Mr. Greeko Canada Prices: How much is Mr. Greeko Canada?

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Mr. Greeko Canada has become a beloved culinary destination, bringing the vibrant flavors of Greece to Canadian food enthusiasts. With its exceptional reputation and growing popularity, this restaurant chain has captured the hearts and taste buds of diners across the country. In this article, we delve into the story behind Mr. Greeko Canada, exploring its esteemed reputation, captivating offerings, and the secrets to its enduring popularity. Below are the latest Mr. Greeko Canada menu prices.



Large Greek Salad$7.99
Small Greek Salad$6.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Greek Salad$12.99
Chicken Souvlaki Greek Salad$12.99
Gyros Greek Salad$12.99

Pita & Wraps

Chicken Souvlaki on Pita$7.99
Fish and Chips$10.99
Gyros Pita$7.99
Chicken Shawarma on Pita$7.99
Falafel on Pita$7.99

Combo Pita & Wraps

With fries and Pop Drink
Chicken Souvlaki on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Gyros Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Chicken Shawarma on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99
Falafel on Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps)$11.99

Daily Special Plates

Served with rice, potato, tzatziki.
Chicken Souvlaki$9.99
Chicken Leg$9.99
Chicken Shawarma$9.99
Greek Gyros$9.99

Dinner & Plates

All dinners served with Greek salad, rice, potato, tzatziki.
Lamb Shank$14.99
Grilled Chicken Brest Fillet$12.99
Chicken Shawarma (Dinner & Plates)$12.99
Chicken Souvlaki (Dinner & Plates)$12.99
Chicken Leg (Dinner & Plates)$11.99
Greek Gyros (Dinner & Plates)$11.99
Falafel (Dinner & Plates)$11.99


Large Fries$4.99
Small Fries$3.99
Spinach Pie$4.99
Cheese Pie$4.99
Extra Feta$1.75
Extra Tzatzki$1.75
Extra Pita$1.25
Side Rice (Large)$4.99
Side Rice (Small)$3.99




Coca - Cola Can$1.75
Diet Coca - Cola Can$1.75
Ginger Ale Can$1.75
Sprite Can$1.75
Crush Can$1.75
Iced Tea Can$2.00
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A Taste of Greece in Canada

Mr. Greeko Canada is a gateway to the authentic flavors of Greece, offering a culinary journey that transports diners to the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean. With a commitment to showcasing Greek cuisine at its finest, Mr. Greeko Canada invites guests to savor traditional dishes made with love and respect for Greek culinary traditions.

Preserving Tradition and Flavor

At the heart of Mr. Greeko Canada’s success lies its dedication to preserving the rich culinary traditions of Greece. Each dish is crafted with care, using time-honored recipes passed down through generations. From classic souvlaki and gyros to fresh Greek salads and flavorful dips, Mr. Greeko Canada offers an authentic taste of Greece that will transport you to the streets of Athens and the idyllic Greek islands.

Quality Ingredients and Fresh Flavors

Mr. Greeko Canada places a strong emphasis on using high-quality ingredients to create dishes bursting with fresh flavors. From locally sourced produce to imported Greek olive oil and aromatic herbs and spices, every component of their menu is carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of taste and quality. The result is a dining experience that celebrates the natural flavors and vibrant ingredients of Greek cuisine.

A Welcoming Mediterranean Ambience

Beyond the delicious cuisine, Mr. Greeko Canada offers a warm and inviting Mediterranean ambience that enhances the overall dining experience. Each location is designed to evoke the spirit of Greece, with whitewashed walls, rustic accents, and touches of blue reminiscent of the Aegean Sea. The welcoming atmosphere creates a sense of relaxation and transports guests to the Mediterranean, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their meal.

Attentive and Friendly Service

Mr. Greeko Canada places great importance on providing attentive and friendly service. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are greeted by a team of knowledgeable staff who are passionate about Greek cuisine and ensuring a memorable dining experience. The servers are happy to guide you through the menu, make recommendations, and share their love for Greek flavors. The attentive service adds an extra element of hospitality, making guests feel like part of the Mr. Greeko family.

Popularity and Acclaim

Mr. Greeko Canada has earned its reputation as a beloved Greek culinary destination, attracting food enthusiasts and receiving acclaim along the way. Its dedication to preserving Greek culinary traditions, commitment to quality ingredients, and warm hospitality have contributed to its enduring popularity.

A Favorite Among Food Enthusiasts

With its authentic Greek cuisine and welcoming ambiance, Mr. Greeko Canada has become a favorite among food enthusiasts across the country. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a family gathering, or a casual dinner with friends, Mr. Greeko promises a delightful culinary experience that transports you to the flavors of Greece. The restaurant’s commitment to quality, respect for tradition, and friendly service ensure that every visit is a memorable and delicious journey.


Mr. Greeko Canada stands as a testament to the vibrant flavors of Greece and its enduring popularity. Through its commitment to preserving Greek culinary traditions, using quality ingredients, and providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Mr. Greeko has solidified its place among the top Greek restaurants in Canada. For those seeking an authentic taste of Greece that combines fresh flavors, Mediterranean ambiance, and friendly service, Mr. Greeko Canada is the ultimate destination to satisfy your cravings and create lasting memories of Greek culinary delight.

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Mr. Greeko Canada FAQ

How much is Mr. Greeko Canada's Large Greek Salad?

Large Greek Salad – $7.99

How much is a Chicken Souvlaki on Pita at Mr. Greeko Canada?

Chicken Souvlaki on Pita – $7.99

How much are Chicken Shawarma on Pita at Mr. Greeko Canada?

Chicken Shawarma on Pita – $7.99

How much does a Mr. Greeko Canada's Gyros Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps) Cost?

Gyros Pita (Combo Pita & Wraps) – $11.99