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When it comes to experiencing the artistry of baked goods and authentic French cuisine, PAUL UK stands as a beacon of excellence. With its distinguished brand identity and a legacy rooted in crafting delectable treats, PAUL has solidified its place in the hearts of food enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Let’s delve into the realm of PAUL UK’s menu prices, exploring not only the array of offerings but also the reputation and popularity that make this bakery a cherished destination for culinary indulgence. Below are the latest PAUL Uk menu prices.



Breakfast Tea£2.67
Hot Chocolate£4.43
Earl Grey£2.65
Green Tea£2.67
Mint Tea£2.67


Croissant Jambon and Fromage£3.75
Croissant Omelette Bacon£4.15
Tartelette fine pommes£3.80

Picked for you

Ham and Cheese Baguette£5.78
Croque Monsieur£5.45

Quiches, Croissants, and Croques & Tartines

Tartine Mixte£4.70
Quiche Lorraine£5.05
Croque Reuben£5.85
Quiche Tourte Saumon Epinard£4.95


The Breakfast Bundle£7.95
The Sunrise One£7.95
4 Breakfast Favourites£8.13
The PAUL Lunch for One£9.45
The 'Déjeuner’ One£9.95
The Lunch Bundle£9.95
6 Breakfast Favourites£12.13
The PAUL Lunch for Two£18.12
Coffee and Breakfast Spread for 2£14.12
Coffee and Breakfast Spread for 1£7.31


Salade Fermiere£5.15
Goat's Cheese Salad£5.35
Artichoke Vegan Salad£5.35
Roast Beef Salad£5.95


Vegan Spiced Falafel Sandwich£4.95
Overnights Oats, Chia and Blueberry Pot£3.25
Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate - Coconut & Lucuma£1.75
Autumn Vegan Sandwich Platter – 24 Pieces£34.00

Sweet Pastries

Croissant Raspberry£3.25

Sweet Pastries & Desserts

2 x Tartelette Mix£8.26
Escargot Raisin£2.49
2 x Tartelette Fraise£8.91
Chouquettes x 10£5.88
Large Macaron£5.68
Box of 12 Mini Macarons£16.50
5 x Raspberry Doughnut£5.05
10 x Mini Raspberry Doughnut£10.05
Macaron Framboise£3.95
Macaron Pistache£3.95
Macaron Vanille£4.15
Macaron Chocolat£3.95
Caramel Tartlet£4.95
Tartelette Citron£4.25
Tartelette Fraise£4.83
Tartelette Chocolat£4.36
Craquant - Slice£4.95


Meat Sandwich Platter£32.50
Vegetarian Sandwich Platter£27.50
Winter Meat Sandwich Platter - 24 Pieces£33.00
NEW Spiced Falafel Vegan Sandwich Platter£26.50
Winter Vegetarian Sandwich Platter - 24 Pieces£33.00


Sandwich Dieppois£4.65
Sandwich Mixte£4.95
Sandwich Pavot Poulet£4.95
Sandwich Fromage Rosette£4.75
Sesame Camembert Sandwich£5.65
Sandwich Montagnard£5.23
Beef Sandwich£4.95
Roast Beef Sandwich£4.95
Stilton and Bacon Sandwich£4.95


Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice 250ml£2.43
Copella Apple Juice£2.45
Naked Coconut Water£3.15
Naked Green Machine£3.40
Naked Blue Machine£3.40
Dash Water Lemon£2.95
Pure Leaf Iced Tea Lemon£2.75
Dash Water Raspberry£2.95
Pure Leaf Iced Tea Peach£2.71
Dash Water Peach£2.95
ICE Double Espresso - Löfbergs£2.27
ICE Latte Macchiato - Löfbergs£2.20


Paul Crisps - Natural Sea Salt£1.26
Paul Crisps - Chardonnay Wine Vinegar£1.26
Paul Crisps - Cheddar Caramelised Onion Chutney£1.26
Doisy & Dam Milk Chocolate - Crunchy Almond Butter£1.75
Doisy & Dam Milk Chocolate - Date & Himalayan Pink Salt£1.75
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A Glimpse into the Menu: A Symphony of Flavors

PAUL UK’s menu is a symphony of flavours that caters to diverse palates and occasions. From the moment patrons step into a PAUL outlet, they are greeted by an array of delectable options that span across breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. The menu dances between traditional French pastries, artisanal breads, and gourmet sandwiches, all crafted with meticulous attention to quality and taste.

One glance at the menu reveals an assortment of croissants, pain au chocolat, and fruit danishes that transport diners to a quaint French patisserie. The aroma of fresh bread envelops the senses, with baguettes, sourdough loaves, and multigrain options enticing those seeking the perfect bread accompaniment. Gourmet sandwiches, with their burstiness of fillings like smoked salmon and avocado, cater to those with a heartier appetite. As patrons peruse the menu, it becomes evident that PAUL UK prides itself on curating a selection that marries culinary authenticity with modern preferences.

Navigating Menu Prices: Value in Culinary Excellence

The reputation of PAUL UK extends beyond just taste – it encompasses the value patrons receive for their culinary investment. While some might associate traditional French cuisine with steep price tags, PAUL’s approach to menu pricing is rooted in accessibility without compromising on quality. This burstiness of affordability and excellence is evident as patrons discover that the menu offers options to suit various budgets, making the indulgence of French pastries and breads an attainable luxury.

Whether savoring a flaky croissant or indulging in a sumptuous sandwich, patrons are treated to an experience that transcends the monetary transaction. The value lies not only in the burstiness of flavours that come alive with each bite but also in the appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into every creation. As patrons relish their chosen treats, they become part of a narrative that celebrates not just the taste, but the art of culinary mastery.

Popularity and Community: The Heart of PAUL UK

PAUL UK’s popularity is deeply intertwined with its ability to foster a sense of community. Beyond menu prices and offerings, patrons are drawn to the warm and inviting ambiance of PAUL outlets. The burstiness of the atmosphere, alive with the aroma of freshly baked goods and the hum of conversations, creates an environment that encourages relaxation and connection. It’s a space where individuals can gather for a leisurely breakfast, an afternoon catch-up, or a quick lunch.

The popularity of PAUL UK stems from its ability to cater to both individual cravings and communal experiences. From students seeking a morning pastry to professionals meeting over a sandwich, PAUL’s menu diversity and inviting spaces welcome all. The brand’s reputation is built not only on its culinary prowess but also on its commitment to creating an environment where memories are made, friendships are nurtured, and traditions are cherished.

In Conclusion: A Taste of Tradition

The journey into PAUL UK’s menu prices is a celebration of tradition, taste, and culinary accessibility. Through the lens of affordability and excellence, we witness a brand that skillfully marries the intricacies of French cuisine with the joy of culinary exploration. From its inception to its enduring popularity, PAUL UK remains a cherished destination for those seeking an authentic and value-driven indulgence.

As patrons enjoy their chosen delicacies, they become part of a narrative that commemorates the harmonious blend of traditional recipes and modern preferences. PAUL UK isn’t just a bakery; it’s an embodiment of culinary heritage and the delight of shared flavours. With each bite taken, the brand’s legacy of culinary mastery and community-building continues to flourish, satisfying both appetites and a longing for the timeless taste of tradition.

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How much is PAUL Uk's Quiche Lorraine?

Quiche Lorraine – £5.05

How much is a The 'Déjeuner’ One at PAUL Uk?

The ‘Déjeuner’ One – £9.95

How much are Salade Fermiere at PAUL Uk?

Salade Fermiere – £5.15

How much does a PAUL Uk's Vegan Spiced Falafel Sandwich Cost?

Vegan Spiced Falafel Sandwich – £4.95

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