

The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming for the first-timer but satisfying for the regular patrons. There’s everything that can make your day from the plain glazed doughnuts to the filled doughnuts, too. The choices include but aren’t limited to plain glazed doughnuts, frosted doughnuts with sprinkles and fillings like chocolate and vanilla, and cake doughnuts (glazed and unglazed in several different flavors), as well as seasonal doughnuts (e.g., pumpkin spiced doughnuts usually released in late August).

The flavors include chocolate, maple, cherry, strawberry, orange, cinnamon sugar, coconut, and Oreo cookie. The sprinkles are so colorful that you may not want to bite into the doughnuts and ruin their beauty, but it quickly passes because the doughnuts are just too good to pass up.

The styles of doughnuts at Shipley Donuts make for a great selection, too. First, the yeast doughnuts have a slightly crispy exterior and a light interior, typically with a smothering of traditional glaze or toppings like sprinkles, nuts, icing, cinnamon sugar, and coconut. These give the impression of biting into fluffy cloud but with more substance and flavor.

Second, the filled doughnuts are typically wrapped in yeast dough and coated with glaze. The flavors include apple, cherry, and Bavarian.

Third, the cake doughnut has a richer and smoother taste than the yeast doughnuts. These are great for dunking into your cup of hot coffee or glass of cold milk.  These are also available in buttermilk and blueberry.

As for the kolaches, the choices include traditional sausage, sausage and cheese, ham and cheese, cheese (available in regular and jalapeno), and Big Earl sausage.

The staff usually have a smile on their faces even with a grumpy crowd waiting for their doughnuts and kolaches. There’s a line of people waiting in most locations, especially during lunch and snack hours, but the staff works hard to ensure that it moves quickly.

The facilities and amenities are clean, a good thing considering that Shipley Donuts shops sells food and drinks. The shops are also great for working since the noise level is usually tolerable. These are also great for hanging out with family and friends, such as after a hard day’s work or on weekends when cooking breakfast seems too much of a chore.

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