Rancho Mateo Steakhouse Menu Prices: How much is Rancho Mateo Steakhouse?

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Nestled in the heart of the city, Rancho Mateo Steakhouse stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and a haven for those seeking the finest dining experience. With a reputation that echoes through the culinary world and a popularity that draws in food enthusiasts from all corners, let’s take a journey into the world of Rancho Mateo Steakhouse, exploring its exceptional reputation and the factors that contribute to its widespread popularity. Below are the latest Rancho Mateo Steakhouse menu prices.



Mini Empanadas$9.99
Guacamole con Tostones$11.99
Tostones Rellenos con Camarones$13.50
Guacamole con Chips$11.99
arepitas con guacamole$10.99
arepa de chocolo con queso$4.50
Camarones Empanizados$11.99
sanduche de carne con papas$11.99
Aguacates Rellenos con Camarones$13.99
Platano con Queso$5.50
Alitas de Pollo$11.99
sanduche de pollo con papas$11.99
Ceviche de Camarones$15.99
Arepitas con Hogao$7.99
Anillos de Calamar$11.99
arepa blanca con queso$4.50
Frijoles con Queso y Chips$8.99
Camarones al Coco$11.99
arepa de chocolo sin queso$2.99


Chicken Caesar Salad with Chicken$14.99
Ensalada de Carne$16.50
Ensalada de Pollo$15.99
Ensalada Mixta$18.99
Ensalada de Aguacate$9.99
Ensalada Verde$6.50
Ensalada Mateo$20.99
Ensalada de Mariscos$20.99
Ensalada de Salmon$20.99
Caesar Salad$11.99

Steakhouse Colombian Style

Carne a la Llanera$24.99
Churrasco Colombiano$26.99
Combo Mateo$26.99
Churrasco Argentino$25.99
Mar y Tierra a la Parrilla$31.99
Entrana Mateo$32.99
Churrasco Montanero$27.99
Costillas de Res$26.99
Entrana a la Parrilla$29.99
New York Strip Steak$30.99
Filet Mignon$29.99
T Bone Steak$31.99
Rib Eye Steak$34.99
Mixto Carne y Costilla$25.99
Punta de Anca$26.99

Mateo's Meat Combination

Picada #2 (Medium Picada)$57.00
Picada #1 (Small Picada)$37.99
Picada#3 (Large Picada)$88.00
Picada Familiar$117.00

Platos Tipicos

Bandeja Paisa$23.99
Lomo de Res Salteado$21.99
Bistec Encebollado$19.99
Cazuela de Frijoles$21.99
Lengua en Salsa$19.99
Bandeja Montanera con Carne Molida$23.99
Bistec a la Plancha$17.99
Carne en Salsa de Champinones$20.99
Sobrebarriga a la Criolla$19.99
Bistec a la Criolla$19.99
Bistec a Caballo$20.50


Pechuga en Salsa de Champinones$19.50
Pechuga Hawaiana$20.99
Arroz con Pollo$19.99
Pechuga a la Parrilla$17.99
Pechuga Encebollada$18.99
Milanesa de Pollo$18.99
pechuga con camarones al gril$20.50
Pollo al Ajillo$19.99


Chuleta Calena$18.99
Lomo de Cerdo a la Parrilla$17.99
Costillas de Cerdo$20.50
Lomo Hawaiano$19.99
Lomo en Salsa de Champinones$18.99


Cazuela de Mariscos$25.99
Pargo Rojo$26.99
Salmon a la Parrilla$21.99
Salmon con Camarones$25.99
Camarones al Ajillo$20.99
Mojarra Frita$25.99
Arroz con Mariscos$25.99
Filete de Pescado Empanizado$18.99
Tilapia al Ajillo$18.99
Filete a la Plancha$17.99
Salmon en Salsa de Ajo$22.99
Filete con Camarones$23.99
Entrana Marinera$29.99
Arroz con Camarones$20.99

Kids Mains

Chori Criollas$11.99
Chicken Nuggets$11.99
Dedos de Pollo$12.99
Cheese Burger$10.99

Side Orders

Morcilla (Side Orders)$14.99
Arroz Grande$7.50
Frijol Grande$8.99
Papas Fritas$5.00
Yuca Frita$5.00
Papa Chorreada$5.00
Papa Cocida$4.50
Papa Criolla$7.99
Yuca Chorriada$5.00


caldo de costilla grande$10.99
consome de pollo grande$10.99
caldo de costilla pequeno$8.50
consome de pollo pequeno$8.50


jugo en agua$5.50
jugo en leche$6.50
tres leches (postre)$7.00
cafe grande$2.50
agua botella$1.60
cafe pequeno$2.00
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Crafting Culinary Masterpieces: The Art of Steak Perfection

At Rancho Mateo Steakhouse, the kitchen is a canvas upon which skilled chefs create culinary masterpieces. From selecting the choicest cuts of meat to grilling them to perfection, every step is a symphony of precision and passion. Each steak is treated as an opportunity to create a tantalizing blend of flavors that dance on the taste buds. Whether it’s a succulent ribeye or a tender filet mignon, the steaks at Rancho Mateo Steakhouse are a testament to culinary artistry.

A Reputation Built on Quality and Excellence

Rancho Mateo Steakhouse’s reputation is a product of unwavering commitment to quality and a passion for the culinary craft. The culinary team understands that exceptional dishes begin with the finest ingredients. With a focus on locally sourced produce and top-tier meats, every dish is elevated to a level of excellence that speaks for itself. This dedication to quality has earned Rancho Mateo Steakhouse the respect and admiration of food connoisseurs and casual diners alike.

An Inviting Haven of Hospitality

Beyond the culinary delights, Rancho Mateo Steakhouse offers an ambiance that’s a perfect blend of sophistication and warmth. The moment you step inside, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes comfort and elegance. The attentive staff ensures that every guest feels like a cherished patron, creating an environment that’s perfect for intimate gatherings and joyous celebrations alike. The ambiance adds a layer of delight to the dining experience, making every visit memorable.

A Culinary Journey Worth Experiencing

The popularity of Rancho Mateo Steakhouse is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Through glowing recommendations, online reviews, and social media buzz, word of the exceptional dining experience has spread far and wide. Locals and visitors alike flock to Rancho Mateo Steakhouse, drawn by the promise of savoring remarkable flavors and enjoying exceptional service. The restaurant’s popularity speaks volumes about its ability to consistently deliver on its promises.

Indulging in Culinary Artistry

Rancho Mateo Steakhouse is more than just a place to eat—it’s an opportunity to indulge in culinary artistry. The perfectly cooked steaks, the carefully curated wine selection, and the attentive service come together to create a dining experience that’s truly remarkable. Whether you’re a seasoned food critic or someone who simply appreciates exceptional cuisine, dining at Rancho Mateo Steakhouse is an invitation to savor the finer things in life.

A Destination for Discerning Palates

In a world brimming with dining options, Rancho Mateo Steakhouse stands out as a destination for those with discerning palates. Its commitment to quality, dedication to perfecting dishes, and emphasis on creating an inviting ambiance set it apart from the rest. With a reputation that resonates and grows with each satisfied diner, Rancho Mateo Steakhouse continues to be a favored spot for culinary enthusiasts seeking the best.

A Fusion of Flavors, A Celebration of Tradition

Rancho Mateo Steakhouse celebrates the rich tradition of steak preparation while infusing it with modern flavors and techniques. The chefs draw inspiration from classic methods while embracing innovation to create a unique dining experience that’s both nostalgic and exciting. Every plate that emerges from the kitchen tells a story of dedication to the culinary craft and a commitment to delivering a memorable meal.

In Conclusion

Rancho Mateo Steakhouse is a testament to the marriage of culinary mastery and warm hospitality. From the impeccable dishes to the inviting ambiance, every aspect of the restaurant reflects a dedication to delivering an exceptional dining experience. Its reputation and popularity are well-deserved, a result of the passion and dedication that go into every plate. Rancho Mateo Steakhouse is not just a restaurant—it’s a culinary destination that leaves an indelible mark on the palates and memories of those who have the privilege to dine there.

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