Qdoba Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here are the latest Qdoba menu prices.

Item Price


Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.73
Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.19
Top Shelf Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.80
Cookie $1.19
Break the Bank Brownie $2.40
Brownie $1.91
Double Chocolate Brownie $1.95
Chocolate Brownie $2.46

Loaded Gold Quesos

Hot-Bling Honey Chicken Loaded Queso $12.27
Priceless Pork Verde Loaded Queso $12.27


Side of Tortilla Chips $2.45

Popular Items

Hand-Smashed Guac & Chips $4.17

Vegetarian, Keto & More

Impossible™ Bowl $11.57
Smoked Brisket Keto Bowl $10.58

Picked For You

Burrito Bowl $8.66
Burrito $8.76

Kids Meal

Kids Quesadilla $5.16
Kids Taco $5.26
Kids Taco Meal $5.69

Signature Eats

Chicken Queso Burrito or Bowl $9.23
Impossible™ Fajita Bowl $11.63

Most Popular

Adobo Chicken Burrito Bowl $8.82
Pork and Queso Burrito $9.62
Impossible Fajita Burrito $11.52

Lifestyle Bowls

NEW! Smoked Brisket Keto Bowl $9.70
NEW! Grilled Fajita Vegan Bowl $8.38
NEW! Chicken Protein Bowl $11.06

Trending Flavors

NEW QuesaBirria Quesadilla $13.73
NEW Cholula Hot and Sweet Chicken 2 Tacos with Chips $12.75
NEW QuesaBirria Burrito $13.70
Create Your Own Brisket Birria Burrito $14.35
NEW Cholula Hot and Sweet Chicken Nachos $12.77

NEW Family Meals

Our new Family Meals come with all of the fixings to make flavorful tacos or bowls. Serves 4-5.
Grilled Steak Family Meal $44.34
Grilled Chicken Family Meal $38.79

Quesadillas & Nachos

QuesaBirria Quesadilla $14.31
Steak Fajita Quesadilla $12.43


Chicken Queso Burrito $12.18
Southwest Steak Burrito $13.56
QuesaBirria Burrito $14.27
Cholula Hot and Sweet Chicken Burrito $12.78


Taco Salad $8.70
Tortilla Soup $7.91
3-Cheese Nachos $8.74
Knockout Tacos $3.86
Grilled Quesadilla $8.75
Kid's Meal $5.05

NEW Burrito Meal Deals

Our New Burrito Meal Deals are easy and flavorful. Each meal includes a hand-crafted burrito loaded with flavor, a side of freshly-made tortilla chips and salsa, and a sweet treat. Great for individuals or small groups.
Chicken Burrito Meal Deal $11.38
Steak Burrito Meal Deal $11.52
Impossible™ Burrito Meal Deal $11.56
Fajita Veggie Burrito Meal Deal $11.35

Create-Your-Own Entree

Loaded Tortilla Soup $8.80
3-Taco Combo $9.21

Knockout Tacos ®

Drunken Yardbird $4.20
Two Timer $4.22
Mad Rancher $4.20
Triple Threat $4.22
Bohemian Veg $4.20
The Gladiator $4.20


A selection of chef-crafted, flavorful entrees designed to meet a variety of lifestyle and dietary preferences. Due to national shortages, select ingredients and packaging may be temporarily unavailable.
Impossible Taco Salad $13.55
Citrus Lime Chicken Salad $12.19

Vegetarian, Low-Carb & More

A selection of chef-crafted, flavorful entrees designed to meet a variety of lifestyle and dietary preferences. Due to national shortages, select ingredients and packaging may be temporarily unavailable.
Low-Cal Chicken Grain Bowl $10.74
Paleo Chicken Salad $10.75


A selection of flavorful entrees designed to meet a variety of lifestyle and dietary preferences.
Fajita Vegan Bowl $10.26
Chicken Protein Bowl $13.11
Chicken Queso Bowl $12.24
Cholula Hot and Sweet Chicken Bowl $12.78
Chicken Fresca Bowl $11.56

Kids Meals

Quesadilla Kids Meal $6.42
2 Taco Kit Kids Meal $8.45
NEW 2 Taco Kit Kids Meal $8.18
3-Cheese Nachos Kids Meal $6.42


Street Style Pulled Pork Tacos $12.70
Street Style Chicken Tacos $13.55


Chips and Queso $4.72

Chips & Dips

4oz Side of Queso $2.18
Chips & Salsa $3.17
4oz Side of Queso Diablo $2.20
4oz Side of Salsa $1.01
4oz Side of Guacamole $2.34
Chips & Guacamole $4.00
Chips & Queso Diablo $5.99

Chips, Dips & Sides

3-Cheese Queso and Chips $6.11
Hand-Crafted Guacamole and Chips $5.63
Side of Cilantro Lime Rice $2.69
Side of Black Beans $2.69
Side of Brown Rice $2.70
IT's BACK! Cup of Tortilla Soup $5.23


Bottled Mexican Coke $2.70
20 oz. Bottled Coca Cola $2.82
20 oz. Bottled Diet Coke $2.80
16.9 oz. Dasani Water $2.43


Mexican Coke $2.79
Coca-Cola 20 oz Bottle Beverage $3.61
Bottled Mexican Sprite $2.78
Bottled Fanta Orange $2.64
Coca-Cola® from Mexico $3.03
Bottled Coca Cola $2.78
Diet Coke 20 oz Bottle Beverage $3.60
Sprite® from Mexico $3.04
Bottled Diet Coke $2.78
Dasani Bottle Water $3.31
Jarritos Lime $4.05
Dasani Water $2.43
Honest Tea Organic $2.79
Jarritos Mandarin $4.04
Tazo Giant Peach Tea $3.94
Jarritos Pineapple $4.03
Tazo Organic Green Tea $3.96
Vitamin Water: Power-C $4.10
Tazo Organic Black Tea $4.02
Gold Peak Black Unsweetened $4.12
Gold Peak Green Tea $4.13
Gold Peak Peach $4.13
Gold Peak Raspberry $4.12
Vitamin Water: XXX $4.12
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About Qdoba

Mexican cuisine is popular in the United States for many reasons, not least of which is the strong Hispanic communities across the country. There’s also the fact that Mexican dishes have complex flavors yet have a homemade feel to them. Qdoba prices are higher than average fast food restaurant chains, however, they are very competitive with other fast casual restaurants.

With the likes of Qdoba Mexican Eats, enjoying Mexican dishes is easier and faster, too, especially for people who don’t have the cooking skills or the time for cooking. The chain of fast casual restaurants won’t disappoint in terms of the delicious quality of its Mexican-style dishes.


Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser opened Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill in Denver, Colorado in 1995. The restaurant, which is still in operation today, is the forerunner of Qdoba Mexican Eats. The current name was adopted in October 2015 as an effort by management to distinguish the chain from its competition.

Currently, the chain consists of around 650 restaurants in most states in the United States as well as in the District of Columbia and Canada. 

What They’re Famous For

Qdoba obviously offers Mexican-style fare with a strong appeal to the American palate. The most popular item on the menu may well be the San Francisco-style burrito, also known as Mission-style burrito, which is characterized by its larger size and more ingredients than the typical Mexican burrito. 

Why Eat Here

If you’re craving for a Mission-style burrito, then Qdoba is among the best places to go! While it didn’t invent the specific burrito style – it was supposedly created in September 1961 in San Francisco – the chain offers the best in the country. If you haven’t tasted it yet, then you will agree that it’s nothing like the previous burritos you have ever eaten!

What’s in a Mission-style burrito? Think of a jumbo tortilla that fills a large sheet of aluminum foil once it’s rolled, and the tortilla filled with a rich combination of seasoned rice and beans, sour cream, tangy cheese, and creamy guacamole and tart salsa, as well as several vegetables including pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce, and jalapeno pepper. 

Yes, it does sound like the Qdoba burritos are extra-large and the person eating a single serving will find his tummy filled to its brim! Yes, it’s large in size but, more importantly, it’s large in flavors! You can’t go wrong with it, from its complex flavors to its fun eating style – just unwrap the aluminum foil and continue removing it as you go down to the last bite of your burrito. 

In keeping with its Mexican-style cuisine, Qdoba also offers several versions of quesadillas, tacos and chile con queso, as well as Mexican gumbo. These dishes are made with higher-quality ingredients and delivered to the table faster (i.e., quick service). These can also be customized according to the customer’s preference, a style that makes for a unique dining experience since the ingredients can be mixed and matched. 

We love it that Qdoba grills its chicken and steaks for its burritos, tacos and other dishes in full view of the guests so there’s the assurance of freshness and quality. The chain also slow-roasts its pulled pork on a daily basis so it has a fresh-from-the-oven flavor and feel. Even the pico de gallo, guacamole, and mashed potatoes are also made fresh, and it shows in their fresh and refreshing flavors.

We love the salsa versions, too, because it has a sweet yet tart flavour. The choices include habanero salsa, a spicy salsa, as well as the salsa verde and salsa roja, which have bold, spicy flavors. If the salsa isn’t enough, you can also add guacamole and the 3-cheese queso to your entrées – and at no extra cost, too!

The tacos are just as delicious as the quesadillas and burritos, too! There are several choices including the Knockout Tacos, as well as tacos in a salad. You can also order 3-cheese nachos and tortilla soups, among others. 

Tip: Try the Mexican gumbo, a complete meal on its own that we just can’t stop eating whenever we’re in the neighborhood Qdoba restaurant. There’s a comforting feeling that comes with enjoying every bite of the gumbo, thanks to its spicy yet cooling quality. 

Qdoba has a student-friendly and family-friendly service, too! You can show them your valid student ID and you can get a free drink. You may also take your group of family and /or friends without worrying about the cost – the Qdoba prices are reasonable, not to mention that two people can share many of the entrées, thanks to their generous serving sizes. 

Qdoba is a great place to enjoy your lunch and dinner, too. But if you’re craving for its Mexican-style treats in the morning, then by all means go there! The restaurant chain offers breakfast items, too. 

There are no alcoholic beverages, as well as no Wi-Fi access and no waiter service. But that’s okay since you’re here for the great food and casual ambiance anyway.

To learn more about Qdoba or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.qdoba.com.

Qdoba’s FAQ

How much is Qdoba's 3 Tacos?

3 Tacos – $9.83

How much is a Chips and Queso at Qdoba?

Chips and Queso – $4.74

How much are Pork and Queso Burrito at Qdoba?

Pork and Queso Burrito – $9.69

How much does a Qdoba's Adobo Chicken Taco Salad Cost?

Adobo Chicken Taco Salad – $8.56