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Below are the latest Oporto menu prices.



3 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts$6.50
3 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts$6.50
9 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts$18.20
9 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts$18.20
Chocolate Mousse$5.15
6 Churros with Caramel Sauce$5.15
10 Churros with Caramel Sauce$9.10


Bacon and Egg Burger Meal$10.40
Chicken and Egg Burger Meal$11.70
Chicken and Egg Deluxe Burger Meal$13.00


Bondi Burger® Meal$17.36
Chicken & Burger Box$22.10
Bondi Burger®$11.65
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger®$14.25
Oprego Burger Meal$17.36
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger® Meal$19.96
Oprego Burger$11.65
Veggie Burger Meal$17.36
Triple Oprego Burger$14.25
Triple Oprego$14.25
Triple Oprego Burger Meal$20.10
Triple Oprego Meal$19.88
Otropo Burger$13.65
Otropo Burger Meal$19.36
Triple Otropo Burger$16.25
Triple Otropo$16.25
Triple Otropo Burger Meal$22.10
Triple Otropo Meal$21.88
Veggie Burger$11.65

Wraps & Salads

NEW Chicken Salad Meal$19.02
Chicken Salad Meal$18.80
Pulled Chicken Bowl Meal$22.56
Chicken Rappa® Meal$17.50
Rappa® Meal$16.93
Chicken Rappa®$11.65


Chicken and Burger Box$22.10
Meal for 1$18.00
Meal for 2$39.79
Chicken Meal for 4$45.00
Burger Meal for 4$50.00

New !

Chimi Chicken Box$22.10
Single Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donut$2.60
Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donut$2.60
Vegan Burger$13.00
Halloumi and Chicken Burger$14.95
Vegan Burger Meal$18.43
Halloumi and Chicken Burger Meal$20.15


Double Fillet Bondi Burger Meal$16.92
600 mL Bottle$5.77

Burgers & Wraps Meals

Double Fillet Oprego Burger Meal$16.92
Double Fillet Otropo Burger Meal$18.92
Veggie Meal$16.92
Chicken Rappa Meal$16.92
Pulled Chicken Wrap Meal$17.70
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger Meal$19.52
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal$19.52
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger Meal$21.52

Chicken Specialities

Grilled Chicken Tenders Pack$11.65
Crispy Chicken Strips$7.15
3 Crispy Chicken Strips$7.15
Quarter Chicken$9.10
Half Chicken$14.30
Whole Chicken$22.10

Chicken Specialties

5 Pack Crispy Strips Meal$16.11
4 Pack Grilled Tenders Meal$17.36
8 Pack Crispy Strips Meal$19.36
Quarter Chicken Meal$14.81
Half Chicken Meal$20.01

Kids' Meals

All kids meals include snack chips and 400ml. water or keri fruity drink apple and blackcurrant.
Chicken & Cheese Burger Meal$10.40
RappSnacker™ Meal$10.40
Crispy Chicken Strips Meal$10.40


Chicken Salad$12.95
NEW Chicken Salad$12.95
Pulled Chicken Bowl$16.85

Kids Menu

Kids Rappsnacker Meal$10.40
Kids Crispy Chicken Strips Meal$10.40
Kids Chicken and Cheese Burger Meal$10.40

Sides & Snacks

Single Spicy Chicken Bolas$5.15
Share Spicy Chicken Bolas$9.10
3 Jalapeño Bites$5.15
Single Portuguese Tomato Salad$5.15
Share Portuguese Tomato Salad$7.80
Pita & Garlic Dip$5.15


Churros 6 Pack with Caramel Sauce$5.15
Churros 10 Pack with Caramel Sauce$9.10


Jalapenos - 3 pack$5.15
Single Spicy Bolas$5.15
Share Spicy Bolas$9.10


Share Chips$7.80
Chilli Cheese Chips$9.10
Single Chips$5.15
Single Corn$5.15
Share Corn$7.80
Single Spicy Rice$5.15
Share Spicy Rice$7.80
Single Garden Salad$5.15
Single Crunchy Slaw$5.15
Share Crunchy Slaw$7.80
Single Portuguese Salad$5.15
Share Portuguese Salad$7.80
Pita Bread and Garlic Dip$5.15

Burgers and Wraps

Double Fillet Bondi Burger$11.65
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger$14.25
Double Fillet Oprego Burger$11.65
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger$14.25
Double Fillet Otropo Burger$13.65
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger$16.25
Chicken Rappa$11.65
Pulled Chicken Wrap$12.30


Sparkling Water$4.55
Fuze Tea - Black Peach$6.34
Keri Orange Juice$4.40
Keri Apple Juice$4.40
Mt Franklin Sparkling$4.55
Fuze Peach Ice Tea$6.50


Original Chilli Dip$1.30
Original Chilli Sauce$1.30
Lemon & Herb$1.00
Original Chilli$1.30
Sauce Tub - Lemon and Herb$1.00
Sauce Tub - Prego$1.00
Sauce Tub - Mayo$1.00
Extremo Chilli$1.30
Extremo Picante Chilli$1.30
Chilli Jar 255g$10.40
Prego Jar 265g$10.40
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