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In the realm of delightful dining experiences, Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi stands as a culinary haven that effortlessly combines delectable dishes with an unwavering reputation. With a rich legacy steeped in excellence, this esteemed restaurant has etched its name into the culinary landscape through a harmonious blend of distinguished repute and an enduring wave of popularity. Join us on a tantalizing journey as we uncover the captivating story of Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi – a narrative interwoven with history, culinary mastery, and the essence that fuels its enduring acclaim. Below are the latest Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi menu prices.


Top Menu Items

California Roll$4.95
Philadelphia Roll$5.95
Alaska Roll$5.95
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.95
Lucky 7 Roll$10.00
Miso Soup$2.50
Crab Rangoon$8.00
Hibachi Chicken$19.00
Side of Hibachi Fried Rice$4.00

Sushi Appetizers

Baby Octopus$6.00
6 Pieces Sushi Sampler$9.00
4 Pieces Sashimi Combo$9.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno$10.00

Sushi and Sashimi

Smoked Salmon$4.95
White Tuna$4.95
Ama Ebi$6.95

Sushi Rolls

Kappa Maki Roll$3.95
Avocado Roll$3.95
Tekka Maki Roll$4.95
Hamachi Maki Roll$4.95
Salmon Skin Roll$4.95
California Roll (Sushi Rolls)$4.95
5 Piece Boston Roll$5.95
Philadelphia Roll (Sushi Rolls)$5.95
Alaska Roll (Sushi Rolls)$5.95
Unagi Maki Roll$5.95
Spicy Tuna Roll (Sushi Rolls)$6.95
Spicy Salmon Roll$6.95
Spicy Shrimp Roll$6.95
Futo Maki Roll$6.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.95
Spicy Scallop Roll$6.95
Ebi Tempura Roll$6.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll$5.95
Salmon Mango Roll$5.95

Sushi Bar Entree

Regular Sushi$18.00
Deluxe Sushi$21.00
Regular Sashimi$21.00
Deluxe Sashimi$24.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combination$25.00
Sushi for 2$39.00
Sashimi for 2$46.00
Love Boat$52.00
Masa Party Platter$89.00

Chef's Special Roll

Lucky 7 Roll (Chef's Special Roll)$10.00
Masa Roll$16.00
Hotel California Roll$11.00
Yankee Roll$11.00
Spicy Santa Roll$13.00
Out of Control Roll$13.00
American Dream Roll$13.50
Fisherman Roll$13.50
Tuna Lovers Roll$13.50
Samurai Roll$13.50
Sapporo Roll$13.50
Crazy Tuna Roll$13.50
Dancing Dragon Roll$15.00
Paradise Roll$15.00
Million Dollars Roll$16.00
Amazing Tuna Roll$16.00
Lion King Roll$16.00
Super Duper Roll$16.00
Wasabi Dragon Roll$16.00
Sumo Roll$15.00
Never Try Never Roll$15.00
Hawaiian Roll$13.50
Hot Fire Roll$13.50
Caterpillar Roll$13.50
Health Bacon Roll$15.00


Miso Soup (Soup)$2.50
Seafood Miso Soup$8.00


Green Salad$3.50
Seaweed Salad$5.00
Kani Salad$5.00
Avocado Salad$6.00
Seafood Salad$7.00
Squid Salad$9.00
Shrimp Salad$10.00
Chicken Salad$9.00


Vegetable Harumaki$5.00
Gyoza (Appetizers)$6.00
Age Tofu$5.50
Yakitori Chicken$5.50
Crab Rangoon (Appetizers)$8.00
Coconut Shrimp$9.00

Hibachi Entrees

Hibachi Vegetables$16.00
Hibachi Chicken (Hibachi Entrees)$19.00
Hibachi Salmon$22.00
Hibachi Shrimp$23.00
Hibachi Steak$23.00
Hibachi Scallop$24.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon$26.00
Hibachi Lobster Tail$36.00

Hibachi Combo

Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi Combo$24.00
Chicken and Steak Hibachi Combo$24.00
Chicken and Scallop Hibachi Combo$24.00
Steak and Shrimp Hibachi Combo$25.00
Steak and Scallop Hibachi Combo$26.00
Steak and Lobster Tail Hibachi Combo$32.00
Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail Hibachi Combo$33.00
Seafood Deluxe Lobster Tail, Shrimp and Scallop Hibachi Combo$36.00
Shrimp and Scallop Hibachi Combo$26.00
Filet Mignon and Chicken Hibachi Combo$26.00
Filet Mignon and Shrimp Hibachi Combo$28.00
Chicken and Lobster Hibachi Combo$28.00
Filet Mignon and Scallop Hibachi Combo$29.00

Hibachi Side Orders

Side of Hibachi Noodle$4.00
Side of Hibachi Fried Rice (Hibachi Side Orders)$4.00
Side of Hibachi Vegetables$5.00
Side of Hibachi Chicken$7.00
Side of Hibachi Shrimp$9.00
Side of Hibachi Salmon$9.00
Side of Hibachi Scallop$11.00
Side of Hibachi Steak$11.00
Side of Hibachi Filet Mignon$12.00
Side of Hibachi Lobster Tail$13.00

Teriyaki Dinner

Tofu Teriyaki$13.00
Chicken Teriyaki$16.00
Steak Teriyaki$21.00
Shrimp Teriyaki$22.00
Scallop Teriyaki$22.00
Salmon Teriyaki$22.00
Combination Teriyaki$23.00


Vegetable Tempura$13.00
Chicken and Vegetable Tempura$14.00
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura$15.00


Yaki Udon$16.00
Udon Soup$16.00
Seafood Udon Soup$18.00

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken$9.00
Kids Steak$13.00
Kids Shrimp$12.00
Kids Salmon$12.00
Kids Filet Mignon$15.00
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A Legacy of Culinary Excellence: Unveiling the Heritage

Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi is more than just a dining establishment; it’s a living testament to a legacy that spans years. Established in 2005 by the visionary Chef Masa, this culinary gem was born from a passion to introduce authentic Japanese flavors and hibachi-style dining to a discerning audience. Enriched by Chef Masa’s dedication to crafting dishes that pay homage to Japanese culinary traditions, the restaurant emerged as a haven of gastronomic excellence that captivates all who venture within.

The journey of Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi began with a dream to offer an interactive dining experience that celebrates both the art of sushi and the excitement of hibachi grilling. Guided by an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients, a devotion to culinary precision, and a desire to create a memorable ambiance, the restaurant quickly captured the hearts of food enthusiasts and critics alike. As time progressed, the establishment expanded not only in physical size but also in its evolution into a dining sanctuary that beckons and delights.

A Symphony of Flavors: Savoring Culinary Treasures

Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi presents a menu that reads like a symphony, harmonizing a medley of flavors designed to tantalize even the most discerning palates. At the core of this culinary masterpiece lies the hibachi and sushi selection – an array of culinary triumphs ranging from sizzling hibachi-grilled steak to delicate and artfully crafted sushi rolls. Each dish is meticulously prepared and presented, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance on the taste buds. However, the gastronomic journey extends beyond the main courses.

The culinary narrative at Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi encompasses a variety of appetizers that awaken the senses. From crispy tempura to aromatic miso soup, the starters serve as an introduction to the culinary adventure that awaits. For those who relish the intricacies of sushi, an array of nigiri and specialty rolls awaits, each meticulously prepared to honor tradition while embracing innovation.

Enhancing the dining experience are a variety of sides that complement the main dishes. From vibrant seaweed salads to fragrant garlic fried rice and the restaurant’s signature miso-glazed eggplant, each element is thoughtfully curated to elevate the overall meal, resulting in a culinary symphony that resonates with the senses.

A Nexus of Excellence and Admiration: Decoding the Allure

The allure of Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi isn’t left to chance; it’s a meticulously woven tapestry of elements that converge to create an unparalleled dining experience.

A Paragon of Culinary Artistry: From the moment patrons step into Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi, they are enveloped by an ambiance that seamlessly marries Japanese aesthetics with modern comfort. Every detail, from the elegant decor to the attentive staff, reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence that resonates with diners, fostering a loyalty that transcends fleeting trends.

Tradition Meets Culinary Innovation: Rooted in the traditions of Japanese cuisine and the theatrical nature of hibachi dining, Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi also embraces innovation. Chef Masa and his team passionately explore new flavors, techniques, and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that the menu remains a canvas of culinary creativity. This delicate balance between heritage and innovation guarantees a dining experience that remains perpetually alluring.

A Hub of Celebration and Togetherness: Beyond being a dining establishment, Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi serves as a backdrop for cherished moments. The restaurant hosts gatherings, celebrations, and events, creating an environment where patrons feel like cherished members of an extended culinary family.

In a culmination that seamlessly bridges tradition with contemporary allure, Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi stands as a testament to culinary artistry, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for creating enduring culinary memories. Whether indulging in the immersive hibachi experience, savoring the delicate flavors of sushi, or relishing the attentive service, Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi captures the hearts – and palates – of all who enter its embrace. When the craving for a dining experience that transcends the ordinary beckons, heed the call and immerse yourself in the world of Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi. Your taste buds will forever thank you for this captivating gastronomic journey.

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