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In the world of refined indulgence, where tradition meets innovation, one name shines as a beacon of Japanese craftsmanship – Sake Australia. With a reputation that resonates with enthusiasts of fine spirits and a popularity that continues to rise, Sake has become a revered destination for those seeking the elegance and complexity of Japan’s iconic rice wine. Join us on a journey of taste and sophistication as we explore the flavors, heritage, and allure that define Sake Australia. Below are the latest Sake Australia menu prices.



Chicken Karaage$18.00
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura$26.00
Sashimi Taco$6.00
House Salad$14.00
Moreton Bay Bug Tempura$38.00


Darling Downs Wagyu$60.00
Tempura Snapper$45.00
Miso Caramelized 'Glacier 51' Toothfish$58.00
Slow Cooked Cape Grim Short Rib$46.00
Grilled Duck$45.00
Teriyaki Chicken$34.00
Teriyaki Lamb Cutlets$40.00
Spicy Wagyu Ramen$28.00
Hay smoked salmon$35.00

Sushi Roll

Tempura Salmon Roll$23.00
S Express$23.00
Ebi Rock N Roll$20.00
Spicy Dynamite Tuna Roll$19.00
Vegetable Roll$16.00
Kingfish Double Crunch$21.00
Spider Maki$20.00

Cold Starters

Beef Tataki$29.00
Nori Crisps Tuna$24.00
Hiramasa Kingfish$24.00
Shiromi hatahata-Soy$23.00
Salmon New Style$24.00
Sashimi Taco (Cold Starters)$6.00

Hot Starters

Edamame (V)$9.00
Agedashi Tofu$15.00
Vegetable Tempura$18.00
Chicken Karaage (Hot Starters)$18.00
Nasu Dengaku$18.00
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura (Hot Starters)$26.00
Moreton Bay Bug Tempura (Hot Starters)$38.00
Pan Seared Gyoza$25.00
Karaage bao$8.00
Short Rib Nigiri$15.00


House Salad (Sides)$14.00
Grilled Mushroom$16.00
Seaweed Salad$15.00
Japanese Potato Salad$10.00

Cutlery & Condiments

Extra Wasabi$1.00
Extra Sushi Ginger$1.00
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A Symphony of Distinctive Flavors

Sake Australia’s allure rests in its ability to offer a symphony of distinctive flavors that dance on the palate. At the heart of its selection is the renowned Japanese rice wine, known as sake. Crafted through the intricate fermentation of rice, water, and yeast, sake embodies a harmonious balance of sweet, dry, and umami notes. Each sip is a tribute to the mastery of the brewing process and the nuances of flavor that only sake can offer.

What sets Sake apart is its dedication to quality. The establishment curates an array of sakes that vary in taste profiles, from light and floral to bold and robust. The restaurant takes pride in offering a selection that caters to both connoisseurs and those new to the world of sake, ensuring that every glass is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Preserving Tradition and Craftsmanship

Sake Australia’s popularity is not solely built on taste; it’s rooted in its commitment to preserving tradition and craftsmanship. The establishment holds dear the age-old techniques of sake production, celebrating the heritage of Japanese brewing methods. From rice polishing to fermentation, each step is a tribute to the artistry and patience required to create this delicate libation.

The diversity of Sake’s offerings showcases its dedication to providing a range of experiences. From junmai to daiginjo, the establishment caters to various preferences and preferences. This commitment to authenticity while embracing modern palate preferences has earned Sake its reputation as a premier destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Japan’s liquid culture.

A Hub of Elegance and Appreciation

Sake Australia’s reputation is intertwined with its ability to create a hub of elegance and appreciation for the art of sake. With its presence in city centers, the establishment welcomes those seeking a refined and sophisticated experience. The atmosphere fosters an environment where patrons can embark on a journey of taste, guided by knowledgeable staff who share their passion for sake.

Furthermore, Sake’s commitment to customer experience enhances its popularity. The serene ambiance, attentive service, and emphasis on quality transform each visit into a memorable and educational experience. This dedication to providing not just a beverage but a cultural exploration has solidified Sake Australia’s reputation as a cherished destination for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

A Celebration of Culture and Craftsmanship

Sake Australia’s popularity extends beyond its liquid offerings; it’s a celebration of culture and the appreciation of age-old craftsmanship. The establishment’s ability to introduce patrons to the intricacies of sake production fosters a sense of connection to Japan’s rich heritage. The communal experience of savoring this traditional libation adds to Sake’s reputation as a place of cultural exploration and connoisseurship.

Moreover, Sake’s involvement in educational initiatives and cultural partnerships reinforces its reputation as a responsible and culturally engaged establishment. This commitment to giving back resonates with patrons who appreciate businesses that contribute positively to society.


Sake Australia serves as a testament to the idea that imbibing can be more than just consumption; it can be an exploration of heritage, craftsmanship, and taste. With its symphony of flavors, dedication to tradition, and alignment with cultural appreciation, the establishment has earned a reputation that resonates with both the discerning palate and the values of its patrons. As Sake continues to offer a refined experience and foster a sense of connection, it remains a symbol of the power of libations to transport us to distant cultures and traditions in the modern culinary landscape.

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Sake Australia FAQ

How much is Sake Australia's Chicken Karaage?

Chicken Karaage – $18.00

How much is a Teriyaki Chicken at Sake Australia?

Teriyaki Chicken – $34.00

How much are Tempura Salmon Roll at Sake Australia?

Tempura Salmon Roll – $23.00

How much does a Sake Australia's Kingfish Double Crunch Cost?

Kingfish Double Crunch – $21.00

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