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In the restaurant industry, having a very specific offering isn’t a new thing. Malt shops did it decades ago, juice bars and dessert shops continue to flourish, and cookie stores prove to be very successful concepts. With the right timing and raging trend, a very particular dish can conquer the market. Below are the latest Nothing Bundt Cakes menu prices.


10" Bundt Cakes

Cele’bundt’ing You 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.85
Let the Fiesta Begin 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.85
10” Bundt Cake$45.68
Happy Bundt’day 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.97
MVP – Basketball 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.86
Yours, Mine, Ours 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.97
Lemon 10" Bundt Cake$46.84
Delicious Wishes 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.85
Red Velvet 10” Bundt Cake$46.83
MVP – Football 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.86
White Chocolate Raspberry 10" Bundt Cake$46.84
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 10” Bundt Cake$46.83
Prettiest Princess 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.97
MVP – Baseball 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$59.09
MVP – Soccer 10” Decorated Bundt Cake$58.86
Key Lime 10” Bundt Cake – FEATURED FLAVOR$46.61
Patriotic 10" Decorated Bundt Cake$58.67

8" Bundt Cakes

Let the Fiesta Begin 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.29
8” Bundt Cake$33.32
Yours, Mine, Ours 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.36
Prettiest Princess 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.36
Chocolate Chocolate Chip 8” Bundt Cake$34.28
Lemon 8" Bundt Cake$34.22
White Chocolate Raspberry 8” Bundt Cake$34.22
MVP – Soccer 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.28
MVP – Basketball 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.28
Delicious Wishes 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.29
Red Velvet 8” Bundt Cake$34.28
Cele’bundt’ing You 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.29
MVP – Football 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.28
MVP – Baseball 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.55
Key Lime 8” Bundt Cake – FEATURED FLAVOR$34.03
Patriotic 8" Decorated Bundt Cake$46.10

Make It a Party

Serving Pack for 8$5.66
Serving Pack for 18$10.57


Triple Bundtlet Tower$19.83
Strawberries and Cream Bundtlet$6.61
Lemon Bundtlet$6.61
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundtlet$6.61
Carrot Bundtlet$6.61
Red Velvet Bundtlet$6.61
Classic Vanilla Bundtlet$6.61
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bundtlet$7.16
Double Bundtlet Tower$13.22
White Chocolate Raspberry Bundtlet$6.61
Single Bundtlet Tower$6.61
Confetti Bundtlet$6.61
Snickerdoodle Bundtlet$6.61
Key Lime Bundtlet – FEATURED FLAVOR$6.60

Picked for you

Box of Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$31.62
Happy Bundt’day 8” Decorated Bundt Cake$46.36
Bundtlet Bundle$70.67


Waving Flags Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.38
Celebration Hats Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Roses Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
Birthday Presents Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
Fiesta Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
Confetti Pom Poms Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Best in Class Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
Graduation Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.38
Gold Sparkle Hats and Poms Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Football Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Soccer Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Baseball Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
NEW! Basketball Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
White Hearts Bundtinis - Signature Assortment$41.69
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About Nothing Bundt Cakes

Still, it can be quite baffling how a very specific type of cake became so popular to start a chain of its own. Bundt cakes are popular among those who like to bake at home as it allows creativity but such enthusiasm doesn’t always translate commercially. However, the success of the chains that specialize in such items tends to say otherwise.

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ prices, selection of products, and very friendly branding, certainly appealed to the general public, allowing the chain to grow to its large size today. It’s pretty much the most popular and mainstream source of bundt cakes, so you can say that they’ve cornered their market.


As they say, great things start from small beginnings and it’s very true for Nothing Bundt Cakes. The business started out with the founders Debbie Schwetz and Denna Tripp baking bundt cakes for their friends and family. Their recipe was so good that more and more folks from outside their immediate circles started ordering some. 

After a while, they realized that they’ve been churning out bundt cakes enough for a store operation to become necessary. That’s why in 1997, they decided to open their first Nothing Bundt Cakes store in Las Vegas

The business proved to be a runaway hit among consumers and they quickly discovered that there’s a gap in the market for delicious cakes that do not skimp on the ingredients. Sure, there are lots of reliable bakeshops around but they don’t always use the best ingredients the way Nothing Bundt Cakes does. 

So they took the plunge and offered franchising opportunities right away. This kicked off their national growth, allowing them to have 300 bakeries across the country today.

Even the founders of Nothing Bundt Cakes were surprised by how far they’ve come in just a little over two decades. With the simplicity of their business concept and how they operate, it can be a bit baffling how they’ve reached such heights. They didn’t even add other products to their offerings, so how did they survive the tough competition? 

A lot can be attributed to how streamlined their services are. By sticking to their guns and putting their customers’ needs first, they continued to provide the very thing that their patrons fell in love with. They also continuously attracted new fans by staying true to their roots.

What They’re Famous For 

The answer to this question is already in the name of the business: Nothing Bundt Cakes. As mentioned above, they didn’t really add other baked goods in their menu, so you can only really get bundt cakes from them.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t have options. For starters, their bundt cakes come in two sizes, 8 inches and 10 inches. You can also get tiered cakes for larger gatherings. If you don’t need to feed 8 to 30 people, however, you can just go for ‘bundtlets’ and ‘bundtinis’ which are smaller versions of the traditional bundt cake.

As each cake made at Nothing Bundt Cakes is handcrafted, you can also order them in various flavors. There are 10 flavors to choose from, so you also won’t feel like you don’t have much of a choice.

Why Eat Here

Should you get a bundt cake for an upcoming occasion? If the things mentioned above didn’t fully convince you, these reasons might:

1. They give back to their communities.

Lots of us love businesses that give back to their communities and lots of Nothing Bundt Cakes franchisees do so. They’re known for the donations they make to different causes. By supporting a generous business, you can also help out in the causes they’re promoting, allowing you do to more with a simple purchase.

2. Their bundt cakes can convert folks who aren’t big on cakes.

One of the things lots of people say about Nothing Bundt Cakes’ products is that they’re capable of converting people to bundt cake lovers. As most bundt cakes sit in the middle of traditional cakes and loaf bread, they tend to be friendlier to those who aren’t too keen on the sweet baked goods. As a result, they’re capable of creating converts as soon as they are sampled and enjoyed.

3. They’re great for big groups.

With their size and density, bundt cakes are not for small groups. So if you’re looking for something that you can take to a potluck party, Nothing Bundt Cakes’ treats are excellent options.

To learn more about Nothing Bundt Cakes or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Nothing Bundt Cakes FAQ

How much is Nothing Bundt Cake's Standard Assortment?

Standard Assortment – $26.67

How much is a 3 Bundtlet Tower at Nothing Bundt Cakes?

3 Bundtlet Tower – $18.00

How much are Lemon at Nothing Bundt Cakes?

CLemon – $33.33

How much does a Nothing Bundt Cake's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cost?

Chocolate Chocolate Chip – $33.33

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