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In the realm of culinary exploration, where tastes converge and innovation thrives, one name stands out as a symbol of delectable beverages and a reputation that resonates with beverage enthusiasts – Sharetea Australia. With a popularity that continues to soar, Sharetea has become a beloved destination for those seeking a refreshing and diverse array of drinks. Join us on a flavorful journey as we explore the tastes, creativity, and community appeal that define Sharetea Australia. Below are the latest Sharetea Australia menu prices.


Cream Top

Jasmine Green Tea with Cream Top$9.00
Oolong Tea with Cream Top$9.00
Assam Black Tea with Cream Top$9.00
Matcha with Cream Top$9.00
Mango Crush with Cream Top$9.60
Strawberry Crush with Cream Top$9.60
Peach Crush with Cream Top$9.60


Watermelon Lychee Smoothie$9.03
Chocolate Smoothie$9.01
Taro Smoothie$9.02
Watermelon Smoothie$9.02
Mango Smoothie$9.02
Thai Smoothie$8.60
Honeydew Smoothie$9.03

Fruit Tea

Lychee Fruit Tea$8.43
Strawberry Fruit Tea$8.42
Lemon Fruit Tea$8.43
Grapefruit Fruit Tea$8.42
Rose Fruit Tea$8.90
P.O.G Fruit Tea$8.40
Tropical Fruit Tea$8.90
Honeydew Fruit Tea$8.43
Honey Lemon Grapefruit Fruit Tea$8.90

Premium Milk Tea

Mini Pearl Milk Tea$8.19
Pudding, Pearls and Herbal Jelly Milk Tea$8.40
Herbal Jelly Oolong Milk Tea$8.40
Pudding Milk Tea$8.21
Lychee Jelly Milk Tea$8.21
Red Bean and Pearl Milk Tea$8.40


Hot Taro Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Thai Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Okinawa Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Matcha Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Coconut Milk Tea$8.40
Hot Chocolate Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Lychee Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Watermelon Milk Tea$8.81
Hot Lychee Fruit Tea$8.41
Hot Peach Fruit Tea$8.41
Hot Grapefruit Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Honey Lemon Aloe Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Jasmine Milk Tea$8.20
Hot Lemon Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Mango Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Mango Passionfruit Tea$8.90
Hot Oolong Milk Tea$8.20
Hot Passionfruit Tea$8.90
Hot Pearl Milk Tea$9.30
Hot Strawberry Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Tropical Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Honeydew Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Honeydew Milk Tea$9.30
Hot Rose Milk Tea$9.30
Hot Rose Fruit Tea$8.90
Hot Honey Lemon Grapefruit Tea$8.90
Hot Assam Milk Tea$8.20


Mango Crush$8.91
Mango Passionfruit Crush$8.93
Strawberry Crush$8.91
Kiwifruit Crush$8.40
Honeydew Crush$9.50
Rose Crush$9.50


Sticky Purple Rice Yoghurt$8.20
Mango Purple Rice Yoghurt$8.97
Red Bean Purple Rice Yoghurt$8.20
Purple Rice Yoghurt$9.80
Mango Passionfruit Yoghurt$8.97
Taro and Red Bean Yoghurt$9.03
Strawberry Popping Pearl Yoghurt$8.97


Tiger Fresh Milk$9.24
Tiger Fresh Milk With Oreos$9.35
Tiger Mango Fresh Milk$9.37
Tiger Matcha Fresh Milk$9.37

Flavoured Milk Tea

Coconut Milk Tea$8.40
Chocolate Milk Tea$8.69
Strawberry Milk Tea$8.82
Honeydew Milk Tea$8.70
Lychee Milk Tea$8.70
Rose Milk Tea$9.30
Mango Milk Tea$8.69
Matcha Milk Tea$8.69
Okinawa Milk Tea$8.69
Thai Milk Tea$8.69
Taro Milk Tea$8.69
Watermelon Milk Tea$8.67

Featured items

Pearl Milk Tea$8.69

Classic Milk Tea

Assam Black Milk Tea$7.72
Jasmine Green Milk Tea$7.72
Oolong Milk Tea$7.76

Picked for you

Tiger Milk Tea$9.24

Fresh Tea

Jasmine Green Tea$7.58
Oolong Tea$7.56
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A Symphony of Refreshing Beverages

Sharetea Australia’s allure lies in its ability to offer a symphony of refreshing beverages that cater to diverse palates. From traditional Taiwanese bubble tea to innovative fruit infusions, each drink on the menu is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering unique and satisfying experiences. Sharetea’s wide range of options allows patrons to explore flavors from around the world without leaving their local community.

The quality of the ingredients and the precision of preparation contribute to the consistency of taste that patrons have come to associate with Sharetea. Whether it’s the iconic pearl milk tea or a tangy fruit tea, the restaurant’s beverages are crafted to perfection, satisfying cravings and delighting the senses.

Crafting Beverage Narratives

Sharetea Australia’s popularity is not solely built on its beverages; it’s also driven by its ability to craft beverage narratives that resonate with its patrons. Each drink tells a story, whether it’s a comforting connection to traditional flavors or an exciting exploration of new combinations. The visual appeal of Sharetea’s drinks, coupled with their aromatic allure, creates an immersive experience that captivates beverage enthusiasts.

The restaurant’s emphasis on presentation and innovation extends to its online presence as well. The visually enticing nature of Sharetea’s beverages has sparked a digital buzz, attracting social media users and influencers. This digital engagement often translates into real-world visits as patrons seek to experience the flavors and aesthetics firsthand.

A Hub of Community and Flavor

Sharetea Australia’s reputation is intertwined with its ability to create a hub of community and flavor. With multiple locations across bustling city centers, the restaurant caters to individuals seeking a respite from their urban routines. The convenience of accessibility, coupled with the diversity of beverage options, makes Sharetea a preferred choice for those seeking a refreshing escape.

Furthermore, Sharetea’s dedication to customer experience adds depth to its popularity. The welcoming ambiance, friendly service, and commitment to quality transform each visit into a memorable beverage journey. This commitment to providing not just drinks but an experience has solidified Sharetea Australia’s reputation as a beloved community gathering spot.

A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

Sharetea Australia’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a celebration of tradition and innovation. The restaurant’s ability to blend classic Taiwanese tea culture with contemporary taste preferences has garnered appreciation from beverage enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Whether someone is seeking a comforting cup of tea or a refreshing fruit-infused beverage, Sharetea offers a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

Moreover, Sharetea’s commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing aligns with the values of today’s conscientious consumers. This dedication to ethical practices adds authenticity to Sharetea’s reputation, making it a beverage destination that not only satisfies the palate but also resonates with the values of its patrons.


Sharetea Australia is a journey of flavors, creativity, and community that celebrates the art of beverage-making. With its symphony of refreshing drinks, dedication to crafting beverage narratives, and alignment with diverse tastes, the restaurant has earned a reputation that resonates with both the adventurous palate and the values of its patrons. As Sharetea continues to provide a flavorful oasis and a hub of community connections, it remains a symbol of the transformative power of beverages in the modern culinary landscape.

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Sharetea Australia FAQ

How much is Sharetea Australia's Black Pearl Yoghurt?

Black Pearl Yoghurt -$7.90

How much is a Assam Black Milk Tea at Sharetea Australia?

Assam Black Milk Tea – $6.33

How much are Jasmine Green Milk Tea at Sharetea Australia?

Jasmine Green Milk Tea – $6.33

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