Roll’d Prices: How much is Roll’d?

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Roll’d, a culinary sensation that fuses Asian taste and culture, has managed to capture the hearts and palates of many with its unique offerings. Let’s delve into the world of Roll’d, uncovering its reputation, rising popularity, and the secrets that make it an irresistible treat. Below are the latest Roll’d menu prices.



Pepsi Max 600ml$5.40
Soft Drinks 600mL$4.26
Schweppes Signature Series 300mL$4.00
T2 Peach Amore 300ml$6.00
Glass Spring Valley Juice$3.80
Pepsi Max 300ml$4.80
Water 600mL$3.61
Red Bull Energy$4.62
Schweppes Signature Series Ginger Beer 300mL$4.20
Water 750mL$4.00
Remedy Kombucha 330ml$5.71
Lightly Sparkling 500mL$3.91
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml$6.00
Charlies Juices 300ml$4.72
Real Iced Tea Co Mango$4.20
Red Bull 250ml$5.35
Wild Berry Kombucha 330ml$6.60
Lipton Iced Tea$5.15
Coconut Water$4.00
Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 500ml$6.00
Charlies Orange 300ml$5.40
Kombucha Apple Crisp$3.50
Kombucha Ginger Lemon$3.50
Sunkist 600ml$5.40
Bubly Lime 375ml$4.80
Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade$3.50
Pepsi 600ml$5.40
Soft Drinks 300mL$3.77
T2 Lemon Coco Breeze 300ml$6.00
Lemonade Zero Sugar 600mL$5.40
Bubly Blackberry 375ml$4.80
Pepsi 300ml$4.80
Solo Zero Sugar 600mL$5.40
Charlies Apple 300ml$5.40
Ginger Lemon Kombucha 330ml$6.60
Agrum Blood Orange 300ml$4.80
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml$5.40
Lightly Sparkling Water 500ml$4.80
Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha 330ml$6.60
Lipton Ice Tea No Sugar Lemon 500ml$6.00
Lipton Ice Tea No Sugar Peach 500ml$6.00

Bánh Mì (Việt Baguette)

Bánh Mì - Pepper Beef Steak$14.50

Bún (Noodle Salads)

Bún - Crispy Chicken Ribs$16.83

Noodles Soups

Chicken Curry - Bowl$17.48

Cơm (Rice Bowls)

Cơm - Lemongrass Chilli Chicken$16.70
Cơm - Roast Pork and Crackling$16.70
Cơm - BBQ Chicken$16.70
Cơm - Lemongrass Beef$16.70
Cơm - Crispy Chicken Ribs$16.70
Cơm - Pepper Beef Steak$17.50
Cơm - Uncle's Best Fried Rice w. BBQ Pork$17.50
Cơm - Uncle’s Best Fried Rice w. Prawn$17.50
Cơm - Uncle's Best Fried Rice w. Pork$17.50

Gỏi (Việt Salad)

Gỏi - Lemongrass Beef$15.60
Gỏi - Pork and Prawn$15.60
Gỏi - Prawn$15.60
Gỏi - Poached Chicken Breast$15.60

Phở (Noodle Soup)

Phở Bowl - Mixed Beef and Chicken$16.90
Phở Bowl - Seafood$17.90

Featured items

Phở Bowl - Sliced Rare Beef$16.90
Phở Bowl - Shredded Chicken$16.90

Group Feeds

Bao Share Feed$83.74
Soldier and Bao Share Feed$82.06
Soldiers and Bao Share Feed$84.70
Soldier Share Feed$87.52
Soldiers Share Feed$90.75
Soldier and Banh Mi Share Feed$87.52
Soldiers and Bánh Mì Share Feed$90.75


Lemongrass Chilli Chicken Rice$16.69
Vietnamese Shaking Beef Rice$17.15
Lemongrass Beef Rice$16.70
Vegan Lemongrass Chilli Chicken Rice$17.09
BBQ Chicken Rice$16.70
Uncle’s Best Fried Rice Prawn$17.50
Roast Pork and Crackling Rice$16.70
Uncle's Best Fried Rice BBQ Pork$17.50
Tofu and Vegetarian Spring Rolls Rice$16.70
Crispy Chicken Ribs Rice$16.70

Noodle Soup

Prawn Dumpling and BBQ Pork - Bowl$17.47

Soldiers® (Rice Paper Rolls)

Soldier - Poached Chicken Breast and Avo$4.95
Soldier - Lime Crusted Fish and Avo$4.95
Soldier - Low Carb Lime Crusted Fish$4.95

Banh Mi

BBQ Chicken Banh Mi$12.53
Roast Pork Belly Banh Mi$11.40
Roast Pork & Crackling Banh Mi$12.54
Lemongrass Beef Banh Mi$12.53
Vietnamese Shaking Beef Banh Mi$13.59
Vegan Lemongrass Chilli Chicken Bánh Mì$13.52


Sliced Rare Beef Pho - Bowl$16.75
Sliced Rare Beef Pho$15.00
Shredded Chicken Pho - Bowl$16.75
Shredded Chicken Pho$15.00
Mixed Beef and Chicken Pho - Bowl$16.75
Mixed Beef & Chicken Pho$15.00
Seafood Pho - Bowl$17.25
Seafood Pho$15.00


Banh Mi & Soldier Meal$42.00

Meal Deals

Pho Meal$46.67
Bun Meal$50.40
Bun/Rice Meal$42.00
Banh Mi and Soldiers Meal$49.23
Bao and Soldiers Meal$49.92
Family Meal$66.56

Classic Viet Noodle Soup

Sliced Rare Beef$15.09
Shredded Chicken$15.09
Mixed Beef & Chicken$15.09
Mushroom & Tofu$15.09


BBQ Chicken Soldier$4.92
Lemongrass Beef Soldier$4.92
Pork & Prawn Soldier$4.92
Barramundi & Avocado Soldier$4.91
Garlic Prawn Soldier$4.92
Low Carb Barramundi Soldier$4.91
Poached Chicken Breast & Avocado Soldier$4.91
Soft Shell Crab Soldier$5.15
Roast Duck Soldier$5.21
Low Carb Poached Chicken Breast Soldier$4.92

Noodle Salad

Rice option available.
Lemongrass Beef$13.32
Home-Style Pork Spring Rolls$11.66
Roast Pork Belly$11.48
Crispy Chicken Ribs$14.28
Tofu & Veg Spring Rolls$15.15

Viet Salad

Poached Chicken Breast$13.35
Pork & Prawn$13.35

Rice Paper Rolls

Complimentary sauce per soldier.
Barramundi & Avocado$4.90
Garlic Prawn$4.90
Soft Shell Crab$4.90
Poached Chicken Breast & Avocado$4.90
Low Carb Tofu$4.90
Low Carb Barramundi$4.90
Low Carb Poached Chicken Breast$4.90


BBQ Chicken Bun$16.15
Lemongrass Beef Bun$16.16
Home-style Pork Spring Rolls Bun$15.35
Roast Pork Belly Bun$15.36
Roast Pork & Crackling Bun$16.18
Tofu & Veg Spring Rolls Bun$15.69
Cripsy Chicken Ribs Bun$15.71


Poached Chicken Breast Goi$13.98
Roast Pork Belly Goi$13.57
Lemongrass Beef Goi$13.98
Pork & Prawn Goi$14.02
Prawn Goi$13.98


BBQ Chicken Bao$6.42
Lemongrass Beef Bao$6.43
Roast Pork & Crackling Bao$6.43
Roast Duck Bao$6.38
Roast Pork Belly Bao$6.01
Crispy Prawn Bao$6.39

Steamed Bun

Crispy Prawn$5.89


Cripsy Chicken Ribs$5.59
Pork Spring Rolls$5.40
Crispy Prawns$6.75
Seafood Spring Rolls$5.55
Cripsy Chicken Ribs - 3 Pieces$6.25
Veg Spring Rolls$5.40
Crab Crackers$2.67
Flaming Prawns$5.67

Popular Items

BBQ Chicken$8.14
Roast Pork & Crackling$11.52
Sweet Potato Fries$5.40
Roast Duck$5.08
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The Culinary Artistry of Roll’d

At the heart of Roll’d’s appeal lies its masterful craft of rolls. These delicate rice paper creations encase a symphony of ingredients that burst with flavors in every bite. Whether it’s the classic rice paper rolls adorned with fresh herbs and succulent proteins or the innovative vermicelli noodle rolls, each dish showcases the meticulous attention to detail that defines Roll’d’s culinary artistry.

A Reputation That Blossomed

Roll’d’s journey from a local gem to a national treasure is a testament to its dedication to quality and authenticity. Born from a small family venture, Roll’d’s commitment to excellence resonated with food enthusiasts, sparking a loyal following that continues to grow. This reputation isn’t just limited to locals; it has transcended geographical boundaries, introducing diverse palates to the rich tapestry of Vietnamese flavors.

Roll’d’s reputation has been further bolstered by its online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, where tantalizing visuals of their creations entice foodies to explore the depths of their menu.

A Taste for Every Palate

What sets Roll’d apart is its remarkable ability to cater to a wide array of tastes. From the comforting embrace of Phở to the crispy delight of Bánh Mì, Roll’d’s menu encompasses a fusion of flavors that celebrates multiculturalism. The popularity of Roll’d doesn’t just rest on tradition; it thrives on innovation. The culinary team consistently introduces new creations, infusing seasonal ingredients and imaginative combinations to keep the dining experience exciting.

In Conclusion: A Fusion of Flavor and Culture

In a world where culinary exploration knows no bounds, Roll’d stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural gastronomic experiences. Its reputation, built from local roots to national acclaim, and its universal popularity that transcends backgrounds, highlight the magic of a restaurant that brings people together through taste. Whether savoring rice paper rolls or indulging in a bowl of Phở, Roll’d invites us to embark on a flavorful journey that not only satiates the appetite but also celebrates the diversity of culture through every bite.

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Roll’d FAQ

How much is Roll'd's Banh Mi & Soldier Meal?

Banh Mi & Soldier Meal – $42.00

How much is a Banh Mi & Soldiers Meal at Roll'd?

Banh Mi & Soldiers Meal – $42.00

How much are Family Meal at Roll'd?

Family Meal – $60.00

How much does a Roll'd's Sliced Rare Beef Cost?

Sliced Rare Beef – $15.09

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