Red Rooster Menu Prices Australia

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Red Rooster Australia menu prices.

Item Price


Pickle Snack Sub $6.45
6 Chicken Nuggets $8.84
Chilli Aioli Snack Sub $6.11
Herb Mayo Snack Sub $6.11
6 Nuggets $8.37
Honey BBQ Snack Sub $6.12
Cheesy Nuggets $7.96
10 Chicken Nuggets $11.63
Chipotle Snack Sub $5.95


Tenders Box $18.95
Triple Rippa Box $23.08
Trop Box $18.75
Reds Tender Burger Box $19.22
Triple Spicy Box $21.65
Rooster Roll Box $19.66
Reds Burger Box $19.57
Rippa Box $19.89
BBQ Bacon Tender Box $20.26
Rippa Tender Roll Box $19.67
Triple Rippa Tender Roll Box $21.79
3 PC Satisfryer $18.71
Spicy Box $19.65
Triple BBQ Bacon Tender Box $22.26
Salad Roll Box $20.50
Triple Reds Burger Box $21.60
Reds Hot Satisfryer $20.05

Burgers, Rolls, & Wraps

Triple Flayva $14.45
Triple Rippa Roll $14.28
Reds Tender Burger $11.34
Double Hellfire Hot Burger $12.99
Flayva Tender Wrap $11.57
Double Hellfire Medium Burger $12.99
Double Classic Mayo Burger $12.99
Bacon and Cheese Rippa Tender Roll $12.52
Double BBQ Bacon Burger $13.54
Triple Rippa Tender Roll $13.54
Hellfire Hot Burger $9.49
Spicy Burger $11.39
Hellfire Medium Burger $9.49
Roast Chicken Chips & Gravy Roll $10.49
Rippa Tender Roll $11.38
BBQ Bacon Burger $12.28
Classic Mayo Burger $9.49
BLT Wrap $10.53
Triple Flayva Tender Wrap $13.69
Triple Spicy Burger $13.39
Chilli Aioli Wrap $9.53
Flayva Wrap $11.23
Triple Bacon and Cheese Rippa Tender Roll $14.64
Flayva $9.49
Bacon & Cheese Rippa $10.57
Roast Chicken & Gravy Roll $10.71
Triple Reds Tender Burger $13.40
Rooster Roll $10.70
Salad Roll $11.97
Triple BBQ Bacon Tender Burger $14.19
Rippa Roll $10.47
Original Crispy Burger $9.53
Chicken, Cheese, & Bacon Burger $7.62
Cheeseburger $5.69

Sides & Kids' Meal

Pops Kids' Meal $8.61

Sides & Kids Meals

Kids Tender Meal $9.03
Sauces $0.50
Corn Wheels $3.95
Cheesy Nuggets Kids Meal $8.79
Nuggets Kids Meal $8.80
Kids Sub Meal $9.03
Chicken Pops Kids Meal $8.81
Pineapple Fritter $3.24
Garlic Bread $4.49


Magnum Brownie $4.71
Strawberry Cheesecake $5.26
Gooey Chocolate Cake $4.76
Classic Chocolate Magnum Tub $9.95
Rainbow Paddle Pop $2.49
Chocolate Paddle Pop $2.49
Golden Gaytime $4.36
Classic Magnum $4.74
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake $4.49
Chocolate Mousse $4.78

New Burgers

Triple BBQ Bacon Burger $14.95
Triple BBQ Bacon Burger Box $23.25
Triple Picklebird Burger $14.95
Triple Picklebird Burger Box $23.25
Picklebird Burger $12.95
Picklebird Burger Box $21.25
BBQ Bacon Burger Box $20.43

Hot Honey

Hot Honey Fried $5.12
Hot Honey Fried Chicken 2 Piece Regular Combo $16.03
Hot Honey Fried Chicken 3 Piece Satisfryer $20.25
Hot Honey Fried Chicken Pack $44.90

Roast Chicken & Family Meals

Reds Family Meal $25.00
Pops Family Meal $35.02
Big Value Feast $40.31
Buttermilk Pops Family Feed $27.95
Classic Roast $15.00
Classic Tropicana $16.99
Family Roast $40.15
Mega Feast $48.15

Shared Meals

Burger Pack $41.76
Fried Chicken Pack $40.04
Aussie Favourite $33.38
Rooster Feed $45.40
Fried Pack $40.48
Reds Burger Pack $39.04
Big Feast $55.78
Big Reds Feast $55.04
Wholesome Roast $39.36
Reds Hot Fried Pack $44.48

Roast & Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken $3.96
Whole Chicken $19.53
Reds Hot Fried $4.99
10 Cheesy Nuggets $11.63
6 Cheesy Nuggets $8.63

Individual Meals

Cheeseburger Kids' Meal $8.49
Chicken Drumstick Kids' Meal $8.49

Roast & Fried

Roast Chicken - Half $13.99

Popular Items

Hellfire Mega Box $17.39
Classic (Quarter) $13.10
Roast Chicken (Whole) $18.06
Rooster Roll Mega Box $15.40
Classic (Half) $15.03


Chicken Nuggets $7.96

Snacks & Sides

Buttermilk Wings $5.95
Hellfire Wings $10.95
Onion Rings $3.95
Chicken Pops $8.63
Chicken Loaded Chips $7.24
Vegetable Medley $4.49
Crunchy Slaw $5.49
Chips $5.55
Crispy Strip $2.70
Dipping Sauce $0.50
Mash & Gravy $4.32
Gravy $3.82
Peas $4.32
Corn Cobs $7.06

Chicken Combos

Chicken 2 Piece $15.08
Classic Roast with Mixed Potatoes $16.49
Classic Tropicana Combo $17.49
3 Tenders Combo $14.94
Classic Quarter Combo $14.23
Reds Roast Combo $15.15
Fried Chicken 2 Piece $14.32
Tropicana Combo $17.06
Reds Hot Fried Combo $15.71


Kids' Drink $3.22

Burgers & Rolls

Bacon and Cheese Rippa Roll $11.33


Other Drinks $3.25
1.25L Drinks $5.95
375ml Drinks $3.95
600ml Drinks $4.95
Soft Drink 375ml $3.87
Soft Drink 600ml $4.87
Soft Drink 1.25L $5.87
Water 600ml $4.36
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In the realm of culinary delights, where taste and convenience intersect, one name shines as a symbol of delicious comfort – Red Rooster Australia. With a reputation that resonates with food enthusiasts and a popularity that continues to soar, Red Rooster has become a beloved destination for those seeking the perfect combination of succulent chicken, flavorful sides, and culinary convenience. Join us on a flavorful journey as we uncover the tastes, tradition, and allure that define Red Rooster Australia.

A Symphony of Succulent Chicken and Irresistible Sides

Red Rooster Australia’s allure lies in its ability to offer a symphony of succulent chicken and irresistible sides that satisfy the palate. At the heart of its menu is the iconic rotisserie chicken, marinated and slow-cooked to perfection. Complementing this star attraction are the mouthwatering sides, each crafted with care, featuring a range of flavors and textures that create a harmony of taste.

What sets Red Rooster apart is its commitment to quality. The restaurant takes pride in using high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. From classic quarter chickens to innovative chicken wraps, Red Rooster Australia offers a diverse range of options that cater to both traditional cravings and modern taste preferences.

Culinary Craftsmanship and Flavor Fusion

Red Rooster Australia’s popularity is not solely built on taste; it’s propelled by its culinary craftsmanship and flavor fusion. The restaurant takes the essence of rotisserie chicken and sides and elevates them with creative twists, signature sauces, and a blend of global influences. This approach appeals to both those seeking comfort in familiar flavors and those eager to embark on a culinary adventure.

The menu’s diversity is a testament to Red Rooster’s commitment to satisfying a wide range of palates. From classic roast chicken to gourmet wraps with unexpected fillings, the restaurant caters to individual preferences, dietary needs, and adventurous taste buds. This ability to blend tradition with innovation has contributed to Red Rooster Australia’s reputation as a culinary destination that offers something for everyone.

A Hub of Convenience and Culinary Indulgence

Red Rooster Australia’s reputation is closely tied to its ability to create a hub of convenience and culinary indulgence that resonates with patrons. With multiple locations across bustling city centers, the restaurant caters to families, friends, and anyone seeking a hearty and satisfying meal. The convenience of accessibility, combined with the diverse menu, makes Red Rooster a preferred choice for those looking for a quick and tasty dining experience.

Furthermore, Red Rooster’s commitment to customer experience enhances its popularity. The friendly service, emphasis on quality, and dedication to providing a satisfying experience transform each visit into a memorable culinary journey. This commitment to offering not just a meal but a convenient and satisfying experience has solidified Red Rooster Australia’s reputation as a beloved dining destination.

A Celebration of Shared Meals and Culinary Pleasures

Red Rooster Australia’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a celebration of shared meals and culinary pleasures. The restaurant’s ability to bring people together over a shared love for comfort and convenience fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The communal experience of enjoying a hearty meal adds to the restaurant’s reputation as a place of togetherness and culinary camaraderie.

Moreover, Red Rooster’s involvement in community initiatives and partnerships has reinforced its reputation as a responsible and caring establishment. This commitment to giving back resonates with diners who appreciate businesses that contribute positively to society.


Red Rooster Australia is a testament to the fact that dining can be more than just sustenance; it can be an exploration of flavors, convenience, and shared enjoyment. With its symphony of succulent chicken and mouthwatering sides, dedication to culinary craftsmanship, and alignment with the values of togetherness, the restaurant has earned a reputation that resonates with both the indulgent palate and the values of its patrons. As Red Rooster continues to offer satisfying experiences and foster a sense of connection, it remains a symbol of the power of food to create memorable moments and celebrate culinary richness in the modern gastronomic landscape.

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Red Rooster Australia FAQ

How much is Red Rooster Australia's 30 for $30 Buttermilk Wings?

30 for $30 Buttermilk Wings – $30.00

How much is a Reds Family Meal at Red Rooster Australia?

Reds Family Meal – $25.00

How much are Whole Chicken at Red Rooster Australia?

Whole Chicken – $17.80

How much does a Red Rooster Australia's Reds Burger Pack Cost?

Reds Burger Pack – $39.04