Popeyes Menu Prices UK: How much is Popeyes UK?

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In the captivating world of gastronomy, one name shines like a beacon of delightful flavors and memorable experiences: Popeyes UK. With an unwavering commitment to serving delectable dishes and creating an unforgettable culinary journey, Popeyes UK has solidified its position as a favored destination for those seeking a remarkable dining experience. In this article, let’s delve into the world of Popeyes UK, unraveling its distinguished reputation, burgeoning popularity, and the essential factors contributing to its enduring success. Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Popeyes menu prices (United Kingdom).



Red Bull£1.80
Coca Cola 330ml£1.10
Coca Cola 1.5L£2.20
Diet Coca Cola 330ml£1.10
Diet Coca Cola 1.5L£2.20
Fanta Orange 330ml£1.10
Fanta Orange 1.5L£2.20
Pepsi 330ml£1.10
Cherry Coke 330ml£1.10
Dr Pepper 330ml£1.10
7Up 330ml£1.10

Special Offers

Mixed 2 Meal£9.50
Mixed 3 Meal£11.50
Burger Meal 1£5.20
Home Alone£13.90
Pizza Meal 1£17.50
Pizza Meal 2£20.00
Kebab Meal 1 (Small)£7.50
Kebab Meal 1 (Large)£8.50
Special Mixed Grill£15.50
Burger Meal 2£9.00
Double Burger Meal£6.20
Burger Meal 4£16.00
American Burger Meal (Single)£5.90
American Burger Meal (Double)£6.90
American Burger Meal (Tripple)£7.90
Triple Burger Meal£7.50
Popeye's Burger Meal (Single)£6.10
Popeye's Burger Meal (Double)£7.10
Popeye's Burger Meal (Tripple)£8.10
LA Turca Burger Meal (Single)£6.10
LA Turca Burger Meal (Double)£7.10
LA Turca Burger Meal (Tripple)£8.10
Mixed Wrap Meal£5.50
Wrap Meal£6.00
Chicken Nuggets Meal£5.50
Chicken Strips Meal£6.00


The Godfather (10")£11.90
The Godfather (12")£14.90
The Godfather (15")£17.90
Margherita (10")£11.90
Margherita (12")£14.90
Margherita (15")£17.90
Cipolla (10")£11.90
Cipolla (12")£15.60
Cipolla (15")£18.60
Al Funghi (10")£11.90
Al Funghi (12")£14.90
Al Funghi (15")£17.90
Pepperoni Paradise (10")£11.90
Pepperoni Paradise (12")£14.90
Pepperoni Paradise (15")£17.90
Salami Supreme (10")£11.90
Salami Supreme (12")£14.90
Salami Supreme (15")£17.90
Proscuitto (10")£11.90
Proscuitto (12")£14.90
Proscuitto (15")£17.90
Tropicana (10")£11.90
Tropicana (12")£14.90
Tropicana (15")£17.90
Pollo (10")£11.90
Pollo (12")£14.90
Pollo (15")£17.90
BBQ Chicken Delight (10")£11.90
BBQ Chicken Delight (12")£14.90
BBQ Chicken Delight (15")£17.90
Calypso (10")£11.90
Calypso (12")£14.90
Calypso (15")£17.90
Donner Delight (10")£11.90
Donner Delight (12")£14.90
Donner Delight (15")£17.90
Quattro Stagioni (10")£11.90
Quattro Stagioni (12")£14.90
Quattro Stagioni (15")£17.90
Tandoori Delight (10")£11.90
Tandoori Delight (12")£14.90
Tandoori Delight (15")£17.90
Garden Jewells (10")£11.90
Garden Jewells (12")£14.90
Garden Jewells (15")£17.90
Mexicana (10")£11.90
Mexicana (12")£14.90
Mexicana (15")£17.90
Hot and Spicy (10")£11.90
Hot and Spicy (12")£14.90
Hot and Spicy (15")£17.90
Mediterranean (10")£11.90
Mediterranean (12")£14.90
Mediterranean (15")£17.90
Spicy Lovers (10")£11.90
Spicy Lovers (12")£14.90
Spicy Lovers (15")£17.90
Breakfast Pizza (10")£11.90
Breakfast Pizza (12")£14.90
Breakfast Pizza (15")£17.90
Bacon Lovers 1 (10")£11.90
Bacon Lovers 1 (12")£14.90
Bacon Lovers 1 (15")£17.90
Bacon Lovers 2 (10")£11.90
Bacon Lovers 2 (12")£14.90
Bacon Lovers 2 (15")£17.90
BBQ Bacon Pizza (10")£11.90
BBQ Bacon Pizza (12")£14.90
BBQ Bacon Pizza (15")£17.90
Meat Feast (10")£11.90
Meat Feast (12")£14.90
Meat Feast (15")£17.90
Marinara (10")£11.90
Marinara (12")£14.90
Marinara (15")£17.90
Popeye's Pizza Pie (10")£11.90
Popeye's Pizza Pie (12")£14.90
Popeye's Pizza Pie (15")£17.90


Nutella Calzone (10")£7.00
Nutella Calzone (12")£8.00

Garlic Breads

Garlic Bread (French Bread)£2.80
Garlic Bread (10" Pizza Base)£3.80
Garlic Bread with Cheese (French Bread)£3.30
Garlic Bread with Cheese (10" Pizza Base)£4.30
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Mushrooms (French Bread)£3.80
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Mushrooms (10" Pizza Base)£4.80
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Napoli Sauce (French Bread)£3.80
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Napoli Sauce (10" Pizza Base)£4.80
Special Garlic Bread (French Bread)£4.10
Special Garlic Bread (10" Pizza Base)£5.10


Donner Kebab (Small)£5.50
Donner Kebab (Large)£6.50
Special Mixed Kebab£13.00
Special Grilled Lamb Shish Kebab (Small)£5.80
Special Grilled Lamb Shish Kebab (Large)£7.30
Special Grilled Chicken Kebab (Small)£5.80
Special Grilled Chicken Kebab (Large)£6.80
Special Grilled Tandoori Chicken Kebab (Small)£5.80
Special Grilled Tandoori Chicken Kebab (Large)£6.80
Mixed Kebab£7.90
Mixed Kebab (Kebabs)£9.00
Donner Meat and Fries (Small)£5.30
Donner Meat and Fries (Large)£6.30
Donner Cob£4.00
Tray of Donner Meat (Small)£4.00
Tray of Donner Meat (Large)£5.00


Cheeseburger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Cheeseburger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Cheeseburger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Regular Burger (1/4lb Single)£3.40
Regular Burger (1/2lb Double)£4.40
Regular Burger (3/4lb Triple)£5.40
Garlic Mayo Cheeseburger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Garlic Mayo Cheeseburger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Garlic Mayo Cheeseburger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Garlic Mushroom Burger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Garlic Mushroom Burger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Garlic Mushroom Burger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Pepper Mayo Cheeseburger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Pepper Mayo Cheeseburger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Pepper Mayo Cheeseburger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Chilli Cheeseburger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Chilli Cheeseburger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Chilli Cheeseburger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Blue Cheeseburger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Blue Cheeseburger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Blue Cheeseburger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Chicken Burger Spicy (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Chicken Burger Spicy (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Chicken Burger Spicy (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Chicken Burger Normal (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Chicken Burger Normal (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Chicken Burger Normal (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Coleslaw Burger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Coleslaw Burger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Coleslaw Burger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Veggie Burger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Veggie Burger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Veggie Burger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Big Ben Burger (1/4lb Single)£3.60
Big Ben Burger (1/2lb Double)£4.60
Big Ben Burger (3/4lb Triple)£5.60
Americano Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.20
Americano Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.20
Americano Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.20
Spicy Americano Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.20
Spicy Americano Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.20
Spicy Americano Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.20
The Biz Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.20
The Biz Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.20
The Biz Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.20
Beef Bacon Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.20
Beef Bacon Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.20
Beef Bacon Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.20
Chicken Bacon Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.20
Chicken Bacon Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.20
Chicken Bacon Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.20
Popeye's Chicken Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.50
Popeye's Chicken Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.50
Popeye's Chicken Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.50
La Alpi Burger (1/4lb Single)£4.50
La Alpi Burger (1/2lb Double)£5.50
La Alpi Burger (3/4lb Triple)£6.50

Homemade Burgers

Homemade Regular Burger Single£6.00
Homemade Regular Burger Meal£7.50
Homemade Cheeseburger Single£6.00
Homemade Cheeseburger Meal£7.50
Homemade Garlic Mayo Cheeseburger Single£6.00
Homemade Garlic Mayo Cheeseburger Meal£7.50
Homemade Garlic Mushroom Burger Single£6.00
Homemade Garlic Mushroom Burger Meal£7.50
Homemade Pepper Mayo Cheeseburger Single£6.00
Homemade Pepper Mayo Cheeseburger Meal£7.50
Homemade Chilli Cheeseburger Single£6.00
Homemade Chilli Cheeseburger Meal£7.50
Homemade Blue Cheeseburger Single£6.00
Homemade Blue Cheeseburger Meal£7.50
Homemade Big Ben Burger Single£6.00
Homemade Big Ben Burger Meal£7.50
Homemade Americano Burger Single£7.00
Homemade Americano Burger Meal£8.50
Homemade Spicy Americano Burger Single£7.00
Homemade Spicy Americano Burger Meal£8.50
Homemmade The Biz Burger Single£7.00
Homemmade The Biz Burger Meal£8.50
Homemade Beef Bacon Burger£7.00
Homemade Chicken Bacon Burger£7.00
Homemade Popeye's Beef Burger Single£7.00
Homemade Popeye's Beef Burger Meal£8.50
Homemade Popeye's Chicken Burger Single£7.00
Homemade Popeye's Chicken Burger Meal£8.50
Homemade La Alpi Burger£7.00


Veggie Tofu Wrap£3.70
Donner Wrap£3.70
Crispy Chicken Strip Wrap£3.70
Chip Wrap£2.70


Chicken Nuggets£3.20
4 Chicken Strips£5.10

Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potato with Butter£2.80
Jacket Potato with Beans and Cheese£3.90
Jacket Potato with Tuna and Mayo£4.70
Jacket Potato with Beans£3.40
Jacket Potato with Prawn and Mayo£4.70
Jacket Potato with Chilli Con Carne£4.70

Side Orders

Potato Wedges£2.70
10 Onion Rings£2.70
Side Salad£2.20
Coleslaw Salad£2.90
Naan Bread£1.20
Pitta Bread£0.70
Fries (Small)£1.70
Fries (Large)£2.40
Cheese Chips (Small)£2.70
Cheese Chips (Large)£3.30
Fries in Pitta Bread£2.40
Salad in Pitta Bread£2.40


Small Dip£0.20
Large Dip£0.50


Chocolate Cake£2.80
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A Symphony of Flavors That Captivates Taste Buds

Popeyes UK stands as a haven for culinary enthusiasts, where the art of crafting irresistible dishes is celebrated with zeal. From the moment patrons step through its doors, they are enveloped in a tantalizing aroma emanating from freshly prepared dishes. This culinary ambiance sets the stage for an exceptional dining experience. Each dish served is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavors that delights the taste buds.

Cultivating a Tradition of Excellence

The stellar reputation of Popeyes UK as a haven for food aficionados is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. Every item on its diverse menu reflects the culinary expertise of its chefs. The restaurant’s dedication to using high-quality ingredients and employing precise cooking techniques guarantees that each dish is a tribute to authentic flavors. Meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to providing an authentic experience contribute to its renowned reputation.

A Gathering Place for Culinary Enthusiasts

The growing popularity of Popeyes UK is a testament to its ability to cater to a diverse range of patrons. Whether for a family outing, a casual rendezvous, or a special celebration, the restaurant’s warm ambiance makes it a natural choice. The inviting decor and lively atmosphere create the perfect setting for enjoying meals while sharing moments with loved ones. Popeyes UK has transformed into a space where cherished memories are woven through delectable meals and heartfelt conversations.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation with Grace

Popeyes UK’s success lies in its skillful balance of tradition and innovation. While paying homage to classic flavors, the restaurant also introduces creative twists that elevate the culinary experience to new heights. The menu features a blend of iconic dishes alongside innovative creations that showcase the artistic prowess of the culinary team. This harmonious balance between tradition and innovation ensures that Popeyes UK remains a coveted destination for both loyal patrons and adventurous palates seeking novel experiences.

Beyond its culinary excellence, Popeyes UK extends its commitment to the local community through various philanthropic initiatives and strategic partnerships, solidifying its role as a socially responsible establishment.

Conclusion: A Culinary Gem

In conclusion, Popeyes UK has carved its niche by cultivating a distinguished reputation and burgeoning popularity through its dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Each dish served is a testament to culinary mastery and the chefs’ passion. With a continuous presence on the culinary stage and a mission to offer an unforgettable experience, Popeyes UK stands as a culinary gem. Its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation ensures it continues to captivate diners, providing a gastronomic journey that pleases the senses and creates lasting memories with every delectable bite.

To find out more about Popeyes, visit their official website at Popeyes homepage.

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