Nightowl Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Nightowl menu prices.

Item Price

Food Service

4n20 Angus Bacon and Cheese Pie 220gm $6.10
WRAP Chicken and Sweet Chilli $9.00
4N20 Kingsize Sausage Roll 180g $5.00
4n20 Kingsize Sausage Roll 180gm $5.18
4N20 Meat Pie 175g $5.00
4n20 Meat Pie 175gm $5.13
Hungry Man Pie $6.50
Hungry Man Cheese & Bacon Sausage Roll $6.50
Wings x 3 $10.00
Crumbed Sausage $3.78
Ham and Cheese Toastie $8.50
Sweet Chilli Tenders (X3) $10.00
Edgell Crinkle Cut Chips 13mm $5.17
Large Chiko Roll $4.11
Chiko Dimees x 4 $10.00
Garlic Bread $4.00
Pluto Pup $4.28


Indomie Instant Fried Noodles $6.05
Kraft Oreo Cookie Original 133g $3.00
Kraft Oreo Cookie Origional $3.30
My Muscle Chef Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl $13.96
Indomie Instant Mi Goreng 5x85g $6.00
Arnotts Shortbread Creams $5.50
Fantastic Bowl Beef Noodles  $3.55
Oreo Cookie Original 137g $3.00
Sara Lee Original Baked Cheesecake $12.00
Tim Tam 200gm Varieties $5.00
Arnotts Tim Tam Chocolate $5.15
Fantastic Bowl Chicken Noodles $3.55
Arnotts Tim Tam Chewy Caramel $5.15
Arnotts Tim Tam Double Chocolate $5.15
Arnotts Jatz Origional $5.00
Arnotts Shapes Chicken Crimpy $5.00
Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese Classic 73g $4.60
Golden Circle Fruit Drink 1L Varieties $4.00
Arnotts Shapes Original BBQ $5.00
Arnotts Shapes Origional Pizza $5.00
Youfoodz Nonnas Spaghetti Bolognese $12.95
My Muscle Chef Beef Stroganoff and Fettuccine  $13.96
Youfoodz Beef Lasagne $13.21
My Muscle Chef Brisket Pot Smokey BBQ $13.95
Youfoodz Creamy Chicken Carbonara $12.95
YOUFOODZ Slow Cooked Beef and Mash 320GM $12.95
Csr Raw Sugar $2.95
Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee  $7.95
CSR Raw Sugar 1kg $5.31
Masterfoods Barbecue Sauce 500ml $5.99
Sara Lee Chocolate Cake 350gm [freezer item] $9.50
Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding 475gm [freezer item] $9.50
McCains Lasagna 400gm [freezer item] $9.95
Golden Circle Golden Pash $4.20
McCains Meatlover Pizza [freezer item] $12.50
Golden Circle Sunshine Punch $4.20
Golden Circle Tropical Fruit $4.22
ARNOTTS Assorted Creams 500g $10.00
FANTASTIC Rice Crackers Original 100g $3.50
Uncle Toby's Quick Creamy Honey 50g $3.50
Zoosh French Onion Dip 185g $3.95

Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough 458ml $15.18
Ben and Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Core 458ml $14.95
Ben and Jerry's S'Wich Up 458ml $15.30
Streets Magnum Dairy Free Almond $6.00
Ben & Jerry's 478ml Pints $14.95
Ben and Jerry's Choc Fudge Brownie 458ml $15.15
Connoisseur 1L Varieties $15.00
Peters 2L Varieties $9.00
Magnum Stick Ice-Cream $6.00
Ben and Jerry's Netflix and Chilled 458ml $15.15
Ben and Jerry's Phish Food 458ml $15.15
Ben and Jerry's Non Dairy Choc Fudge Brownie 458ml $15.18
Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake 458ml $15.21
Ben and Jerry's Half Baked 458ml $15.15
Connoisseur Cookies and Cream 1L $15.00
Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate 1L $15.00
Connoisseur Classic Vanilla 1L $15.00
Connoisseur Salted Caramel Hazelnut 1L $15.00
Ben and Jerry's the Tonight Dough 458ml $15.15
Peters Original Neapolitan 2L $9.00
Ben and Jerry's Triple Caramel Chunk 458ml $15.18
Peters Origional Vanilla 2L $9.00
Connoisseur Caramel Honey Macademia 1L $15.00
Peters Maxibon Vanilla 4 pack $13.99
Peters Vanilla Drumsticks 4pk $13.69
Streets Magnum Double Caramel Fudge $6.00
Streets Magnum Classic $6.00
Peters Vanilla Drumstick $6.00
STREETS Bubble O Bill 1L TUB $12.96


Allens Party Mix 190gm $5.45
Pods Snickers Pouch 160gm $7.44
Pods Mars Pouch 160gm $7.45
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 16 200gm $19.95
Mars Maltesers Pouch 140gm $7.85
Allens Snakes Alive 200gm $5.44
Nestle Kit Kat Block Milk Chocolate 170gm $7.79
Cadbury Dairy Milk Block 180g $7.79
Cadbury Chocolate Bites Flake 150gm $7.07
Cadbury Hazelnut Block 180g $7.79
Cadbury Caramello Block 180g $7.71
Mandms Peanut 180gm $7.85
Mandms Plain Milk Chocolate 180gm $7.85
HOSTESS Twinkies 38.3g $3.50
NESTLE Kit Kat 45g $3.37
CADBURY Cherry Ripe Medium 52g $3.37
CADBURY Chocolate Dairy Milk 50g $3.37
KINDER BUENO 43g $3.37
MIKE and IKE MegaMix 141g $5.95
HERSHEYS Cookies 'n' Cream 43g $3.33
REESES Nutrageous Bar 47g $3.50
WILLY WONKA Nerds Rainbow 142g $5.95

Candy Shop

Allens Ripe Raspberries 190GM $5.65

Personal Care

Colgate Travel Pack $11.25
Toothpaste Colgate Total   $4.01
Toothbrush Colgate Single Adult Medium $5.95
Rexona Women's Antiperspirant Aerosol Shower Fresh $8.84
Rexona Mens Original $8.58
U PADS Regular with wings, 14 $8.21
Vicks VapoDrops Original Menthol Lozenges 24 Pack $8.99
Berocca Performance Original 15 $19.50
Cancer Council Sunscreen 30 Plus 110ml $18.95
Confirm Early Pregnancy Test - 1 Pack $12.99
REXONA Women Antiperspirant Roll On Deodorant Classic 50ml $7.99
Rexona Men Antiperspirant Roll Original 50ml $7.99
Lifestyles Regular Condom 6 Pack $7.67


Red Bull Energy Drink 473mL $7.96
Coca Cola 375ml $3.10
V Energy Drink 500mL $7.50
Bunderberg Ginger Beer 375ml $4.05
Pump 1.25L $7.90
Coca Cola No Sugar 1.25L $5.86
Pepsi Max 1.25L $5.86
Diet Coke 1.25L $5.86
Vanilla Coke 1.25L $5.86
Kirks Pasito 1.25L $5.86
Schweppes Lemonade 1.1L $5.83
Schweppes Soda Water 1.1L $5.86
Sprite Lemonade 1.1L $5.86
Lift Lemon Hard Hit 1.25L $5.95
Solo 1.25L $5.83
Mother Original Energy Drink 500ml $6.05
Mountain Dew Energised 1.25L $5.84
Fanta Orange 1.25L $5.84
Body Armour Hangover Relief 100ml $14.99
RED BULL 4 x 250ml $15.00
RED BULL Sugar Free 4 x 250ml $15.00
MONSTER Energy 4 x 500ml $15.00
Jt's coconut Water 1LT $6.50
DR pepper 355ml $3.75

Chips & Snacks

Cheezels Cheese Box 125gm $4.53
Doritos Corn Chips Cheese Supreme 170gm $6.05
Doritos Original Corn Chips 170gm $6.05
Red Rock Deli Chips Sea Salt 165gm $7.00
Red Rock Deli Chips Honey Soy Chicken 165gm $7.00
Red Rock Deli Chips Sweet Chille and Sour Cream 165gm $7.00
Smiths Crinkle Cut Salt and Vinegar 170gm $6.05
Smiths Origional Crinkle Cut 170gm $6.05
Smiths Crinkle Cut BBQ 170gm $6.05
Poppin Triple Butter Microwave Popcorn 100gm $4.06
Smiths Crinkle Cut Cheese and Onion 170gm $6.06
Pringles Sour Cream and Onion 134gm $6.95
Nobby’s Porky Bits 25gm $3.12
Nobby’s Bacon Bites $4.06
SMITHS Original Crinkle Cut 90gm $4.50
Twisties Cheese 90gm $4.01
SMITHS Crinkle Cut Salt and Vinegar 90gm $4.50
RED ROCK DELI Chips Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream 165gm $7.00
RED ROCK DELI Chips Honey Soy Chicken 90gm $4.95
RED ROCK DELI Chips Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream 90gm $4.95
GLICO Pocky Chocolate Biscuit Sticks 47g $3.50

Picked for you

Coca Cola 1.25L $5.86

Top Up Shop

Dairy Farmers Full Cream Milk 2L $5.95
Tip Top Gold Max  White 700gm $3.77
Weet Bix $5.55
Csr White Sugar  $3.95
Quilton Toilet Paper $6.67


Herr's Deep Dish Pizza Flavored Cheese Curls $8.99
Mike and Like Mega Mix Sour 141GM $5.99
Nerds Grape Strawberry 141g $5.99
Milk Duds Chocolate and Caramel Box 141gm $5.59
Everlasting Gobstopper Box 141g USA $5.99


Half Dozen Eggs XL $5.00

Energy Drinks

Monster Zero Ultra Energy Drink Cans 4 Pack $16.93
Monster Energy Drink 500ml x4 pack $16.93

Pet Care

MY DOG Chicken Supreme $2.66

Sports Drinks

Powerade Mountain Blast 600mL $6.61
Powerade Berry Ice 600mL $6.61
Powerade Blackcurrant 600mL $6.61


Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 16 Pack 200gm $19.95
Mars Medium Chocolate Bags $7.50
Allens Bags $5.50
Cadbury Family Blocks $8.00

Cold Drinks

Coca-Cola Original Can $3.00
Coca Cola / Schweppes / Kirks 1.25Litre Varieties $5.95
Water 600mL & 1.5L $3.00


Dinner for Two $39.00
Epic Meal Deal $15.00
Lite and Cheesy $10.00
The 'Pizza Chips Garlic Bread & Drink' Combo $25.00

Hot Snacks

Edgell Hot Crinkle Cut Chips $5.00
Garlic Bread Roll $4.00
Keppel Battered Hot Dog $4.00
Keppel Crumbed Sausage $3.50


Pepperoni Pizza $13.00
Hawaiian Pizza $13.00
Margherita Pizza $13.00

Chips and Snacks

Red Rock Deli Varieties 165GM $7.00


Arnotts SHAPES 175GM-225GM Varieties $5.00


Dare Double Espresso Iced Coffee 750ml $6.55
Soy/Non-Dairy Milk 1L $5.00
Dairy Farmers Lite White Milk 2L $5.95
Ice Break Coffee 500ml $5.50
Paul's 2L Milk Varieties $5.95
Oak Milk Chocolate 750ml $6.55
Pauls Smarter White Milk 2L $5.95
Ice Break Coffee 750ml $6.56
Ice Coffee/Flavoured Milk 500mL-750mL $5.50
Dare Double Espresso Iced Coffee 500ml $5.95
Oak Chocolate 600ml $5.50
Pauls Full Cream Milk 2L $5.95
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Nightowl FAQ

How much is Nightowl's Tim Tam 200gm Varieties?

Tim Tam 200gm Varieties – $5.00

How much is a Epic Meal Deal at Nightowl?

Epic Meal Deal – $15.00

How much are Pepperoni Pizza at Nightowl?

Pepperoni Pizza – $13.00

How much does a Nightowl's Hungry Man Pie Cost?

Hungry Man Pie – $6.50