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Welcome to Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary, a culinary destination that transports you to the vibrant streets of Brazil through its sizzling meats, flavorful sides, and warm hospitality. With its exceptional reputation and growing popularity, Pampa has become a beloved spot for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Brazilian dining experience. In this article, we will uncover the secrets behind Pampa’s culinary success, explore its esteemed reputation, and discover why it stands out as a top choice among steakhouse aficionados. Below are the latest Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary menu prices.


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Pampa Favourites

Steak and Caesar$29.95
Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread (Vegetarian) (6 pcs)$9.00
Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Bread (Vegetarian) (12 pcs)$14.00
Pampa Garlic Bread$7.00
Mini Meat Platter$55.00

Grilled Meat Skewers

Pampa Picanha-Signature Rump Steak (30 oz)$46.95
Grilled Pineapple (Whole)$14.95
Parmesan Pork (20 oz)$21.95
Beef Petite Tender (20 oz)$38.95
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks (24 oz)$18.95
Spicy Chorizo Pork Sausage (13 oz)$24.95

Shareable Meal

Shareable Meal$59.95


Caesar (16 oz) (Substitute Gluten-Free Croutons)$20.95
Caesar (16 oz) (Regular)$18.95
Broccoli Salad (14 oz)$20.95
Mixed Greens Salad (14 oz)$15.95
Potato Salad (28 oz)$17.95
Beef Penne (Cold Salad) (22 oz)$21.95

Shareable Hot Dishes

Mashed Potatoes (35 oz)$18.00
Black Bean Stew (Feijoada) (28 oz)$17.00
Beef Stroganoff (28 oz)$24.00
Pampa Garlic Bread (6 Slices)$7.00
White Rice (17 oz)$10.00
Sauteed Shrimp (1 lb)$26.00

House-Made Sauces and Dressings

Chimichurri (11 oz)$8.00
Caesar Dressing (11 oz)$8.00
Hot Papaya Sauce (11 oz)$8.00


Chimichurri (1 oz)$1.00
Hot Papaya Sauce (1 oz)$1.00
Garlic Sauce$1.00
Cutlery (Side)$0.75
Dulce De Leite$1.00
Caesar Dressing (1 oz)$1.00

Desserts and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Cheesecake Dulce de Leche (Slice)$8.00
Brazilian Soda (Guarana)$4.00
Pampa Cake$8.00

Butcher Shop

Ready-to-Grill Pampa BBQ Kit$69.95

Dinner for 2

Dinner for 2 (Date night dinner)$64.95

Grilled Meat Platters

Mini Meat Platter (Grilled Meat Platters)$55.00
Classic Meat Platter$86.95
Premium Meat Platter$143.95

Meals for One

Pampa Plate (For One)$27.95
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Flavors of Brazil: A Carnivore’s Paradise

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary is a paradise for meat lovers. The heart and soul of the dining experience lie in the traditional Brazilian churrasco-style cooking. Skewers of premium cuts of meat, such as juicy sirloin, tender filet mignon, and succulent lamb, are slow-roasted over an open flame, ensuring the perfect balance of smoky char and tender meat. Each cut is expertly seasoned, capturing the robust flavors that Brazilian cuisine is known for.

Rodizio-style Dining: A Feast for the Senses

At Pampa, diners indulge in a rodizio-style dining experience, where passadores (meat servers) move from table to table, carving and serving an array of mouthwatering meats directly onto your plate. The dining experience is interactive and engaging, allowing guests to savor an assortment of meats at their own pace. This unique dining style creates a convivial atmosphere where friends and family can share in the joy of experiencing a wide variety of flavors.

Flavorful Sides and Salads: Beyond the Meats

While the meats take center stage at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary, the culinary journey extends to the flavorful sides and salads. A trip to the gourmet salad bar reveals an impressive selection of fresh vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and homemade dressings. These accompaniments complement the meats perfectly, providing a balance of flavors and textures that enhance the overall dining experience. From crisp greens to traditional Brazilian salads, the array of choices ensures there’s something for everyone.

A Culinary Gem: Reputation and Popularity

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary has earned a well-deserved reputation and garnered popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations: Satisfied Diners Share Their Experiences

The success of Pampa can be attributed to the positive word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied diners. Guests eagerly share their exceptional dining experiences, praising the restaurant’s flavorful meats, attentive service, and inviting ambiance. These personal testimonials and online reviews have solidified Pampa’s position as a top-tier dining establishment, attracting new patrons who are eager to embark on their own culinary journey.

Community Engagement and Support: Embracing the Local Community

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary actively engages with the local community and supports various initiatives. The restaurant participates in charitable events, sources ingredients from local suppliers, and fosters relationships with neighboring businesses. This commitment to community engagement has not only contributed to Pampa’s popularity but also created a sense of loyalty among its customer base.

In conclusion, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary stands as a culinary gem, offering a gastronomic journey into the vibrant flavors of Brazil. With its exceptional meats, interactive rodizio-style dining, and resounding acclaim, Pampa has established itself as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a carnivorous feast or an immersive dining experience, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Calgary promises to transport your taste buds and leave you with lasting memories of Brazilian flavors and warm hospitality.

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