Sal’s Prices New Zealand

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Sal’s Menu Prices New Zealand.

Item Price

Picked For You

Half and Half $31.50
Little Neck Combo $19.20
Buffalo Wings $17.00
Half Pepperoni $22.50
Pepperoni $38.50

Speciality items

3 Garlic Knots $5.00
Pepperoni Wheel $6.00
6 Mozzarella Sticks (Speciality items) $11.00
6 Mozzarella Sticks $11.00
Buffalo Wings (Speciality items) $17.00

Sal's Classic Pies (18")

Cheese $31.50
Pepperoni (Sal's Classic Pies (18")) $38.50
Meatball $39.50
Sausage $39.50
Veggie $38.50
Chicken and Fresh Tomato $46.00
Fire Island Pizza $40.00

Sal's Legendary Pies (18")

Nonna $37.00
Buffalo Chicken $45.00
Manhattan $44.50
Bronx $45.50
Staten (Vegan) $36.00
Brooklyn $46.00
Nonna al Pollo $46.00

Half Pizza

Half Cheese $19.00
Half Pepperoni (Half Pizza) $22.50
Half Meatball $23.00
Half Sausage $23.00
Half Veggie $23.00
Half Chicken and Fresh Tomato $26.50
Half Nonna $23.00
Half Buffalo Chicken $26.50
Half Manhattan $25.50
Half Bronx $26.00
Half Staten (Vegan) $22.00
Half Brooklyn $28.00
Half Nonna al Pollo $27.50
Half Fire Island $23.50

Half and Half

Half and Half (Half and Half) $31.50

Pizza By The Slice

Cheese Slice $5.30
Pepperoni Slice $6.50
Buffalo Slice $7.50
Veggie Slice $6.50
Nonna Slice $6.40

Slice Specials

Sal's Classic (Slice Specials) $14.40
Sal's Classic $14.40
Little Neck Combo (Slice Specials) $19.20
NYC Sampler $19.20

Group Specials

Queens Meal $50.00
NY Finest $75.00
Taste of NY $132.00
The Perfect Union $60.00

Add on

2 Knots and Can of Coke $6.00
Wheel and Can of Coke $8.00
8 Knots and 1.5 Bottle of Coke $14.00
8 Knots, 2 Wheels and 1.5 Bottle of Coke $25.00
Container of Chilli Flakes $0.50
Container of Parmesan $1.50
Container of Oregano $0.50


Soft Drink Can $4.00
420ml Soft Drink Bottle $5.20
Pump Water $5.75
1.5l Soft Drink $8.00
Organic Juice $4.20


New York Cheesecake $6.50

Single-Use Items

Cutlery $0.00
Straw $0.00
Napkins $0.00
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Sal’s New Zealand FAQ

How much is Sal's New Zealand's Half and Half?

Half and Half – $31.50

How much is a Buffalo Wings at Sal's New Zealand?

Buffalo Wings – $17.00

How much are Pepperoni Wheel at Sal's New Zealand?

Pepperoni Wheel – $6.00

How much does a Sal's New Zealand's Meatball Cost?

Meatball – $39.50