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Imagine stepping into a world where culinary artistry meets theatrical performance – a realm curated by the culinary expertise of Chef Hiroshi Nakamura. Established as a haven for Japanese gastronomy, Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse carries a legacy that pays homage to the essence of Japanese cuisine. The establishment embodies Chef Nakamura’s vision to create a dining experience that transports guests to the vibrant streets of Tokyo. Below are the latest Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse menu prices.


Small Plates‏

Gyoza Pan Seared Dumplings$5.95
Shrimp Tempura$9.95
Beef Roll$9.95
Agedashi Tofu$5.50
Vegetable Tempura$6.95
Calamari Tempura$7.95
Soft Shell Crab$10.95

Small Plates‏ (Sushi)

Edamame (Small Plates‏ (Sushi))$3.95
Seaweed Salad$6.95
Soft Shell Crab (Small Plates‏ (Sushi))$10.95

Combinations (Sushi)‏

Sushi Special$11.95
Sashimi Special A$13.95
Sashimi Special C$23.95
Today's Special$15.95
Sashimi Special B$18.95
Sushi Sashimi$30.95

Nigiri Sushi (Sushi)

By piece.

Specialty Rolls (Sushi)

Hot Night$12.95
Ocean Breeze$11.95
Red Heat$10.95
Crunch Melt$12.95

Rolls (Sushi)

California with Masago$5.25
Unagi (Rolls (Sushi))$5.25
Tuna Avocado$6.95
Jalapeño Spicy Tuna$8.95
Spicy Tuna$6.25
King Kong$8.95
Spicy Salmon$5.25
Spicy Shrimp$5.75
Shrimp Tempura (Rolls (Sushi))$6.25
Soft Shell Crab (Rolls (Sushi))$7.50
Spicy Tuna Rice Crispy$8.95

Sauces To Go

Salad Dressing$8.00
Teriyaki Sauce$13.00

Featured Items

Includes soup, salad, vegetables, steamed rice and ice cream.
New York Steak$25.95
Vegetables Delight Shrimp$13.95
Shrimp (Featured Items)$25.95
Filet Mignon$28.95
Chicken & Shrimp$30.95
Calamari & Shrimp$28.95
Filet Mignon & Calamari$35.95
Filet Mignon & Shrimp$39.95
Calamari & Salmon$34.95
Filet Mignon & Salmon$40.95
Seafood Special Cold Water Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp$49.95
Chicken & Calamari$24.95
Filet Mignon & Chicken$30.95
Shrimp & Salmon$36.95
Filet Mignon, Shrimp & Chicken$40.95
Lobster & Chicken Cold Water Lobster$40.95
Rokbonki Special Cold Water Lobster, Filet Mignon$49.95


Steamed Rice$1.50
Spicy Garlic Batter$2.00
Fried Rice$5.50
Egg Yolk Batter$2.50
Extra Vegetables$6.95

Extras (Sushi)

Cucumber (Extras (Sushi))$0.50
Spicy Sauce$0.50

Kids' Menu

For children under 10. Includes soup or salad, vegetables, steamed rice and ice cream.
Chicken (Kids' Menu)$10.95


Ice Cream$1.95
Tempura Ice Cream$5.95
Mochi Ice Cream 2 Pieces$3.95


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A Legacy of Culinary Craftsmanship

At the heart of Rokbonki’s menu lies a symphony of flavors that tell the story of culinary craftsmanship and dedication. The “Signature Teppanyaki Grill,” a culinary masterpiece, captures the essence of Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse. Sizzling ingredients, expertly seasoned and cooked with precision, delight the senses with their aroma and taste. Each sizzle is a reflection of the expertise and care that go into every dish.

However, the menu stretches beyond teppanyaki. From the delicate “Sushi Rolls” to the flavorful “Hibachi Chicken,” each dish showcases the culinary artistry and spirit of Japanese classics. The culinary artisans behind each creation pour their passion and skill, ensuring that every plate embodies the essence of elevated dining.

An Echo of Excellence: Reputation

The allure of Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse extends beyond its menu; it’s a reflection of the reputation it has meticulously cultivated. What began as a culinary endeavor has flourished into a revered establishment, cherished by both locals and aficionados of authentic Japanese flavors. The reputation isn’t confined to the food; it’s about the stories and connections that flourish within its inviting ambiance.

The ambiance at Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse is a blend of cultural immersion and comfort. Thoughtful decor and Japanese-inspired motifs create an environment that’s perfect for cultural experiences and celebratory occasions. Guests aren’t just patrons; they become part of a narrative where laughter, camaraderie, and cherished memories intertwine. The attentive staff, dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensure that every visit is an experience to remember.

A Culinary Sanctuary of Popularity

The popularity of Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse is a testament to its ability to resonate with a diverse audience. Drawing patrons for various occasions, from family dinners to celebratory gatherings, the establishment’s appeal transcends boundaries. It’s a sanctuary where flavors harmonize with moments, crafting memories that extend beyond the meal.

The charm of Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse lies in its ability to cater to varied tastes. With a menu that honors Japanese traditions while embracing modern interpretations, the establishment ensures there’s something for everyone. The culinary journey is complemented by a carefully curated selection of beverages, from traditional green tea to sake, each enhancing the dining experience.

A Culinary Odyssey Unveiled: The Conclusion

As our culinary odyssey through Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse comes to a close, its legacy continues to thrive. Fueled by Chef Hiroshi Nakamura’s vision and the dedication of its team, the establishment stands as a testament to exceptional cuisine and cherished cultural connections. With a reputation etched in the hearts of its patrons and a popularity that continues to rise, Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse invites all to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of dining and the joy of shared cultural experiences.

In a world abundant with dining options, Rokbonki Japanese Steakhouse remains a sanctuary of flavor and cultural connection. So, as you step into its embrace, be prepared to indulge in more than just dishes; be ready to savor an experience that captures the essence of fine dining, cultural exploration, and the timeless delight of shared flavors.

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