Schnitz Prices: How much is Schnitz?

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In the vast realm of culinary delights, few dishes possess the captivating allure of Schnitz. This crispy creation, originating from European traditions, has conquered the hearts and taste buds of many. Within this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of Schnitz, unraveling its esteemed reputation, soaring popularity, and the secrets behind its irresistible charm. Below are the latest Schnitz menu prices.



Nosh Box$7.01


Gravy Large$3.90
Schnitz Stick Chicken$5.20

Popular Items

Basic Instinct$11.50
Parma & Chips$14.90
Plain & Simple$12.50
Schnitzel & Chips$12.90
American Dream$14.50
The Swiss$14.90
The Aussie$15.50
The Hawaiian$14.90
Parma, Chips & Salad$19.50
Spice of Life$14.90


Status Quo$13.50
Garden of Eden$14.50

Schnitzel, Parmas and Crumb Free

Crumb-Free Chicken Fillet$8.90
Schnitzel with Chips and Salad$17.50
Parma with Chips and Salad$19.50

Schnitzels & Parmas

Schnitz, Chips & Salad$17.50
Schnitzel, Chips & Salad$17.50


Lovingly Fresh$15.68
Mediterranean Salad + Schnitzel$17.50
Caesar Salad$15.72
Caesar Salad + Schnitzel$17.50
Lovingly Fresh + Schnitzel$17.50
Mediterranean Salad$15.72
Garden Salad Side Salad$5.90


Vegan Basic Instinct$11.50
Vegan Plain & Simple$12.50
Vegan Garden of Eden$14.50
Vegan Parmageddon$16.50
Vegan Schnitzel$8.90
Vegan Parmigiana$11.50
Vegan Schnitzel & Chips$13.55
Vegan Schnitzel, Chips & Salad$17.50
Vegan Parma & Chips$14.90
Vegan Parma, Chips & Salad$19.50


Mini Basic Instinct$8.50
Mini Chip Butty$8.50
Mini Royal Chip Butty$8.50
Mini Status Quo$8.50
Schnitz Stick$5.20

Chips and Sides

Schnitz Sticks$5.20


Teeny-Weeny Pack$9.90
Itty-Bitty Pack Chicken$8.90
Itty-Bitty Pack$8.90

Side Salads

Rainbow Slaw Side Salad$7.65
Garden Side Salad$6.69

Sides & Sauces


Chips & Sides

Original Chips$5.21
Sweet Potato Chips$5.99
Garden Salad$5.90
Rainbow Slaw$6.90
Schnitz Dips$1.00

For Kids

Kid's Itty-Bitty Pack$8.90
Kid's Teeny Weeny Pack$9.90


Kids' Soda Top Orange$2.90
Kids' Soda Top Apple$2.90
Kids' Soda Top Water$2.90
Red Bull$5.99
600ml Cool Ridge Water$4.43
Voss Sparkling Water$5.20
Red Bull Sugar Free$6.01
Charlies Honest Apple Juice$5.97
500ml Cool Ridge Sparkling Water$4.91


Remedy Kombucha$5.70
Naked Life$5.20
Schweppes Ginger Beer$4.75
Charlie's Pressed Apple Juice$4.70
Pop Top Juice$2.90
Pop Top Water$2.90
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The Allure of Schnitz: A Rich Culinary Heritage

Preserving Tradition with Every Bite

Schnitz, affectionately derived from “Schnitzel,” finds its roots deeply entwined with European gastronomy, particularly hailing from Austria. This dish, cherished across generations, encapsulates the essence of time-honored culinary traditions. A Schnitzel is a thin slice of meat, often veal, chicken, or pork, coated in a layer of breadcrumbs and skillfully fried until it boasts a tantalizing golden hue. Passed down through families, this dish carries the essence of tradition and comfort, a culinary heirloom treasured by those who indulge.

Texture and Flavor: A Harmonious Fusion

What truly sets Schnitz apart is the delicate balance it strikes between texture and flavor. The crispy, breadcrumb exterior harmonizes exquisitely with the succulent tenderness of the meat within. Each bite delivers an exquisite contrast, a medley of flavors and sensations that dance across the taste buds. This masterpiece of culinary finesse beckons with its aroma, captivating with its array of textures.

The Reputation of Schnitz: From Local Treasures to Global Sensations

Local Gems and Worldwide Journeys

The reputation of Schnitz transcends its European origins, weaving its way into hearts worldwide. Local eateries, often family-owned establishments, have meticulously preserved the authenticity of this dish while adding their own regional nuances. From Vienna’s cozy taverns to the vibrant streets of Berlin, each locale boasts its unique iteration of Schnitz, with locals ardently advocating for their cherished favorites.

Yet, the reputation of Schnitz does not confine itself to geographical boundaries. Its global acclaim has propelled it to the forefront of international cuisine. Across the globe, restaurants feature Schnitz on their menus, adapting it to cater to local tastes and ingredients. An assembly of chefs and food aficionados has meticulously fostered Schnitz’s reputation, sculpting memorable dining experiences that pay homage to its storied past.

The Modern Resonance of Social Media

In today’s digital age, reputation takes on fresh dimensions through the lens of social media. Schnitz has found a devoted following on platforms such as Instagram, where culinary enthusiasts share their gastronomic escapades. Each snapshot of a flawlessly golden Schnitzel underscores its timeless allure. The visual charm of Schnitz transcends linguistic barriers, beckoning eager travelers and food enthusiasts alike to embark on their own Schnitzel journey.

The Popularity of Schnitz: A Universal Gastronomic Joy

An Everyday Indulgence

Popularity often emerges from a dish’s capacity to cater to diverse palates. Schnitz, with its inherent versatility, accomplishes just that. It seamlessly transitions from a casual weeknight supper to the centerpiece of celebratory feasts. Its straightforward yet deeply satisfying flavors make it a delectable treat for individuals of all ages.

The Artistry of Culinary Innovation

While staying rooted in tradition, Schnitz has also embraced culinary innovation. Chefs have expanded their horizons beyond conventional meat choices, delving into plant-based alternatives and infusing a spectrum of seasonings and spices. This innovative spirit breathes fresh vitality into Schnitz, ensuring its relevance in an ever-evolving culinary realm.

In Conclusion: A Culinary Time Capsule

Amid a swiftly changing world, the timeless allure of Schnitz stands as a testament to the fusion of culinary heritage and forward-looking creativity. Its hard-earned reputation, lovingly nurtured across generations, and its universal popularity, uniting cultures and taste buds, spotlight the universal adoration for a dish that seamlessly blends simplicity and sophistication. Be it relished in a charming European bistro or a bustling city cafe, Schnitz continues to be a remarkable voyage that captures hearts and delights senses with every exquisite bite.

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Schnitz FAQ

How much is Schnitz's The Loaded Schnitzel?

The Loaded Schnitzel – $14.90

How much is a Schnitz Stick Chicken at Schnitz?

Schnitz Stick Chicken – $5.20

How much are Basic Instinct at Schnitz?

Basic Instinct – $11.50

How much does a Schnitz's American Dream Cost?

American Dream – $14.50

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