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Below are the latest Pie Face menu prices.

Item Price


Chunky Steak $7.02
Steak Bacon and Cheese $7.02
Tomato Sauce $0.42
Mince Beef and Cheese $7.02
Chicken Bacon and Cheese $7.02
Tandoori Vegetable $7.02
BBQ Sauce $0.42


Steak Bacon Cheese Pie $6.67
Shepherds Pie $6.68
Sausage Roll Beef $4.43
Large Donut Pack Of 4 $10.00
Coffee $1.28


Chunky Steak Pie $6.67
Classic Mince Pie $6.67
Chicken Mushroom Pie $6.67
Mince Beef and Cheese Pie $6.68
Steak Mushroom Pie $6.68
Tandoori Veg Pie $6.68
Chicken, Bacon and Cheese Pie $6.66
Butter Chicken Pie $6.66
Curry Mince Pie $6.67
Wagyu Pie $8.57
Breakfast Pie $6.67
Sausage Roll Mega Beef $5.67
Sausage Roll Lamb $4.37
Spinach Roll $4.45
Mini Chicken Mushroom Pie $2.95
Mini Classic Mince Pie $2.95
Mini Chunky Steak Pie $2.96
Mini Tandoori Veg Pie $2.96
Mini Wagyu Pie $4.00
Mini Sausage Roll $2.93


Ham Tasty Cheese and Tomato on White Bread $7.50
Chicken with Herb Mayo and Guacamole on White Bread $8.60
Bacon and Egg Mix with BBQ Sauce on White Bread $7.50
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich $9.00
Free Range Egg and Lettuce Sandwich $7.50

Sausage Roll

Mini Spinach Roll $3.63


Donut Ring-Raspberry Vanilla $1.90
Cookies Donut With Cream Filling $3.70
Donut Ring-Choc Hazelnut $1.90
Donut Ring-Caramel Vanilla $1.90
Lemon Delicious Donut With Lemon Filling $3.70
Large Donut Ring Sugar Coated $2.90
Panna Cotta Donut With Raspberry and Cream Cheese Filling $3.70
Go Nuts Donut With Choc Nut Filling   $3.70
Large Donut Ring Chocolate Coated $2.90
Large Donut Ring Vanilla Chocolate $2.90
Large Donut Ring Raspberry Chocolate $2.90
Mini Donut Chocolate $1.75
Mini Donut Apple $1.75
Mini Donut Red Fruit $1.75
Mini Donut Caramel $1.75
Lolly Co Sour Neon Worms $3.40
Lolly Co Strawberry Clouds $3.40
Cadbury Cherry Ripe Twin Pack 80g $4.00
Lolly Co Party Mix $3.40
Cadbury Twirl Twin Pack 58g $4.00
Lolly Co Snakes $3.40
Cadbury Dairy Milk Block $8.00
Mars King 72g $4.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Block $8.00
Snickers Bar 72g $4.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Block $8.00
Nestle Kitkat Chunky 70g $4.00
Cadbury Dairy Milk Snack Block $8.00
Jam Ball Donut $3.70
Choc Éclair Donut With Choc Nut Filling $3.70
Choc Hazelnut Large Muffin $4.50
Apple Cinnamon Large Muffin $4.50
Sweet Dreams Donut $3.70
Blueberry Large Muffin $4.50
Classic Choc Donut $3.70
Choc Hazelnut Mini Muffin $2.50
Classic Sugar Donut $3.70
Apple Cinnamon Mini Muffin $2.50
Strawberry Delight Donut With Strawberry Filling $3.70
Double Choc Donut $3.70
Red Fruit Mini Muffin $2.50
Choc Candy Crush Donut $3.70
Pretty in Pink Donut $3.70
Choc Drizzle Donut $3.70
Queen of Hearts Donut With Strawberry Filling $3.70
Classic Spinkle Donut $3.70
Gooey Caramel Donut With Sweet Caramel Filling $3.70
Coffee Crumble Donut With Coffee Filling $3.70
Christmas Everyday Donut With Lemon and Raspberry Filling $3.70
Choc-o-block Donut  With Choc Filling $3.70
Dipped and Drizzle Donut $3.70
Wild Fruits Donut With Forest Fruits Filling $3.70
Tutti Frutti Donut With Currant and Raspberry Filling $3.70
Choc Custard Royale  With Filling $3.70
4 Pack Donuts $13.00
12 Pack Donuts $39.00

Ice Cream

Connoisseur Vanilla $15.83
Magnum Classic $5.50
Connoisseur Cookies And Cream $15.83
Golden Gaytime $4.20
Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate $16.00
Maxibon $4.95
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $15.00
Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie $15.00
Drumstick $4.95
Ben and Jerry's Half Baked $15.00
Ben and Jerry's Dough Tonight $15.00

Lunch and Dinner Combo Deal

Pie Fect Meal $13.48
Chicken and Couscous Soup $7.00
Minestrone Soup $7.00


Pie and Sausage Roll Combo $15.40
Pie Combo $14.10


Cheese Stick $4.98
Almond Stick $4.98
Apple Danish $4.98
Cherry Danish $4.98

Take Home Frozen Packs

Frozen Classic Mince Mini Pies 12pk $29.00
Frozen Mixed Mini Pies Favourites 12pk $29.00
Frozen Classic Mince Mini Pies 6pk $15.00
Frozen Classic Family Pie $22.00
Frozen Classic Mince Pies 2pk $12.00
Frozen Steak and Mushroom Pies 2pk $12.00
Frozen Chunky Steak Pies 2pk $12.00
Frozen Chicken and Mushroom Pies 2pk $12.00
Frozen Steak, Bacon & Cheese Pies 2pk $12.00
Frozen Butter Chicken Pies 2pk $12.00


Soft Drinks $5.40
Oak Chocolate Milk $4.80
Red Bull 250 ml $4.20
Powerade Mountain Blast 600ml $5.95
Powerade Blackcurrent 600ml $5.95
Mt Franklin Sparkling $3.50
Pie Face Water 600ml $3.20
Coke 1.25l $6.50
Coke Zero 1.25l $6.50
Red Bull Energy Drink 473ml $6.00
Oak Chocolate Milk 750ml $6.00
Ice break Iced Coffee 750ml $6.00
Dare Double Espresso $6.00
Remedy Kombucha - Raspberry Lemonade  $5.00
Remedy Kombucha - Peach $5.00


Doritos Cheese Supreme 45g $2.50
Twisties Cheese 100g $4.00
Smiths Crinkle Salt Vinegar 90g $4.00
Smiths Crinkle Original 45g $2.50
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