Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Menu Prices: How much is Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi?

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In the realm of culinary experiences, there are places that stand as testament to the artistry of cuisine. “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi” is one such haven, where the flavors of Japan come to life through meticulous preparation and presentation. In this article, we will journey through the esteemed reputation and the growing popularity of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi. Below are the latest Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi menu prices.


Soup & Salad

Miso Soup$3.06
Onion Soup$3.06
House Salad$5.46
Cucumber Salad$7.74
Seaweed Salad$7.74
Tofu Salad$12.42
Tuna Poki Salad$13.98

Samurai Teppanyaki Classic

Teriyaki Chicken Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$32.75
Vegetable Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$27.25
New York Steak Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$35.75
Sukiyaki Steak Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$33.95
Shrimp Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$44.75
Salmon Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$35.75
Calamari Steak Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$32.95
Mahi-Mahi Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$32.95
Ocean Scallops Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$37.75
Filet Mignon Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$45.50
New York Steak Samurai Teppanyaki Classic (Samurai Teppanyaki Classic)$54.95
Lobster Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$48.75
Sea Bass Samurai Teppanyaki Classic$47.25
Chicken Fried Rice$13.50
Shrimp Fried Rice$18.50
Combination Fried Rice$23.80

Sushi Bar Appetizer

Sushi Nigiri Sampler$15.54
Ahi Tuna Tataki$15.54
Tuna Sashimi$9.30
Yellowtail Sashimi$10.80
Salmon Sashimi$9.30
Screaming - O$20.22
Sashimi Sampler$23.34
Sushi Nigiri (5 Pieces) and Sashimi (3 Pieces)$23.34
Lemon Salmon with Scallion (3 pcs)$9.30
Truffle Sashimi (4 pcs)$13.98
Orange Salmon (4 pcs)$13.26
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno (5 pcs)$17.10
Oyster with Salsa (2 pcs)$6.18
Sweet Shrimp$10.14

Picked for you

Lisa Lisa Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Japanese Lasagna Roll$9.90
Popcorn Lobster Samurai Special Roll$14.82
Shrimp Tempura Roll$9.84
Dragon Roll Samurai Special Roll$10.92

Soft Drink

Roy Rogers$4.68
Arnold Palmer$4.68
Bottled Water$3.06
S Pellegrino$5.46
Red Bull$7.80

Samurai Bento Box

Chicken Teriyaki Box$21.78
Salmon Teriyaki Box$24.90
Beef Teriyaki Box$26.46
Ton Katsu$23.34
Chicken Katsu$23.34
Beef Yaki Udon$26.46

Samurai Teppanyaki Combination

Teriyaki Chicken Combo$49.95
New York Steak Combo$39.95
New York Steak Combo (Samurai Teppanyaki Combination)$44.50

Samurai Special Roll

007 Samurai Special Roll$10.20
Alaska Samurai Special Roll$9.60
Angry Lion King Samurai Special Roll$13.98
Awesome Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Bonzai Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Caterpillar Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Dragon Roll Samurai Special Roll (Samurai Special Roll)$10.92
Fire Roll Samurai Special Roll$11.70
Gimmie Five Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Green Valley Roll Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Hawaiian Roll Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Hold’Em Samurai Special Roll$14.22
I Love Yellowtail Samurai Special Roll$18.24
Lion King Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Lisa Lisa Samurai Special Roll (Samurai Special Roll)$10.92
Lobster Roll Samurai Special Roll$14.04
Lovely Wrap Samurai Special Roll$14.16
Love Roll Samurai Special Roll$11.70
Mexican Fiesta Samurai Special Roll$11.70
Mexican Samurai Special Roll$11.70
OMG - Oh My God Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Orange Crush Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Pimp My Ride Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Popcorn Lobster Samurai Special Roll (Samurai Special Roll)$14.82
Rainbow Samurai Special Roll$11.70
Rainbow on Spicy Tuna Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Red Rock Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Samurai Surf and Turf Samurai Special Roll$14.04
Samurai Spicy Yellowtail Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Samurai Spicy Salmon Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Samurai Spicy Tuna Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Scorpion Samurai Special Roll$10.92
Sexy Girl Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Sexy Mama Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Shrimp Lovers Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Something Wrong Samurai Special Roll$13.80
Sunset Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Tiger Roll Samurai Special Roll$12.48
Ultimate Shrimp Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Washington Samurai Special Roll$10.92
What The Heck Samurai Special Roll$13.26
White Tiger Samurai Special Roll$13.26
Yum Yum Samurai Special Roll$10.14


Garlic Edamame$5.99
Cold Tofu$6.25
Egg Rolls$6.25
Vegetable Tempura$9.24
Golden Scallop$7.74
Calamari Tempura$10.74
Creamy Shrimp with Sweet Chili sauce$15.54
Softshell Crab$10.74
Agedashi Tofu$7.08
Shrimp Tempura$10.74
Beef Asparagus$13.98
Kurobuta Pork Belly$9.30
Takoyaki ( 3 pcs)$4.62
Crispy Rice$9.30
Baked Green Mussel$9.30
Fried Rice$5.20

Nigiri Sushi

Tuna (Maguro) Nigiri Sushi$6.24
Yellowtail (Hamachi) Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Garlic Tuna Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Seared Tuna Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Albacore (Shiro Maguro) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Cajun Albacore Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Salmon (Sake) Nigiri Sushi$6.24
Smoked Salmon Nigiri Sushi$6.24
Shrimp (Ebi) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Super White Tuna Nigiri Sushi$6.60
Crab (Kani) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Red Snapper (Tai) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Squid (Ika) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Sulf Clam (Hokkigai) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Scallop (Hotate) Nigiri Sushi$6.24
Mackerel (Saba) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Quail Egg (Uzura) Nigiri Sushi$3.54
Smelt Roe (Masago) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Salmon Roe (Ikura) Nigiri Sushi$6.24
Sweet Egg (Tomago) Nigiri Sushi$5.82
Octopus (Tako) Nigiri Sushi$6.24

Samurai Teppanyaki Luxury

New York Steak and Lobster$51.50
Filet Mignon and Lobster$56.50
Filet Mignon, Lobster and Shrimp$67.25
Filet Mignon, Lobster and Scallops$73.50
Filet Mignon and Seabass$57.95

Standard Rolls

California Roll$9.90
Spicy Crab Roll$8.70
Spicy Tuna Roll$8.70
Spicy Salmon$8.70
Spicy Shrimp$8.70
Spicy Scallop$9.60
Philadelphia Roll$8.70
Salmon Skin Roll$9.00
Tuna Roll$8.70
Avocado Roll$10.20
Cucumber Roll$7.80

Crunch Rolls

Shrimp Tempura Roll (Crunch Rolls)$9.84
Spider Roll$11.40
Spicy Spider Roll$11.70

Tempura Rolls

California Express Roll$9.90
Crazy Philadelphia Roll$9.84
Kamikaze Roll$9.84
Jalapeno Bomb Roll$10.20
Monkey Brain Roll$10.20
Vegas Roll$10.20
Hot Night Roll$12.48

Baked Rolls

Dynamite Roll$11.70
Japanese Lasagna Roll (Baked Rolls)$9.90
Baked Lobster Roll$14.82
Baked Scallop Roll$13.26

Chirashi Bowls

Unagi Donburi$24.90
Chirashi Bowl$28.02
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A Gastronomic Journey at Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

Nestled in a quiet corner, Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary voyage. From the sizzling hibachi grills to the delicate artistry of sushi, every dish is a symphony of flavors and techniques. The chefs at Samurai are not just cooks; they are artisans who craft each dish with precision, blending tradition with innovation to create a harmonious culinary experience.

The Esteemed Reputation of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

The reputation of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is a reflection of its dedication to excellence. Each plate that leaves the kitchen is not just food; it’s a masterpiece, meticulously assembled to delight the senses. The hibachi performances are not just about cooking; they are about creating an interactive dining experience that captivates guests of all ages.

The reputation of Samurai goes beyond the culinary; it’s also a place where memories are made. From family celebrations to romantic dinners, Samurai has carved a special place in the hearts of its patrons. The consistent quality, attention to detail, and the passion for serving authentic Japanese flavors have established Samurai as a beacon of culinary delight.

The Rising Popularity of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

In recent years, Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi has witnessed a surge in popularity. The allure extends beyond the delectable dishes; it’s the immersive experience that draws people in. Social media platforms are filled with captivating images of sizzling hibachi grills, elegantly plated sushi, and happy faces, all attesting to the captivating experience Samurai offers.

The digital age has played a significant role in amplifying Samurai’s popularity. With guests sharing their dining experiences on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, word of mouth spreads faster than ever before. As newcomers are drawn in by the visual feast of colors and flavors, the reputation of Samurai continues to flourish.

In Conclusion: A Culinary Journey to Remember

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi is more than a dining establishment; it’s a celebration of flavors, techniques, and culture. The esteemed reputation they hold and the burgeoning popularity they enjoy are a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. For those seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure, Samurai offers not just a meal but a journey that encapsulates the spirit of Japan, from the sizzle of the grill to the artistry of sushi rolls.

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