Pyros Pizza Prices: How much is Pyros Pizza?

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How do you set fire, so to speak, to a familiar food in American cuisine? According to the co-founders of Pyro’s Pizza, give the pizzas a gourmet quality that other pizzerias cannot provide. The idea appears to work well, too, considering the increasing popularity of the pizza chain in the United States. Below are the latest Pyros Pizza menu prices.


Specialty Pizza

Bbq Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Breakfast Pizza* (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Raging Hawaiian Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Southwest Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Spud Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Pesto Pizza* (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Sun & Shade Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Denver Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Meatless Lovers Pizza (Entree Pizza)$8.90
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90

Specialty Salads

Sweet Cajun Chicken Salad (Big Salad)$8.90
Bbq Salad (Big Salad)$8.90
Poppyseed Chicken Salad* (Big Salad)$8.90
Southwestern Salad (Big Salad)$8.90
Mediterranean Salad (Big Salad)$8.90

Design Your Own

Build Your Own Pizza (Entrée Pizza)$8.90
Build Your Own Salad (Big Salad)$8.90

Desserts And Beverages

Sweet Bites*$3.10
Savory Bites*$3.10
Yeast Rolls*$2.00
Desserts* (Fruity Crispy Bar)$2.50
Desserts* (Caramel Crispy Bar)$2.50
Desserts* (Classic Crispy Bar)$2.50
Desserts* (Pb Chocolate Crispy Bar)$2.50
Drinks (24Oz Soft Drink)$2.25
Drinks (32Oz Soft Drink)$2.75
Drinks (Apple Juice)$0.90
Drinks (2% Milk)$1.70
Drinks (Bottled Water)$2.00
Drinks (Mexican Coke)$2.30
Sweet Pineapple Pie$5.00
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About Pyros Pizza

The open secret behind the gourmet pizza experience that can be enjoyed at Pyro’s is the use of high-quality, fresh-the-farm ingredients. The Pyros Pizza prices may be slightly upscale in comparison with the fast-food pizzerias but the pizzas’ gourmet quality makes it worth every dollar.


In October 2013, Chad Foreman and Kirk Cotham opened the first Pyro’s Pizza restaurant. Tpday, there are several Pyro’s restaurants in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

What They’re Famous For

The best thing about Pyro’s Pizza is their innovative pizza creations that, more often than not, result in unique flavors. The chain of pizzerias is strengthening its market position through its customizable gourmet pizzas, too, which are cooked within minutes after ordering.

Customers can choose from more than 40 fresh, wholesome and quality ingredients for their customizable pizzas. These are laid out in an attractive and organized manner so choosing which ones will go into a personalized pizza is easy-peasy. The menu isn’t limited to pizzas as there are also several snack bites, signature coffee drinks, and craft beers and wines to choose from.

Why Eat Here

The main reason for coming here is to build your own pizza and it’s an exciting proposition considering that you can be as traditional or as unconventional as you want! You will not be judged for your tastes because pizza is, after all, a universal food nowadays so ordering the usual is as acceptable as getting the unusual.

The customizable pizzas are available for a single set price; the prices may vary between locations. Keep in mind, too, that Pyro’s Pizza uses thin crust pizzas, a favorite among many people because then the toppings take center stage.

Basically, customers line up at the food counters to choose their sauces, meats and vegetables, among other toppings. The sauces selection features marinara, spicy marinara, pesto, olive oil, barbecue and Alfredo; choose one since mixing two sauces isn’t such a great idea.

The cheeses range in flavor from mild to tangy, such as mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, sharp cheddar, and pepper jack, which melt when the pizzas are baked resulting in a creamy texture.  There’s also a vegan cheese alternative so ask for it, if you’re a vegan or you want something new on your pizza.

The meat selection is relatively limited but these are of the highest quality. The processed meats include pepperoni, Italian sausage, and breakfast sausage as well as bacon and Canadian bacon, which are flavorful in their own right. The chain makes its own roasted chicken, pulled pork, steak, and Cajun chicken in its kitchens so their quality can be maintained.

The vegetable selection more than makes up for the meat selection – and it’s a good thing, too, since many customers favor vegetable toppings. There are fresh and cooked (i.e., roasted) vegetables like red onions, garlic, peppers, jalapeños, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, zucchini, black olives, broccoli, spinach, banana peppers, red potatoes, pineapples, and mushrooms.

Finish off your personalized pizza with your choice in basil, feta, herb-infused olive oil, and honey balsamic. You don’t have to wait long as the kitchen staff are adept at quickly cooking pizzas regardless of the number of toppings.

Don’t want to take the time to choose your own ingredients? Do you trust the chefs’ taste? If yes, then you should consider ordering the specialty pizzas, which are handcrafted to perfection.  The breakfast pizzas, which can include bacon, sausage, jalapeños, and spicy marinara, are usually available all day; breakfast, after all, can be any hour of the day you choose to eat it.

The BBQ pizzas are as savory as can be with their pulled pork, bacon, and roasted onions combo with a finish of barbecue sauce and green onions. The Southwestern pizza is just as good – flavorful roasted chicken with a black bean-and-corn salsa, and spicy marinara sauce, as well as a finish of spicy ranch and green onions.

The drinks menu includes soft drinks – there are more than 100 choices from the Freestyle Coke machine – as well as iced tea in flavors like regular sweet, regular unsweetened, and peach, and specialty drinks. We highly recommend the pyroccino with an extra shot of espresso for a good kick in the morning; these can also be flavored with caramel, coconut, or mocha, among others, as well as finished with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or caramel syrup. And try the Cinnamon Roll Pizza, a dessert that will make you fall in love with pizza as a sweet treat!

Pyro’s Pizza is a great place to enjoy your lunch and dinner, if you have a love affair with pizzas.  The restaurants welcome kids and groups, too.

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Pyros Pizza’s FAQ

How much is Pyros Pizza's Bbq Pizza (Entrée Pizza)?

Bbq Pizza (Entrée Pizza) – $8.90

How much is a Southwest Pizza (Entrée Pizza) at Pyros Pizza?

Southwest Pizza (Entrée Pizza) – $8.90

How much are Sweet Cajun Chicken Salad (Big Salad) at Pyros Pizza?

Sweet Cajun Chicken Salad (Big Salad) – $8.90

How much does a Pyros Pizza's Sweet Bites* Cost?

Sweet Bites* – $3.10

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