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Papa John’s AU has carved its name in the pizza industry by adhering to a simple yet profound philosophy: “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.” This motto, championed by the experienced pizzaiolo John Schnatter, embodies the essence of creating masterpieces using only the finest ingredients. The result? Pizzas that tantalize the taste buds with a symphony of flavors, proving that quality ingredients truly make a difference. Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Papa John’s AU menu prices. (Australia)


All Deals

De Small Deal$18.95
De Super Deal$47.72
De Jumbo Deal$33.95

House Special

The Fisher Man Burger$11.99
De Cheese burger$14.95

De Chicken Burgers

De Hot Wing Burger$13.45
De Crispy Rooster Burger$16.15
De Grigliato Mama Burger$15.20
De Kotopoulo Chick Burger$15.70
De Rock Chicken Burger$15.70
De Papa's Xinger Burger$16.20

Beef Burgers

De Dancing Manzo Burger$15.20
De The Crispy Angus Burger$16.10
De Pub Lot Burger$15.10
De Smoking Hot Burger$16.20
De Islander Burger$15.20

De Veg Burgers

De Vegan Burger$15.20
De Original Veg Burger$14.80

De Lamb Burgers

De Angelo Lamb Burger$14.70
De Eggion Lamb Burger$15.70

Continental Salad

Nine Star Chicken Salad$12.20

Sides and Fries

Continental Steak Cut Crunchy Chips (Large)$10.95
Continental Steak Cut Crunchy Chips (Medium)$9.25
Continental Steak Cut Crunchy Chips (Small)$7.50
De Chick Tenderloins$10.20
De Fried Wings$17.70
Mozzarella Sticks (4 Pieces)$7.80
De French Fries (Large)$9.50
De French Fries (Medium)$7.90
De French Fries (Small)$6.99
Spiced Crunchy Wedges (Large)$11.85
Spiced Crunchy Wedges (Medium)$9.80
Spiced Crunchy Wedges (Small)$7.95
Classic Sweet Potato Fries (Large)$11.95
Classic Sweet Potato Fries (Medium)$10.80
Classic Sweet Potato Fries (Small)$8.99
De True Crunchy Wedges (Large)$11.85
De True Crunchy Wedges (Medium)$9.80
De True Crunchy Wedges (Small)$7.95
De Super Onion Rings (Large)$12.80
De Super Onion Rings (Medium)$10.76
De Super Onion Rings (Small)$8.80
Mac N Cheese Croquettes$9.99
De Chic Nugg$8.35
De Fantastic Steak Cut Chips$9.99
Mozrilla Sticks (4)$6.99
Veggie Spring Rolls (4)$5.99
Chicken Popcorn (10)$13.99
Cheese Crunchy Bites (4pcs)$6.00


Siracha Sauce$1.20
Creamy Garlic Aioli$2.00
Sweet Chilli Mayo$2.00
Tomato Sauce$2.00
Bar B Q Sauce$2.00
Peri Peri$2.00
Hot Chilli$2.00
Special Sauce$2.20
Green Mint Sauce$1.20

Papa’s Shakes

Vanilla De Shake$7.99
Chocolate De Shake$7.20
Strawberry De Shake$7.35
Mango De Shake$7.30
Banana De Shake$7.00
Hazelnut De Shake$7.00


Coca Cola Variety$3.00
Soft drink 1.25Ltr Any 1$4.50
Coca Cola Variety (Beverages)$4.50
Water Still$3.00
Sparkling Water$3.20
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The Taste Sensation: Crafting a Reputation

Beyond the scrumptiousness, Papa John’s AU takes pride in its commitment to offering an array of pizzas that cater to diverse palates. With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, the pizzeria crafts specialty pizzas that resonate with the local community. This dedication to authentic and local flavors sets Papa John’s AU apart, nurturing a reputation built on delightful taste experiences.

Rising Star: Unveiling Popularity

When it comes to pizza enthusiasts in Australia, Papa John’s AU is no stranger. The pizzeria has earned its place as a go-to destination for those seeking a slice of perfection. What sets it apart? It’s the meticulous attention to detail and the selection of premium ingredients that go into every pizza. Papa John’s AU has managed to transform the act of devouring pizza into an elevated culinary journey.

Considered an ideal choice for family gatherings and informal hangouts among friends, Papa John’s AU presents a menu as diverse as the tastes it caters to. The wide range of offerings ensures that everyone finds their preferred flavor profile, making Papa John’s AU a universally cherished choice in the world of pizza.

A Slice of Innovation: Keeping it Simple, Yet Extraordinary

Papa John’s AU not only excels in taste but also in innovation. The pizzeria’s expert chefs harmoniously blend classic flavors with contemporary twists, ensuring that every bite offers a delightful surprise. The focus on delivering pizzas in pristine condition aligns with the brand’s dedication to quality and customer experience.

The global recognition of Papa John’s AU as a premium brand is a testament to its commitment to excellence. By continually refining their approach and offerings, the pizzeria has managed to uphold its reputation for delivering nothing but the best. Each pizza embodies a story of passion, dedication, and a commitment to culinary artistry.

Conclusion: A Slice Above the Rest

Papa John’s AU is not just a pizzeria; it’s a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of taste, innovation, and community. Its reputation is a culmination of years of dedication to crafting pizzas that awaken the senses and elevate the dining experience. As a beacon of flavor and quality, Papa John’s AU has solidified its place in the hearts of pizza aficionados across Australia.

Whether savoring the time-honored classics or indulging in unique, locally-inspired creations, patrons of Papa John’s AU are in for a treat. The popularity and reverence this pizzeria commands are a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional gastronomic experience.

In conclusion, Papa John’s AU stands tall as a testament to the power of combining the finest ingredients with a passion for culinary excellence. With every bite, customers embark on a journey through flavors that have shaped the brand’s reputation and elevated its status to legendary proportions.

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