Roti Canada Prices: How much is Roti Canada?

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Roti Canada has made a name for itself as a destination for authentic Caribbean cuisine, captivating taste buds with its aromatic flavors and warm hospitality. With its diverse menu, commitment to quality ingredients, and a taste that transports you to the islands, Roti Canada has gained a well-deserved reputation and a loyal following across the country. In this article, we explore the vibrant world of Roti Canada, uncovering the secrets behind its renowned reputation and unwavering popularity. Below are the latest Roti Canada menu prices.


Tandoor Se

Tandoori Mushroom$13.06
Tandoori soya chop$15.79
Veg Grill Mix$17.12
Veg tandoori platter$21.39
Paneer Tikka$14.83

Chaat Corner

Veg Momos$13.24
Chicken Momos$14.24


Butter Chicken Wings$12.75

Street Food

Bhel Puri$11.36
Chana Bhatura$14.68
Samosa Chana Chaat$11.98
Aloo Tikki Chana Chaat$13.15
Bhalla Papdi Chaat$10.82
Butter Chicken Poutine$13.03

Vegetarian Roti

Aloo Mutter Roti$13.73
Saag Chana Roti$13.80
Chana Roti$13.06
Saag Aloo Roti$14.07
Aloo Gobi Roti$13.39
Saag Paneer Roti$15.62
Shahi Paneer Roti$16.97
Baingan Aloo Roti$12.56
Mixed Vegetable Roti$14.02
Mixed Vegetables Roti$14.14
Mixed Vegetable Korma Roti$15.40

Street Food/ Chaat

Aloo Tikki Chat$9.98

Vegetarian - Appetizers

Tomato Soup$6.76
Masala Papad$3.72
Hariyali Tikki$12.24
Cheese Corn Ball$13.06
chilli paneer$15.49
Pav Bhaji Fondue$12.66
Chilli potatoes$13.24
Veg Manchurian$14.89


PEAS and RICE$6.74

Veg Main Course

Paneer Tikka Masala$14.58
Mushroom Masala$14.82
Chana Masala$13.76
Bhindi Masala$15.13
Achari Baingan$16.98
Daal Tadka$14.05
Daal Makhani$14.54
Cheesy Egg Masala$14.87
Paneer Lababdar$15.60

Non Vegetarian Roti

Vindaloo Roti$13.70


Samosa Chaat$8.54
Vegetable Pakora$5.24
Vegetable Samosa$3.36
Samosa Chat$8.57
Aloo Papri Chat$5.99
Aloo Tikki$7.20
French fries$5.90
Aloo Chaat$5.66

Caribbean Food

Jerk Chicken$9.54


Butter Chicken Signature Roti$17.78

Popular Items

Saag Paneer Curry$12.45

Signature Roti

All chicken roti are made with boneless chicken breast
Mango Chicken$13.81

Veg Appetizer

Vegetable Manchurian$13.99

Veg Appetizers

Hara Bhara Kebab$13.29

Picked for you

Butter Chicken Roti$16.09


11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Aloo Matar$12.45
Saag Paneer$16.01
Saag Chana$15.69
Palak Aloo$10.47
Aloo Mutter$14.45
Aloo Gobi$13.50
Mutter Paneer$14.23
Mixed Veg$16.99
Mixed Vegetable$12.02
Mixed Vegetable Korma$12.67
Saag Aloo$15.53
Vegetable Korma Curry$12.45
Matar Paneer$14.15
Malai Kofta$15.35
Paneer Tikka Masala Curry$12.55
Malai Kofta Curry$13.35
Saag Kofta Roti$15.57
Saag Kofta Curry$13.35

Non-Vegetarian (Meat) Choices

11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Madras Chicken$14.55

Bun Creations

Maple eh$8.48
Rise & Shine$8.88

Lamb Choices

11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Madras Lamb$13.95

Sea Food

11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Shrimp Curry Roti$15.90
Shahi Shrimp Roti$16.99
Shrimp Vindaloo$15.29
Madras Shrimp$15.13

Non Vegetarian

Lamb Curry Roti$16.42
Tikka Masala$13.19
Lamb Madras Roti$16.09
Chicken Madras Roti$15.90
Shrimp Tikka$15.15

Vegetarian Main Course

Paneer Butter Masala$16.78

Vegetarian - Main Course

Aloo Jeera$15.16
Aloo Methi$14.18
Palak Paneer$14.34
Reshmi Kadhai Veg$14.16
Vegetable Makhanwala$14.24
Methi Mutter Malai$15.39
Shahi Paneer$14.39
Paneer Kalameeri$15.18
Paneer Bhurji$15.99
Cashew Paneer$15.49
Kofta Masala$15.05
Reshmi Kadai Paneer$15.32
Paneer Kadai$16.03
Nilgiri Kofta$14.99
Cheese Butter Masala$16.49
Kaju Masala$15.12

Signature Bun Creations

Strawberry Fields$9.10
Crazy for Kaya$9.08
The Classic$8.85

Le poulet / The Chicken

Demi poulet / Half Chicken$18.46

Lunch Combo till 3pm - Papadam and a Pop of your choice. Please mention in notes. Till 3pm only.

11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Mutter Paneer Curry$12.45

Combo Repas

Sandwich Bifana$15.26

Seafood Choices

11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Shrimp Saag$15.75
Shrimp Korma$16.55

Roti Vegetarian

Choice of Roti or Rice.
Eggplant & Potato Roti$11.87

Non-Vegetarian - Appetizers

Chicken Tikka$15.11
Malai Tikka$15.09
Tandoori Chicken Legs$16.24
Chicken Shish Kebab$15.55
Hariyali Chicken Tikka$15.38
Chicken Mixed Grill$24.59
Fish Pakora$15.63
Chilli Chicken$16.68


Butter Chicken$15.40
Chicken Jalfrezi$17.05
Lamb Jalfrezi$18.05
Chicken Curry$14.64
Lamb Vindaloo$16.70
Lamb Tikka Masala$17.73
Chicken Tikka Masala$16.93
Chicken Korma$16.75
Lamb Korma$17.42
Chicken Saag$15.82
Chicken Vindaloo$16.87
Lamb Curry$15.74
Lamb Saag$16.62

Fried Rice


Non-Veg Appetizer

Chicken Achari Tikka$14.41
Chicken Mix Grill$20.24
Fish Tikka$14.99
Lamb Chops$20.99

Chicken Roti

Chicken Roti$14.21
Chicken Saag Roti$16.34
Chicken Curry Roti$16.42
Chicken Jalfrezi Roti$15.97
Chicken Korma Roti$16.91
Chicken Tikka Masala Roti$17.00
Chicken Vindaloo Roti$16.32

Rice Dishes

Served with your choice of steamed rice or rice and peas.

Lamb Roti

Lamb Roti$16.71
Lamb Saag Roti$17.22
Lamb Jalfrezi Roti$17.03
Lamb Tikka Masala Roti$17.07
Lamb Vindaloo Roti$17.17
Lamb Korma Roti$17.32

Vegetarian Rotis

Spinach and Potato$13.99
Paneer Tikka Masala Roti$16.47
Mutter Paneer Roti$15.69
Malai Kofta Roti$15.53
Saag Kofta$14.08
Navratan Korma$15.17
Hakka Chilli Paneer$15.12

Non-Vegetarian - Main Course

Chicken Butter Masala$17.04
Methi Chicken$16.71
Chicken Lababdar$16.55
Chicken Madras Curry$15.44
Achari Chicken Masala$18.79
Goat Curry$16.99
Fish Curry$17.04
Shrimp Curry$16.25

Non--Veg Main Course

Mom Made Chicken Curry$17.42

Shrimp Roti

Shrimp Roti$16.38
Shrimp Saag Roti$16.60
Shrimp Jalfrezi Roti$16.44
Shrimp Tikka Masala Roti$16.60
Shrimp Vindaloo Roti$17.55
Shrimp Korma Roti$17.28


Riz / Rice$4.24

Street Food And Chaat

Pani Puri$9.91
Dahi Puri$9.79

Roti / Naan

Lachaa Paratha$4.49


Organic Tea$3.58
Chai Latte$4.53
London Fog$4.60
Matcha Latté$5.03
Matcha Tea$4.16
Matcha Tea Frappe$6.96

Side Orders

Garlic Roti$4.77
Mango Chutney$2.11
Pulao Rice$4.96
Roti Paratha$3.23
Plain Biryani Rice$6.46
Peas Pulao$6.38
Sweet Mango Chutney$2.12
Tamarind Sauce$1.66


Vegetable Biryani$14.08
Chicken Biryani$14.76
Lamb Biryani$16.11
Shrimp Biryani$16.43

Roti and Naan

Lachha Paratha$5.06
Aloo Kulcha$5.36
Garlic Naan$3.95
Chilli Cheese Naan$5.63
Onion Kulcha$5.08
Masala Naan$4.12


Paneer Makhani Poutine$11.20
Lamb Korma Poutine$12.45


Jeera Rice$5.99
Green Peas Pulav$7.37
Vegetable Pulav$8.57
Goat Biryani$15.55
Veg Biryani$12.19
Tawa Pulav$11.99


Canned Pop$2.10
Diet Coke$1.99
Canned Soda$1.82
Coca Cola$2.48
Bottled Water$2.55
Sweet Lassi$3.77
Mango Juice$2.99
Sparkling Water$3.28
Coconut Water$2.76
Salt Lassi$3.61
Mango Lassi$5.28
Perrier Water$3.48
Red Bull$3.48


Ras Malai$5.17
Mango Rasmalai$3.99

Chat Corner

Chat Papdi$10.24
Sev Puri$10.24


Drip Coffee$2.42
Cappuccino $4.19
Flat White$4.34
Americano Misto$3.82
Flavored Macchiato$4.96
Cafe Mocha$5.09
Hot Chocolate$4.20


Gulab Jamun$5.25
Paan Kulfi$6.90
Rice Kheer$5.49

Breuvages / Beverages

7 up$2.80


Imported Sodas$4.49
Orange Fanta$2.55
Masala Chai$3.45
Canned Drinks$2.16
Bottled Drinks$3.99
Peanut Punch$2.38
Natural Spring Water$4.99
Mineral Water$2.99
Carbonated Water$4.60
Apple Juice$3.22
Orange Juice$4.37


Masala Onion$1.99
Butter Naan$4.02
Mint Chutney$0.99
Plain Roti$3.98
Plain Naan$2.99
Plain Rice$5.14
Plain Yogurt$2.88
Masala Fries$6.03
Tamarind Chutney$0.74
Chicken Samosa$3.69


Mixed Pickle$2.16

Extras/Add Ons

Extras are items that get added into the dish of your choice. Pick as many. Mention the dish you want it added to.


Berry Round Up$7.70
Go Bananas$7.70
Lets Matcha$7.70

Soft Drinks

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A Taste of the Caribbean: The Roti Experience

At Roti Canada, diners embark on a flavorful journey through the vibrant culinary traditions of the Caribbean. The star of the menu is the roti—a savory flatbread filled with a choice of delectable fillings such as curried meats, vegetables, and flavorful sauces. Each roti is made with care, combining the perfect balance of spices, textures, and flavors to create a mouthwatering experience. From the tender chunks of meat to the fragrant curry blends, Roti Canada ensures that every bite is a celebration of Caribbean cuisine.

Authenticity and Quality Ingredients

One of the key factors behind Roti Canada’s success is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality ingredients. The chefs at Roti Canada meticulously prepare each dish using traditional recipes and spices sourced directly from the Caribbean. By using fresh produce, premium meats, and aromatic spices, Roti Canada ensures that every plate served reflects the true essence of Caribbean flavors. The dedication to quality ingredients resonates with diners who seek an authentic culinary experience.

A Menu to Satisfy Every Craving

Roti Canada offers a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. In addition to their signature roti, the menu features other Caribbean specialties such as jerk chicken, curry dishes, and flavorful sides like plantains and rice and peas. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the flavors of the Caribbean. With a menu that delights meat lovers and plant-based enthusiasts alike, Roti Canada provides a taste adventure for all.

Warm Hospitality and Cultural Experience

Beyond the mouthwatering cuisine, Roti Canada offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that adds to its popularity. The friendly staff creates a welcoming environment, making every visit feel like a journey to the Caribbean islands. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular, the attentive service and vibrant ambiance provide a cultural experience that transports you to the heart of the Caribbean. The team at Roti Canada takes pride in sharing their heritage and culinary traditions, creating a sense of community that keeps patrons coming back for more.


Roti Canada stands as a gateway to the flavors and hospitality of the Caribbean, enticing diners with its commitment to authenticity, diverse menu, and warm atmosphere. Through the art of crafting flavorful rotis and a range of authentic Caribbean dishes, Roti Canada brings the essence of the islands to Canadian shores. Whether you’re seeking a comforting taste of home or an adventure into new culinary territories, Roti Canada invites you to savor the vibrant spices and cultural richness that define Caribbean cuisine. Prepare to indulge in the flavors that transport you to the sun-soaked islands of the Caribbean, right here at Roti Canada.

To learn more about Roti Canada or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Roti Canada FAQ

How much is Roti Canada's Vindaloo Roti?

Vindaloo Roti – $13.70

How much is a Aloo Matar Roti at Roti Canada?

Aloo Matar Roti – $11.95

How much are Mixed Vegetable Korma Roti at Roti Canada?

Mixed Vegetable Korma Roti – $14.25

How much does a Roti Canada's Samosa Chat Cost?

Samosa Chat – $6.49