Rice Workshop Australia Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Rice Workshop Australia menu prices.

Item Price


Chicken Katsu Curry Bowl $12.78
Original Beef Curry Bowl $12.78
Original Beef Rice Bowl $11.48

Chicken Rice Bowl

Teriyaki Chicken $11.54
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl $11.48
Teriyaki Chicken with Egg $12.72
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken $11.35
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl $11.48
Teriyaki Chicken with Egg Rice Bowl $12.65

Ramen Bowl

Chashu Pork Ramen Bowl $13.18
Teriyaki Chicken ramen $13.60
Teriyaki Chicken Ramen Bowl $13.18
Chicken Katsu ramen $13.68
Chicken Katsu Ramen Bowl $13.18
Tori Karaage ramen $13.68
Tori Karaage Ramen Bowl $13.03
Tofu & Mushroom Ramen Bowl $13.18
Steamed Veggies ramen $13.68
Steamed Veggies Ramen Bowl $13.03

Beef Rice Bowl

Original Beef $11.54
Original Beef with Egg $12.72
Original Beef with Egg Rice Bowl $12.65
Kimchi Beef $12.72
Kimchi Beef Rice Bowl $12.65

Ramen Bowl (Egg Noodles)

Chashu Pork ramen $13.70
Tofu & Mushroom Ramen $13.70

Udon Bowl (Wheat Noodles)

Plain Udon $8.50
Teriyaki Chicken udon $13.03
Tempura Prawn udon $13.03

Salmon Rice Bowl

Fresh Salmon $16.12
Fresh Salmon Rice Bowl $16.25
Ontama Salmon $17.28
Ontama Salmon Rice Bowl $16.83
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon $16.28
Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl $16.43
Salmon Karaage $14.16
Salmon Karaage Rice Bowl $14.45

Other Rice Bowl

Chicken Katsu rice bowl $12.16
Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl $11.93
Chicken Katsu $12.05
Grilled Tofu Steak $11.60
Grilled Tofu Steak Rice Bowl $11.78

Workshop Bento

Grilled Tofu & Mushroom Bento $16.60

Special Rice Bowl

spicy pork belly rice bowl $14.30

Cold Snacks

Edamame $3.24
Seaweed Salad $3.24
Green Salad $3.13

Udon Bowl

Original Beef Udon $13.00
Original Beef Udon Bowl $12.96
Teriyaki Chicken Udon Bowl $12.96
Tempura Prawn Udon Bowl $12.96
Veggie Pancake Udon Bowl $12.48
Steamed Veggies udon $14.35
Steamed Veggies Udon Bowl $12.96
Tempura Prawn and Vege Pancake Udon Bowl $15.72

Curry Bowl

Original Beef Curry $12.68
Chicken Katsu Curry $12.68
Chicken Karaage Curry $12.68
Chicken Karaage Curry Bowl $12.60
Char-Grilled Chicken Curry Bowl $12.78
Tofu Curry $12.68
Tofu Curry Bowl $12.78
Char-Grilled Chicken Curry $12.68

Hot Snacks

Miso Soup $3.16
Chicken Karaage $4.63
Veggie Spring Rolls $3.30
Veggie Pancake $3.24
Veggie Croquette $3.34
Crab Croquette $3.18
Spicy Squid Skewer $3.20
Takoyaki $3.32
Tempura Prawn $3.19
Tofu Steak $3.23
Chicken Yakitori $3.18
Vegetable Gyoza $3.20
Pork Gyoza $3.20

Workshop Bentos

Chicken Katsu bento $16.05
Angus Beef Steak Bento $18.40
Katsu Bento $18.40
Grilled Salmon Bento $18.44
Unagi Bento $18.47
Tempura Fish Bento $17.48


Calpis Water $3.64
Green Tea $3.57
Soft Drinks Cans $3.57
Soft Drinks Bottles $4.28
Water $3.41
Sparkling Water $4.13
Iced Tea $4.63
Calpico Soda $3.46


Daifuku Ball $3.33


Japanese Fried Chicken $7.05
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To learn more about Rice Workshop Australia or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://www.riceworkshop.com.au/.

Rice Workshop Australia FAQ

How much is Rice Workshop Australia's Original Beef Curry Bowl?

Original Beef Curry Bowl – $12.78

How much is a Spicy Teriyaki Chicken at Rice Workshop Australia?

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken – $11.35

How much are Chashu Pork ramen at Rice Workshop Australia?

Chashu Pork ramen – $13.70

How much does a Rice Workshop Australia's Tori Karaage Ramen Bowl Cost?

Tori Karaage Ramen Bowl – $13.03