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In the world of fast food, few names resonate as universally as McDonald’s. As an emblem of convenience and familiarity, McDonald’s has become an integral part of modern dining culture. McDonald’s Australia, a branch of this global behemoth, has carved its own unique niche, catering to the diverse tastes of Australians. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the reputation and popularity that McDonald’s Australia has earned over the years. Below are the latest McDonald’s Australia menu prices.


Family & Sharing

AFL Captain Cards$1.18
Chicken McNuggets - 40pc$29.63
Footy McValue Family Box$30.11
McValue Box$30.40
Meal For 2$29.95
Footy McFavourites Box$47.95
Footy McFamily Box$57.95
Chicken Deluxe Share Pack$18.38
McFavourites Box$47.95
McFamily Box$57.95

Monopoly Bundles

Monopoly Hotcakes Bundle$13.89
Monopoly McCrispy Bundle$23.85
Monopoly 20pc McNugget Bundle$29.89
Monopoly Iconic Bundle$22.37
Monopoly 10pc Chicken McNuggets Bundle$23.80
Monopoly Classic Angus Bundle$24.13
Monopoly McSpicy Bundle$25.29
Monopoly Chicken Salad Bundle$26.37

Juice & Bottled Drinks

Bottled Water 600mL$4.34
Apple Juice 250mL$3.56
Bottled Water 250mL$3.46
CalciYum Chocolate Flavoured Milk$3.98
Farmers Union® Iced Coffee 600ml$4.89

Breakfast Condiments

Truffle Flavoured Mayo$0.89
Spicy Buffalo Sauce$0.88
Hot Cake Syrup$0.87
Outback BBQ Sauce$0.89
Wasabi Flavoured Mayo$0.89
Tomato Chilli Jam$0.89

Most Popular

Beef El Maco$10.66
Mighty McMuffin Meal$10.63
Bacon & Egg McMuffin Meal$10.03
Crispy Jalapeno Beef El Maco$10.98
Hash Brown$2.75
Hotcakes with Syrup Meal$10.30
McFlurry with Cadbury® Flake®$5.14
Crispy Chicken El Maco$10.81
Crispy Jalapeno Chicken El Maco$11.21
El Maco Shaker Fries$3.22


Big Mac$10.92
Grand Big Mac$11.21
BBQ Bacon Angus$14.39
Classic Angus$13.75
Angus Clubhouse$13.90
Double Big Mac$12.71
Double Quarter Pounder$11.79
Medium Quarter Pounder Meal$12.18
Triple Cheeseburger$10.05
Classic Beef McWrap$13.75

All Day Menu

Hotcakes with Syrup McValue Meal$10.27
Bacon & Egg McMuffin McValue Meal$9.98
Quarter Pounder$10.81
Sausage & Egg McMuffin Meal$10.08
Double Cheeseburger$9.43
Chicken McNuggets - 10pc$12.06
Sausage McMuffin Meal$9.20


Brekkie Bundle$29.95
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin Meal$11.13
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin Meal$11.12
Double Sausage McMuffin Meal$10.23
Big Brekkie Burger Meal$12.67

More Brekkie Favourites

Fruit Hot Cross Bun$3.00
Big Brekkie Burger$7.85
Choc Chip Hot Cross Bun$3.00
Hotcakes with Butter & Syrup$5.35

To Share

Mozzarella Sticks$3.68
Single Gravy Loaded Fries$4.35
Chicken McNuggets - 20pc$16.31
Mates Deal for 2$28.95
Single BBQ Aioli Loaded Fries$4.35
Night Fuel Deal$34.95

Chicken, Fish & Veggie

Deluxe McVeggie$12.44
Grilled Chicken El Maco$10.81
Crispy Jalapeno Grilled Chicken El Maco$11.21
Chicken McNuggets - 6pc$10.24
Grilled Chicken Deluxe Burger$12.60
Crispy Spicy Chicken Clubhouse$14.19
Grilled Spicy Chicken Clubhouse$14.19
Crispy BBQ Chicken$13.18
Crispy Chicken Deluxe Burger$12.60
Double McChicken$12.15
Grilled BBQ Chicken$13.18
Double Filet-O-Fish$11.04
Crispy Spicy Chicken McWrap$13.75
Grilled Spicy Chicken McWrap$13.75
Crispy Chicken Caesar McWrap$13.66
Grilled Chicken Caesar McWrap$13.66
Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad$14.93

Happy Meals

Grilled Chicken Pieces Happy Meal$8.88
Chicken McNuggets 3pc Happy Meal$6.94
Chicken McNuggets 6pc Happy Meal$9.58
Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap Happy Meal$7.02
Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap Happy Meal$6.87
Apple Slices$2.95
Cheeseburger Happy Meal$6.94
Grape Tomatoes$3.01

Shakes & Frappes

Chocolate Frappé$4.94
Salted Caramel Frappé$4.93
Chocolate Shake$4.42
Strawberry Shake$4.42
Caramel Indulgent Shake$5.30
Coffee Frappé$4.94
Vanilla Shake$4.42
Deluxe Chocolate Shake$4.89
Deluxe Strawberry Shake$4.89
Deluxe Vanilla Shake$4.89
Deluxe Real Coffee Shake$4.92

McCafe Drinks

McCafé - Cappuccino$4.46
McCafé - Flat White$4.46
McCafé - Long Black$4.46
McCafé - Latte$4.46
McCafé - Mocha$4.77
McCafé - Hot Chocolate$4.24
McCafé - Chai Latte$4.20
Real Coffee Shake$4.43
Macchiato McCafé$3.37
Espresso McCafé$3.38
Piccolo Latte$3.81
McCafé - Iced Latte$4.61
Dilmah Earl Grey Tea$3.93
Dilmah Peppermint Tea$3.93
Dilmah English Breakfast Tea$3.93
Zoetic Earl Grey Tea$4.14
Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea$3.93
Zoetic Green Tea$4.13
Zoetic English Breakfast Tea$4.14
Zoetic Peppermint Tea$4.13


McFlurry with Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello®$5.07
McFlurry with Cadbury Dairy Milk$5.82
Maltesers McFlurry$6.69
M&Ms® MINIS McFlurry$5.65
Apple Crumble Muffin$5.28
McFlurry with OREO® Cookie$5.38
OREO McFlurry$6.77
Hot Fudge Sundae$4.01
MILO McFlurry$6.89
Raspberry and Custard Pie McFlurry$6.87
Strawberry Sundae$4.01
Hot Caramel Sundae$4.00
McDonaldland Cookies$1.71
Hot Apple Pie$3.07
Raspberry & Custard Pie$2.92
Double Choc Muffin$5.28

Extended Breakfast

Chocolate Mud Muffin$4.31
Blueberry Muffin$4.42

Extra Sauces

Sweet 'n Sour Sauce$0.62
Aioli Sauce Tub$0.61
Barbecue Sauce$0.62
Big Mac Special Sauce$0.61
Spicy Sticky BBQ$0.55
Mustard Sauce$0.62
McChicken Sauce$0.67
Sriracha Sauce$0.56
El Maco Salsa$0.54
El Maco Salsa Tub$0.54

Individual Items

Mighty McMuffin$5.95
Bacon & Egg McMuffin$4.90
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffin$6.03
Sausage & Egg McMuffin$5.08
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin$6.13
Sausage McMuffin$4.32
Double Sausage McMuffin$5.37
English McMuffin with Jam$2.48
McVeggie Deluxe Burger$7.55
McVeggie Burger$9.28
El Maco Seasoning$0.50
English Muffin with Jam$2.51

Chicken & Fish

Chicken McNuggets - 3pc$4.84

Snacks & Fries

Garden Salad$4.70
Yoplait Miam Strawberry Yoghurt$2.99
Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap$4.45
Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap$4.33

Soft Drinks

Small Frozen Fanta® Flavours McSpider$3.97
Diet Coke®$3.12
Coke® No Sugar$3.12
Vanilla Coke®$3.12
Sparkling Water$3.12


Cajun Sauce$0.50
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A Global Icon on Australian Soil

The iconic golden arches of McDonald’s have become synonymous with quick, affordable, and consistently recognizable food. Since its inception, McDonald’s has not only revolutionized the way people dine but has also introduced a level of standardization that transcends borders. McDonald’s Australia is no exception, offering a menu that combines international favorites with unique offerings tailored to the local palate.

A Culinary Adventure for All Ages

One of the driving forces behind McDonald’s Australia’s popularity is its ability to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From the beloved classic Big Mac to the more recent introduction of gourmet salads and healthier options, McDonald’s has evolved to meet the changing demands of consumers. This adaptability has solidified its reputation as a place where families, students, and professionals can all find something that appeals to their appetite.

The “Happy Meal,” a staple of McDonald’s, is a testament to its appeal across generations. With its combination of a child-friendly meal, a toy, and a sense of excitement, the Happy Meal has become a cherished tradition for many families. Beyond the food, McDonald’s Australia also engages in community initiatives, supporting local sports teams and charities. This involvement creates a sense of connection between the brand and its patrons, enhancing its popularity.

McDonald’s Australia: An Economic Contributor

Beyond its culinary offerings, McDonald’s Australia plays a significant role in the country’s economy. The presence of McDonald’s establishments translates to job opportunities for individuals of various backgrounds and skill levels. From front-line staff to managerial positions, McDonald’s Australia provides a platform for growth and development, especially for young employees seeking their first step into the workforce.

Additionally, the brand’s commitment to sourcing local produce contributes to the agricultural industry. By partnering with local suppliers, McDonald’s Australia supports farmers and promotes the consumption of homegrown ingredients. This integration with the local economy not only underscores its popularity but also positions McDonald’s as a responsible corporate citizen.

Culinary Innovation and Menu Diversity

McDonald’s Australia’s reputation is not solely built on tradition; it’s also shaped by innovation. The brand continually introduces new menu items and limited-time offers, keeping patrons intrigued and engaged. These innovations often celebrate Australia’s diverse culinary landscape, incorporating flavors that resonate with the local audience.

The McCafé concept is a prime example of McDonald’s Australia’s ability to adapt and expand its offerings. What began as a simple coffee station has blossomed into a sophisticated café experience, complete with gourmet coffees, pastries, and even healthier snacks. This diversification allows McDonald’s to cater to a broader demographic, from coffee enthusiasts to those seeking a lighter meal option.


McDonald’s Australia’s reputation and popularity have been cultivated through decades of innovation, adaptation, and commitment to the local community. With its diverse menu offerings, dedication to sourcing local ingredients, and involvement in community initiatives, McDonald’s has become more than just a fast-food chain; it’s a cultural icon that reflects the values and tastes of Australians. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Big Mac or a gourmet coffee at the McCafé, McDonald’s Australia continues to be a culinary destination that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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McDonald’s Australia FAQ

How much is McDonald's Australia's Mighty McMuffin Meal?

Mighty McMuffin Meal – $10.63

How much is a Crispy Chicken El Maco at McDonald's Australia?

Crispy Chicken El Maco – $10.81

How much are Classic Angus at McDonald's Australia?

Classic Angus – $13.75

How much does a McDonald's Australia's Triple Cheeseburger Cost?

Triple Cheeseburger – $10.05

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