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Picture stepping into the realm of the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar, where history and flavors converge to create an experience like no other. Founded by culinary visionary Sarah Lawson in the early 2000s, this establishment bears witness to the passion that drove her to craft a haven for those seeking extraordinary flavors. Rooted in the belief that a meal should be a journey, the steakhouse elevates the dining experience to an art form. Below are the latest Redwood Steakhouse & Bar menu prices.


Start & Share

Firecracker Calamari$14.00
Wings and Things$15.00
Panko Breaded Chicken Strips$13.00
Fried Ribs$12.00


Make your salad a wrap with a side for an additional charge.
Redwood Greens$12.00
Caesar Salad$13.00
CBA Salad$18.00

Big Bites

Lodge Double Burger$18.00
Open Top Steak Sandwich$18.00
Beer Batter Fish and Chips (2 Pieces)$15.00
Crispy Chicken Burger$17.00
Artisan Charcuterie$35.00


Tandoori Chicken$19.99
Meat Lovers$19.99


English Toffee Pudding$10.00
Maple Walnut Cheesecake$10.00
Rich Dark Chocolate Cake$10.00


Made from Local products
Redwood Greens (Starter)$8.00
Redwood Greens (Entrée)$12.00
Hail Caesar (Starter)$8.00
Hail Caesar (Entrée)$13.00
Soup Kettle (Starter)$9.00
Soup Kettle (Entrée)$12.00

From The Grill

Prime Rib Burger$22.00
Baseball Cut - Top Sirloin$30.00
Peppercorn Striploin$36.00
Chef's Signature - Tomahawk Ribeye$135.00

Chef Signature

Short Ribs$30.00
Chicken Cordon Bleu$31.00
BC Salmon$31.00
Baked Lobster Tail$36.00


Penne Chicken Alfredo$20.00
Mixed Seafood Fettuccine$29.00


Maple Walnut Cheesecake$10.00
Rich Dark Chocolate Cake$10.00
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Crafting Culinary Magic: A Legacy of Flavor

The heart of the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar lies in its culinary craftsmanship. The signature dish, aptly named the “Redwood Ribeye Rendezvous,” exemplifies the establishment’s commitment to impeccable taste. A succulent ribeye steak, grilled to perfection, beckons with its enticing aroma and tender texture. Each bite speaks volumes about the dedication and expertise woven into every culinary creation.

But the steakhouse’s offerings extend beyond the iconic ribeye. From the zesty “Citrus Glazed Salmon” to the hearty “Portobello Mushroom Wellington,” the menu boasts an array of choices that cater to varied preferences. The culinary artisans behind each dish infuse creativity and care, ensuring that every plate served is a masterpiece in its own right.

A Reverberating Reputation: Echoes of Excellence

The allure of the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar is not limited to the dishes it serves; it’s a reflection of the reputation it has carefully cultivated over the years. What began as a culinary dream has blossomed into a renowned establishment celebrated by locals and visitors alike. The steakhouse’s reputation isn’t merely built on the foundation of its flavors; it’s also grounded in the stories that unfold within its cozy walls.

The ambiance, characterized by warm lighting and rustic decor, sets the stage for memorable moments. Patrons aren’t merely diners; they become part of a larger narrative, where celebrations, laughter, and connections intertwine. The attentive staff, guided by a commitment to exceptional service, ensure that each visit is more than a meal—it’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark.

A Culinary Haven: A Melting Pot of Popularity

The popularity of the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar is akin to a symphony of flavors resonating with a diverse audience. Drawing in both local regulars and curious newcomers, the establishment’s allure is a testament to its ability to cater to a wide spectrum of palates. Whether it’s a family gathering, a date night, or a casual catch-up, the steakhouse’s appeal transcends occasions, becoming a canvas for shared moments.

The establishment’s charm lies in its ability to create a welcoming space where everyone feels at home. With a menu that pays homage to classics while embracing innovation, the steakhouse ensures that there’s something for everyone. The inclusive approach to culinary artistry is mirrored in its range of beverages, including handcrafted cocktails that complement the flavors of each dish.

A Culinary Journey Unveiled: The Finale

As the curtains draw on our exploration of the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar, its legacy continues to flourish. Fueled by the dedication of its founder and the collective passion of its team, the establishment stands as a beacon of exceptional cuisine and heartfelt experiences. With a reputation that’s etched in the hearts of its patrons and popularity that grows with each passing day, the steakhouse invites all to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the magic of flavors and connections.

In a world where dining experiences abound, the Redwood Steakhouse & Bar remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering a symphony of taste and camaraderie. So, as you step into its embrace, prepare to indulge in more than just dishes; prepare to savor an experience that honors the art of dining and the joy of shared moments.

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