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Regionally-themed restaurants are not uncommon, especially in a culturally diverse country like the US. In fact, it may even be argued that the United States started the trend for eateries to fully embrace the things certain regions are known for, flesh them out, and use them as themes. They’re big hits among locals and tourists alike, offering not just food, but a motif that can also prove that one is in the said area.

Pizza Ranch is one of these restaurant chains that comes with a heavy regional theme. It embraced the Midwestern theme, decking its restaurants with elements that relate to cowboys, the wild west, and the American Frontier. It may sound a bit tried and tired on paper but with their all-out execution and commitment to the theme, they made the theme effective and even exciting.

Pizza Ranch prices, appealing concept, and strong management helped make the brand the biggest regional franchise in Iowa, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. It has more than 200 locations all over the Midwest and is often compared to what Cracker Barrel is like in the South. With this, it can be said that Pizza Ranch isn’t just a restaurant chain but also a regional icon.

Below are the latest Pizza Ranch menu prices.


Picked For You

2 Pieces Chicken Dinner$7.36
Large Pepperoni Pizza$13.49
Medium Gluten Sensitive Single Topping Pizza$11.49
Medium Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$12.49


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$2.97
Chicken Fries$4.99
Ranch Potato Wedges$4.33
Green Beans$2.98
Macaroni Salad$2.99
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$2.99
Potato Salad$2.99
Ranch Chips$3.63
Sour Cream$0.25

Popular Items

Cactus Bread®$6.70
Texan Taco Pizza$9.87
Pepperoni Pizza$11.66
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$9.69

Top Menu Items

Pepperoni Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Stampede Everything Pizza$9.56


6 Biscuits$3.92

Create Your Own Pizza

Small Create Your Own Pizza$7.99
Create Your Own Thin Crust Pizza$8.56
Medium Create Your Own Pizza$11.49
Create Your Own Original Crust Pizza$8.56
Create Your Own Skillet Crust Pizza$8.56
Large Create Your Own Pizza$13.49
Create Your Own Stuffed Crust Pizza$13.99
Create Your Own 10" Gluten Sensitive Crust Pizza$11.99

Large Single Topping Pizza

Large Beef Pizza$13.49
Large Canadian Bacon Pizza$13.49
Large Italian Sausage Pizza$13.49
Large Cheese Pizza$13.49
Large Garlic Cheese Pizza$13.49

Ranch Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.93


Garden Salad$4.83
Chef Salad$5.96
Chicken Fiesta Salad$5.87
Taco Salad$6.92

Large Specialty Pizza

Large Tuscan Roma Pizza$14.49
Large Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$14.49
Large BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.49
Large Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza$14.49
Large Buffalo Chicken Pizza$14.49
Large Sweet Swine Pizza$14.49
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$14.49
Large Macaroni and Cheese Pizza$14.49

Chicken Boxes

8 Pieces Chicken Box$14.72
10 Pieces Chicken Box$16.72
12 Pieces Chicken Box$19.72
16 Pieces Chicken Box$24.92
20 Pieces Chicken Box$29.82


Chicken Bacon Wrap$7.88
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.91
BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.88

Chicken Dinner

3 Pieces Chicken Dinner$8.36
4 Pieces Chicken Dinner$9.36

Specialty Pizzas - Small

Roundup Pizza$9.43
Tuscan Roma Pizza$9.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$9.29
BBQ Chicken$10.62
Buffalo Chicken$10.62
Sweet Swine Pizza$9.29
Macaroni & Cheese$9.28

Single Topping Pizzas

Beef Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Canadian Bacon Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Italian Sausage Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Chicken Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Cheese Single Topping Pizza$8.56
Garlic Cheese Single Topping Pizza$8.56

Create Your Own Pizzas

Create Your Own - Small$7.45
Create Your Own - Medium$11.22
Create Your Own - Gluten Free$11.21
Create Your Own - Large$13.30

Dipping Sauces and Extras

Garlic Dipping Sauce$0.75
Marinara Dipping Sauce$0.75
Ranch Dipping Sauce$0.75

Speciality Pizzas - Small

Roundup - Small$8.17
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.67
Stampede - Small$8.17
BBQ Chicken Pizza$9.19
Bronco - Small$8.17
Prairie - Small$8.17
BLT Pizza$8.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$9.19
Texan Taco - Small$8.17
Chicken Bacon Ranch$12.10
Tuscan Roma - Small$8.19
Bacon Cheeseburger - Small$8.17
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Small$8.17
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo$8.99
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Small$8.17
Sweet Swine$8.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Small$8.17
Sweet Swine - Small$8.17
Tuscan Roma$8.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Small$8.17
Mac 'n Cheese - Small$8.17

Our Specialty Pizzas

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza$9.43
Bronco All Meat Pizza$9.56
Prairie Veggie Pizza$9.56
Macaroni and Cheese Pizza$9.43

Speciality Pizzas - Medium

Roundup - Medium$12.08
Stampede - Medium$12.08
Bronco - Medium$12.08
Prairie - Medium$12.08
Texan Taco - Medium$12.08
Tuscan Roma - Medium$12.08
Bacon Cheeseburger - Medium$12.08
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Medium$12.08
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Medium$12.08
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Medium$12.08
Sweet Swine - Medium$12.08
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Medium$12.08
Mac 'n Cheese - Medium$12.08


8 Piece Chicken Box$14.85
10 Piece Chicken Box$16.85
12 Piece Chicken Box$19.85
16 Piece Chicken Box$24.99
20 Piece Chicken Box$29.92
2 Piece Chicken Dinner$7.42
3 Piece Chicken Dinner$8.42
4 Piece Chicken Dinner$9.42


Garlic Bread$3.99
Garlic Cheese Bread$4.99
Ranch Stix$3.87
Cheesy Ranch Stix$5.69
Hot Wings$8.76

Speciality Pizzas - Large

Roundup - Large$14.08
Stampede - Large$14.08
Bronco - Large$14.08
Prairie - Large$14.08
Texan Taco - Large$14.08
Tuscan Roma - Large$14.08
Bacon Cheeseburger - Large$14.08
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Large$14.08
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Large$14.08
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Large$14.08
Sweet Swine - Large$14.08
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Large$14.08
Mac 'n Cheese - Large$14.08

Single Topping Gluten Free Pizzas

10" Gluten Free Beef Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Pepperoni Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Canadian Bacon Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Italian Sausage Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Chicken Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Cheese Single Topping Pizza$11.66
10" Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Single Topping Pizza$11.66

Single Topping Pizzas - Small

Beef - Small$7.17
Beef Pizza$9.29
Pepperoni - Small$7.17
Canadian Bacon - Small$7.17
Canadian Bacon Pizza$9.29
Italian Sausage - Small$7.17
Italian Sausage Pizza$9.08
Cheese Pizza$7.99
Cheese Pizza - Small$7.17
Chicken - Small$7.21
Chicken Pizza$7.74
Garlic Cheese Pizza$7.99
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Small$7.17

Desserts Pizzas

Cactus Bread$6.66
Chocolate Cactus Bread$6.69
Fruit Dessert Pizza$7.70

Specialty Gluten Free Pizzas

10" Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Stampede Everything Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Texan Taco Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Bronco All Meat Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Sweet Swine Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Prairie Veggie Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Tuscan Roma Pizza$12.66
10" Gluten Free Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$12.66

Single Topping Pizzas - Medium

Beef - Medium$11.08
Pepperoni - Medium$11.08
Canadian Bacon - Medium$11.08
Italian Sausage - Medium$11.08
Cheese Pizza - Medium$11.08
Chicken - Medium$11.10
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Medium$11.08


Blueberry Dessert$7.66
Cherry Dessert$7.63
Peach Dessert$7.66

Medium Single Topping Pizza

Medium Beef Pizza$11.49
Medium Pepperoni Pizza$11.49
Medium Canadian Bacon Pizza$11.49
Medium Italian Sausage Pizza$11.49
Medium Cheese Pizza$11.49
Medium Garlic Cheese Pizza$11.49

Dessert Pizzas

Cactus Bread Dessert Pizza$6.85
Chocolate Cactus Bread Dessert Pizza$6.85
Apple Dessert Pizza$7.85
Apple Fruit Dessert$7.69
Blueberry Dessert Pizza$7.69
Peach Dessert Pizza$7.56
Cherry Dessert Pizza$7.66

Breakfast Specialty Pizzas

Sausage and Gravy Breakfast Pizza$8.99
Sausage, Peppers and Onions Breakfast Pizza$8.99
Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Pizza$8.99
Garlic Sausage Breakfast Pizza$8.99

Single Topping Pizzas - Large

Beef - Large$13.08
Pepperoni - Large$13.08
Canadian Bacon - Large$13.08
Italian Sausage - Large$13.08
Cheese Pizza - Large$13.08
Chicken - Large$13.10
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Large$13.08

Small Single Topping Pizza

Small Beef Pizza$7.99
Small Pepperoni Pizza$7.99
Small Canadian Bacon Pizza$7.66
Small Italian Sausage Pizza$7.99
Small Cheese Pizza$8.16
Small Garlic Cheese Pizza$7.99

Medium Specialty Pizza

Medium Tuscan Roma Pizza$12.49
Medium Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$12.49
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza$12.49
Medium Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza$12.49
Medium Buffalo Chicken Pizza$12.49
Medium Sweet Swine Pizza$12.49
Medium Macaroni and Cheese Pizza$12.32

Small Specialty Pizza

Small Tuscan Roma Pizza$8.99
Small Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$8.99
Small BBQ Chicken Pizza$8.99
Small Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza$8.99
Small Buffalo Chicken Pizza$8.99
Small Sweet Swine Pizza$8.99
Small Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$8.99
Small Macaroni and Cheese Pizza$8.99

Ranch Wraps®

Wraps are served with ranch chips.
Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.85

Dipping Sauces & Extras

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Pizza Ranch started small, as all great things did. It was born out of 19-year-old Adrie Groeneweg’s desire to provide for his fellow locals in Hull, Iowa quick access to ready-made pizza. Back in the day, the residents of Hull had to drive out of time just to get a slice. He worked in the said neighboring town’s pizza parlor, so he knew his neighbors are driving out for pizza. He saw this as a potential business opportunity and he wasn’t wrong. 

So in 1981, with the help of his parents, Groeneweg opened the first Pizza Ranch store. His mother came up with the pizza recipes and the Western theme while his father financed the venture. Soon enough, locals are trooping to their store for their pizzas that feature made-from-scratch sauces and fresh ingredients.

Pizza Ranch started with just 6 pizzas on the menu. They also offered a Tuesday dinner buffet but they mostly offered take-outs or dine-in services. It still proved to be quite successful as they were able to open another restaurant in Orange City just 2 years later. Here, they started offering noon buffet. 

When they opened their location in Sioux City in 1987, they introduced chicken to their menu. It soon became known as the Country’s Best Chicken, further drawing people in.

Pizza Ranch continued to grow significantly over the years. The journey may not have been smooth-sailing the whole way but they were able to bounce back despite hitting a few snags along the way. Today, it’s considered one of America’s favorite quick-service chains.

What They’re Famous For

There are tons of interesting things about the Pizza Ranch but there are a few of them that really made the chain stand out. For starters, it’s branding is unparalleled. Sure, there are tons of other Western and American Frontier-themed eateries in the country but Pizza Ranch is fully committed to the theme so they take the concept to another level. 

They didn’t half-bake the theme so it doesn’t feel forced. As a result, the theme gave the chain a distinctive character which helps entwine their branding to the region more closely. With this, it can be said that Pizza Ranch successfully made their mark.

As an eatery, Pizza Ranch is also known for its deals on food. As mentioned above, they offer an eat-all-you-can buffet menu for lunch and dinner, so you can certainly stuff yourself full here without spending a lot. Their buffet menu includes their regular fare – pizza, chicken, salads, sides, and dessert.

What sets their buffet menu, however, is that they offer take-outs. Their Take 2 quicker meal option will let you take home 2 sides and 2 entrees from the buffet spread, so you can enjoy your meal at home, too.

Why Eat Here

Need more reasons to visit Pizza Ranch? Here are a few that might just win you over:

1. Kids eat free here.

One of the reasons why Pizza Ranch is a hit among families is the fact that many locations offer deals that let kids eat free with one adult paying for their buffet meal. That’s a lot of savings and a lot of food for the whole family, right there.

2. There are fun things to see and do.

Aside from the food, lots of folks go here to enjoy the restaurant’s Midwestern theme and their game area. This further makes it a great destination for parents as you can certainly keep your little ones occupied on your visit.

To learn more about Pizza Ranch or to find a location near you, visit their website at