Oporto Prices

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Below are the latest Oporto menu prices.

Item Price

Kid-O's Menu

Kid-O's Chicken and Cheese Burger Meal $13.15
Kid-O’s Rappsnacker Meal $12.51
Kid-O's RappSnacker Meal $13.15
Kid-O’s Chicken and Cheese Burger Meal $12.51
Kid-O's Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $13.15
Kid-O’s Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal $12.51
Kid-O's Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal $13.15
Kid-O’s Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $12.51


Pulled Chicken Bowl $18.87
Bondi Bowl $21.37
Chicken Salad Bowl $16.20
Halloumi and Avo Bowl $21.35
Bondi Bowl Meal $27.87
Vegan Bowl $16.85
Vegan Bowl Meal $22.45
Halloumi and Avo Bowl Meal $27.85


600 mL Bottle $5.77


Bacon and Egg Burger Meal $10.89
Chicken and Egg Burger $8.36
Chicken and Egg Deluxe $9.54
Chicken and Egg Burger Meal $12.41
Chicken and Egg Deluxe Burger Meal $13.52
Hashbrown $2.08
Bacon and Egg Burger $6.41

Burgers & Rappa Meals

Double Fillet Oprego Burger Meal $19.48
Vegan Burger Meal $20.52
Bondi Rappa Meal $20.20
Halloumi and Chicken Burger Meal $21.96
Double Fillet Otropo Meal $21.31
Halloumi and Chicken Rappa Meal $22.57
Chicken Rappa Meal $19.32
Triple Fillet Bondi Burger Meal $21.71
Veggie Burger Meal $19.91
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger Meal $21.88
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger Meal $23.35
Pulled Chicken Rappa Meal $20.10
Vegan Rappa Meal $21.33

New !

Chimi Chicken Box $22.10
Single Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donut $2.60
Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donut $2.60


Chicken and Burger Box $22.53
Meal for 1 $18.00
Chicken Meal for 4 $45.00


Bondi Burger® Meal $17.36
Bondi Burger® $11.65
Oprego Burger Meal $17.36
Oprego Burger $11.65
Triple Oprego $14.25
Triple Oprego Meal $19.88
Otropo Burger $13.65
Otropo Burger Meal $19.36
Triple Otropo $16.25
Triple Otropo Meal $21.88

Family Meals

Whole Chicken Feed $33.58
Meal for 2 $47.37
Double Chicken Feed $72.84
Burger Meal for 4 $58.07
Feast Together Meal $84.35

Vegan & Veggie Range

Vegan Burger $14.40
Vegan Salad Meal $22.16
Vegan Rappa $14.86
Veggie Burger $13.15

Burgers & Wraps Meals

Double Fillet Otropo Burger Meal $18.92
Veggie Meal $16.92
Pulled Chicken Wrap Meal $17.70


NEW Chicken Salad $12.95

Wraps & Salads

NEW Chicken Salad Meal $19.02
Pulled Chicken Bowl Meal $22.56

Picked for you

Double Fillet Bondi Burger $13.31
Double Fillet Bondi Burger Meal $19.48
600mL Soft Drinks $6.53
Bondi Rappa $13.70

Meal Boxes

Half Chicken Box $22.68
Quarter Chicken Box $16.14

Chicken Specialities

Crispy Chicken Strips $7.15
Quarter Chicken $9.12
Half Chicken $14.32
Whole Chicken $22.14

Chicken Specialties

5 Pack Crispy Strips Meal $16.11
4 Pack Grilled Tenders Meal $17.36
8 Pack Crispy Strips Meal $19.36
Quarter Chicken Meal $14.81
Half Chicken Meal $20.01

Flame Grilled Chicken, Tenders & Strips

Grilled Chicken Tenders Pack $12.46
5 Crispy Chicken Strips $11.53
3 Crispy Chicken Strips $7.47
Flamed Grilled Whole Chicken $25.12
5 Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $18.03
Flamed Grilled Half Chicken $16.10
8 Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $21.08
8 Crispy Chicken Strips $14.58
Flamed Grilled Quarter Chicken $10.82
3 Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $14.05

Kids' Meals

All kids meals include snack chips and 400ml. water or keri fruity drink apple and blackcurrant.
Chicken & Cheese Burger Meal $10.40
Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $10.40

Kids Menu

Kids Rappsnacker Meal $10.40
Kids Crispy Chicken Strips Meal $10.40
Kids Chicken and Cheese Burger Meal $10.40

Sides & Snacks

Single Portuguese Tomato Salad $5.15
Share Portuguese Tomato Salad $7.80
Pita & Garlic Dip $5.15

Snacks & Sides

Single Spicy Chicken Bolas $5.51
10 x Jalapeno Bites Box $19.95
Share Spicy Chicken Bolas $9.79
3 Jalapeño Bites $5.79
10 x Chicken Crispy Strips Box $19.95
Family Spicy Chicken Bolas $19.95


Churros 6 Pack with Caramel Sauce $5.15
Churros 10 Pack with Caramel Sauce $9.10
Chocolate Mousse $5.34


Jalapenos - 3 pack $5.15
Chilli Cheese Chips $10.23
Single Spicy Bolas $5.15
Share Spicy Bolas $9.10
10 x Crispy Chicken Strips $19.95
Pita Bread and Garlic Dip $5.37

Salads & Bowls

Chicken Salad $13.96
Chicken and Fetta Salad $17.18
Vegan Salad $16.15


Share Chips $8.30
Single Chips $5.15
Single Corn $5.15
Share Corn $7.80
Single Spicy Rice $5.15
Single - Edamame and Kale $5.45
Share Spicy Rice $7.80
Single Garden Salad $5.21
Share - Edamame and Kale $8.80
Single Crunchy Slaw $5.15
Share Crunchy Slaw $7.80
Single Portuguese Salad $5.15
Share Portuguese Salad $7.80
Single Fetta and Mandarin Salad $5.15
Share Fetta and Mandarin Salad $8.40


3 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts $6.50
3 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts $6.50
9 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts $18.20
9 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts $18.20
6 Churros with Caramel Sauce $5.39
10 Churros with Caramel Sauce $9.35

Burgers and Wraps

Pulled Chicken Wrap $12.30

Burgers & Wraps

Triple Fillet Bondi Burger $15.65
Double Fillet Oprego Burger $13.31
Halloumi and Chicken Burger $15.89
Pulled Chicken Rappa $14.02
Triple Fillet Oprego Burger $15.78
Halloumi and Chicken Rappa $16.17
Double Fillet Otropo Burger $14.62
Triple Fillet Otropo Burger $17.25
Chicken Rappa $13.01


Water $5.07
Sparkling Water $5.09
Fuze Tea - Black Peach $6.34
Keri Orange Juice $5.40
Keri Apple Juice $5.40
Mt Franklin Sparkling $4.55
Fuze Peach Ice Tea $6.50


Garlic $1.30
Original Chilli Dip $1.30
Original Chilli Sauce $1.31
Sauce Tub - Lemon and Herb $1.00
Garlic Dip $1.31
Lemon and Herb $1.26
Prego $1.26
Sauce Tub - Prego $1.00
Extremo Chili $1.30
Mayo $1.26
Sauce Tub - Mayo $1.00
Extremo Chilli $1.30
Chilli Jar 255g $10.40
Prego Jar $10.40
Prego Jar 265g $10.58
Original Chilli Jar $10.40
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Oporto has established itself as a beloved destination for food enthusiasts, captivating taste buds with its flavorful Portuguese-style grilled cuisine. Renowned for its commitment to quality ingredients, unique cooking techniques, and exceptional customer service, Oporto has gained a reputation for delivering a mouthwatering dining experience. In this article, we will explore the reputation and popularity of Oporto, examining the factors that have contributed to its success and the distinct flavors that make it a standout choice.

A Grilling Sensation: Exploring Oporto’s Portuguese-Style Cuisine

Oporto takes diners on a culinary journey with its Portuguese-style grilled cuisine. Drawing inspiration from traditional Portuguese recipes, Oporto’s menu offers a tantalizing array of flame-grilled chicken, burgers, and wraps. Each dish is marinated with a special blend of herbs and spices, resulting in succulent and flavorful meals. From the smoky char-grilled chicken to the signature chili sauce, Oporto delivers a grilling sensation that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Quality Ingredients and Unique Cooking Techniques: Oporto’s Recipe for Success

Oporto is committed to using high-quality ingredients to ensure the utmost flavor and freshness in every bite. The chicken is sourced from trusted suppliers and prepared using unique cooking techniques, including marinating and grilling to perfection. The focus on quality ingredients and attention to detail sets Oporto apart and contributes to its reputation for delivering consistently delicious meals.

Exceptional Customer Service: A Key Ingredient in Oporto’s Popularity

Oporto places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. The friendly and attentive staff members are dedicated to ensuring a positive dining experience for every customer. From taking orders with a smile to addressing specific requests, Oporto’s commitment to customer satisfaction creates a welcoming environment where guests feel valued and appreciated.

Building a Stellar Reputation: Oporto’s Rise to Prominence

Oporto has earned a stellar reputation among its customers, solidifying its position as a popular Portuguese-style grill destination. The following factors have contributed to Oporto’s exceptional reputation:

  1. Unique Flavor Profile: Oporto’s distinct Portuguese-inspired flavors, such as the tangy chili sauce and the combination of herbs and spices, have made a lasting impression on food enthusiasts. The unique flavor profile sets Oporto apart from other fast-food establishments, making it a favorite among those seeking a flavorful and satisfying meal.
  2. Menu Variety: Oporto offers a diverse menu with options to suit different preferences and dietary needs. From chicken burgers to vegetarian wraps, Oporto ensures that there is something for everyone. This menu variety appeals to a wide range of customers, contributing to its popularity.
  3. Community Engagement: Oporto actively engages with the community by supporting local events and charitable initiatives. By giving back and fostering meaningful connections, Oporto strengthens its reputation and builds lasting relationships with customers.


Oporto has gained popularity for its flavorful Portuguese-style grilled cuisine, commitment to quality ingredients, and exceptional customer service. With its unique flavor profile, diverse menu options, and dedication to creating a positive dining experience, Oporto has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts. Whether indulging in flame-grilled chicken, savoring a juicy burger, or customizing a meal to personal preferences, Oporto promises a flavorful and satisfying culinary journey. Its reputation and popularity continue to grow as Oporto brings the distinct flavors of Portuguese grilling to delighted taste buds across the nation.

Oporto FAQ

How much is Oporto's 3 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts?

3 Hazelnut or Passionfruit Donuts – $6.50

How much is a 3 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts at Oporto?

3 Pack Hazelnut or Salted Caramel Donuts – $6.50

How much are Chicken and Egg Deluxe Burger Meal at Oporto?

Chicken and Egg Deluxe Burger Meal – $13.00

How much does a Oporto's Oprego Burger Meal Cost?

Oprego Burger Meal – $17.36