Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Menu Prices: How much is Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi?

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Immerse yourself in a world of culinary wonders at “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi,” where delectable dishes and memorable dining experiences await. This article unveils the restaurant’s reputation and the rising wave of popularity it rides, offering insights into why it has become a favorite destination for food enthusiasts. Below are the latest Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi menu prices.

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Appetizers (Kitchen)

A1. Edamame$6.00
A2. Harumaki$7.00
A3. Gyoza$8.50
A4. Shu-Mai$8.50
A5. Tempura Shrimp$11.50
A6. Tempura Chicken$11.50
A7. Cheese Wonton$8.80
A8. Bang Bang Shrimp or Chicken$14.50
A9. Cheese Stick$8.50
A10. Fried Soft Shell Crab$14.50
A11. Fried Calamari$10.00
A12. Agedashi Tofu$7.00
A14. Samurai Sampler$17.50

Appetizers (Sushi Bar)

AS1. Sushi Sampler$14.50
Spicy Krab Salad$13.00
Trio Salad$14.50
AS2. Sashimi Sample$19.00
AS3. Cucumber Salad$5.00
AS4. Seaweed Salad$7.00
AS5. Squid Salad$8.50
AS6. Baby Octopus Salad$10.00
AS7. Avocado Salad$7.00
AS8. Kani-Su Salad$8.50
AS10. Seafood Salad$15.50
AS11. Tuna and Avocado Salad$15.50
AS13. Beef Tataki$19.00
AS14. Tuna Tataki$20.00
AS15. Hamachi Kama$14.50


SO1. Miso Soup$4.00
SO2. Chicken Soup$4.00
SO3. Gyoza Soup$8.50


SD1. House Salad$4.50
SD2. Grilled Salmon Salad$13.00
SD3. Grilled Chicken Salad$12.00

Extra Sauce

Side of Bang Bang Sauce$0.50
Side of Eel Sauce$0.50
Side of Gyoza Dumpling Sauce$0.50
Side of Spicy Mayo$0.50
Side of Sriracha Aioli Sauce$0.50
Side of Sweet and Sour Sauce$0.50
Side of Sweet Chili Sauce$0.50
Side of Sweet Soy Sauce$0.50
Side of Tempura Dipping Sauce$0.50
Side of Teriyaki Sauce$0.50
Side of Yum Yum Sauce$0.50

Sushi & Sashimi

Sushi Regular$26.00
Sushi Deluxe$35.00
Sashimi Regular$35.00
Sashimi Deluxe$39.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combo$56.00
Sake Don$26.00
Unagi Don$31.50
Chirashi Don$36.50
Samurai Love Boat (2)$110.00

Chef Special Roll

Liberty Roll$19.00
Amigo Roll$15.50
Samurai Roll$19.00
Black Dragon Roll$17.50
Bonsai Roll (5-6 Pieces)$17.50
Caribbean Queen Roll$19.00
Caterpillar Roll$15.50
Crazy Japanese Roll$19.00
D.O.M. Roll (Dirty Old Men)$22.00
Fire Dragon Roll$17.50
Fire Man Roll$19.00
Hawaii Roll$17.50
Louisiana Roll$19.00
Naruto Roll (5-6 Pieces)$15.50
Navarre Roll$17.50
Pink Lady Roll (5-6 Pieces)$17.00
Play Boy Roll$19.00
Rainbow Roll$15.50
Red Bull Roll$19.00
Rock N Roll$19.00
Spider Roll (5-6 Pieces)$17.50
Tuna Lover Roll$17.50
The One Roll$17.50
Volcano Roll (15-20 Mins)$17.50
Coral Reef Roll$17.00
Key Lime Roll$17.50

Fried Rolls

Big Belly Roll$22.00
Hot MaMa Roll (15-20 Mins)$17.50
Las Vegas Roll$15.50
Power Roll$17.50
Super Crunchy Roll$15.50
Tiger Roll$14.50
Dynamite Roll$15.50

Cooked Roll

Six to eight pieces.
Avocado Roll$6.00
California Roll$8.50
Crispy Bacon Roll$8.50
Cucumber Roll$6.00
Krabstick Roll$7.00
Green Roll$7.00
Crunchy Chicken Roll$8.50
Shrimp Asparagus Roll$8.50
Crunchy Shrimp Roll$8.50
Salmon Skin Roll$8.50
Cowboy Roll$11.50
Philly Roll$11.50
Fire Cracker Roll$13.00
Surf N Turf Roll$13.00
Sunrise Roll$10.00
Smokey Roll$10.00
Spicy Crawfish Roll$11.50
Tropical Roll$10.00
Unagi Roll$13.00
Yum Yum Roll$11.50

Raw Roll

Six to eight pieces.
Spicy Tuna Roll$10.00
Spicy Salmon Roll$10.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$10.00
Alaskan Roll$11.50
Tuna Roll$7.00
Yellowtail Roll$7.00
Salmon Roll$7.00

Fried Rice Dinner

F1. Plain Fried Rice$7.50
F2. Vegetable Fried Rice$10.00
F3. Pork Fried Rice$11.50
F4. Chicken Fried Rice$11.50
F5. Shrimp Fried Rice$13.00
F6. Beef Fried Rice$13.00
F7. Combo Fried Rice$18.50

Stir-Fry Noodle Dinner

Egg noodles sauteed with vegetables in teriyaki sauce.
N1. Plain Stir-Fry Noodle$8.50
N2. Vegetable Stir-Fry Noodle$15.50
N3. Pork Stir-Fry Noodle$17.50
N4. Chicken Stir-Fry Noodle$17.50
N5. Shrimp Stir-Fry Noodle$19.00
N6. Beef Stir-Fry Noodle Dinner$19.00
N7. Combo Stir-Fry Noodle Dinner$22.00

Yakisoba Noodle Dinner

Japanese Thin Noodle Stir-Fry w/ Mixed Vegetables.
Y1. Vegetable Yakisoba Noodle$15.50
Y2. Pork Yakisoba Noodle$18.50
Y3. Chicken Yakisoba Dinner$18.50
Y4. Shrimp Yakisoba Noodle$20.00
Y5. Beef Yakisoba Noodle$20.00

Hot Pot Noodle Dinners

Udon (thick) or Ramen (thin) noodles in a hot broth with choice of meat.
Chicken Ramen$15.50
Chicken Tempura Udon$17.50
Seafood Ramen$21.00
Shrimp Tempura Udon$20.00

Bento Box Dinner

All dinner bento boxes are served with fried rice and spring roll.
Beef Teriyaki Bento Box$19.50
Chicken Katsu Bento Box$18.00
Chicken Tempura Bento Box$18.00
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box$18.00
Pineapple Chicken Bento Box$18.00
Pork Katsu Bento Box$18.00
Short Rib Bento Box$23.50
Shrimp Tempura Bento Box$19.50
Shrimp Teriyaki Bento Box$19.50
Sweet and Sour Chicken Bento Box$18.00
Vegetable Tempura Bento Box$16.50
Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box$21.00

Specialty Dinners

Choose your flavor: Garden Basil, Sweet Pepper or Japanese Curry. Choose your meat: Chicken or Pork ($3), Shrimp or Beef ($5.50). Choose your rice: Fried, Steamed or Brown (+$3).
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Brown Rice)$18.00
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Fried Rice)$15.00
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Beef)$20.50
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Chicken)$18.00
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Pork)$18.00
Garden Basil Specialty Dinner (Shrimp)$20.50
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Brown Rice)$18.00
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Fried Rice)$15.00
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Beef)$20.50
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Chicken)$18.00
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Pork)$18.00
Japanese Curry Specialty Dinner (Shrimp)$20.50
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Brown Rice)$18.00
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Fried Rice)$15.00
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Beef)$20.50
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Chicken)$18.00
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Pork)$18.00
Sweet Pepper Specialty Dinner (Shrimp)$20.50

Hibachi Dinners

All dinners served with fried rice, stir fry vegetables and noodles. Delivery orders do not include soup or salad. Any special request are subject to a charge.
HD1. Vegetables$25.00
HD2. Sukiyaki Steak$33.50
HD3. Chicken$32.00
HD4. Shrimp$37.50
HD6. Salmon$36.00
HD7. Grouper$39.00
HD8. Spicy Pork$35.00
HD9. Sirloin Steak$39.00
HD10. Filet Mignon$46.00
HD11. Chicken and Shrimp$37.50
HD13. Steak and Chicken$40.50
HD14. Steak and Shrimp$44.50
HD15. Lobster and Chicken$59.00
HD16. Lobster and Shrimp$63.00
HD17. Lobster and Steak$64.00
HD18. Lobster (2 Pieces of Lobster-Tail)$70.00
HD19. Steak, Chicken and Shrimp$54.50
HD21. Samurai Dinner for Two$105.00

Hibachi Dinner Sides

Hibachi sides
Steamed Rice$4.00
Brown Rice$5.50
Fried Rice$7.50
Filet Mignon$22.00
Lobster Tail$28.00

Kid's Meal

10 and under.
K1. Chicken Nuggets and Fries$8.00
K2. Cheese Stick and Fries$8.00
K3. Corn Dog and Fries$8.00
K4. Fried Shrimp and Fries$8.00
K5. French Fries$5.50


Pineapple Boat$7.50
Fried Cheese Cake$10.00

Fountain Drinks & Tea

50/50 Tea$3.50
Diet Coke$3.50
Dr. Pepper$3.50
Sweet Tea$3.50
Unsweet Tea$3.50
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Culinary Excellence at Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi

Entering “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” is like stepping into a realm of flavors that tantalize the senses. The air is infused with the aroma of expertly cooked meats and freshly crafted sushi, creating an inviting ambiance for an exceptional dining experience. The menu is a fusion of traditional Japanese favorites and innovative creations, catering to a diverse range of tastes.

At the heart of “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” lies the mastery of teppanyaki grilling and sushi artistry. Skilled chefs demonstrate their craft by preparing dishes that are both visually captivating and bursting with flavor. From sizzling hibachi grills to delicate sushi rolls, each dish showcases the dedication to culinary perfection.

The Esteemed Reputation of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi

The reputation of “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” speaks volumes about its commitment to delivering outstanding dining experiences. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that immediately sets the tone for a memorable meal. The attentive staff members ensure that every detail is attended to, ensuring that guests leave with a sense of satisfaction.

What truly sets “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” apart is its emphasis on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. From premium cuts of meat to the finest seafood, every element of each dish is carefully sourced to ensure an unparalleled dining experience. This dedication to quality is evident in every bite.

The Growing Popularity of Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi

In recent times, “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” has witnessed a surge in popularity, captivating the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Social media platforms have played a significant role in amplifying the restaurant’s reach. Diners eagerly share their experiences through captivating photos and rave reviews, showcasing the exquisite culinary creations that “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” has to offer.

The restaurant’s reputation as a culinary haven has contributed to its increasing popularity. Whether it’s a casual evening out or a special celebration, patrons flock to “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” for its exceptional offerings. It has transformed into a sought-after destination for those who seek both delectable flavors and an unforgettable dining atmosphere.

In Conclusion: A Culinary Odyssey

“Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an invitation to embark on a culinary adventure that awakens the palate. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, dedication to quality ingredients, and mastery of culinary techniques, the restaurant has rightfully earned its place among the most cherished culinary destinations. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine or simply a lover of great food, “Samurai Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi” promises to take you on a gastronomic journey that will satisfy your cravings and leave a lasting impression.

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