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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Marriott menu prices.

Item Price

Soups & Starters

Chef's Italian Wedding Soup $5.00
Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Martini $20.00
Crab Cake $15.00
Chef's Fromage $14.00
Chef's Farm Board $20.00
Chef's Charcuterie $16.00
Wings $12.00
Fried Green Beans $10.00
Garlic & Parmesan Brussels Sprouts $10.00
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $12.00
Chef Muna’s Hummus $8.00
Chef Muna’s Hummus (Soups & Starters) $8.00


Classic Caesar $9.00
Classic Caesar (Salads) $9.00
Kale & Quinoa $13.00
Chicken Strip Salad $13.00
Roasted Beets Salad $12.00
Steak & Wedge Salad $14.00


Choice of chips or fries
Woodward Burger $14.00
Woodward Burger (Sandwiches) $14.00
Build a Burger $10.00
Grilled Chicken $14.00
Chef's Ken Short Rib French Dip (Sandwiches) $14.00
Chef's Ken Short Rib French Dip $14.00
Smoked Salmon Club (Sandwiches) $15.00
Smoked Salmon Club $15.00
Turkey Club $13.00
Harissa Vegetable Wrap (Sandwiches) $12.00
Harissa Vegetable Wrap $12.00


Brick Chicken (Entrées) $24.00
Brick Chicken $24.00
Seared Salmon (Entrées) $24.00
Seared Salmon $24.00
Prime 14 Oz. Ribeye $42.00
Prime New York 12 Oz. Strip $40.00
Grilled Cauliflower Steak (Entrées) $18.00
Sweet Chile 12 Oz. Pork Chop $28.00
Grilled Cauliflower Steak $18.00
Grilled Shrimp Tacos (Entrées) $16.00
Grilled Shrimp Tacos $16.00


Strawberry Shortcake (Sweets) $7.00
Strawberry Shortcake $7.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake $9.00
Seasonal Cheesecake $7.00


Fries $4.00
Chips $4.00
Baked Potato $5.00
Mashed Potato $5.00
Garden Salad $5.00
Caesar Salad $5.00
Woodward Truffle Fries $6.00
Woodward Truffle Chips $6.00
Loaded Baked Potato $7.00
Cauliflower Purée $6.00
Chef's Vegetables $6.00
Vegetable Quinoa $7.00
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Marriott has established itself as a leading name in the hospitality industry, renowned for its exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and commitment to guest satisfaction. With a global presence and a reputation for excellence, Marriott hotels have become synonymous with comfort, quality, and unforgettable experiences. In this article, we will explore the reputation and popularity of Marriott, examining the factors that have contributed to its success and the exceptional hospitality it offers to its guests.

Exemplary Service: Marriott’s Commitment to Guest Satisfaction

Unmatched Hospitality

Marriott’s commitment to providing unmatched hospitality sets it apart in the industry. From the moment guests step into a Marriott hotel, they are greeted with warm smiles and a genuine desire to make their stay exceptional. The attentive staff members go above and beyond to anticipate guests’ needs, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay. Marriott’s dedication to delivering personalized service creates an environment where guests feel valued and appreciated.

Luxurious Accommodations

Marriott hotels are renowned for their luxurious accommodations that cater to every traveler’s needs. From elegant guest rooms to spacious suites, Marriott offers a range of options to suit various preferences and budgets. The attention to detail in the design and furnishings creates an ambiance of elegance and comfort. Whether guests are traveling for business or leisure, Marriott ensures they have a restful and enjoyable stay in their plush surroundings.

Exceptional Amenities

Marriott hotels are known for their exceptional amenities, designed to enhance guests’ experience and make their stay more enjoyable. From well-equipped fitness centers and relaxing spas to inviting swimming pools and award-winning restaurants, Marriott offers a range of amenities to cater to guests’ diverse needs. These amenities provide opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and culinary delights, further adding to the overall satisfaction of guests during their stay.

A Global Presence: Marriott’s Reach and Reputation

Expansive Network

Marriott boasts an expansive network of hotels and resorts worldwide, offering guests an array of options to choose from when planning their travels. Whether guests are looking for a city center hotel, a beachside resort, or a serene countryside retreat, Marriott’s extensive portfolio ensures there is a property to suit every preference and destination. The global presence of Marriott allows travelers to experience the brand’s renowned hospitality wherever their journeys take them.

Consistent Excellence

Marriott’s reputation for excellence is built on a foundation of consistent quality and service. The brand’s commitment to maintaining high standards across all its properties ensures that guests can expect a consistent level of comfort and service, regardless of the location they choose. This consistency has earned Marriott a loyal customer base and a reputation as a trusted and reliable hospitality provider.

Positive Guest Experiences: Marriott’s Popularity and Customer Satisfaction

Positive Reviews and Recommendations

Marriott’s popularity is reflected in the positive reviews and recommendations from its satisfied guests. Travelers often praise Marriott for its exceptional service, comfortable accommodations, and memorable experiences. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations and glowing online reviews have contributed to Marriott’s ongoing success and popularity.

Rewarding Loyalty Program

Marriott’s loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy, has played a significant role in fostering customer loyalty and attracting repeat guests. The program offers a range of benefits, including exclusive discounts, room upgrades, and access to unique experiences. By prioritizing the needs of its loyal customers, Marriott has built a community of dedicated guests who choose Marriott as their preferred accommodation provider.


Marriott’s reputation and popularity in the hospitality industry are well-deserved. With its commitment to exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and a global network of hotels, Marriott has become a trusted name for travelers seeking comfort and excellence. Whether guests are traveling for business or leisure, Marriott’s dedication to guest satisfaction ensures an unforgettable experience at every stay. With its continued pursuit of excellence and innovation, Marriott is set to remain a leader in the hospitality industry for years to come.

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Marriott FAQ

How much is Marriott's Chef's Italian Wedding Soup?

Chef’s Italian Wedding Soup – $5.00

How much is a Chef's Fromage at Marriott?

Chef’s Fromage – $14.00

How much are Woodward Burger (Sandwiches) at Marriott?

Woodward Burger (Sandwiches) – $14.00

How much does a Marriott's Smoked Salmon Club (Sandwiches) Cost?

Smoked Salmon Club (Sandwiches) – $15.00