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In the heart of our community lies Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi, a culinary haven that beckons with a promise of exceptional dining experiences. With a history steeped in tradition, an unwavering reputation, and a diverse menu that ignites the senses, this establishment has firmly established itself as a beloved dining destination. As we delve into the narrative behind the enduring popularity and esteemed reputation of Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi, we uncover a world where authenticity and innovation seamlessly blend, creating a culinary journey like no other. Below are the latest Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi menu prices.


Dinner Menu

Chilean Seabass (8 oz)$32.95
Lamb Chop (8 oz)$23.95
Beef Short Ribs$15.95
Chicken Teriyaki$13.95
Filet Mignon Teriyaki (10 oz)$22.95
Salmon Teriyaki (8 oz)$15.95
Scallop Teriyaki (9 oz)$18.95
Vegetable Tempura$11.95
Shrimp Tempura$13.95
Seafood Tempura$14.95
Chicken Katsu$12.95
Pork Katsu$12.95
Spicy Chicken$11.95
Spicy Beef$12.95
Spicy Shrimp$13.95
Spicy Seafood$16.95
Vegetable Thai Curry$10.95
Chicken Thai Curry$11.95
Beef Thai Curry$12.95
Shrimp Thai Curry$13.95
Seafood Thai Curry$16.95
New York Steak Teriyaki (10 oz)$18.95
Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail Teriyaki$32.95

Items Worth Indulging On

Customers can’t get enough of these dishes, we think you’ll love them too
Special Rolls Combo$25.95
Blue Diamond Dinner Special$25.95
Ohjah Boat$48.95
New York Steak Teriyaki$18.95
Filet Mignon Teriyaki$21.95
Seafood Teriyaki$32.95


Seaweed Salad$3.95
Cucumber Salad$3.95
Fried Wonton (5)$4.95
Egg Roll (2)$3.95
Garlic Edamame$4.95
Agedashi Tofu$4.75
Chicken Teriyaki (Appetizers)$6.95
New York Teriyaki (5 oz)$8.95
Yakitori (3)$4.95
Karaage Chicken$6.95
Yakigyu (3)$5.95
Gyoza (6)$5.95
Yakiebi (3)$5.95
Fried Oyster (6)$8.95
Soft Shell Crab$6.95
Sauteed Shrimp$8.95
Beef Teriyaki$7.95
Vegetable Tempura (Appetizers)$6.95
Calamari Tempura$7.95
Shrimp Tempura (Appetizers)$8.95

Noodles & Fried Rice

Combination Fried Rice (Noodles & Fried Rice)$11.95
Vegetable Fried Rice$8.95
Chicken Fried Rice$9.95
Chicken Fried Rice (Noodles & Fried Rice)$9.95
Kimchi Fried Rice$8.95
Beef Fried Rice$10.95
Shrimp Fried Rice (Noodles & Fried Rice)$11.95
Shrimp Fried Rice$11.95
Beef Fried Rice (Noodles & Fried Rice)$10.95
Combination Fried Rice$12.95
Vegetable Yakisoba$8.95
Shrimp Tempura Udon (Noodles & Fried Rice)$9.95
Chicken Yakisoba$9.95
Beef Yakisoba (Noodles & Fried Rice)$9.95
Beef Yakisoba$10.95
Chicken Yakisoba (Noodles & Fried Rice)$9.75
Vegetable Yakisoba (Noodles & Fried Rice)$8.95
Shrimp Yakisoba$11.95
Vegetable Fried Rice (Noodles & Fried Rice)$8.95
Combination Yakisoba$12.95
Seafood Yakisoba$14.95
Seafood Yakisoba (Noodles & Fried Rice)$13.95
Shrimp Tempura Udon$9.95
Chicken Udon (Noodles & Fried Rice)$8.95
Chicken Udon$8.95
Beef Udon (Noodles & Fried Rice)$9.95
Beef Udon$9.95
Seafood Udon (Noodles & Fried Rice)$11.95
Beef Sukiyaki (Noodles & Fried Rice)$13.95
Seafood Udon$13.95
Beef Sukiyaki$13.95
Kimchi Stew$12.95

Sushi Chef Special

Kani Nachos$5.95
Oyster Half Shell$6.95
Green Mussel (6)$6.50
Japanese Spring Roll$7.25
Salmon Kama$5.95
Hotate Salad$8.95
Sashimi Salad$13.95
Holy Moly$15.95
Jalapeño Sashimi$12.95
Crazy Jalapeño$9.50
Spicy Miso Tako$9.75
Tuna Tartar$14.95
Tuna Carpaccio$12.95
Tuna Tataki$12.95
Tuna Poke$12.95
Screaming O$14.95
Beef Tataki$14.95
Black Cod Miso$8.95

Ohjah Signature Rolls

Pop'n Roll$11.95
Rock'n Roll$13.95
Ocean View$13.95

Nigiri & Sashimi (Cooked)

Yum Yum Hotate$4.25
Kunsei Sake$4.25
Hokki Gai$3.50

Ohjah Thai Dinner

All spicy served with miso soup, salad and steamed rice or brown rice.
Thai Curry$10.95

Nigiri & Sashimi (Raw)

Albacore Tuna$4.50
Garlic Albacore$4.50
Garlic Tuna$4.50
Cajun Tuna$4.50

Ohjah's Sushi Dinner Special

Ohjah signature rolls are not included, chef’s choice and no substitution on sashimi and nigiri selection.
Special Rolls Combo (Ohjah's Sushi Dinner Special)$25.95
Blue Diamond Dinner Special (Ohjah's Sushi Dinner Special)$25.95
Ohjah Boat (Ohjah's Sushi Dinner Special)$48.95
Bonsai Dinner$29.95

Special Rolls

Killer Bee$12.95
S.O.B. Sex On The Beach Roll$12.95
Angry Bird Roll$11.50
Gangnam Style Roll$12.95
Golden Gate$11.95
Aces Roll (4)$8.95
King Salmon$11.95
Japanese Lasagna Roll$8.95
Grand Canyon Roll$11.95
Snow White Roll$11.95
Caterpillar Roll$11.95
Kamikaze Roll$11.95
Summer Breeze Roll$11.95
Rainbow Roll$12.50
Orange County Roll$11.95
King Salmon Roll$11.95
Crispy Tuna Roll$9.75
Fire Star$12.95
Spicy Mexican Roll$10.95
Captain Roll$11.50
French Kiss$12.50
White Tiger Roll$12.50
Give Me A Break$12.50
White Tiger$12.50
Double Spice$12.50
Crispy Tuna$9.75
Fire Star Roll$12.95
Sweet Heart Roll$12.95
Spider Roll$10.50
Dynamite Roll$10.50
Las Vegas Roll$11.50
Snow White$11.95
Dark Cycle Roll$12.95
Grand Canyon$11.95
Tsunami Roll$12.50
Japanese Lasagna$8.95
Casino Roll$12.95
You & Me Roll$12.95
Pink Lady$11.95
Crunch Roll$7.95
Summer Breeze$11.95
Shogun Roll$10.95
Golden Gate Roll$11.95
Sexy Geisha$11.95
Pink Lady Roll$11.95
Dragon Roll$13.50
Orange County$11.95
Tiger Roll$12.50
Blue Diamond Roll$12.50
Dark Cycle$11.95
Ohjah Roll$12.50
Crazy Horse$11.95
French Kiss Roll$12.50
Volcano Roll$12.50
Lucky Seven Roll$12.95
Sweet Heart$12.95
Gentlemen’s Club Roll$12.95
Show Me The Love$13.95
Sexy Geisha Roll$11.95
Lucky Seven$12.95
Cowboy Roll$12.50
Gentlemen's Club$12.95
Show Me The Love Roll$13.95
You and Me$12.95
Crazy Horse Roll$11.95
Philadelphia Roll$8.50
Valentino Roll$11.95

Ohjah Sashimi Combo Special

Chefs choice, excludes market sashimi.
Tasting Combo$9.50
Regular Combo$19.95
Sampler Combo$14.95
Deluxe Combo$25.95

Signature Rolls

Pop & Roll$11.95
Alaska King Crab Roll$14.95
Rock & Roll$13.95
Lobster Roll$19.95
Ninja Roll$13.95
Ocean View Roll$13.95
Dragon Roll (Signature Rolls)$13.50
Black Widow$13.95

Ohjah's Dinner Menu

All entrées include soup, salad, and steamed rice or brown rice. Thoroughly cooking food of animal origin such as beef, egg, fish, milk, pork, poultry, and shellfish reduces the risk of food borne illness.
Vegetable Tempura (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$10.95
New York Steak Teriyaki (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$18.95
Filet Mignon Teriyaki (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$21.95
Chicken Teriyaki (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$12.95
Salmon Teriyaki$15.95
Seafood Teriyaki (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$32.95
Shrimp Tempura (Ohjah's Dinner Menu)$12.95
Scallop Teriyaki$18.95

Maki & Temaki

California Roll$4.95
Unagi Maki$5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll$5.50
Spicy California Roll$5.95
Yum Yum Scallop Roll$5.50
Yum Yum Scallop$5.50
Unagi Roll$6.50
Salmon Skin Roll$4.95
Salmon Tempura Roll$5.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.95
Avocado Roll$3.50
Cucumber Roll$3.50
Oshinko Roll$3.50
Sake Maki$4.95
Tekka Maki$4.95
Tempura Vegetable Roll$5.95
Hamachi Maki$4.95
Tempura Salmon Roll$5.95
Tempura Asparagus Roll$5.95
Vegetable Tempura Roll$5.95
Tempura Shrimp Roll$6.95
Asparagus Tempura Roll$5.95


Hibachi Basic Entrée$9.95

Ohjah Sushi Chef Special

Oyster Shooter$3.95
Spicy Miso Taco$7.95
Fish Taco$6.95
Screaming “O”$14.95
Kobe-Ishiyaki (8 Oz.)$48.95
Uni Shooter$7.95
Hirame Usuzukuri$11.95

Side Orders

Fried Noodle$3.50
Fried Rice$3.50
Miso Soup$1.95
Onion Soup$1.95


Ice Cream$3.50
Tempura Ice Cream$4.50
Cheese Cake$3.50

Soft Beverages

Soft Drink$1.95
Japanese Green Hot Tea$2.25
Bottled Water$2.95
Thai Tea$3.95
Japanese Cream Soda$3.95
Ramune (Japanese Lemonade)$2.95

Kids Meals

Ages 12 and under, all meals include soup, salad, vegetables and choice of fried rice, fried noodle, steamed rice or brown rice.
Sukiyaki Beef$12.45
Shrimp Teppanyaki$12.95
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A Glimpse into Tradition

Walking through the doors of Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi is akin to stepping into a world where tradition and culture come alive. Established with a profound commitment to honoring the essence of Japanese cuisine, this restaurant’s roots reach deep into the cultural heritage of Japan. The moment you enter, you’re greeted by an ambiance that resonates with the traditions of the East, creating a dining sanctuary that transcends time.

Culinary Craftsmanship at its Finest

At the heart of Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi’s allure lies its dedication to culinary artistry. The restaurant’s menu is a symphony of flavors, carefully crafted to showcase the rich diversity of Japanese cuisine. From the theatrical hibachi-grilled dishes to the intricate sushi rolls, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse offers a culinary journey that transports diners to the bustling streets of Japan.

The chefs at Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi are true artisans, infusing their passion and expertise into every dish they create. The result is a fusion of premium ingredients and meticulous technique, resulting in a dining experience that elevates the senses. Each plate is a canvas that pays homage to the culinary traditions of Japan.

Cultivating a Reputation of Excellence

Reputation is the cornerstone upon which Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi stands. Its steadfast commitment to quality, service, and authenticity has garnered a loyal following that extends beyond the local community. Beyond being just a restaurant, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse serves as an ambassador of Japanese cuisine, inviting patrons to experience the richness of flavors and traditions.

The ambiance within Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi mirrors the grace and warmth of Japan itself. With each visit, patrons have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dining experience that honors tradition while embracing the contemporary. The bond formed between Ohjah and its patrons is a testament to its dedication to providing an authentic and memorable experience.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

While rooted in tradition, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi is attuned to the evolving preferences of modern diners. The restaurant seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of tradition with a dash of innovation, creating an experience that appeals to both purists and those seeking new culinary experiences.

Innovation shines through in the diverse menu offerings, catering to various dietary preferences. From delectable vegetarian options to dishes tailored to accommodate dietary restrictions, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse ensures that every guest can partake in its culinary delights. This harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation elevates the restaurant’s appeal, establishing it as a haven for those seeking an authentic taste of Japan.

A Timeless Enchantment

In a world where food trends come and go, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi stands as a symbol of authenticity, flavor, and tradition. Its reputation, cultivated over time, resonates with both locals and visitors alike. As patrons step into its welcoming embrace, they are transported to a realm where culinary artistry and cultural appreciation converge.

The legacy of Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi lives on through the stories shared by generations of diners, the aromas that linger in the air, and the camaraderie that flourishes within its walls. Its enduring popularity serves as a tribute to the harmonious marriage of tradition, craftsmanship, and the unbreakable bond between a community and its cherished establishment.

In Conclusion

Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi & Hibachi is more than a dining destination; it is a celebration of cultural heritage and culinary excellence. Its reputation as a cultural ambassador and a gastronomic sanctuary pays homage to its enduring allure. As time advances, Ohjah remains an integral part of the community’s narrative—a place where memories are cultivated, flavors are celebrated, and the vibrant spirit of Japan continues to flourish with every delectable bite.

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