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Nestled within the heart of culinary delight, Outback Steakhouse Australia stands as a testament to the art of flavor and tradition. With a legacy deeply rooted in the land Down Under, an unwavering reputation, and a menu that showcases the best of Australian cuisine, this establishment has earned its place as a cherished dining haven. As we uncover the narrative behind Outback Steakhouse Australia’s enduring popularity and esteemed reputation, we embark on a journey that celebrates both authenticity and innovation. Below are the latest Outback Steakhouse Australia menu prices.


We recommend

Bloomin Onion$16.51
Classic Wings$18.63
BBQ Pork Ribs$39.45
Coke 1.25$5.15
Chocolate Thunder$18.41

Popular Items

Bloomin Burger$24.95
Cobb Salad$19.95
Chicken Tenders Party Platter$24.95
Char-Grilled Chicken$22.95


Garlic Bread$8.39
Cheese Chips$18.13
Crispy Calamari$19.06
Grilled Prawns$15.95
Garlic Prawn Marinara$20.95
Volcano Calamari & Prawns$18.95
Cheese Board$24.95
Antipasto Board$24.95
Popcorn Prawns$18.89

Sharing Platters

Sharing Platters$27.90


Soup and Salad$17.73

Outback Favourites

Alice Springs Chicken$30.75
Bloomin Fried Chicken$29.60
Baby Back Ribs Mix It Up$48.28
Beef Ribs$48.45
Rack of Lamb$39.95
Ribs - Mix It Up$50.78
Chargrilled Chicken$24.41
Grilled Salmon$38.11
Crispy Skin Barramundi$36.95
Lamb Chops$48.67

Signature Steaks

Outback Special$31.95
New York Strip Steak$36.50
T Bone$49.95
Shareable Sirloin$59.95
Victorias Filet$42.95

Perfect Combinations

Pork Rib and Alice Platter$48.20
Alice Chicken & Rib Combo$42.95
Proprietor's Choice$48.15
Roaring Forties Filet$44.95

Burgers and Sandwiches

Classic Cheese Burger$23.71
No Rules Burger$26.99
Blooming Burger$26.20
The Big Bugga$25.55
Chargrilled Steak Sandwich$28.18
Chicken and Swiss Sandwich$23.20

Burgers & Sandwiches

Crispy Chicken Burger$22.95
Classic Cheeseburger$22.95
The B Double$28.95
Char-Grilled Steak Sandwich$26.95

Signature Salads

Big Caesar Salad$19.95
Big Caesar$26.75
Outback Super Bowl$19.95


Steakhouse Pasta Ragout$22.95
Red Centre Sautée$26.95
No Rules Pasta$19.95

Fresh Sides

Loaded Baked Potato$7.62
Mix Vegetables$8.35
Coleslaw side$8.35
Fresh Seasonal Veggies$7.62
Mash Potato$8.35
Sweet Potato$7.91
Fried Smashed Potatoes$7.62
Jacket Potato$8.35
Mashed Potatoes$7.62
Rice Pilaf$7.62


Nippers Red Pasta$9.85
Macaroni and Cheese$9.85
Joey Sirloin$15.27
Kids Ribs$15.27
Spotted Dog$6.96

Side Salads

Garden Salad$7.91
Spring Mix Salad$7.45

Add on Mates

Grilled Onions$5.15
Side Order of BBQ Pork Ribs$18.71
Ranch Sauce$3.01
Side Order of BBQ Beef Ribs$18.71
Blue Cheese Sauce$2.95
Prawn Top$11.95
Bacon Onion Jam$4.95
Barbecue Sauce$3.83
Demi Glace$4.15
Honey Mustard Sauce$3.01
Pepper Sauce$4.15
Mushroom Sauce$4.15


Chookaburra Chicken Fingers$12.91
Boomerang Cheese Burger$11.51
Battered Fish & Chips$12.95
Spotted Dog Sundae$5.45

Party Platters

Classic Wings Party Platter$34.25
Grilled Prawns Party Platter$39.95
Tempura Prawns Party Platter$39.95
Baby Back Ribs Party Platter$53.16
Chicken Tenders Party Platters$33.85
Sirloin Steak Party Platter$51.45


Sprite 1.25$5.15
Coke No Sugar 1.25$5.15
Fanta Orange 1.25$5.15
Fuze Iced Tea - Peach$4.11
Fuze Iced Tea - Lemon$4.11
Coke 375ml$4.15
Coke No Sugar 375ml$4.15
Sprite 375ml$4.15


Salted Caramel Cheese Cake$15.95
Triple Stack Pavlova$14.81
Cinnamon Oblivion$16.95

Beverages (1.25 liter)

Coke No Sugar$4.95
Fanta Orange$4.95
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A Taste of Australia’s Culinary Landscape

Stepping into Outback Steakhouse Australia is like embarking on a gastronomic journey across the vast and diverse landscapes of the continent. The restaurant’s heritage is intricately intertwined with the rich tapestry of Australian cuisine, offering an immersive dining experience that captures the essence of the land and its flavors. From the moment you enter, you’re greeted by an ambiance that echoes the warmth and hospitality of the Australian way of life, creating an inviting environment that transports you to the heart of the country.

Masters of Authentic Australian Flavors

The true allure of Outback Steakhouse Australia lies in its commitment to delivering flavors that pay homage to the country’s culinary heritage. The menu is a harmonious blend of tastes, carefully curated to showcase the diverse array of Australian-inspired dishes. From the sizzle of grilled meats to the comfort of hearty pies, Outback Steakhouse Australia offers a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of Australian dining.

The chefs at Outback Steakhouse Australia are true culinary artisans, infusing their passion and expertise into every dish they craft. The result is a symphony of textures, spices, and aromas that transport diners to the heart of Australia. Each plate is a testament to the culinary traditions that inspire the restaurant’s offerings.

Cultivating an Enduring Reputation

Reputation forms the foundation of Outback Steakhouse Australia’s identity. Its unwavering commitment to quality, service, and authenticity has garnered a loyal following that extends far beyond the local community. Outback Steakhouse Australia is more than just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of Australian flavors, inviting patrons to savor the richness of tastes and traditions that define the country.

The atmosphere within Outback Steakhouse Australia reflects the conviviality and vibrancy of Australian culture. With each visit, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dining experience that celebrates tradition while embracing innovation. The bond formed between Outback and its patrons is a testament to its dedication to providing an authentic and memorable dining encounter.

Harmonizing Tradition with Innovation

While firmly rooted in tradition, Outback Steakhouse Australia remains attuned to the evolving preferences of modern diners. The restaurant seamlessly blends the rustic charm of Australian culture with a touch of innovation, creating an experience that resonates with both purists and those seeking new culinary horizons.

Innovation shines through in the restaurant’s diverse menu offerings, catering to a variety of palates. From classic steak dishes to inventive twists on Australian classics, Outback Steakhouse Australia ensures that every guest can partake in its culinary delights. This harmonious interplay of tradition and innovation enhances the restaurant’s appeal, establishing it as a haven for those seeking an authentic taste of Australia.

A Lasting Culinary Legacy

In a world of fleeting food trends, Outback Steakhouse Australia stands as a testament to authenticity, flavor, and tradition. Its reputation, thoughtfully nurtured over time, resonates with both locals and visitors alike. As patrons step into its welcoming embrace, they are transported to a realm where culinary mastery and cultural appreciation come together seamlessly.

The legacy of Outback Steakhouse Australia lives on through the stories shared by generations of diners, the enticing aromas that linger in the air, and the connections that flourish within its walls. Its enduring popularity serves as a tribute to the harmonious blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and the unbreakable bond between a community and its cherished establishment.

In Conclusion

Outback Steakhouse Australia is more than just a restaurant; it is a celebration of cultural heritage and culinary excellence. Its reputation as a custodian of Australian flavors pays homage to its enduring allure. As time progresses, Outback remains an integral part of the community’s narrative—a place where memories are created, flavors are celebrated, and the vibrant spirit of Australia continues to thrive with every delectable bite.

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