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Noah’s Ark Teahouse in New Zealand is a charming and inviting establishment that has gained a reputation for being a haven for tea enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the reputation and popularity of Noah’s Ark Teahouse, exploring what makes it a unique destination for those seeking a delightful tea experience. Below are the latest Noah’s Ark Teahouse Menu Prices New Zealand.


Milk Tea

Original Milk Tea$10.00
Taro Milk Tea$10.00
Creamy Strawberry$10.00
Rockmelon Milk Tea$10.00
Oatmeal Milk Tea$10.00
Coffee Milk Tea$10.00
Brown Sugar Milk Tea$10.00

Fresh Tea

Strawberry Green Tea$11.00
Lemon Lime Jelly Tea$10.00
Apple Aloe Green Tea$10.00
Passionfruit Green Tea$11.00
Passionfruit Black Tea$10.00
Honey Grapefruit$11.00
Lychee Green Tea$10.00
Peach Green Tea$11.00


Strawberry Slushy$11.00
Mango Slushy$11.00
Mocha Slushy$11.00
Green Apple Slushy$11.00

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A Sanctuary of Serenity

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, Noah’s Ark Teahouse is a sanctuary of serenity where time seems to slow down. The teahouse offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, inviting visitors to unwind, relax, and savor the simple joys of sipping tea. With its cozy ambiance and scenic surroundings, it provides the perfect setting for tea lovers to indulge in their favorite beverage.

A Diverse Selection of Teas

At the heart of Noah’s Ark Teahouse’s reputation is its diverse selection of teas from around the world. Whether you’re a fan of traditional black teas, fragrant herbal infusions, or exotic blends, you’ll find a tea that suits your preferences. The teahouse takes pride in curating a menu that caters to both seasoned tea connoisseurs and those new to the world of tea, ensuring that every guest can embark on a flavorful journey.

A Journey of Tastes and Aromas

Noah’s Ark Teahouse is more than just a place to enjoy tea—it’s a journey of tastes and aromas that delights the senses. Each cup of tea tells a story, transporting drinkers to different corners of the world with every sip. From the earthy notes of a robust chai to the delicate floral undertones of a jasmine tea, every cup offers a unique experience that invites exploration and discovery.

A Gathering Place for Tea Lovers

The popularity of Noah’s Ark Teahouse stems from its reputation as a gathering place for tea lovers. It serves as a meeting point for friends, families, and individuals who share a common appreciation for the art of tea. Whether you’re catching up over a pot of oolong or engaging in a quiet moment of reflection with a cup of green tea, the teahouse fosters connections and conversations over shared passions.

Crafting Tea Rituals

Noah’s Ark Teahouse understands that enjoying tea is not just about the beverage itself—it’s about embracing the ritual and mindfulness that come with it. The teahouse takes pride in crafting tea rituals that elevate the experience, from the careful brewing of each cup to the presentation of tea in exquisite teapots and cups. These rituals add an extra layer of significance to the act of tea-drinking, making it a moment to savor.

A Journey of Discovery

In conclusion, Noah’s Ark Teahouse in New Zealand offers tea enthusiasts a journey of discovery that goes beyond the simple act of drinking tea. Its reputation and popularity are rooted in its ability to create an immersive experience where guests can explore the world of teas, connect with fellow tea lovers, and appreciate the beauty of taking a pause from the hectic pace of life. With its diverse tea offerings and dedication to crafting meaningful tea rituals, Noah’s Ark Teahouse is a destination that welcomes all to embark on a delightful journey of flavors and aromas.

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Noah’s Ark Teahouse New Zealand FAQ

How much is Noah's Ark Teahouse New Zealand's Original Milk Tea?

Original Milk Tea – $10.00

How much is a Oatmeal Milk Tea at Noah's Ark Teahouse New Zealand?

Oatmeal Milk Tea – $10.00

How much are Strawberry Green Tea at Noah's Ark Teahouse New Zealand?

Strawberry Green Tea – $11.00

How much does a Noah's Ark Teahouse New Zealand's Strawberry Slushy Cost?

Strawberry Slushy – $11.00

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